The following are my recommendations on journal ratings based on faculty feedback and the impact factors: journals high-Quality, Peer Reviewed Journal

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The following are my recommendations on journal ratings based on faculty feedback and the impact factors:
High-Quality, Peer Reviewed Journal

ACM Communications

ACM Computing Surveys

ACM Trans on Graphics

ACM Trans on Information Sys.

ACM Trans on Programming Languages & Sys.

ACM Trans on Database Sys.

ACM Trans on Computer Sys.

Artificial Intelligence

Computational Intelligence

Computational Linguistics

Decision Sciences

Decision Support Systems (Int'l Journal of)

Harvard Business Review

IBM Systems Journal

IEEE Computer

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

IEEE Expert

IEEE Knowledge & Data Engineering

IEEE Micro

IEEE Software

IEEE Trans on Information Theory

Information and Management

Information Systems Research (INFORMS)

Int'l. Journal of Man-Machine Studies

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS)

Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery

Machine Learning

Management Science (INFORMS))


National Peer Reviewed Journal

Applied Intelligence

Computers and Education

Computer Science Education

Data Base Management

Database (SIGBIT)

Database Prog & Design

Information Executive

Information Resources Management Journal

Information Strategy

Interfaces (INFORMS)

Int'l Journal of Expert Sys.

Journal of Accounting, Management & Info. Tech.

Journal of Computer Information Sys.

Journal of Database Management

Journal of End User Computing

Journal of Global Information Management

Journal of Human Factors

Journal of Informatics Education & Research

Journal of Information Technology Management

Journal of IS Education

Journal of Information Systems Management

Journal of Int'l Info Mgmt (JIIM)

Journal of Machine Learning Research

Journal of Object-Oriented Programming

Journal of Organization Computing

Journal of Research on Computing in Education

Journal of Systems Management

Journal of the Operational Research Society

New Generation Computing

Operations Research


High-Quality, Peer Reviewed Paper

ACL Proceedings (Association for Computational Linguistics)

ACM/SIGCSE bulletin from Conf.

HICSS Proceedings

ICIS Proceedings

ICML Proceedings (International Conference on Machine Learning)

KDD Proceedings

NIPS Proceedings

Proc. of the National Conference on AI (AAAI)

National Peer Reviewed Paper

Americas Conference on Information Systems

CASE Academic Conf. Proceedings

DSI Proceedings - regular sessions

EACL Proceedings (European chapter of ACL)

ECML Proceedings (European Conference on Machine Learning)

European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS)

IAIM Proceedings

IEEE Software

IEEE Local Computer Networks

IEEE Computer Communications and Networks

IFIP Working Group Conferences

International Conference on Electronic Commerce

International Conference on Information Quality (hosted by MIT annually)

International Conference on Software Engineering


NAACL Proceedings (North American chapter of ACL)

Proc. of CASE Int'l Workshop

Proceedings of Structured Methods Conf.

Proc. of Int'l Conf. on ER

Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems (WITS)

World Wide Web Conferences (sponsored by W3.ORG)

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