This wrestler appears in a deleted scene in Natural Born Killers

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This wrestler appears in a deleted scene in Natural Born Killers as a prison inmate, and he had an embarrassing grudge match against MADtv star Will Sasso. On an episode of Nitro, he wore a metal breastplate under his sweater to knock out Goldberg. This man turned heel in a submission match refereed by Ken Shamrock in which Steve Austin passed out. For 10 points, name this wrestler victimized in the “Montreal Screwjob,” a man known as the “Hitman.”

ANSWER: Bret Sergeant Hart

This man wrote a song after 9/11 called “September Day” for his band Peroxwhy?gen. At Backlash, he lost to Brock Lesnar in Brock’s first officially televised match. He was the younger of the two winners of the Terri Invitational Tournament. In an infamous match at the 2011 Victory Road, he was pinned in less than two minutes by Sting, who realized this man was in no condition to wrestle. For 10 points, name this guy noted for his painted face and high-flying moves, the brother of Team Xtreme member Matt.

ANSWER: Jeffrey Hardy

In the Baywatch Triple Threat Diva Tag match, this wrestler hit a splash on Santino to save his life. The pro of Titus O’Neil on NXT Redemption, he has beaten Jack Swagger’s Soaring Eagle in a match. The last ever Cruiserweight Champion, he was revealed to be the Raw Anonymous GM and at one point Mr. McMahon’s illegitimate son. Santa Claus gave him the ability to talk. For 10 points, name this little person, the one-time sidekick of Finlay.

ANSWER: Hornswoggle [or Dylan Postl]

In a terrible feud, this man was defeated by Tatanka for stealing sacred Indian feathers. In a forgotten feud, he fought Shawn Michaels in a heel vs. heel match and threw water on Sensational Sherri. This man abandoned Tito Santana while the two were members of Strike Force. In his most famous persona, he lost a blindfold match to Jake Roberts and used a brand of cologne called “Arrogance.” For 10 points, name this wrestler known as the “Model.”

ANSWER: Rick Martel [or Richard Vigneault]

Edge and Christian once hired this group to steal the tag team titles from the Hardy Boyz. Every member of this group would win the Hardcore Championship briefly at a battle royal at WrestleMania 2000. In their best known role, they ran interference for an European Champion in his feuds with X-Pac and Test. For 10 points, name this gang consisting of Pete Gas, Rodney, and Joey Abs, all supposedly childhood buddies of Shane McMahon.

ANSWER: Mean Street Posse

This man played Evil Eye in the Michael J. Fox movie Life With Mikey. Chyna claimed this man extorted $300,000 from Vince McMahon to wrestle without a contract. At the 2000 Bash at the Beach, he intentionally laid down for Hulk Hogan to win the championship. This man once employed bodyguards Southern Justice, manager Tennessee Lee, and assistant the Roadie. With his father, he co-founded TNA. For 10 points, name this guitar-wielding douchebag known as “Double J.”

ANSWER: Jeffrey Jarrett

In an episode of Raw, this man posed as Aksana’s mother. He’s not Teddy Long, but he was managing Ron Simmons when Ron won the WCW championship in 1992. Ted DiBiase’s bodyguard was given a name to mock this wrestler. This man’s WWE gimmick featured him wearing polka dots and being billed as the “Common Man,” and his most famous promo is called “Hard Times.” For 10 points, name this legend known as the “American Dream.”

ANSWER: Dusty Rhodes [or Virgil Runnels Jr.]

When teaming with Kid Kash, this man wore a dog collar and was part of The Pitbulls. He currently works as a WWE producer, which allowed him to do things like fill in for Ted DiBiase in December 2012 house shows. In WCW, he wore a mask to hide his race when serving as part of the Jung Dragons. He was dumped by Layla in favor of William Regal and had earlier dated Nidia until she was blinded by Tajiri. For 10 points, name this cruiserweight noted for his trailer park trash gimmick.

ANSWER: Jamie Noble [or James Gibson]

This man was fired from WCW along with the Blacktop Bully for blading in a 1995 match, and WCW later suspended him for calling Vince Russo a “sawed-off midget.” This man portrayed a character called Seven and was once known as “The Artist Formerly Known as [his most famous character].” In his most famous WWF persona, he had a valet named Marlena who sat in a director’s chair and his character was portrayed as sexually ambiguous. For 10 points, name this yellow-painted son of the American Dream and current tag team champion.

