The tool used by Paleos and Archaics to sling arrows was An example of Georgia being founded for charity was?

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  1. The tool used by Paleos and Archaics to sling arrows was

  1. An example of Georgia being founded for charity was?

  1. An Example of economics as a reason for Georgia being founded was

  1. mercantilism-the colony was a place to get scarce resources and a place to sell your goods

  2. An example of Defense for the founding of Georgia is?

  1. What land distribution system gave 200 acres to heads of household

  1. The fastest growing churches in Georgia in the 1800s were the Methodists and

  1. The oldest public university in the US is

9. The female hero during the Revolutionary War?

  1. The slave who was a hero at Kettle Creek?

  2. List the main cash crops for Georgia for the years 1732 to 1790, 17980 to 1920, 1920 to 1960?

  3. Pine tar, pitch and turpentine were examples of items used to build and repair wooden ships in the 1800s. These are examples of

  4. The concept that the people should choose whether the state should be free or slave is found in what act?

  5. What compromise was reached at the US Constitutional Convention that settled the issue of representation?

  6. What Compromise was reached at the US Constitutional Convention that settled the issue of how to count slaves for representational purposes?

  7. The idea that the states should have more power than the national government is called?

  8. What Georgia US Senator supported the Georgia Platform and later voted for Georgia not to secede from the Union?

  9. The first shots of the Civil War were fired where? A. Ft First B. Fit Jackson C. ft Stephens D. Ft Sumter

  10. This Civil War battle was a Confederate victory

  11. This Georgia Civil War battle was a Confederate defeat?

  12. Why was Atlanta a critical city during the Civil War

  13. What Union Commander conducted the March to the Sea?

  14. What ended slavery in the southern states

  15. The Anaconda Plan called for controlling what river

  16. The turning point of the Civil War was what battle? ?

  17. After the war the south had to be rebuilt, this period was known as

  18. The organization that built schools, hospitals, and provided thousands of teacher in the south was?

  19. One problem facing the south after the war ended was the lack of?

  20. What replaced slavery as a means to tie poor to the land?

  21. What number are the Slave or reconstruction Amendments?

  22. Joseph Brown, Alfred Colquitt and john B. Gordon were known as the? The Atlanta newspaper editor known for the term “New South” was?

  23. The supporters of the New South had what position on racial equality?

  24. The new political party that fought for improved conditions for farmers was the?

  25. The most successful Georgia Populists was?

  26. This woman was the first US Senator if only for a day and helped manage her husband’s political Campaign. A segregationist, she worked for women’s rights.

  27. What happened in Atlanta in 1906. A. Car races B. Race Riots C. An election D. Conventions

  28. This racially charged murder trial resulted in a rebirth of the KKK in Georgia?

  29. In this election system every county had two unit votes. The candidate who won the most counties won the election and is known as?

  30. Which black education leader established the first graduate school programs for blacks.

  31. This female founded the Neighborhood Union and worked to improve conditions in poor sections of Atlanta.

  32. This ex slave became the richest black in Atlanta and started his first business as a barbershop. He later moved into real estate and established the Atlanta Life Insurance Company.

  33. This person’s assassination led to WW1.

  34. When WW1 started the US was?

  35. This use of this weapon by Germany angered any for its sneakiness.

  36. Which of these is not a reason the US entered WW1.

  37. In the 1920s agriculture in the south was damaged by what insect.

  38. Which of these is not a cause of the Great Depression?

  39. The Georgia Governor who cost Georgia schools accreditation was?

  40. The President who gets the blame for the Depression is?

  41. Roosevelt’s programs to end the Depression was called?

  42. The government agencies that focused on creating jobs to end the high unemployment were called?

  43. This agency planted trees and created parks.

  44. This agency built dams to control flooding and provide hydroelectric power.

  45. FDR loved Georgia so much he loaned millions to bring electricity to rural areas of Georgia was?

  46. WW2 started in 1939 when Germany invaded?

  47. Dictator Adolph Hitler’s political party was the

  48. The get around the Neutrality Act FDR got Congress to pass what Act?

  49. Japan attacked what US Naval Base on Dec 7, 1941?

  50. The turning point in the Pacific in WW2 was the Battle of?

  51. The Allies Landed at Normandy, France to start taking back Europe from the Nazis. This day (June 6, 1944) is known as what day.

