The Roy A. Bordes Excellence in Security Award On February 12th

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The Roy A. Bordes Excellence in Security Award
On February 12th 2008 the security world lost a significant contributor with the passing of Roy Bordes - a friend and colleague.
Many of us in the security industry have known and respected Roy for many years. He was a champion of progressive security techniques and had the unique ability to embrace the things that worked and steer clear of the passing fads. All of us at the Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB) are touched deeply by his passing. We will miss his highly valued guidance, council and incite that was so essential during our early years. The success of our organization is epitomized by professionals like Roy. _pic19
After a successful tour in the U.S. Navy, Roy’s inquisitive mind and logical thinking naturally led him to law enforcement where he served with the U.S. Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations. Over the years he has warn the hats of investigator, agent, security professional, terrorism expert, teacher, philosopher, mentor and to all those that knew him – friend.
In 1978 Roy founded The Bordes Group in Orlando Florida. Other offices are located in South Carolina, Virginia, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company is a professional security-consulting firm providing services to a wide variety of clients including, but not limited to, Fortune 50 firms, military, government and industrial facilities. The Bordes group specializes in the design of integrated electronic security systems. Many incorporate technologies related to access control, biometrics, closed-circuit television, communications, and perimeter protection. His range of involvement included sensitive security projects from homeland security to the design of complex and specialized security screening techniques.
For years Roy has been recognized as a leading security professional and has been sought after by organizations such as Time magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, Business Week, the Associated Press, Washington Post, and the Orlando Sentinel for his opinion and insights on Security and Terrorism. He has been interviewed on Fox, MSNBC and the ABC World News Tonight with the late Peter Jennings.
In keeping with Roy’s dedication to teach and mentor new security professionals, ATAB will initiate an annual scholarship in his name for the advancement of a security professional. Each year ATAB will award a scholarship in the name of Roy to an individual who is otherwise qualified and has demonstrated the forward thinking qualities consistently demonstrated by Roy Bordes. The scholarship will include the cost of ATAB membership, certification, training materials and training activities for a full year. The recipient must submit a Power Point or White Paper on a security or terrorism related topic. The submission will be judged by the Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board for its contents professionalism and merit. The nomination must include a short paper characterizing the individual as a professional with the same progressive nature, vision and energy as that demonstrated by our friend and colleague Roy Bordes.

The 2014 Roy A. Bordes Excellence in Security Award is presented to:
G. F. Bryant, CMAS, PSM, CHS-V
G. F. Bryant Jr., CMAS, CHS-V; is the Founder and Executive Director of the World Institute for Security Enhancement and is a member of the Electronic Crime Task Force with the Miami Division of the U.S. Secret Service. He has been granted Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CMAS) and Physical Security Manager (PSM) designations by the Anti-Terrorism Certification Board (ATAB) of the International Society of Anti-Terrorism Professionals and is Chairman of its International Standing Committee for Homeland Security. He is Board Certified in Homeland Security at Level-V (CHS-V), the highest designation granted to Homeland Security professionals by the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security.bryant - panel
Mr. Bryant is an internationally recognized Risk Manager, Contingency Planner, Physical & Operational Security Analyst and Educator with more than thirty years of combined experience in technical, physical & operational security, and investigation technologies. He founded the Bryant Group to provide threat assessment, risk analysis and systems integration after serving several years as the primary technician for a governmental law enforcement agency. He teaches and consults internationally on state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, and operational procedures to managers, technicians and other security and risk management professionals in both government and private industry that include numerous Fortune 500 companies. The originator and developer of extensive technical and operational industrial security & life safety programs at the university level, Mr. Bryant is active in the design, application, installation and field maintenance of Integrated Facilities Protection Systems utilizing the Total Facilities Management approach. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences & exhibitions and his articles regularly appear in various security industry publications. Mr. Bryant has been a contributor to new product development projects for many international manufacturers.
Mr. Bryant has served as Chairperson of a Chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International and was a Charter Member of a Chapter of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA).
Mr. Bryant contributed to a monthly column on Systems Integration in Access Control & Security Systems Integration magazine and was the Technical Editor of International Corporate Security, a magazine published in the United Kingdom. He has been appointed to the technical advisory boards of Defense & Security Electronics, CCTV Applications & Technology, Access Control & Security Systems Integration and Southeast Asia Fire & Security magazines.
Mr. Bryant’s new book Countering Terrorism & the Asset Threat Spectrum – “Determining the Root Issues & Causal Effects of Terrorism and the Geo-Economic & Geo-Political Impact or Consequences of Countering Terrorism” is due for publication from Auerbach Publications in 2013.
ATAB Legion of Exceptional Merit Award is awarded to:
Mr. Werner Preining, CMAS, CPP