ANSWER: Goldust [or Dustin Rhodes, or Dustin Runnels]

According to Wikipedia, this man appeared as a witness on the highest rated show of Judge Jeanine Pirro of all time. This man was accompanied by a woman named Peggy Sue and he once managed Billy Gunn who was then known as “Rockabilly.” He was memorably beat down to lose his only title in about 30 seconds by the Ultimate Warrior. For 10 points, name this longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time, an Elvis impersonator.

ANSWER: The Honky Tonk Man [or Roy Wayne Farris]

This person was introduced as the wedding planner for Edge and Vickie Guerrero’s wedding, and later appeared as the manager of DJ Gabriel. She won her only title in a Fatal 4-Way in 2010 by pinning Maryse, only to lose to Melina months later. Currently alternating between heel and face, she engaged in a lengthy feud with the Chickbusters while teaming with Tamina Snuka. For 10 points, name this current diva, an African-American woman noted for her colorful hair.

ANSWER: Alicia Fox [or Victoria Crawford]

A member of this team had his participation eased back after he developed an allergy to shellfish. One of its members would become the Repo Man, and Mr. Fuji sold out this team to join the Powers of Pain. Its members unluckily drew #1 and #2 for the 1989 Royal Rumble. This team holds the record for most combined days as reigning WWF Tag Team Champions, and eventually added Crush as a member. For 10 points, name this tag team originally consisting of Ax and Smash.

ANSWER: Demolition

In one storyline, this man began to vomit due to the evil spell of Papa Shango. In another, he opened a chest to learn the secrets of the dark side only to be bitten by one of Jake Roberts’ snakes. This man’s conservative blog is called his “Machete” and his DVD title refers to his “self-destruction.” In WCW, he frequently used magic smoke to attack Hulk Hogan. For 10 points, name this lunatic who beat Hogan in a title vs. title match at WrestleMania VI.

ANSWER: Ultimate Warrior [or James Brian Hellwig]

This wrestler was the victor in undoubtedly the only major profile WWF match for luchador Pantera. He was the younger of a duo noted for their catch phrase “INDEED.” His first WWF appearance saw him lose to his mentor The Great Sasuke, only to win a title soon after by defeating Brian Christopher. This man, the owner of K-DOJO, turned on Val Venis because Mrs. Yamaguchi-San was his sister. For 10 points, name this Japanese wrestler, the first Light Heavyweight Champion and one-time partner with Funaki as a revised Kaientai.

ANSWER: Taka Michinoku

This man appears in a 3-D Sabrina the Teenage Witch episode in which Sabrina accidentally hits him with a mace. With his former employer, he was part of a tag team called “Two Dudes With Attitude.” He’s not Randy Orton, but he won the WWF title in the shortest championship match ever, and with the help of a stun gun, he broke Goldberg’s undefeated streak. For 10 points, name this wrestler, the frequent partner of Scott Hall, and a man noted for his “Big Daddy Cool Diesel” persona.

ANSWER: Kevin Scott Nash [or Diesel until mentioned]

This man’s brother-in-law threatened to divorce his sister and send her into poverty, thus forcing him to join a heel tag team against Air Boom. He was eliminated from one Royal Rumble by Beth Phoenix, who deceived him by kissing him. This man was introduced as Daivari’s third client after Muhammad Hassan and Mark Henry. Recently portrayed as Natalya’s on-screen boyfriend, this man’s longtime interpreter was Ranjin Singh. For 10 points, name this gigantic Indian wrestler.

ANSWER: The Great Khali [or Dalip Singh Rana]

In a March 2013 JBL and Cole Show, this man asks what has happened to the WWE after he sees Teddy Long in a blonde wig. His original attempt at getting a WWF contract was short-circuited by a two year bout of malaria. In a famous sketch, he attacked senior citizens when they booed his comedy act, which occurred when he was part of Head Cheese with Al Snow. This man frequently had a bag of weapons like kendo sticks and nunchuks. For 10 points, name this hardcore star known as the “Lethal Weapon.”

