The Official Jewish Songbook

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The Official Jewish Songbook

A Project of Tzivos Hashem and The Temimim



to the

May He lead us

out of Golus Now!

© 1998 by Bais Chabad of Simcha Monica
Table Of Contents

Foreword 14

Emunah 17

Oh Why, We Jews All Cry 18

You’re Never Alone 18

B’siyata Dishmaya 19

Yisroel 20

Over Here 21

Little Kite 21

G-d is Alive and Well in Jerusalem 22

Our Holy House 22

Look Around 23

We’ve Existed So Long 24

Hashem is Here 24

Yarmulka and Tzitzis 25

Amidst the Noise of Busy Traffic 26

Benjy 26

Torah 29

I was Made Way Back in 1842 30

Good-bye America 31

Har Sinai Was All Aflame 32

Old Folks, Young Folks 32

In the Post Talmudic Age 34

Dollar Bill 36

Little Moishie 36

Just One Shabbos 37

Those Were the Days 38

We’ve Existed So Long 38

Who Knows One? 39

In a Dark Cell of Stone 39

Sitting by the Table 40

The Search 41

A Pattern With Meaning and Goal 42

In the Time of the Days of Old 42

What is in Torah That Sets it Apart 43

A Voice in the Forest 43

Glory of Our Nation Symbol of All Pride 44

Hashem’s Torah 45

Shtotakoi Sefer Torah 45

Chosen Nation 49

Star of David 50

Do You Know 51

In a Small College Town 52

Davening and Learning Starting Each Day 52

A Young Prince is Sent 53

Marching Forth with Noble Pride 53

Birthdays and Jewish Names 55

Happy Birthday 56

When We Were Slaves in Egypt 57

A Year Has Gone By 58

Rebbe Songs 59

A King Behind His Soldiers 60

By Shabbos Candles 60

Despondently Crying 61

Father Please Listen 62

In Fields Of Gold 63

A Child Alone on the Shore 64

A Soul A Great Fire 64

Hushed Is The Air 65

A Generation So Very Young 66

A Small and Weary Nation 66

Dearest Rebbe I Write To You 67

Broken Without Hope 68

Dear Rebbe 68

Redemption Has Arrived 69

The Line Is Long 70

Head Bent Low 70

Golus Is Behind Us 70

Farbrengen Is Here 71

Every Passing Day 72

Time Has Gone By 73

At Har Sinai 74

The Rebbe Is 75

In The Ohel 76

Yaakov Didn’t Die 76

Let Me Tell You a Story 77

Sounds Of Joy 78

At An Office In Manhattan 78

Amongst Majestic Mountains 79

Confused and Upset 80

Sitting In the Darkness 80

A Tear Runs Down From His Cheek 81

Dear G-d, I Am Just a Little Boy 82

With A Tehillim 82

Rebbetzin 85

Devorah Leah’s Aong 86

As the sun begins to set 87

Like angels in the sky 88

My Children Are In 770 89

The Crown Of Creation 89

Moshiach 91

No Jew Will Be Left Behind 92

Listen My Child 93

Two Thousand Years 93

It’s Gonna Be The Little Kinderlach 94

We Are Ready 95

Ohh Lelle 95

Footsteps 96

When Moshiach comes 97

Miracles 97

We’re In The Army 99

Yerusholayim 99

At The Threshold Of New Times 101

Zeide 102

Golus Good-bye 102

Yerusholayim a Place to Live 104

The Promise 104

Twilight 105

What Can We Do 106

In A Village Near Our Home 106

When The Geulah Will Be Here 107

Wonders And The Glory 107

Proud and free.Count On Me 108

Daddy Dear Tell Me Please 109

Someday 110

Wars And Strife And Fears 110

What Can We Do 111

Two Brothers Together 112

When All The Children 112

Am Yisroel, Have No Fear 113

Standing Still At The Edge Of Time 114

When I Was Young 115

Simonim Of Geulah 116

Wake Up, Yidden 116

The Little Bird Is Calling 117

Ahavas Yisroel 119

Forever One 120

Return Why Did You Leave Me 121

Don’t Walk In Front Of Me 121

Two Brothers 122

Be A Friend 123

Who Am I? 123

Reach Out 125

When You Need A Real Friend 125

Bein Adam Lachaveiro 126

Hashem And The Torah 127

Chaim Chessed 128

Every Jew Possesses 130

Listen Brothers Listen Friends 131

Our Ancestry Stems From Just One Man 132

To Love A Fellow Jew 132

Tefilah 133

Far Over Distant Hills 134

The Gift Of Tefillah 134

A Russian Boy’s Hopeless Plight 135

Modeh Ani 136

Together We Cry 136

If You Have A Problem 137

Yankel Am Ha’aretz 138

The Rebbe Of Lublin 140

We Need You 140

Kashrus and Brochos 143

Hagofen 144

Hamotzi 144

Shehakol 145

Mezonos 146

Before And After Eating Food 147

On Every Continent 147

Ha’eitz 148

Found Some Peanuts 149

Fruit 150

So Hashem...Your Lunch Is Packed 150

Puff The Kosher Dragon 151

Hoadama 152

A Horse 152

Please Say a Brocha 153

Yanky Studel 153

From The Aisles Of Your Local Grocery 153

Moishe Mouse 154

Always Make A Brocha 154

All The Animals That We Eat 155

Chinuch 157