As a former merchant-marine captain, Werner Preining works in security since 1980. He joined ATAB in 2007, as the first member from the country of Austria. He is a CMAS and has been a trusted advisor to the Anti Terrorism Board of Dirctors on many occaisons on such issues as Eurpean Terrorism, Curriculum requirments, Policy and future educaitonal requirments for ATAB Responders. In 1984 he started to work for Interpool Security Ltd., an international security / safety consulting firm. Between 1989 and 1995 he was very active within ASIS Europe. A CPP since 1989, Werner specialized from the beginning of his career in high-end physical-security, Emergency / Disaster Management and IT security. His specialty within the IT-field is the complete range of eavesdropping measurements. During the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996 he was in charge of the communication-center of the Georgia State University, the venue for Badminton. His attendance of numerous seminars, together with his day to day practice as an independent consultant on projects including nuclear installations, hospitals, banks and assets of multinational companies, has created among his peers a reputation as a seasoned and skilled expert in the security field. As former personal protection specialist he brings with him a deep knowledge of demolition, including avalanches and underwater projects. Keeping his multi-facetted back-ground in consideration, he acquired the CAS designation (Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist) as well and qualified as a CMAS in 2009. Since the beginning of 2001 Werner is both a member of the Crisis Management and Business Continuity Council as well as the IT-Security Council. At the end of 2006 Werner took over the chairman-ship of Chapter 107, Austria. During 2009 Werner qualified as an Austrian Data Protection Specialist while in December 2010 Werner became one of the first graduates of the ASIS promoted ISO-28000 (Supply Chain Security) course for Lead Auditors. Since the same year Werner works as a volunteer for the ASI (Austrian Standard Institute) in the mirror-committee for ON246. 2011 Werner received as the first European the ASIS / Roy Bordes Award for extraordinary Council Activities. 2012 Werner is among this first 15 persons that qualified for a certified safety expert for hospitals and health care facilities. And last but not least since the beginning of this year Werner is on the EAC (European Advisory Committee) as the Chairman for European Council Activities Subcommittee.ohara-and-preining

ATAB Lifetime Distinguished Membership Award

General Charles Trumbetta , Ph.D, CMAS, MSM

Dr. Orfeo “Chuck” Trombetta Jr.

Many of us in the security and special operations industry have known and respected Chuck for many years. He is a retired US Army Officer (Infantry, Special Forces, Military Intelligence, Civil Affairs, and Psychological Operations trained), and a retired Federal Employee (US Departments of Justice and Labor). He has also served as a Consultant to a large number of government agencies and currently is a co-owner of his own security and operations firm, known as the American Security and Operations Group, International (ASOG). Chuck’s technical security accomplishments have been known to many of the senior staff of the Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board for decades. And, as usual, the success of our organization is epitomized by dedicated professionals like Chuck.

Chuck voluntarily joined the US Army shortly after completing his Associate of Arts degree in 1967. After completing his obligatory training he was selected for Infantry Officers Candidate School where he was commissioned a 2LT in the Military Intelligence Branch of the Army. After a succession of intelligence, psychological operations, Special Forces, and foreign language training he was deployed to Okinawa. In the following 4 years he cut his teeth in Army intelligence, security, and special operations assignments throughout Southeast Asia and the Pacific (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Philippines), and other areas that remain classified. His initial training prepared him for operations and security planning that led to advanced security training in the Special Operations Forces with multiple follow-on assignments with the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Vietnam, the Military Equipment Delivery Team, Cambodia (MEDTEC), and the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MACVSOG). When he returned to the United States in 1972, he was by-name selected to become the Director of Security for the US Army Topographic Center, the Army’s element of the newly formed Defense Mapping Agency. This is where he began his long and distinguished career as a Special Security Officer designing and building myriad highly technical and secure facilities for the US Government to protect against forced entry, electronic interception, and antiterrorism.