ANSWER: Steve Blackman

This man played Suge Knight in Too Legit, a film about MC Hammer. This wrestler teamed with the Legion of Doom to fight the Nation of Domination and his arch-enemy Faarooq in a Chicago Street Fight. In WCW, he became known as “Big T” and teamed with Stevie Ray in Harlem Heat 2000. For 10 points, name this man who beat Goldust with a Pearl River Plunge to become the first African-American to win a singles title in the WWF.

ANSWER: Ahmed Johnson [or Anthony Norris]

In an episode of Family Matters, this team fights Urkel and Carl who are posing as the “Psycho Twins.” They acquired the nerdy manager Jamison in a feud with the Beverly Brothers. In the first Crockett Cup, they fought the Fantastics in a double DQ. This duo frequently licked themselves and their opponents. For 10 points, name this New Zealand duo, consisting of Luke and Butch, who were noted for their funny walk into the ring.

ANSWER: The Bushwhackers [or Sheepherders]

At WrestleMania X8, this man slammed a door on Mighty Molly to briefly win the Hardcore Title. Todd Grisham was mocked for his lame reaction to this man’s return in an ECW episode in 2009. This man bet Chris Jericho a Canadian dollar he could sleep with Trish Stratus and his “problem solver” was Tyson Tomko. He added the surname “Cage” to his persona during his run in TNA and his fans are addressed as his “peeps.” For 10 points, name this man, Captain Charisma, a longtime partner with Edge.

ANSWER: Christian [or William Jason Reso]

This group once wore shirts with middle fingers on them titled “Trademark This!” A lesser known member later became Lou E. Dangerously and was known as Sign Guy. A member of this duo became a fake preacher served by Deacon Batista. This team was once managed by the so-called “Duchess,” Stacy Keibler, and it was led in TNA by Brother Runt. Their famous catchphrase was “Get the tables!” For 10 points, name this longtime tag team consisting of Bubba Ray and D-Von.

ANSWER: The Dudley Boyz

He’s not Chris Jericho, but this man briefly employed Mr. Hughes as a bodyguard. In WCW, he portrayed “Terra Ryzing.” This man originally employed Sable as a valet, only for Marc Mero to save her. While part of the Two-Man Power Trip, he severely injured his quad, and he lost the chance to win the 1996 King of the Ring due to the Madison Square Garden Curtain Call. His original persona was as the “Connecticut Blueblood.” For 10 points, name this man, Vince McMahon’s son-in-law, who is known as the “Game.”

ANSWER: Triple H [or Hunter Hearst Helmsley or Paul Levesque]

She’s not Nancy Benoit, but she smashed a chair over Kevin Sullivan’s head in a Loser Must Retire match with Benoit. She filmed a vignette appearing as Jeff Jarrett’s manager Wynonna, but never played the role again. She lost one title to Chavo Guerrero who had one arm tied behind his back. Along with Terri and Ryan Shamrock, she formed Pretty Mean Sisters. For 10 points, name this female wrestler, the only female Cruiserweight Champion and the villainous girlfriend of Marc Mero.

ANSWER: Jacqueline Moore

In a speech after one match, this man lamented being a back-up “for some guy who couldn’t even lace his boots,” which was a jibe at Chris Candido. As a teenager, he was paid $100 by Ted DiBiase to kiss Ted’s foot. In a recent Funny or Die short, this man helped Kurt Angle try to get back in Olympic shape. During the mid-1990’s, he called himself “Mr. Monday Night” in a reference to how he was “too good” for his current show. For 10 points, name this ECW star and expert of the Five Star Frog Splash.

ANSWER: Rob Van Dam [or RVD or Robert Szatkowski]

After the Chris Benoit murders, this man’s comments about the WWE led to him being called a “silly bastard” by Mr. Kennedy. This man promised to retire if he couldn’t beat Duane Gill, which he didn’t, resulting in him leaving the WWF. Currently the head of the inspirational group Champion of Choices, this man was once known as the “Wildman” and the confetti-gun sporting “Johnny B. Badd.” For 10 points, name this former boxer and former husband of Sable.

ANSWER: Marc Mero

This wrestler once wore a Raphael Ninja Turtles costume for a Halloween show and she was briefly the valet of Chris Masters. She won the reality show Stars Earn Stripes. This wrestler quit the WWE immediately after losing a title on the 20th Anniversary of Raw episode. She was involved in a heel turn when she tried to use then-boyfriend Zack Ryder. For 10 points, name this frequent Divas Champ, probably best remembered for being called “hoeski” by John Cena.