  52. What aircraft company built B 29s in Marietta , Georgia.

  53. The shipyards in Savannah and Brunswick were used to build what cargo ships

  54. This Georgia Senator helped bring military bases to Georgia and with it jobs and money?

  55. This Georgia Congressman helped bring military bases to Georgia and had an aircraft carrier named after him? ?

  56. The Nazi program to exterminate all Jews in Europe led to the?

  57. To educate students about the evils of genocide, Georgia Governor joe Frank Harris established what?

  58. Franklin Roosevelt died in what small Georgia town?

68. Which describes the benefit of saving money?

  1. What is the term used to describe buying stocks or bonds?

  2. When a entrepreneur spends their own money to start up the business the greatest risk is what?

  3. Walmart wants to open a Supercenter in a small town with multiple small, family businesses. Why would City Officials approve Walmart opening?

  4. Walmart will offer shoppers what benefit?

  5. A person can get a home loan from what institution?

  6. What would lead to the greatest increase in consumer spending?

  7. Which river is the eastern border between Georgia and South Carolina

  8. How do the four transportation systems in Georgia benefit the state

  9. Banks provide loans to individuals who want to open businesses. New businesses provide what benefit?

  10. What is the definition of profit

  11. Which of these is an incentive for an entrepreneur

  12. What is the Georgia motto?

  13. Which time period was present to meet the Europeans?

  14. Why were Paleos and Archaics nomads?

  15. Another name for agriculture is?

81. What are the major source of revenue for state governments?

  1. The major source of income for state government is?

  2. The major source of revenue for local government is?

86. The greatest part of every tax dollar is spent on?

87.How many terms can someone serve as Lieutenant Governor?

88. How many counties does Georgia have?

89. This Atlanta Pharmacist is credited with creating Coca Cola.

90. This druggist bought the rights to Coca Cola and is credited with turning it into a world wide product.

91. This aviation company moved to Atlanta in 1941 and is the world’s largest commercial passenger carrier.

92. Established in Augusta in 1927, it grew in providing wood and now is one of the leading paper product providers in the nation.

93. This Do It Yourself company was founded by Arthur Blank, the current owner of the Atlanta Falcons.

94. Created by local governments this group provides one service only- an example is a school board.

95. If the city and county merge into a single government what is it called?

96. This black educator was President of Morehouse and started the first graduate programs for blacks.

97. This woman was married to John Hope and was a social activist and worked to improve conditions in the poor sections of Atanta.

98. This man was President of a university and was willing to accept segregation in the short term in exchange for economic freedom.

99. The first black to obtain a PHD from Harvard, this man believed in a liberal arts education for blacks and expected economic freedom immediately.

100. This black female was one of the founders of the NAACP, worked for voting rights for females, and wrote newspaper articles about lynchings in the south.

101. This court case legalized segregation and is known for Separate but Equal.

102. This court case overturned Separate but Equal

103. In response to Brown v BOE the Georgia General Assembly did what?

104. What two things did the Sibley Commission recommend about segregation

105. What two students were the first blacks to enroll in the University of Georgia

106. What organization did Martin Luther King Jr create

107. What student organization was created in the 1960s to challenge segregation and to improve voter registration for minorities

108. What President and what law ended segregation in the US

109. What segregationist governor is known for appointing more blacks to government positions than any governor before him

110. Who is the only President to be born in Georgia

111.What was one success and failure for President Carter

112. What are the four parts of the transportation infrastructure and how do they work together

113. If I wanted to know what my rights are where would I look

114. What is the purpose of the US Bill of rights

115. What Georgians signed the US Constitution and what did they both do at the Convention

116. What are two weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

117. What Georgia governor cost Georgia colleges their accreditation

118. What Georgia governor restored Georgia college accreditation

119. Who are the three men that are the Three Governor’s Controversy and explain what happened and how did it end.

120. What Georgia Congressman served 40 years and was a big supporter of the US Navy, helped obtain military bases for Georgia during WW2, and had an aircraft carrier named after him.

121. Who was the Georgia politician who was known as the friend of the farmer, as a Congressman helped pass the law creating rural mail delivery, and became an outspoken racist in his old age.

122. To What political party did Tom Watson belong?

123. What is the name for the election process that was used until 1961 where small counties had more political power than large counties.

124. After the US Supreme Court declared the county unit system illegal Georgia had to redraw

125. Which Georgia female was the first female US Senator if only for 1 day.

126. What President favored and enforced the Indian Removal Act against the Cherokees.

127. What Chief Justice ruled in Worcester v. GA that the Cherokees did not have to relocate

128. What Supreme Court case established the concept of judicial review

129. After the Federal Government stepped in and settled the Yazoo Land fraud, what became the new western border of Georgia.