In 1975, Chuck was recruited from the US Army by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Although he remained an active Reserve Officer, he turned his full energies into building a new Directorate of Security within that Department. After initially assisting with the establishment of the office, Chuck became the Chief, of the Special Security Division with full responsibility for the care, custody, and control of all Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) stored, used, and processed by the DOJ. Almost immediately he was named as the Security Officer to the Attorney General’s Office where he advised the succession of Attorneys General of the United States and their respected senior staffs from 1976-1987. During this period of time Chuck also served as the SCI Accreditation Authority for the DOJ and was specifically nominated and appointed to this position by the Director of Security, Central Intelligence Agency.

As the Special Security Officer of the Department of Justice during the period 1976-1987, he designed, oversaw the construction and accreditation of the following most sensitive facilities and programs:

  • The DOJ Special Security Center which included the first multi-level SCI approved storage vault and formal SCI approved conference room in the DOJ.

  • The first SCI storage facility located in the offices of the Attorney General, as well as a number of other SCI storage facilities located throughout the Main DOJ Building and the other DOJ Agencies.

  • The first multi-level SCI Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) and the Administrative Offices of the Court, which were an integral part of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This effort required that he be fully briefed by the Departments of State and Defense, the CIA, NSA, and other specific Program Managers to ensure that he was specifically aware of all known technical security threats that existed up to that time in order for him to design and construct a facility that could defeat such threats. The final Court design established a new level of security awareness throughout the Intelligence Community.

  • The first multi-level fully operational Justice Command Center which integrated all of the DOJ law enforcement agencies into a single facility that could be commanded by the Attorney General of the United States. This facility was also fully accredited for an extremely large number of SCI levels of special access and multiple stand-alone Special Access Programs utilizing many of the new techniques incorporated in the FISA Court facility.

  • Subsequently, he designed and oversaw the construction and SCI accreditation of the initial 10 core city Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) Offices across the United States.

In his position as the Special Security Officer of the DOJ, he worked closely with most of the senior DOJ appointees, the White House, Departments of State and Defense, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Agency, US Marshals Service, Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Central Intelligence Agency and with the President’s Organized Crime Commission; where he was the first appointed Security Officer to the Commission. Chuck also worked closely with the U.S. Supreme Court in drafting the Security Procedures to the Classified Information Procedures Act and with the U.S. Federal Courts in redesigning the physical security requirements for all of US Courts, nationwide. He also served as the first Security Officer to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and was the first Security Officer/EYES ONLY Officer to the Attorneys General of the United States (1976-1986) and Security Officer to the President’s Organized Crime Commission. During this time and due to his myriad assignments and security responsibilities he was commissioned as a Special Deputy U.S. Marshal.

When he left the DOJ in 1987, he immediately began working as a consultant to the FBI and then was employed with the General Research Corporation in McLean, Virginia where he continued to support the Federal government’s various security programs.

Shortly thereafter, he was recalled to the Federal government by the President George H.W. Bush Administration to work in the Department of Labor as Executive Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Labor for the Veterans Employment and Training Staff. During this assignment, he was subsequently recalled to Active Duty with the US Army for service in the Gulf War. Chuck initially served as a Battle Planning Officer with the Third US Army, then commanded the Coalition Warfare Team, 352 Civil Affairs Command where he was attached to the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) during the Invasion and Liberation of Kuwait. After Kuwait was liberated, Chuck served as the Liaison Officer to the Kuwaiti Commanding General, General Jaber al Sabah until redeployment to the United States. After his arrival home, he was extended on duty to assist in the Desert Storm Victory Day Parade.

In 1991, Chuck left the federal Government with the change in Administrations and became a security and operations consultant. During the period 1991 through 1998 he served in a variety of consultative positions working with numerous federal agencies and civilian corporations. Throughout this period of time, he was involved in security and operations work, engineering and design of new vehicles for the US Military Services, and other technical security efforts supporting the various members of the Intelligence Community.

In 1999, he joined the Wexford Group International as Assistant Vice-President for Asset Protection and Security Operations. In this position he and members of this staff conducted a number of operational assessments aimed at preventing the unauthorized access to sensitive and classified information for a number of specialized organizations located in the Washington, DC area. He remained with this firm until they reorganized and were eventually bought out by CACI.

