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Round 6

Questions by the Tulane University Krewe of Quiz Bowl

1. This album was the third ever to receive a perfect rating from XXL upon its release, following The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and The Blueprint. It is biggest-selling non-Eminem album to be produced by Aftermath Entertainment, and Eminem produced several of its tracks including “High All the Time.” Tony Yayo appears on “Like My Style” on this album, which also features Young Buck on “Blood Hound” and Lloyd Banks on “Don’t Push Me.” Jim Sheridan directed a 2005 movie that sees Terrence Howard as the manager of a rapper named Young Caesar and that is named after this album. The 8 Mile single “Wanksta” did not originally appear on this album, but was added later, while other well-known tracks from it include “21 Questions” and “P.I.M.P.” FTP, what is this massively successful 2003 album by 50 Cent that includes “In da Club”?

ANSWER: Get Rich or Die Tryin’
2. One appearance by this character sees him say “blow it out your ass, lard-mouth” to a critic before asserting, “I want Parkman.” That onetime critic then requests a “Roquefort rocket” and a “brie bullet” from this character, who earlier had appeared in commercials for General Cereals and Right Guard deodorant. His name is used as the title of a special edition DVD of the movie in which he first appeared that sees the alternate ending of Rachel Phelps admitting that she was merely playing a villain to inspire this character and others like him, including the devout Christian Eddie Harris, who, unlike this character, cheats with sun tan lotion and Vaseline, but is somewhat accurate. This character’s lack of control carried over from his time in the California Penal League, but was fixed by his adoption of thick glasses. FTP, who is this Charlie Sheen-portrayed character from Major League?

ANSWER: RickWild ThingVaughn (accept any underlined answer)

3. As a player, this man had his breakout season following an injury to converted safety Mel Renfro. That season saw him spell fullback Don Perkins en route to his team’s first Super Bowl appearance. He also appeared in Super Bowl V with that team, with a pass falling through his hands intercepted, giving the Colts the ball in Dallas territory. After he retired from playing he began his coaching career, where he has been replaced on two separate occasions by Wade Phillips. He received Coach of the Year honors in the same year that he underwent quadruple-bypass heart surgery during the final two games of the regular season before his team defeated the Vikings in overtime to advance to the Super Bowl. There he would lose to his former team, which he coached to three Super Bowls in the 1980s. FTP, who is this former coach of the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos?

ANSWER: Dan Reeves

4. Non-canonical novels based on this show explain that the transfer of brain cells make many of the events on it possible. A character on this show knows a recipe for chitlins from his time in the Civil Rights Movement and was married five times, but only truly loved his first wife Beth. This show’s main character had an ancestor who fought in the Civil War and usually ended each episode by saying “oh, boy.” The Sci Fi Channel had plans to produce a TV movie based on this series that would focus on Sammy Jo Fuller, the daughter of the main character and his wife, who replaced the Committee as the head of this show’s namesake Project. An evil version of that project used Alia and a hologram named Zoey to put wrong what once went right. FTP, what is this former NBC series starring Dean Stockwell as the womanizing Al and Scott Bakula as time-travelling scientist Sam Beckett?

ANSWER: Quantum Leap

5. David Gallagher, who may be better known for his role on 7th Heaven, played one of these figures on another television show in 2009. Their first appearance saw them as escaped slaves who did not speak English and unknowingly attacked a group of civilians and other superheroes. In recent years they have been parodied on Family Guy, with a joke about a tampon and “the waiting game;” on Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, with a story about a washrag; and in a 2002 comic by Penny Arcade, with concerns about incest. In some appearances they live with Professor Carter Nichols so that they can attend Gotham City High School and claim to be exchange students from Sweden, which would explain their strange names. They also usually have a blue pet monkey named Gleek. FTP, what is this superhero duo that can turn into forms of water and animals?