ANSWER: Eve Torres

In his first pay per view appearance, this man lost a Dixie Dogfight to Daniel Puder. The mentor of Daniel Bryan on NXT, he has the shortest WWE Tag Team Reign in history after he reluctantly teamed with John Cena to fight The Corre. This man recently learned the Figure Four from Ric Flair and was beaten up by Randy Orton in front of his parents. His finishing move is the Skull Crushing Finale. For 10 points, name this “Awesome” former Real World star and WWE Champion.

ANSWER: The Miz [or Michael Mizanin]

This tag team won the 1996 “Raw Bowl.” Parents reportedly objected to their frightening use of weapons during their entrance. The less successful member would get annihilated by Butterbean after winning Brawl for All. They aren’t the Godwinns, but the members of this team had a falling out due to love for manager Sunny. The more successful member would go on to become Mr. Ass. For 10 points, name this cowboy tag team consisting of Bart and Billy.

ANSWER: The Smokin’ Gunns

Late in his career, this man donned a mask to play the Blue Knight in a Survivor Series match. In one feud, he became enraged at the ring announcing of Ronnie Garvin. He would fight Roddy Piper in a series of Dog Collar matches at Starrcade and was the defending Intercontinental Champion at the very first WrestleMania. This man teamed with the Honky Tonk Man as part of Rhythm and Blues. For 10 points, name this veteran wrestler known as the “Hammer.”

ANSWER: Greg Valentine [or John Wisniski Jr.]

This man beat Heath Slater in a NXT match during the 2012 nostalgia series of matches. He had the misfortune of once entering the Royal Rumble when Kane and The Undertaker were allied and waiting for him and was attacked by Muhammad Hassan before he could enter another Rumble. This man teamed with the Hip-Hop Hippo, Albert. His finishing move required a complex dance and was called the “Worm.” For 10 points, name this partner with Grandmaster Sexay in Too Cool.

ANSWER: Scotty 2 Hotty [or Scott Taylor or Scott Garland]

This wrestler was thrown out by apparent winner I.R.S. to end the 15th Anniversary Raw battle royal. He once fought Pat Patterson in a notorious Madison Square Garden Alley Fight. At WrestleMania XIV, he handcuffed himself to Chyna in his role as ineffectual commissioner. In his most infamous storyline, he won a championship while serving as an Iraqi sympathizer. For 10 points, name this wrestler who became a G.I. Joe character and is a military man.

ANSWER: Sergeant Slaughter [or Robert Remus]

This man won a tag title by himself against La Resistance when his partner abandoned him during the match. In the first ever Money in the Bank match, he is on the verge of winning until Edge hits him with a ladder in the closing moments. Aside from Shawn Michaels, he is the only person to win a Royal Rumble as the number one entrant. This man won the World Heavyweight Championship by making Triple H tap out to his Crippler Crossface. For 10 points, name this “Rabid Wolverine” who tragically murdered his wife and son in 2007.

ANSWER: Christopher Benoit

This wrestler once used a fire extinguisher to hose down Morton Downey Jr. In his WCW tenure, he was the referee of the Starrcade match between Bret Hart and Goldberg. This man used a baseball bat to destroy the set of Adrian Adonis’ show The Flower Shop. At a WrestleMania, he pursued Goldust when driving a white Ford Bronco. He notoriously smashed a coconut over Jimmy Snuka’s head when hosting his namesake “Pit” talk show. For 10 points, name this flamboyant Scotsman.

ANSWER: Rowdy Roddy Piper [or Roddy Toombs]

This man lost his first title in an intergender tag match to Santino and Beth Phoenix. At an Elimination Chamber, he was attacked by Edge, who stole his place in the pod before he could enter. In a Royal Rumble match, he once saved himself by walking on his hands. A one-time member of Air Boom, he was originally billed from Jamaica and given a reggae gimmick. For 10 points, name this midcard fixture, a wrestler from Ghana who hits Trouble in Paradise.