In 2004, Chuck and two members of the Wexford Group started their own security firm and ran that firm until it was also reorganized into his current firm where he serves as the CEO and Founder of American Security and Operations Group, International. During this period of time, Chuck and the members of his security firm branched out and began assisting the nuclear community with high-tech security solutions to their physical security requirements.

In 2009, Chuck and another member of his former organization formed the American Security and Operations Group, International (ASOG). ASOG is the successor organization of an effort that was started 9 years earlier.  This organization has been fine tuned to ensure that it continues to provide the very best consultative and technical security and asset protection services to its clients. ASOG specializes in the design of integrated electronic security systems, processes, and procedures to ensure the maximum degree of protection for its clients.

Most recently, in response to a myriad of terrorist issues worldwide, ASOG in keeping with its continuous adherence to only representing the most advanced products, has recently introduced a new variation of an existing but extraordinarily secure and fully transportable modular building system for the immediate use, protection, and enhanced survivability of the US Federal Diplomatic Corps, the Military Services, and the US Intelligence Community in extremely hostile and/or combat locations. This US based and developed line of Extreme Security Modular Building Systems has been modified by ASOG for a number of national and international high-security projects/applications. These particular modifications concern the capability to produce and deliver Deployable Hardened Emergency Safe Havens (DHESH). This newly released product provides extreme physical security, ballistic, and blast protection that provides dramatically enhanced survivability above any other modular and transportable product available. Additionally, with relatively little modification, it also lends itself to modification/enhancement resulting in accreditation as a SCIF that is fully operational the moment it is put into place within the operational spectrum of any hostile location, including an active combat zone. This product is available to any government or private corporation that requires the absolute maximum security, protection, and survivability of personnel, information, facilities, and equipment specifically for use in extremely/potentially hostile areas of operation, including combat zones of operation. Of especial importance is the fact that this product offers the user agency an opportunity to deploy the product in an undetermined number of various configurations that may be discreetly introduced throughout the operational spectrum without unduly compromising the insertion of these extreme security structures. The product has been tested by the Departments of State and DOD, is currently being used by the US Nuclear Community, and the federal law enforcement community.

Over the years, Chuck has successfully functioned as an investigator, special agent, security professional, special operations officer, terrorism expert, teacher, and mentor, and to all those that know him, has always been a trusted friend and always a Soldier.

He holds an AA Degree in Liberal Arts, a BS Degree in the Administration of Justice, a MS Degree in National Security Strategy, and a PhD. in Strategic Studies. His military and Federal public service careers span over 44 years of distinguished service recognized by numerous civilian honors, most notably, the Attorney General of the United States’ Special Commendation for Outstanding Service, he was named a Quintillion Peer (qp) by the former Quintillion Academy, a distinction bestowed on the living 100 US citizens who have made a lasting contribution to the National Security of the United States and he has received numerous US military awards and decorations for outstanding service, heroism, and valor, as well as many decorations from the countries of Vietnam; Laos; Cambodia; Thailand; Saudi Arabia; Kuwait; and Germany. 

Chuck retired from the US Army/Army Reserve in June 1996 with over 29-years of service. His dedicated service includes more than four years of combat duty in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. Shortly after his retirement, he was appointed by the Chief, Army Reserve to a new program known as the Army Reserve Ambassador Program. He was initially appointed as Army Reserve Ambassador to the State of Maryland, where he served four consecutive 3-year tours of duty after having been reappointed by 3 successive Chiefs of the Army Reserve. He continues to serve in his 13th year as an Ambassador Emeritus to the Chief Army Reserve. This honorary position has been designated by the Secretary of the Army as a Major General-equivalent or VIP-5 billet.

In this capacity, he remains very active in the following organizations: Commander, DC Chapter, Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States (MOFW); Senior Vice Commander, VA Chapter, Military Order of World Wars (MOWW); Commander, DC Garrison, Army Navy Union (ANU); Special Forces Association (SFA); Life Member-US Marine Corps League (USMCL); Post Commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW); Association of the United States Army (AUSA); American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS); The Retired Officers Association (TROA/MOAA); National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA); Life Member-Reserve Officers Association (ROA); Legion of Honor, Chapel of the Four Chaplains; and Life Member - Combat Infantryman Association (CIA), and the Special Forces Association.  

