The Governor’s Mansion 391 West Paces Ferry Road N. W

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The Governor’s Mansion

391 West Paces Ferry Road N.W.

Atlanta, Georgia 30305

(404) 261-1776

Georgia Trivia

  1. Which is Georgia’s largest city in population?

  1. Savannah

  2. Augusta

  3. Athens

  4. Atlanta

  5. Macon

  1. True or False: Georgia State University is America’s first state chartered university.

  1. Dr. John S. Pemberton is accredited with what famous invention?

  1. True or False: The cotton gin was invented in Georgia.

    1. Who was its inventor?

  1. Standing high above a Marietta KFC since the 1960s, is 56 feet tall.

  1. True or False: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest passenger airport in the world.

  1. Who/What is Miss Freedom?

  1. True or False: The bloodiest battle in American history took place in Georgia.

  1. What Georgia city claims to be the watermelon capital of the world?

  1. Name the characters played by Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind.

    1. Clark Gable played

    2. Vivien Leigh played

  1. What city is the home of the world’s largest college campus? And what is the college?

  1. , located in Atlanta, is the largest drive-in in the world.

  1. What city is the home of the internationally famous Master’s Golf Tournament?

  1. The first Georgia newspaper, the Georgia Gazette, was established in 1763 in

  1. What is the name of Margaret Mitchell’s 1936 novel that was made into an incredibly successful movie about the South during the Civil War Era?

  1. Mule Camp Springs was the early name for what present day community?

  1. What county borders both Alabama and Florida?

  1. What is the name of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s recuperative home? And where was it?

  1. was a famous leader of the Civil Rights Movement and from Atlanta.

  1. Who was the first African-American mayor of Atlanta?

    1. Andrew Young

    2. Maynard Jackson

    3. Shirley Franklin

    4. William B. Hartsfield

    5. Ivan Allen Jr.

  1. Georgia was the first state to do which of the following

    1. lower the voting age from 21 to 18

    2. grant married women full property rights

    3. establish a Department of Agriculture

    4. have uniform electronic voting machines

    5. all of the above

    6. none of the above

  1. True or false: When Hattie McDaniel won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as ‘Mammy’ in Gone with the Wind, she was the first African American to win an Oscar.

  1. Which of the following is not a famous Georgian?

    1. Associate Justice Clarence Thomas

    2. Babby Mason

    3. Dakota Fanning

    4. Jackie Robinson

    5. Jeff Foxworthy

    6. Julia Roberts

    7. Miley Cyrus

    8. Outkast

    9. Paula Deen

    10. Tyler Perry

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