ANSWER: Kofi Kingston [or Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah]

This man is second all-time in career wrestling victories at Kent State. This man won one title thanks to an illegal use of a spear by Edge. His original catch phrase was arrogantly saying “Hi, I’m [his name]” to everyone. He previously portrayed embarrassing gimmicks such as the caddy for Kerwin White and a member of the Spirit Squad. This man recently cashed in Money in the Bank to take away Alberto Del Rio’s title. For 10 points, name this “Show-Off” who dumped A.J. Lee after turning face.

ANSWER: Dolph Ziggler [or Nick Nemeth]

This man was told by Superstar Billy Graham to “go where no wrestler had gone before,” which caused him to develop a mean streak and assault girlfriend Stacy Keibler. He was thrown into a pile of thumbtacks by Mick Foley at Backlash. This man was the original ringleader of Legacy and was the youngest member of Evolution. The son of Cowboy Bob, he was once known as the Legend Killer. For 10 points, name this current WWE Champion, the Viper.

ANSWER: Randy Orton

This group’s theme song proclaimed to “get your ass out of the way ‘cause here we come.” They’re not the Truth Commission, but their original manager, Jackyl, later left them for Hell’s Henchmen, causing them to join with Sable and then Luna Vachon. A member of this group carried an Eric Cartman plush doll to the ring. They consisted of Kurrgan, Giant Silva, and Golga. For 10 points, name this group of freaks generally accompanied by Insane Clown Posse.

ANSWER: The Oddities

In one championship match, this man won by DQ after his opponent used a tennis racket but successfully demanded the match be restarted. He was once fined for attacking the host of Good Morning Kuwait and was suspended for attacking President Gorilla Monsoon. After losing a match to Kane, he sadly told Michael Cole that maybe he was “a big fat piece of shit.” Known as the “Mastodon,” his theme song proclaimed “It’s time! It’s time!” For 10 points, name this masked super-heavyweight once known as “Big Van.”

ANSWER: Vader [or Leon White]
In the WCW comic book, this man worked for the Ghoul and tried to blow up a cruise ship. He was the general manager of Saturday Morning Slam and he played Santa in the 2012 Miracle on 34th Street Fight match. He successfully defeated the Undertaker in a Boiler Room Brawl to begin his career. The author of Have a Nice Day, he is noted for his “Mr. Socko” finisher. For 10 points, name this Hardcore Legend, a man also known as Mankind and Cactus Jack.

ANSWER: Mick Foley [or Mankind, or Cactus Jack, or Dude Love]

In the disastrous Heroes of Wrestling pay per view, this man was hastily partnered with a drunken Jake Roberts in the main event. This wrestler won the very first Monday Night Raw match ever and was the first ever heel to successfully defend the WWF Championship at WrestleMania. This man shockingly lost a very brief match to Hulk Hogan to end WrestleMania X thanks to miscommunication from his salt-throwing manager Mr. Fuji. For 10 points, name this Samoan WWF Champion whose persona was that of a sumo wrestler.

ANSWER: Yokozuna [or Rodney Anoa’i]

This wrestler was the first ever IWGP Intercontinental Champion and as a young man converted to Islam while in prison. In 2006, this man was signed to reportedly “the largest contract in SmackDown history,” and Kane set him on fire in 2006’s Armageddon. The longest reigning WWE-only United States Champion, he hosted a talk show segment called the VIP Lounge. For 10 points, name this wrestler noted for his athletic bodysuit and facemask.

ANSWER: MVP [or Montel Vontavious Porter, or Hassan Assad, or Alvin Burke Jr.]

After losing a match in 1999, he was forced to wear a variety of dresses, which he enjoyed and began wearing cosmetics as well. He was once thought dead when he dropped out of sight, shortly after being shot in a 2004 altercation. This man teamed with Kronus as the Eliminators. Raven fed this man’s beloved “Moppy” into a woodchipper. For 10 points, name this one-time member of the Radicalz noted for his Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Gradunza finisher.

ANSWER: Perry Saturn [or Perry Satullo]

This person is the youngest WWE Hall of Fame inductee and this person once spray painted the word “slut” across Christy Hemme’s back. On two separate occasions, romantic storylines with Jeff Hardy were dropped due to personal issues. First appearing as T&A’s manager, she also served as Vince McMahon’s mistress in 2001. She was once stalked by her lesbian admirer, Mickie James. For 10 points, name this diva noted for her rivalry with Lita, a record 7-time WWE Women’s Champion.