Ambassador Trombetta is also a Master Mason; a 32 Degree Scottish Rite Mason; a York Rite Knight Templar; and a Knight of the Ordo Sancti Constantini Magni. He may be contacted via email:

ATAB Counter Terrorism Responder of the Year Award is presented to:

Petty Officer

Matthew Yandora, CMAS, CAS-DTI

Naval Special Warfare Unit ONE (NSWU-1).
Petty Officer Matthew Yandora currently serves as Travel Coordinator and Command Career Counselor for Captain Jeffrey Tyer at Naval Special Warfare Unit ONE (NSWU-1). His duties involve working hand in hand with the NSWU-1 County Officers to plan and manage the in-theater travel of their multi-national exercises. yandora
Petty Officer Matthew James Yandora enlisted in the Navy as a Seaman Recruit in December 2006. After Basic training at Recruit Training Center Great Lakes, IL, he was assigned Yeoman “A” School in Meridian, MS. His first tour of duty was onboard Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station, Pacific (NCTAMS PAC) from 2007 to May 2010. Initially he was assigned to the Office of the Captain Jim Donovan, USN (RET) and, then the later Captain Janet Stewart, USN (RET). During that time he volunteered for an Individual Augmentation (IA) to Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center Forward, Iraq. Then he trained for the IA at FT. Lewis, Washington. There he earned the 90DO (Detainee Operations) and 90MM (Joint Forces) Navy Enlisted Classifications (NECs). After 6 months of Training, the idea of setting up a Prison in Al-Ramadi was canceled by the U.S. Navy and he returned to NCTAMS PAC. Then he was sent to augment the Combatant Commanders Support Department. Once he completed the tasking of revamping the Administration Department of the Combatant Commanders Support Department (Camp H.M. Smith) he then went to the Operations Department (of NCTAMS PAC) taking charge as the Operations Administrative Leading Petty Officer, under the direction or Commander Marcia Ziemba, USN. There he was the subject matter expect for the Operations officer on all Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection and Emergency Management issues.
Currently he serves at Naval Special Warfare Unit One in Guam, his duties there includes Providing Administrative and Travel support to eight deployed SEAL platoons, eight RHIB detachments, four MK-5 detachments, three SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) platoons in support of over 30 bilateral, Joint Chiefs of Staff and Joint Combined Events. Also he completed “Commando Warrior” a USAF Air-Base Defense course at Anderson AFB, Guam. He qualified there as a Military ATV, M35 and LMTV operator, he also held the position of Intelligence Officer during the course’s Field Training Exercise (FTX). Furthermore He qualified as a Platform Recovery Swimmer for Maritime Craft Air Delivery System (MCADS), he aides in the recovery of the MCADS Platforms. Additionally he was deployed to the USS Tortuga during exercise Ellipse Charlie 2011 as the Tactical Operations Center Battle Tracker.
While on active duty, he has completed a Certificate in Security Management from American Military University and an Associate’s Degree from Thomas Edison State College in Safety/Security and Environmental Technologies.
Currently he holds three certifications from the Department of Labor in the Computer-Peripheral-Equipment Operator (Clerical), Legal Secretary (Clerical) and Office Manager/Administrative Services fields. Also he certified through numerous organizations such as the American Board of Certification in Homeland Security (ABCHS). Through ABCHS he is Certified in Homeland Security Level Five (CHS-V), Certified in Disaster Preparedness (CDP-I) and Sensitive Security Information, Certified (SSI). On top of all that he has been designated as a Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CMAS) and Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist-Physical Security Manager (CAS-PSM) all through the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB). Additionally he has completed the qualifications of American Tactical Trainers Association’s (ATTA) Anti-Terrorism Master Instructor (ATMI) course. Furthermore he chair’s the ATTA’s Anti-Terrorism Branch and also writes the monthly newsletter. He is also a Graduate from the Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) Level I Instructor School, in Hawaii.
He holds numerous other Classifications (NEC’s) such as: 90ET - Expeditionary Security Force Advisor/Trainer, 9190 - Special Security Assistant, 9556 - Security Specialist, 9501 - Anti-Terrorism Training Supervisor Instructor, 9598 - Disaster Preparedness Operations and Training Specialists. Additionally he is qualified in numerous subject matters from the U.S. Navy as: Anti-Terrorism Tactical Watch Officer, Security Force Trainer, Physical Security Officer, and Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection II (Anti-Terrorism Officer - ATO) and Federal Communications Commission – Marine Radio Operator Permit (MROP).