130. The Proclamation of 1763 banned migration past what geographical feature

131. Who were the three Royal Governors of Georgia

132. Who was the female interpreter for Oglethorpe

133. Sherman wanted Atlanta because it was a transportation?

134. What Atlanta mayor is known for bringing 3 professional sports teams to Atlanta

135. Who was the longest serving mayor of Atlanta known for bringing highways, interstates, and aviation to Atlanta

136. Who was the first black mayor of Atlanta

137. Who did Jimmy Carter appoint to be the US Ambassador to the United Nations?

138. When the Georgia Convention met to consider how to vote on the Compromise of 1850 what was the result called?

139. What organization did MLK Jr form after the bus boycott?

140. What organization formed on student campuses to increase black voter registration in the south and to make sure public facilities were desegregated.

141. What was banned by the Charter of 1732?

142. Who were the Malcontents and what were their objections?

143. List the 5 capitals and explain why they moved.

144. `After the Boston Tea Party Parliament passed what acts?

145. What was the Second Continental Congress known for doing?

146. What three Georgian’s signed the Declaration of Independence

147. What two Georgian’s signed the US Constitution

148. What type of state government did the first Georgia Constitution create?

149. What group of Austrians migrated to Georgia in the 1700s in Ebenezer, GA

150. Why would Georgia ratify the US Constitution

151.Which Creek Indian chief signed the first treaty to give away Indian lands?

152. Which was the second Creek Chief to sign a treaty giving away Creek lands and was murdered for doing so.

153. What is Sequoyah known for creating

154. What was Henry Mcneal Turner known for achieving

155. What were some tools used to disenfranchise black voters

156. Identify two programs that electricity to the south and Georgia

157. What was the purpose of the Lend Lease Act

158. What happened to the size, number of farms, and number of farmers in Georgia after WW2 and why was this possible

159. What was the Albany Movement and why did it fail?

160. Why did Georgia develop a two party system in the 1960s and who and why was the dominant party before that

161. What did Georgia do to prepare for the 1996 Summer Games and what did they expect to gain

162. A majority of every tax is spent on what

163. A major source of revenue for local governments is what

164. How many crimes are there that a juvenile can be charged as an adult

165. Crimes that result in charges for juveniles that would not be crimes if committed by adults are called what

166. What court handles wills and deeds

167. What Georgia court can hear a felony case

168. What is the lowest level court in Georgia

169. What court hears cases involving misdemeanors and civil cases

170. List the four steps of a juvenile prosecution

171. In a civil case who is the person suing.

172. Most felony convictions are the result of what

173. Define mercantilism

174. A local government where department heads report ot the mayor is called what

175. When the council/commission hires a manger to run the government it is called what

176. How many services must a local government provide as a minimum

177. What are some services provided by local government

178. What type of lifestyle did the Paleo’s and Archaic’s live

179. What killed a majority of the Indians who first met the Europeans

180. Why did so many Indians die

181. Where did the French settle in North America and why were they successful

182. What Conquistador traveled through Georgia in the 183. What is wattle and daub

184. What is part fort, part church, part trading post

185. What were the three Gs that motivated Spanish exploration

186. Known as the Seven Years War in Europe, this war resulted in France leaving North America

187. Which Yamacraw Indian chief helped keep the peace between the colonists in Savannah and the regions Indians

188. Which English tax was passed after the French and Indian War to help pay for war debt

189. “ When in the course of human events” What document?

190. As a result of reapportionment who gained political power in Georgia after the County Unit System was ended

191. What is another name for the Georgia House and Senate

192. Where is most of the work done in the General Assembly

193. What check does the General Assembly have over the governor

194. What check does the governor have over the General Assembly

195. How long is a term in the General Assembly and what are the term limits

196. Who is President of the Senate

197. What power does the Legislature have?

198. What are the powers of the Governor

199. How are Department Heads and Commissioners selected in Georgia

200. What do the Department of Public Safety, Transportation, and Economic Development do

201. In the Colonial and Antebellum days Georgia shipped most of their goods to what Continent

202. What was the affect of the Tariff of Abominations

203. What does Georgia’s modern transportation infrastructure allow her to do

204. Who Presides over the Georgia House of representatives

205. Name two reasons why farm output increased in Georgia after WW2

206. What region of the world provided Georgia with immigrants prior to 1990

207. What region of the world provided Georgia with immigrants after 1990 and where did many settle

208. What type of jobs did many of these immigrants take

209. List three Special Purpose Districts

210. In WW1 and WW2 What were some of the things that Georgia provided to the war effort
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