This character declares Neil Young a national hero before being informed that Neil Young is actually Canadian; immediately after this, he is attacked by gunmen

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This character declares Neil Young a national hero before being informed that Neil Young is actually Canadian; immediately after this, he is attacked by gunmen. This man, a noted high school baseball player who used a baseball bat during one high school game to assault a future adversary, wears Marlins gear at the park with his daughter in the last episode of his show. This character once goes to Southern California to confront a criminal dentist played by Alan Ruck. After this man is divorced, his wife marries a “relator” who turns out to be a part-time criminal, but this man more commonly deals with criminals like his father Arlo. In order to explain his relationship with his primary antagonist, this man often explains that they “dug coal together” in their youth in Harlan County. For 10 points, name this U.S. deputy marshal based in Lexington, Kentucky, the main character of Justified.

ANSWER: Raylan Givens

In this show’s first episode, one character discovers that the word “Mexicans” is not offensive. In the last episode of this program, one character sings a song that unintentionally glorifies Nazism, and a character proclaims that “the serpent in the mirror is us!” Kevin Hart appears on this show as rapper Dro Grizzle, who appears at a party thrown by J.K. Simmons’s character. Characters on this show are confused by the concept of “RDDs”, since they can either mean “Ron Donald Do’s” or “Ron Donald Don’ts.” After the success of Glee, Jane Lynch’s character on this show was replaced first by Jennifer Coolidge and then by Megan Mullally. Martin Starr’s character Roman DeBeers frequently notes his interest in “hard sci-fi,” and this show’s main character, Henry Pollard, had his career ruined by a commercial in which he asks, “Are we having fun yet?” For 10 points, name this Starz show starring Ken Marino, Lizzy Caplan, and Adam Scott about a group of caterers in Los Angeles.

ANSWER: Party Down

After it was rereleased in 2012, this song reached #100 on the Canadian Hot 100. According to Wikipedia, Sophia Loren probably sang this song before Gillian Hills. Upon hearing a performance of this song, the person to whom it was directed reportedly had his soul “leave his body.” This song was plucked from obscurity when it appeared in the Season 5 premiere of a television show, where it was sung at a birthday party by Jessica Paré as Megan Calvet. For 10 points, name this yé-yé song sung to Don Draper.

ANSWER: “Zou Bisou Bisou”

This actress’s character in The Five-Year Engagement engages in hand painting in the middle of the night in her role as a short-lived love interest of Jason Segel. In 21 Jump Street, this actress plays the white half of a pair of agents who are significantly more competent than the protagonists. In one episode of this actress’s most prominent television role, her character confronts an elementary school principal played by Alan Ruck. In the first episode of that show, this actress’s character lets her deadbeat brother played by Nat Faxon move in with her. That excellent television program, which starred this actress as a single mother, was Ben and Kate. For 10 points, name this star of Fifty Shades of Gray, the daughter of Melanie Griffith.

ANSWER: Dakota Johnson

This show is set in “Paradise, California,” although it is not the real Paradise, California, which is near Chico. The older brother of one character on this show has a “boob wall” that is covered with pictures of breasts without faces. The father of another character on this show moves to San Jose after he discovers that he is gay, leading to that character, Sasha, receiving her own apartment, where she installs a barre for training in hopes of being invited to the Joffrey School. This show’s main character is a former Las Vegas showgirl who is married to Alan Ruck and widowed in the span of the first episode; that character, who is played by Sutton Foster, subsequently becomes a ballet teacher. All the characters on this show speak extraordinarily quickly, perhaps because it was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, who also created Gilmore Girls. For 10 points, name this series that ran for one season on ABC Family about a group of ballet dancers and their teacher.

ANSWER: Bunheads

One character on this show tells a rambling anecdote in which he informs four or five foreign women that “I don’t think monogamy is legal in this country.” That character often complains about his roommates, who turn out to be his parents. The main characters of this show watch a claymation program called “Albi the Racist Dragon” that aired in their home country, and their foreign origin causes them to be denied service by a racist grocer played by Aziz Ansari. Demetri Martin’s character on this show is described as having a “guitboard” and later scores an international hit with the “Doggy Bounce.” When this show’s main characters are evicted from their apartment in the series finale, they are offered lodging by Mel, a woman who ignores her husband to stalk the main characters. For 10 points, name this show about Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, who together form the title New Zealand-based musical comedy group.

ANSWER: Flight of the Conchords

One episode of this show features a sandwich called the “Egg Begley, Jr.,” which Ed Begley, Jr. rejects because he is a vegan. Brent Musberger is called “America’s Sweetheart” in his appearance on this show, and Robbie Gould appeared on an episode of this show that aired in Britain a year before it aired in America; that episode is called “Kickball 2: The Kickening.” One character owns a boutique called “Xela” and discovers that she eats ribs whenever she gets drunk; another character regularly describes things as “a-mah-zing” and proclaims the “Year of Penny.” This show’s main character, Dave Rose, claims to be one-sixteenth Navajo and runs a food truck called Steak Me Home Tonight. In this show’s pilot, Dave is left at the altar by Alex Kerkovich, who is played by Elisha Cuthbert. For 10 points, name this show that ran for three seasons on ABC about a black guy and five white people who live in Chicago.

ANSWER: Happy Endings

Ed Begley, Jr. makes a guest appearance on this show as a politician who is dissatisfied with his teenage son. Zandy Hartig appeared as a guest star on most episodes of this show before finally being upgraded to its main cast for the fifth season. In a Season 4 episode of this show, the entire cast was replaced with British actors. Mather Zickel appeared as Louis LaFonda in three episodes of this show before getting his own spinoff. The first season of this show is made of a series of shorts that originally appeared on A joke from that first season led to another spinoff of this show, NTSF:SD:SUV::. The fifth season of this show was set on a military facility in Japan, whereas the previous four seasons took place in Brazil. For 10 points, name this Adult Swim program created by Rob Corddry about a medical facility.

ANSWER: Childrens Hospital

In one song on this record, the singer declares, “Texas, I won’t come home,” and another song on this record is named after The Woodlands, Texas. Those songs are “My Heart Is an Apple” and “The Woodlands National Anthem.” This EP was re-released a year after the tremendous success of the band’s first album, and one of its tracks was re-recorded for the band’s second album. That song from this record, in which the singer addresses in turn “women and children,” “old folks,” and “babies needing cribs,” is “No Cars Go.” For 10 points, name this eponymous EP, the first commercial release of the Canadian band that created Funeral and The Suburbs.

ANSWER: Arcade Fire EP
A song titled “108” by this singer is about her love affair with an immortal being. In one of this singer’s videos, she covers her face with lipstick while a spider crawls on her body; that video is for the song “Red Lips.” This singer’s second album “Masochism” has been subject to several delays but is currently scheduled to be released in 2016. “Boys” and “24 Hours” are singles from her first album, “Night Time, My Time”; that album’s cover is often censored because it shows this musician topless. In this artist’s best-known song, she sings, “Baby, would you let me be your lover / Maybe if you tried then I would not bother.” For 10 points, name this pop musician who sang “Everything Is Embarrassing” and has a distinctly Portuguese surname.

ANSWER: Sky Ferreira

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