Csc200 -35 Lab 1 Moving Forward Ankan Basu Step 1: Preparation for graphical robotc

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CSC200 -35 Lab 1 Moving Forward

Ankan Basu

  1. Step 1: Preparation for graphical ROBOTC: Since I have completed lab A and lab B already, no additional preparation was required for the lab. I already had all of the required software installed. Furthermore, I also had some experience with various moves of a robot while playing the Expedition Atlantis game.

  2. Enroll in RobotC graphical Group in CS2N: Directions for this section is well documented in the course webpage and easy to follow. I joined the “CSC 200-35 RobotC Graphical Sp16” group using the provided group code. This step was somewhat confusing as I now have two different groups in my Home section. Moreover, it was confusing as the new group name is “CSC 200-35 RobotC Graphical Sp16” but the course description is “Robotics Summer of Learning 2015 - LEGO EV3”.

  3. Step 3: take a quiz: In this step, I first took the quiz for “pre-course activity” under section 1 of the course, which was quite long with over 40 questions. I skipped section 2, 3 and 4 as they were completed in previous week.

  4. Step 4: Moving Forward: Directions for this step is not completely identical with the CS2N RobotC group page and needs to be updated. For example, although the section name was same “4. Moving Forward”, the 4 mini challenges under the section were slightly different. While the CSC200 lab page listed mini challenge 1 for 50 cm distance, on the CS2N course page, the challenge was for 85 cm. Finally, I am not sure if we have the mini challenge 2- gripper control any longer. In summary, step 4 starts with clicking the link for “moving forward”. The moving forward page has five video lessons followed by the Sensabot challenge.

Code for 85 cm challenge:

Code for arm control:

Code for cargo retrieval:

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