ANSWER: Wonder Twins (accept “Zan and Jayna”)

6. This movie was banned in Ukraine, and an unofficial premiere of it in that country was broken up by a smoke bomb. Brittny Gastineau criticizes Jamie-Lynn Spears’ unborn child in this movie, which also sees the main character confuse “Hamas” with “hummus.” That character from this movie appeared at the 18th MTV Movie Awards to present the award for Best Male Performer, but ended up falling from some suspended wires onto Eminem. Miguel Sandoval has a cameo in this movie when its main character is an extra on Medium, and Richard Bey appears as the host of a talk show that sees that character’s child taken from him by social services. Paula Abdul claims to have been “scarred” by her appearance in this movie, in which she was asked to sit on “Mexican chair-people” by the former host of Funkyzeit. FTP, what is this 2009 mockumentary starring Sacha Baron Cohen as the namesake Austrian fashionista?


7. In this actor’s first attempt at stand-up comedy, he was booed off the stage because of his stage name before he could say anything. He played Coach Fuller’s godson Teddy on two seasons of Hang Time, and played one of Charlie/Hank’s illegitimate triplet sons in Me, Myself, & Irene. With Adam Brody, he played a police officer that was killed by Ghostface in Scream 4, and he also played an employee at the Burger Shack who announces that he is going to burn the restaurant down in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. He played a serious role as drug lord Antwon Mitchell on The Shield, even though his earlier roles came in comedies such as Malibu’s Most Wanted and Kangaroo Jack. Recently, he has starred in the web series Matumbo Goldberg and replaced Jesse L. Martin on Law & Order. FTP, who is this actor, who currently plays Gary on Guys with Kids?

ANSWER: Anthony Anderson

8. This athlete has devoted much of his time to charitable causes in Darfur, going so far as to change his jersey number in 2009 to reflect his participation in the documentary Three Points. He memorably hit the game winning shot in a 2005 postseason game that also saw him dunk over Shawn Bradley, and was on the receiving end on a controversial non-call against LeBron James in the 2006 All-Star Game. He was selected ninth overall in the 1997 NBA Draft out of a Durham high school. Isiah Thomas, the Raptors GM who selected this player in that draft, was one of the people he thanked in a recent letter he wrote after failing to impress the Spurs or the Knicks in December workouts. That letter discussed his move to the Qingdao Doublestar Eagles, a Chinese team that may know him from the time he played with Yao Ming. FTP, who is this former prolific scorer for the Magic and the Rockets?

ANSWER: Tracy McGrady

9. A cover of this song was featured on Robert Randolph’s album Colorblind, while another version of this song appeared as a track on an album that also included a cover of “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue.” In addition to Ballad of Easy Rider, this song was a track on the platinum-selling album Free at Last, which used the word “still” in the place of one of the words in this song’s title. Nick accompanies Millie on the piano singing this song during the non-alcoholic keg party on Freaks and Geeks; they were likely parodying the version of it that appeared on the 1972 album Toulouse Street. That version of this song was the second charting single from that album behind “Listen to the Music,” and includes the band harmonizing the lyrics, “I don’t care what they may say, I don’t care what they may do.” FTP, what is this song, covered by The Byrds, DC Talk, and The Doobie Brothers, about a religious figure?

ANSWER: “Jesus Is Just Alright

10. Monback Moving & Storage and Mournful Oatmeal are sponsors of this program, which was briefly off the air in the late 1980s. “Hello Love” was its original theme song, but has since been replaced with “Tishomingo Blues,” and it also features music from the Shoe Band. The cowboys Dusty and Lefty are often the subject of skits on this program, as are stories about a certain fictional town. Its host says of the inhabitants of that town that all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average. Guy Noir, Private Eye, is another recurring character on this program; Kevin Kline played that character in a 2006 movie based on it that also starred Lily Tomlin, Meryl Streep, and Lindsay Lohan. The Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul has been the home of this program since 1978. FTP, what is this radio show that features the “News from Lake Wobegon,” hosted by Garrison Keillor?