Most recently he was honored for his contributions in the Homeland Security Field and was awarded Diplomat Status from the American Board of Certification in Homeland Security (ABCHS). Some of his other Special Achievement, Honors and awards include Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal ( X 2), Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, Navy Good Conduct Medal, Flag Letter of Commendation and NCTAMS PAC Sailor of the Quarter 1st Quarter 2009, additionally he is the Sailor of the Year (Fiscal Year 2011) at Naval Special Warfare Unit ONE. Also he is expected to graduate from Thomas Edison State College with a Bachelor’s Degree (Homeland Security/Emergency Management) in December 2012, and later continue to Officer Candidate’s School and serve as a Intelligence, Cryptography or Surface Warfare Officer.

ATAB Distinguished Service Award is presented to:
Terry Culver, CMAS, CPP
Terry Culver, CPP, CMAS started her career working for the Department of Defense in multiple locations and disciplines for eight years. During that time, she worked in organizations that worked within special security for projects, counter-terrorism, Counter Intelligence (CI), Intelligence Analysis, and more. She later went to private industry, with a career that spanned nearly 15 years focusing on industrial security, managing government programs and commercial security for a Fortune 500 company. During that time, she established a security education program not only for employees working in the U.S, but for the eighteen foreign subsidiaries and their employees. Although there were terrorist incidents witnessed or experience by the employees, the training program was a great success and has been a model for other companies doing business overseas. dsc01025

She worked as an independent security consultant for several more years before joining Georgia Institute of Technology in 2009 as Security Education Program Specialist. She incorporates the principles of CI and CT awareness within her training for students, faculty and staff who not only work on government programs, but who also work or study abroad. In the past year, she has worked with other members of the Georgia Tech staff to find vulnerabilities and risks in their global programs. As a result, the insurance coverage and emergency evacuation services are being enhanced to better ensure the safety of those traveling abroad.

She is a Certified Protection Professional, a Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist, and maintains her 96B Intelligence Operations Specialist credentials, as well as several foreign language proficiency certificates. She is a member of the Atlanta Chapter of INFRAGARD on the EMP Working Group, Atlanta MetroTech, the State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council, a licensed Private Investigator and is a Certified Paralegal.
Within ATAB recently, she has been working on getting involved in compiling reference materials, sources, and AT training for a Resource Library for members to use. It’s been slow in coming, but here’s hoping it is coming and we can share items in one online place that is open for any member to use.

ATAB Excellence in Service Membership Award

Is presented to:
Mr. Lance Bolton, CMAS
Lance Bolton, CMAS has spent his career on the financial intelligence side of the counter terrorism world. He has worked in conjunction with U.S., Israeli, English, Canadian, Philippians’, French, Columbian and Hong Kong intelligence and Military Special Ops units in locating and tracking illegal funds around the world. Every terror organization requires funds to operate. Mr. Bolton uses his skills, cunning and “Think Outside the Box” ideas to deprive terror organizations around the world of their assets and locating their benefactors. He had a behind the scenes role in most of the major intelligence operations of the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. img_4902
Currently Mr. Bolton has been assigned the arduous task of locating and tracking terrorist funding to include numerous Hawala funding organizations and locations transferring funds between the Middle East, Australia, Asia and North America. His expertise and knowledge have proved immeasurable in the success of this multinational operation. His efforts have advanced multiple investigations revealing hundreds of participants as well as tracking the recipients of said funds. His efforts exposed the connection between the off system funding networks and their access to the standard international financial system. His efforts have brought to light the networks and actions of many fraudulent financial transactions as well as exposing the funding operations of human traffickers and money launders.
In the past 9 years ATAB has had the benefit of Mr. Bolton’s experience and expertise. He has become an essential part of the ATAB Training Committee. Lance while serving on the ATAB Training Committee has developed financial terrorism training programs and is working on the Fraud and Financial Crimes program to be completed this summer.
Mr. Bolton in his intelligence career has been an integral part of dozens of past and current investigative task with locating and tracking questionable and terrorist funds. Some of the declassified activities that he has been involved with include being assigned to infiltrate several tier one families.  His work along with the Federal Reserve in NY resulted in the closing of BCCI.
Mr. Bolton set up an elaborate scenario to entice the movement of Libya's leader Muammar Gaddafi’s10+B of funds into the free zone. Helped analyze and categorize the 17k people tied to Gaddafi’s money to effect their removal or educating while linking parts of the junk bond market into connection.