ANSWER: Trish Stratus [or Patricia Stratigias]

This wrestler, much to everyone’s dismay, replaced Sabu at the last minute at the Extreme Elimination Chamber. This man was once given the nickname “Bombastic” as part of the New Midnight Express. In his last major storyline, he was the tag team partner of Cody Rhodes, who turned on him to align with Ted DiBiase Jr. His first persona was that of a NASCAR driver called “Sparky Plugg,” and his on-screen cousins were Crash and Molly. For 10 points, name this veteran known as “Hardcore.”

ANSWER: Bob Holly [or Sparky Plugg or Bob Howard]

This man wrestled Jamie Noble in Noble’s last WWE match and in a terrible 2012 plot was temporarily banned from hitting a finishing move after a David Otunga lawsuit. The final King of the Ring, he won his first ever championship in a tables match with John Cena. Throughout 2012, he won the highest number of televised matches. This man defeated Daniel Bryan in an infamous eighteen second WrestleMania match. For 10 points, name this Brogue-Kick master, a very pale Irish dude.

ANSWER: Sheamus [or Stephen Farrelly]

During a surprise revival of this team, it beat La Resistance in 2005, only for Kurt Angle to brutally defeat a member three days later. A brief revival of this team featured Al Snow playing Leif Cassidy. In 1990, it unofficially won the Tag Team Titles which has never been credited to them. This team memorably broke up when one member got superkicked by the other through a barbershop window. For 10 points, name this youthful team consisting of Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty.

ANSWER: The Rockers

This man played Phantom Zone criminal Aldar on Smallville. Triple H almost ran him over with a limo designed to look like JBL’s. He’s not Edge, but he beat John Cena in a surprise match held immediately after an Elimination Chamber won by Cena. This man quit the WWE in an episode featuring him in a wheelchair yet being told to fight Randy Orton. His finishing move was a powerbomb also called the “Demon Bomb.” For 10 points, name this man, the “Animal.”

ANSWER: Batista [or David Bautista Jr.]

This wrestler was introduced as someone coming from the audience to save Trish from the psycho Mickie James. She lost to Katie Lea in the only divas ladder match included on a WWE DVD. This woman won the first ever female “I Quit” match in the WWE and Rosa Mendes was introduced as her superfan. She was recently fired by Vickie Guerrero for her poor performance against A.J. With Natalya, she was part of the Divas of Doom. For 10 points, name this diva known as the “Glamazon.”
ANSWER: Beth Phoenix [or Beth Carolan]
A former member of this WWF team was battling Steve Doll in 1996 when Scott Hall made his WCW debut. In the AWA, this team was the very popular “Destruction Crew,” and its members were Mike “The Mauler” Enos and Wayne Bloom. Managed by the Genius, this tag team’s last hurrah was getting murdered by the Steiner Brothers at the 1993 Royal Rumble. For 10 points, name this tag team of the spoiled rich brats Beau and Blake.

ANSWER: The Beverly Brothers

In this group’s first appearance, they helped Jonathan Coachman beat Jerry Lawler to qualify for the 2006 Royal Rumble. Joey Styles quit Raw after this group berated him on how to properly call one of their member’s matches. When aligned with the McMahons, this group had feces dumped on them by DX, and they were last seen thrown into a crate stamped OVW. Its members included Kenny, Johnny, Mitch, Nicky, and Mikey. For 10 points, name this wrestling stable of all-male cheerleaders.

ANSWER: The Spirit Squad

This man lost an Indecent Proposal match to Jamie Noble, which meant Torrie Wilson would have to sleep with Noble. In TNA, he used the name “Cute Kip” as the image consultant of The Beautiful People. He was the terrible 1999 winner of King of the Ring over his old buddy, X-Pac. He eventually revealed his on-screen homosexual relationship with Chuck Palumbo was a fraud. For 10 points, name this former partner of Road Dogg in the New Age Outlaws.

ANSWER: Billy Gunn [or Monty Sopp]

This man once became enraged after he thought Torrie Wilson was laughing at him. After losing December to Dismember, he made a 2007 appearance under his real name, saying his ring name was a “slave name.” The first winner of the World War 3 60-man battle royal, this man formed tag teams with The Miz and Chris Jericho that used his name in a portmanteau. He recently used legal maneuvers to earn a title match against Randy Orton at Survivor Series. For 10 points, name this giant known as the “World’s Largest Athlete.”