ANSWER: A Prairie Home Companion

11. This person wrote books about James Dean and the New York Dolls, and briefly was a member of The Nosebleeds and Slaughter & the Dogs before finding fame with another group. He isn’t Sam Cooke, but Colin Meloy recorded a cover album of his work in 2005. He stormed offstage in 2009 after being hit on the head with a bottle during a concert promoting his B-sides album Swords. Robert Smith, who is a vegetarian, once said that if this person told him not to eat meat he would do it because of how much he hates him, and he has been in feuds with former band mates Mike Joyce, Andy Rourke, and Johnny Marr. His 1994 album Vauxhall and I included his only single to chart in the U.S., “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get,” and was his second solo album to reach the top of the charts in the U.K. after Viva Hate. FTP, who is this former front man of The Smiths?

ANSWER: Morrissey

12. Since 1920 at least four participants in this sport have been killed playing it, and anyone who participates in this sport must do so right-handed. The court used in this sport has a high ceiling and is divided by fourteen horizontal lines; teams attempt to land their serves between lines four and seven or else their opponents score a point. This sport was once popular in New England and Las Vegas, but in recent years has seen its popularity in America confined mostly to a handful of “frontons” in Florida. However, it does remain popular in Basque and the Philippines, where it has been banned due its connections to gambling. The ball used in this sport traditionally consists of metal strands wound together that are then wrapped in goatskin and is often called a “pelota,” which players catch and hurl with a “cesta” basket. FTP, what is this “fastest sport in the world” that is popular in Latin America?

ANSWER: Jai alai

13. This movie’s main character is named after an early American women’s rights activist. In 1987, the school featured in the film lost one of its buildings in a fire. The protagonist, who falsely claims to understand Swedish, uncharacteristically does not attend a Ladysmith Black Mambazo concert and later goes on to win one gift certificate to Walker Brother’s Pancake House. Directed by Mark Waters, a character in this film asks, “would you like someone to be assigned to butter your muffin.” Another character asserts that “fetch” is not going to happen. Based on the 2002 self-help book, Queen Bees and Wannabees, this is, FTP, what movie, written by Tina Fey and starring Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan?
ANSWER: Mean Girls
14. One character on this show was from Chagrin Falls, Ohio and often said, “Gee, I love that kind of talk.” Its main character first appeared in an episode of a dramatic anthology series; that character appeared as “Cobra,” the father of the title character of a 1997 movie based on this series starring Tom Arnold. Prior to its final season, which was set it Italy, a character named Urulu interacted with the characters on this show, displaying a portrait of the U.S. president when visited by Americans. Joe Flynn played “Old Leadbottom” Binghamton, the main foil on this show, who at one point destroys an enemy truck on land with a torpedo and frustratingly asks, “What in the name of Nimitz?” when pestered by the title Lieutenant Commander. FTP, what was this ABC sitcom that starred Ernest Borgnine as a former merchant ship captain serving in World War II?

ANSWER: McHale’s Navy

15. Enochian is both spoken and written in many parts of this game and an optional boss is both the owner of the bar in the game and the model for the platinum trophy. “Non-stop Infinite Climax” is an unlockable difficulty in this game and one of the weapons the protagonist can use is Lt. Col. Kilgore, a pair of rocket launcher tonfa. The protagonist uses such weapons to defend the little girl, Cezere, and combat enemies such as Beloved and Harmony. The protagonist of the game is one of the last Umbra witches and teams up with her rival Jeanne to defeat the final boss, Jubileus. For ten points, what is this game, sometimes referred to as Diva May Cry, about the titular witch who uses her hair as both clothing and a weapon to defeat angels?