He set up a multilevel operation in LA to entice the Syndicate of the Japanese 10 year 10% non callable CD's into play. This caused the demise of Japans largest trading company while acquiring the originals of several of the multi Trillion notes issued by the Japanese to affect the flood of credits on Yen that threatened the dollar. This forced the Japanese banks into compliance, resulting in the loss of 10 years.

Exposed and shut down numerous gold and money laundering operations over a 15 year period resulting in the conviction and confiscation of billions of dollars.  He assisted in acquiring hundreds of original and fraudulent AU certificates, isolating many of the master certificates. These actions allowed for the wholesale control of AU and Platinum deposits worldwide. 

Assigned to infiltrate the S&L world and worked through the Resolution Trust to attain many of the key indictments of that period.  He was then assigned to assist in the hedging up the 737B shortfall left by the crisis. 

While working with a “Money Laundering” Task Force he was responsible for making contract with bankers and drug cartel members to convince them to exchanged commercially backed T bills in exchange for endless amounts of moneys acquired through dubious means by families in US, Mexico and Columbia.  In this method the drug dealers brought the money in to authorities saving the expense and man hours to track down the multiple bank accounts and cash hiding locations. The funds were then confiscated, rather then having to track down the cash and accounts individually.
Mr. Bolton played a key roll in the tracking and removal of members of Arafat's and Carlo's 42 key personnel, opening the door for Arafat’s Nobel Prize.
Central in Gerry Adam's the president of Sinn Fein, window to meet the president and assisted with the results. 
He acquired the information necessary to convince President Bush Sr. to stand down the head of the coalition and place Schwarzkopf and Powell in command.
Mr. Bolton was integral in the operation that set off the coup in Algeria while restructuring their Central Bank's mechanisms to facilitate the pending shortfall of 28 +B left by the AU coined backed German Bonds that were to demonetized at his suggestion. This along with several other generated situations gave our enemies the confidence to ship the 4.5 mts of weapons grade material down the tip of the Red Sea to where we were able to acquire it. 
In his 30 year career he has targeted and removed or jailed a number of terrorists including one currently on the top 20 list.
His work with the Corruption and Crime Commission helped shut down corruption in Australia resulting in the isolation and removal of a number of Ministers, law enforcement and Political figures. 

ATAB 10 Year Distinguished Membership Award

Is presented to:
Mr. Bob Ingersoll, CMAS
Bob has been a police officer, training program developer, and a contract training instructor for over 35 years. A twenty year law enforcement veteran, his assignments included Uniformed Patrol, Field Training Officer, and Investigations. He was a founding member of his department’s Emergency Response Team and also served as department Range master and Senior Firearms Instructor. In 2001, he became an instructor with Operational Skills Group, LLC working in the development and delivery of small unit tactics and small arms instruction for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies as well as units within the Department of Defense and intelligence community. He was instrumental in the development of an Active Shooter Response course which has been successfully delivered to over 100 students from 60 Air National Guard Security Force Units. For three years Bob served as an Adjunct Instructor for the International Training / Sensitive Investigations Unit at the DEA Academy at Quantico, VA. In this capacity, he was the lead instructor for Agent Survival Tactics, a course that was delivered to drug enforcement agents from throughout Latin and Central America.bob_ingersoll
From 2007 to present, he has served as President and Senior Instructor for Operational Skills Group, LLC and continues to research, develop and deliver specialized training courses. He currently supervises a Mobile Training Team which is comprised of twelve independent contractor instructors which are located throughout CONUS.
He has been involved in the martial arts for over 35 years and currently holds the rank of Sixth Dan Black Belt in Hapkido. In 2005, Bob returned to law enforcement as serves as a Level-1 Designated Police Officer for the Del Rey Oaks (CA) Police Department. His assignment includes Uniformed Patrol, Investigations, Firearms and Defensive Tactics Instructor. He is also a member of the Special Response Team and is assigned to both the Entry Team and Designated Marksman Team.
Bob is currently working on a training project with Erik Erikson to develop and deliver a comprehensive law enforcement training and instructor development program in Costa Rica.

In his spare time, Bob enjoys spending time with his family, target shooting, and fishing. Bob served as President of the Seaside, CA Lions Club for four years.

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