Title: Fascinating Events on July 5th, 1985 General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose

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Public Speaking

October 18, 2016
Title: Fascinating Events on July 5th, 1985

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about three events that occurred on my birthday.

Thesis: July 5th, 1985 was an exciting day to celebrate the advent of my birth.
I. Attention-getter: Friday, July 5th, 1985 was an exciting day beyond the fact that it was my birthday.
II. Credibility/Relevancy: Beyond celebrating another year in my life, my birthday seemed to be just another day to me. I never gave much thought to what else happened in the world on July 5th, 1985. After doing some research on this day in history, I have found some very interesting events that I am going to share with you today.
III. Preview of main points: There were some pretty spectacular events beyond my birth that makes this a day to remember. Phil Collins’ single, “Sussudio”, and album No Jacket Required both topped the U.S. Billboard charts on July 6th, the New York Mets and the Atlanta Braves played a 19 inning game, and the popular movie Back to the Future was released.
<< Transition: One thing that really sticks out about the 80s is the music. There is such a delightful variety of music that defined the decade.


I. Main Point: On July 6th, Phil Collins knocked Brian Adams’ “Heaven” down to number 4 with his hit single “Sussudio” on the U.S. Billboard charts for hot singles.
A. No Jacket Required had been released in February and two singles reached the number 1 spot with one being “Sussudio” and the other, “One More Night”. “Sussudio” is a song about a boy who likes a girl who does not even know his name. He is hoping that she likes him back, and is going through many of the feelings that young men have when they finally find a girl that they like.
B. Now, “Heaven” had been number 1 on the U.S. Billboard charts for two weeks before “Sussudio”. One of the beautiful things about music from the 80s is how different, but similar it could be. “Heaven” is a slow love song, which has been remade a bunch of times, and “Sussudio” is an upbeat dance song, which is still about love. Both have that positive outlook on life that the 80s encompassed.

<< Transition: Science geeks, comedy fans, and Michael J. Fox fans rejoiced to the opening of Back to the Future, and people have been excited about this movie ever since.
II. Main Point: According to IMDb.com Back to the Future made $11,332,134 opening weekend with a total gross made of $197,902,294 in the U.S. alone. Not bad for a movie with an estimated budget of $19,000,000.
A. For me Back to the Future is one of those feel good movies that makes me laugh, but also makes me think about what would happen if I could go back into time and meet my would be parents. I wonder if we would have been friends.
B. IMDb.com also reported that director Robert Zemeckis really wanted Michael J. Fox to play the lead role, but there were some issues with Fox’s scheduling. To fix these problems, the movie was filmed mainly at night and on a few weekends.
<< Transition: Great sporting events are always competitive, and going 19 innings is certainly a sign of some good competition.

I. Main Point II: The New York Mets and the Atlanta Braves game began on July 4th, but it didn't end until July 5th just before 4 a.m., and was followed by the promised fireworks display.

A. According to Michele Catalano, this game can be considered one of the greatest baseball games ever played. The game actually started late because of a rain delay, and there would be another rain delay during play which means that there was a little over six hours of actual baseball during the nineteen innings as reported by the Times Wire Service.
B. The game started with a crowd of 44,947, but only a few thousand diehard fans stuck it out to see the fireworks at the end. The final score of 16-13 was a disappointment to the Atlanta Braves fans that braved the wet weather, but they did get to enjoy the Fourth of July fireworks display even if it was a day late.


I. Review/Summary of Main Points: The date of my birth was more eventful than just my arrival to my parents. Phil Collins proved his talent with his song “Sussudio” at number 1 for Hot 100 singles, and No Jacket Required at number 1 for compact discs. An amazing baseball game took place that ended with Fourth of July fireworks a day late. Back to the Future was a movie that truly symbolized the 80s and was just the start of big blockbuster summer movies that awe audiences with astounding special effects.
II. Concluding Remarks: Sometimes looking back into the past can be painful, but it can also be fun. My birthday is more than just the day that I was born, but looking at events that occurred can show what the world was like when I came into it.

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