ANSWER: Bayonetta

16. Objects seen in this work include an hourglass filled with purple sand and a metal cart full of tennis balls. Pink curtains hang from the window of a bus in this work, which also sees a ski boat drive past a group of swan paddleboats. A group of lifeguards in El Monte, California were fired for creating a parody of it while at their community pool, and it has also been parodied by Google chairman Eric Schmidt and Nelly Furtado at a concert in the Philippines. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called this work a “force for world peace,” and many attribute its spread to its lack of copyright. Its creator recently performed at a baseball game between the Dodgers and Giants as well as at the MTV Video Music Awards with Kevin Hart. On September 13, 2012, it supplanted “Party Rock Anthem” as the most-liked video on Youtube. FTP, what is this work, a viral music video by K-pop rapper Psy?

ANSWER: the music video to “Gangnam Style

17. This man attended Tulane on an athletic scholarship, but saw his playing time limited as he battled shoulder injuries. He then worked as an analyst with Bear Stearns and MidMark Capital before being hired to his current position. In that position he notably works without a contract, and in the coming months will have to decide whether he wants to re-sign an outfielder that his organization selected second overall in 2002. One of his first major moves was signing infielder Akinori Iwamura, whom he later traded to the Pirates for Jesse Chavez. Speculation that he would leave his current position to join the Cubs or his hometown Astros was quieted after he decided to stay with team owner Stuart Sternberg and manager Joe Maddon. FTP, who is this 2008 Sporting News Executive of the Year, the Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations for the Tampa Bay Rays?

ANSWER: Andrew Friedman

18. This man lettered in wrestling and was a member of an International Latin Ballroom style dance team in college. He’s not Barack Obama or Ken Jennings, but he has three of the top-ten most popular AMA’s on Reddit. He was the first three-peat guest on The Colbert Report, and has used his Twitter account to point out inaccuracies in Titanic and Prometheus. With Eugene Mirman, he is the host of a radio show that recently began airing content on YouTube through Nerdist. In 2004, he hosted the four-part miniseries “Origins” that led to his serving as the host of a similar program form 2006 to 2011, when he was replaced by David Pogue. Since leaving that series he has appeared as himself with Bill Nye on Stargate Atlantis and criticized the end of the space shuttle program. FTP, who is this astrophysicist, the former host of Nova ScienceNow?

ANSWER: Neil deGrasse Tyson

19. Elizabeth Taylor and Dennis Leary were both early fans of this show, which led to characters being named after them in its third season. Whoopi Goldberg narrated a 2008 spin-off movie that served as a prequel to it. That film showed this series’ main matriarch rise to power after a hawk killed her sister Holly as well as the beginning of her relationship with the roving male Zaphod. Punk and Lola are members of the main characters’ rival Zappa group on this show; when that group leaves Axel behind during one of their unsuccessful raids, he is surprisingly not killed but adopted as a member of the main group. Fans of this show complained when cameramen did not administer anti-venom to Flower, the leader of that main group, after she was bitten in the face by a Cape Cobra. FTP, what is this former Animal Planet series that documents the turbulent life of the Whiskers in the Kalahari Desert?

ANSWER: Meetkat Manor

20. This actor’s recent roles have included the voice of the Jalapeno on The Annoying Orange and Flint’s father Tim in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. He played space traveling-civilian Lee Stegler in Robert Altman’s Countdown, which led to later roles, including Jonathan E, the captain of a deadly sports team in the year 2018. In addition to Rollerball, he appeared opposite Billy Dee Williams in a 1971 ABC Movie of the Week about a dying teammate of Gale Sayers. His most famous role came in 1972 as an oldest son who orders a hit on Bruno Tattaglia before being assassinated at a tollbooth. He received an Academy Award nomination for that role with co-stars Robert Duvall and Al Pacino. In addition to those roles he played casino president “Big Ed” Deline on Las Vegas. FTP, who is this actor who played Brian Piccolo in Brian’s Song and Sonny Corleone in The Godfather?

ANSWER: James Caan


1. Answer the following about the Pac-Man, Manny Pacquiao, FTPE:

1) Pacquiao was recently elected to represent the province of Sarangani in this country’s House of Representatives. Pacquiao’s party, the “People’s Champ Movement,” was co-endorsed by this country’s Nacionalista Party.