Times Did Change 158

A Jewish Parade 158

My Dear Ima 159

Listen And You’ll Learn 160

How Can I Tell You 161

The Sun Low In The Sky 161

Tears Mingled From His Eyes 162

Children Of Royalty 162

Straight And Strong Grows A Tree 163

Once When The Miteler Rebbe Dov Ber 163

Memories of Times Ago 165

Those First Impressions 165

A Little Village 166

Time Moves On 166

Lying In A Cell Of Stone 167

We March Towards Yerusholayim 167

Teach Me Father 168

A Small Tree Grows 169

Parsha 171

Bireishis 172

Noach 172

It’s Time To Learn Torah 173

By it’s Mitzvoswe abideLech Lecha 173

Toldos 173

Vayeira 174

Chayei Sara 174

Vayeitzei 175

Mikeits 175

Vayishlach 176

A Small Boy Of Three 176

Vayeishev 176

Vayigash 177

Vayechi 177

It’s Time To Learn Torah Right Now 178

Moshe 178

Let The Jews Go 179

Voeira 179

Bo 180

To The Promised Land 180

The Mon 180

Yisro 181

Terumah 181

Mishpatim 182

Tizaveh 182

Ki Ssisah 183

It’s Time To Learn Torah Today 183

Vayakeh - Pekudei 184

Vayikra 184

Korbanos 185

Tzav 186

Shemini 186

Kedoshim 187

Tazria-Mitzorah 188

Acharei Mos 188

Bechukosai 189

V’ahavto Lreiacho 190

Emor 190

Around the Year 193

Rosh Hashana 194

Buzzy The Bee 194

Yom Kippur 194

Sukkos 195

Chanuka 195

The shemen 195

Tu B’shvat 196

Purim 196

When Purim Comes 196

A Gift From Hashem 196

Pessach 197

Trust In Hashem 197

Lag B’omer 198

Shevuos 198

Tisha B’av 198

Tzedokah 199

One Night a Man Knocked on my Door 200

In the Torah 200

I’m s Little Hunk of Tin 200

The Task of Moshiach’s Dor 201

The Winner 202

The Sound of an Army in the Distance 203

In the Dark of Night 204

Walking Alone, with Nowhere to Go 204

A Numb Winter Coldness 205

Tzedokah 205

Shabbos and Neshek 207

Mr. Fix 208

Cholent 210

When on Shabbos You Go Out 210

Popeye 210

When Zaidy was Young 211

I Used to Think 212

Shabbos Yerusholayim 213

Shabbos Comes on Friday Night 213

Olive Oil 214

Yankie Bear 214

Shabbos is Coming 214

Among the Smiles 215

By Mir Is Shabbos Shain 215

The Callah Lady 216

A Little Girl 217

The Shabbos Angels 218

Shabbos is Going Away 218

In A One Room Apartment 219

Shloimele 220

Shabbos is a Day of Love 221

I’m Big Gedaliah Goomber 222

A Young Boy Holds 224

If I Would Have The Might 225

One Peaceful Friday Night 226

Just One Shabbos 226

Mezuzah 229

I Have A Mezuzah 230

I Ran Around The Corner 230

When Chaim Comes Marching Home 231

It Happened Yom Kippur 231

Tefillin 233

On A Busy Manhattan Street Corner 234

A White-bearded Chossid 234

Jewish Identity 235

Cause I’m A Jew 236

59th Street Gang 237

Broken Dreams 238

Tradition 241

The Silver Cup 242

A Journey Through Life 243

Ride the Train 244

One Day At a Time 245

Destiny 246

Neshomo’le 247

Mesiras Nefesh 249

Night Was Falling 250

A Chossid Is Weeping 251

Candy Man 252

Jews of Silence 253

Just One Man’s Defiant Stand 253

Memories 254

Dovid’l 255

Standing In an Empty Field 256

The L-rd of Hosts 256

Through a Vale of Tears I Peek 257

The Day Will Come 257

Awaiting His Turn 258

I Stand So Lonely 260

Boris 262

The Search 263

Lashon Hora 265

Don’t Talk Lashon Hora 266

No Lashon Hora Should Be Said 266

Hashavas Aveida 267

Hashavas Aveida 268

Hafatzas Hamaayonos 269

A Splendorous Tree 270

To a City in the U.S.A. 270

First There Was Rebbe Yisroel 271

Every Single Yid 272

Turn The Pages Of Time 273

From 770 274

Through The Gates 274

Listen Every Jew 275

Striding Along 275

A Chossid Must Strive 276

We’re in the Army of Hashem 276

A Generation of Youth 277

Flames of Terror 278

In the City of Lubavitch 279

Simcha 281

Shall We Walk In Light Or Darkness 282

Hashgacha Pratis 283

Mexico 284

Zrizus 285

Yetzer Hora 286

Our Nation Was Thriving 287

Shleimus Ha’aretz 289

Yerusholayim Is Not For Sale 290

Blasting Shells In The Air 291

Camp Songs 293

Camp Anthem 294

School Has Ended 294

A Smiling Face 294

It’s a Camp Of Laughter 295

We’re The Best Camp To Be Found 295

Shake It Up, Zaidy! 295

Tie Me Yetzer Hora Down, Chief 296

Hey Rebbe, Rebbe 298

Oh Dovid 299

From Camp We Go 300

Alma Matters 301

Farewell We Say As We Depart 302

The Rebbe Will Come To Camp 302

Silence Reigns, The Air Is So Still 303

Dear Camp Gan Yisroel 303

Over The Summer, Dovid Became 304

Sitting At Home, All Alone 304

Now The Hour Draws Near 305