ANSWER: The Big Show [or Paul Wight Jr.]

The creator of this group later denounced it and its successor as a “legion of parasites.” Lesser known members included Michael Tarver, and its leader would align with Ezekiel Jackson in a more “egalitarian” group. In its first incarnation, one of its members was released for strangling Justin Roberts with a necktie. A second incarnation of this group was led by CM Punk and feuded with splinter group the Corre. For 10 points, name this Wade Barrett led group consisting of disgruntled NXT rookies.

ANSWER: The Nexus

This man briefly won Kurt Angle’s gold medal by winning the Kurt Angle Invitational. He was part of Triple H’s stupid plan to beat Chris Benoit at 2004 Vengeance which resulted in him accidentally hitting Triple H with a chair. At WrestleMania 21, this man was assaulted by Muhammad Hassan but was saved by Hulk Hogan. This man’s only title was a tag team title won with his caretaker, William Regal. For 10 points, name this mentally challenged nephew of Eric Bischoff.

ANSWER: Eugene [or Nick Dinsmore]

In a short-lived tag team, this man teamed with Chaz and acquired Tiger Ali Singh as a manager. This man was the first person to hold the European and Intercontinental titles simultaneously. He sadly was accidentally responsible for ending Droz’s career with a botched powerbomb and aligned with Mark Henry in turning on one-time mentor The Rock. For 10 points, name this chest protector wearing former member of the Nation of Domination.

ANSWER: D’Lo Brown [or Accie Connor]

Guest host Ashton Kutcher put a bounty on this man’s head and he once beat Dolph Ziggler after Hugh Jackman punched Ziggler mid-match. With tag team partner Curt Hawkins, he joined Bam Neely and Chavo Guerrero to become Edge’s La Familia. He was viciously assaulted by Kane during that man’s horrible January 2012 feud with John Cena, and he rose in popularity due to his YouTube series. For 10 points, name this “broeski,” the Long Island Iced Z.

ANSWER: Zack Ryder [or Matthew Cardona]

At an untelevised WCW event, this man lost a “hair vs. Argentina” match to El Gigante. He worked with Kevin Sullivan after that man sent his old persona’s spirit to the underworld. The runner-up in the first ever Royal Rumble, he and his manager used a theme song called “Jive Soul Bro.” Part of the Twin Towers with the Big Boss Man, he rediscovered his roots with manager Slick after previously living as the One Man Gang. For 10 points, name this so-called “African Dream.”

ANSWER: Akeem [or the One Man Gang or George Gray]

In one feud, this man poured Jim Beam whisky down Jake Roberts’ throat after beating him. He once had sidekicks called Queasy, Sleazy, and Cheesy, and also employed the sadistic dentist Isaac Yankem. This man’s first ever WWE title match lost in a TLC loss to the Miz thanks to Michael Cole. The former husband of Stacy Carter and the father of Grandmaster Sexay, this man had an on-air heart attack on September 10, 2012 in Montreal. For 10 points, name this legendary Memphis announcer known as the King.

ANSWER: Jerry Lawler

This man was rehired by the WWE after a surprise appearance in the “Eugene Invitational,” where he fought Eugene for Kurt Angle’s gold medal. He accused Lex Luger of selling out to Ted DiBiase, only to reveal that he had actually sold out. This man’s long undefeated streak to begin his career ended when Ludvig Borga hit him with a chair. The closest this man got to a singles title was winning an IC match against Shawn Michaels by count-out at WrestleMania IX. For 10 points, name this man who used an American Indian gimmick.

ANSWER: Tatanka [or Chris Chavis]

This man lost a WrestleMania street fight despite the efforts of crooked referee Sylvain Grenier. He sang the song “Stand Back” at the 1987 Slammy Awards, and he won the ECW Championship with the help of Umaga against nemesis Bobby Lashley. This man was inexplicably the “Higher Power” behind the Ministry of Darkness and he created the Kiss My Ass Club. He is noted for his insane power walk to the ring. For 10 points, name this longtime villainous owner of the WWE.

ANSWER: Vincent Kennedy McMahon
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