ANSWER: The Philippines

2) Pacquiao’s 2004 fight with this Mexican WBA and Featherweight title-holder ended in a controversial draw after a judge erroneously scored the first round. Pacquiao will fight him for a fourth time in December 2012.

ANSWER: Juan Manuel Marquez

3) After failing to negotiate a fight with Floyd Mayweather in May, Pacquiao instead fought this American in June. Their fight also ended in controversy, as many media outlets criticized the split decision in favor of this man.

ANSWER: Timothy Bradley

2. Answer these questions about a popular electronic artist, FTPE:

1) This DJ wrote and produced Rihanna’s “We Found Love.” His October 2012 album 18 Months includes the tracks “Sweet Nothing” and “Feel So Close.”

ANSWER: Calvin Harris

2) This is the name of Harris’s second album, which includes “I’m Not Alone” and “You Used to Hold Me.” It takes its name from a track in which singer Mary Pearce states that she puts on her shoes and is the title condition.

ANSWER: Ready for the Weekend

3) Harris is from and has had several number-one singles in this country. Other musical acts from this country include Mogwai, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Average White Band.

ANSWER: Scotland

3. Identify the following about a computer game, FTPE:

1) This game was released in November 2008. In it, the player uses the namesake keys to control the calves and thighs of a distance runner, which usually ends with that runner flailing around hilariously and falling backwards.


2) If a player is lucky enough to get the runner up to a steady pace, the title theme to this 1981 movie begins to play. It beat out Raiders of the Lost Ark and On Golden Pond for the Best Picture Oscar at the 54th Academy Awards.

ANSWER: Chariots of Fire

3) Bennett Foddy, the creator of QWOP, is the former bass player for this Australian electronic band. They released their most recent album, Zonoscope, in 2011.

ANSWER: Cut Copy

4. Answer some questions about an acting family, FTPE:

1) In an October 2012 interview with The A.V. Club, Kelly Lynch said that members of this family call her husband every time Road House is on TV to tell him that his wife is banging Patrick Swayze. The most prominent member of this family does not have an agent and fields offers for roles with a personal phone number.

ANSWER: Murray family

2) Brian Doyle-Murray’s voice acting roles include two pirates: the Flying Dutchman on Spongebob Squarepants and Captain K’nuckles on this Cartoon Network series. Its main character lives in a talking whale named Bubbie.

ANSWER: The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

3) Bill, Brian, Joel, and John Murray all appear in this 1988 movie, which was the first major film role for Bill in four years. In it, a spirit with a TV screen for a face finally convinces Bill’s character to change his selfish ways.

ANSWER: Scrooged
5. Answer these questions about a TV show theme song, FTPE:

1) High school English teachers often point out that much of Emily Dickinson’s poetry can be read to the melody of this theme song. It replaced the calypso theme used in its show’s pilot episode that referred to the fateful trip as “a six hour ride.”

ANSWER: the theme to Gilligan’s Island or “The Ballad of Gilligan’s Isle

2) This man composed the original theme to Gilligan’s Island that was soon replaced by the more familiar version by The Wellingtons. He also composed music for Lost in Space and Creature From the Black Lagoon before moving onto bigger and better things.

ANSWER: John Williams

3) The line “there’s no phone, no lights, no motor cars, not a single luxury” from the Gilligan’s Island theme is quoted in this 1996 parody song. Florence Henderson appeared as a member of the title group in its music video.

ANSWER: “Amish Paradise
6. Name these members of the Phoenix Suns, FTPE:

1) This Suns center and captain was originally drafted by Phoenix in 2005, but was traded to Orlando soon after. The Suns re-acquired him in a 2010 trade along with Vince Carter and Michael Pietrus.

ANSWER: Marcin Gortat

2) The Suns selected this power forward out of Kansas with the thirteenth overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. The Rockets drafted his twin brother with the fourteenth pick five minutes later.