Snuggled By The Fireplace 306

Entranced By The Flame 306

Recalling My Thoughts 307

Sitting Alone In His Bunk 308

On The Last Day Of The School Year 308

Forlornly Gazing From The bus Window 309

Standing Side By Side 309

Stars Above Flicker So Bright 311

The Recess Bell Rings 312

The Dry, Shriveled Seed 312

Deep Winter Has Set In 313

My Counselor’s Care For Me 314

Dear Rebbe, I Am Writing To You 314

There Chirps A Robin 315

On A Still December Day 316

Oh, Why Do You Cry 316

Whispering Wind Through The Trees 317

Early One Morning, Just After Dawn 318

Silence Permeates The Air 318

The Bunk, So Dark And Silent 319

All The Cubbies Are Empty And Clean 320

From All The Letters 320

Alone In Their Bunk, Whispering 321

Dear Rebbe, I felt I Must Send This 322

Peering Through The Darkened Window 322

Dreamily, I Wander About 323

Who Keeps Your Spirits High 324

In Younger Years, I’d Heave A Sigh 324

As The Sun Sets Over The Hilltops 325

Alone As A Camper 325

I Shed A Single Tear 326

As He Sits Upon The Hill 327

One Night On His Bed He Does Lie 328

How Are You, David, My Dearest Friend 328

One Winter Evening 329

Standing In Line, Deep In Thought 330

Slowly, My Eyes Do Wander 330

Near Labelle, On The Mountains High 331

Dawn Has Broken, A New Day Is Born 332

Sitting On A Wooden Bench 333


For about ten months of a year, a child is in school and at home, where his teacher and parents combine to mold his personality, hone his character traits and supervise his acquisition of knowledge. However, during the two to three months of the summer, the child is largely left to his own devices, often, this short period can undo all that has been accomplished during the rest of the year.

To remedy this situation, the Rebbe in  (1956) founded Camp Gan Israel. The camp has a dual purpose: it would provide a healthy environment; great wide - open space - a great need for children who all year long were confined among closely set concrete buildings and asphalt pavements. Hand in hand with this freedom would be a continuation of the school year, where the Jewish Education and practices would be maintained and enhanced by a crop of dedicated counselors and staff members, draw from the rank of the Yeshvos of Lubavitch. Each camp would be a “Garden” (Gan) of Jewish children. In the spirit of the Jewish people (Yisroel) of old, permeated with the ethos of chossidus and its founder, Reb Yisroel Ba’al Shem Tov.
Under the personal supervision and guidance of the Rebbe, Camp Gan Israel has, over the years, grown in size, numbers of locations throughout the world, and ha lived up to its name and ideals. The spirit of the camp, which is open to every Jewish child, and the devotion and care of camp staff, lingers in the memory of the campers for all time, helping them in their achievement to their heritage and faith.
From the beginning of Am Yisroel, we have used song to thank and praise Hashem for his great mercy and kindness as well as to beseech him for help in time of trouble and distress. When the Jewish people crossed the Yam Suf, leaving the serfdom of Egypt behind them forever, they sang. So, too, when the mighty army of Syria were defeated and destroyed. Dovid Hamelech’s life, his joy and sorrow, his victories and defeats, speak to us from the pages of his Sefer Tehilim. When our history climaxes with the coming of Moshiach, then, too, we will sing.
This songbook contains songs which were written for and sung at different times and in different camps of Gan Israel. It also contains some songs from camps other those organized by Lubavitch.
It is our heartfelt wish that this book brings in some small measure nachas to the Rebbe, Nossi Doreinu and that all the sentiments expressed in these songs are speedily fulfilled and that the Rebbe redeems us from this golus now.

Dear Readers:

This edition of “The Official Jewish Songbook” is, as you may see, far from complete. It is our plan, b’ezras Hashem, to eventually publish a new, corrected and expanded edition of this book.
For this, however, we need your help. We request of you, to send us any matirial, for inclusion in a future edition.
Please send all items to:

The Official Jewish Songbook

c/o Tzivos Hashem

332 Kingston Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11213

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