Unit 10 Study Guide: Modern Georgia

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Unit 10 Study Guide: Modern Georgia
1. Why was the county unit system unfair?

Under the county unit system the rural population which made up only 30% of the population had 59% of the power

2. What court case led to the change in the county unit system?

Gray v. Sanders

3. What eventually led to urban counties gaining voting power and rural counties losing power?


4. Who was the only Georgian President who was a Senator and Governor?

Jimmy Carter

5. As governor of GA what did Jimmy Carter want to end?

6. What were Jimmy Carter’s Presidential approaches?

Honest, Peace, and Human Rights

7. What positive event is Jimmy Carter known for?

Camp David Accords
8. What event limited the supply and controlled the price of crude oil?
Arab Oil Embargo

9. How did Jimmy Carter handle the Iranian hostage crisis?

Carter unsuccessfully tries to negotiate the release of the hostages

10. What was the end result in the Iranian hostage crisis?

Iranians released the hostages minutes after Reagan is inaugurated (after 444 Days)
11. Describe the difference between primary and general elections.
Primary Election: Voters select candidate to represent them in General Election

General Election: Voters select the overall winner of the election

12. After the civil war, GA politics were dominated by what political party?
13. What were the factors that led to the political change in GA?
1. end of county unit system 2. reapportionment 3. GA shifted away from Democrats b/c of support for Civil rights movement.


Julian Bond: Democrat, state representative and senator, denied his seat, won court case to get it back, civil rights leader

George Busbee Democrat, Georgia Representaive (56-74), Governor of GA (7583), placed a high priority on education

Sam Nunn Democrat, U.S. Senator (72-96) , Armed services committee chair, tried to stop nuclear weapons.

Joe Frank Harris Democrat from Cartersville, State Rep, Governor (83-91) stressed Econ. Dev. , education, helped bring Olympics to ATL.

Zell Miller Cons. Dem, Teacher, State Sen, Lt. Gov, Gov (91-99), Lottery, Pre-K, HOPE, apptd. U. S. Senator.

Newt Gingrich Republican, U. S. Rep. (78-99), Speaker (9599) , political enemy with Clinton, Ran for pres. In 2012, author

Roy Barnes Democrat, state senator/rep. , GA governor (99-03) reformed Education, changed state flag

Sonny Perdue State senator 19902001, switched parties, GA Governor (03-11), 1st Republican Gov. of GA since Reconstruction
22. What was the most difficult aspect about the Olympics coming to Atlanta in 1996?
Intense Preparation

23. What event occurred during the 1996 Olympics that almost led to them being postponed?

Pipe Bomb that killed 2 people

24. What were the factors of GA’s population growth?

1. Good Climate 2. Good Jobs 3. Low cost of living

25. What was the major issue concerning Hispanic immigrants coming into the US?

Children born to illegals are citizens

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