ANSWER: Markieff Morris

3) The Suns did not have an official mascot for the first eleven years of their existence until they hired Henry Rojas to dress as one of these in 1980. According to the team’s official website, the Suns’ one of these attended “Hairy Truman High School” and “Fur-man University.”

ANSWER: Go the Gorilla
7. Answer some questions about a classic rock guitarist, FTPE:

1) This artist had a hit record with 1978’s But Seriously, Folks, which included the eight-minute track “Life’s Been Good.” He ran a mock presidential campaign in 1980 using the slogan “Free Gas For Everyone.”

ANSWER: Joe Walsh

2) Walsh joined this band in 1975 after Bernie Leadon quit by pouring a beer on Glenn Frey’s head. Walsh co-wrote “Pretty Maids All in a Row” and “Life in the Fast Lane,” two tracks from a 1976 album by this band.

ANSWER: The Eagles

3) Walsh’s first big hit came with this 1973 song that he wrote while living in Colorado after the breakup of the James Gang. Godsmack recently released a cover of this song on their album Live and Inspired.

ANSWER: “Rocky Mountain Way
8. Answer these questions about the sixth season of Dexter, FTPE:

1) Dexter’s sixth season sees this character, Dexter’s obnoxiously foul-mouthed foster sister, promoted to lieutenant. Over the course of the season, she discovers that she may be in love with Dexter.

ANSWER: Debra Morgan (first name required)

2) This actor appeared in several episodes as Professor Gellar, whom Dexter initially suspects of being the Doomsday Killer. He played William Adama on Battlestar Galactica and received an Academy Award for his role in Stand and Deliver.

ANSWER: Edward James Olmos

3) In the final episode of the season, the Doomsday Killer attempts his final act on top of a skyscraper before one of these events takes place. In the 1986 adaptation of Little Shop of Horrors, Seymour explains to Mr. Mushnik that he received Audrey II from an old Chinese man during an unexpected one of these.

ANSWER: eclipse (accept either “lunar eclipse” or “solar eclipse”)
9. Identify these things related to Michael Buffer, FTPE:

1) Buffer began using this catchphrase in the early 1980s. It was used in the title for video games that feature characters such as Boris “The Bear” Knokimov and Afro Thunder.

ANSWER: “Let’s get ready to rumble!

2) This professional wrestler mocked Buffer with the phrase “Let’s get ready to suck it!” while the former was on WCW Monday Nitro. He allegedly retired in 2012 following a loss to Brock Lesnar in which he broke his arm.

ANSWER: Triple H

3) Buffer played the villainous corporate magnate Grant Walbridge in this 2008 movie. It also features a cameo by Dave Matthews, who plays an immigrant-and-puppy-hating redneck.

ANSWER: You Don’t Mess With the Zohan
10. Answer the following about There Will Be Blood, FTPE:

1) This director of There Will Be Blood was nominated for an Academy Award for his work on the film in 2008. His other works have included Punch-Drunk Love and Boogie Nights.

ANSWER: Paul Thomas Anderson

2) Daniel Day-Lewis won the Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of this oil tycoon. He is partners with his adopted son H.W. and at one point kills the man pretending to be his half-brother Henry.

ANSWER: Daniel Plainview (accept either underlined answer)

3) After he explains drainage by saying “I drink your milkshake,” Plainview kills Eli Sunday by beating him to death with one of these objects. The first two Mario Party games have a “1-vs.-3” minigame in which three players are these objects.

ANSWER: a bowling pin
11. Answer these questions about some loosely related people, FTPE:

1) This journalist appeared as a regular correspondent on 60 Minutes from 1968 to 2006. His son Chris is currently the host of Fox News Sunday.

ANSWER: Mike Wallace

2) Mike Wallace the racecar driver is the younger brother of this former Winston Cup Champion. He has been an analyst for ESPN since 2006.

ANSWER: Rusty Wallace (first name required)

3) The Mike Wallace who plays wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers attended this university. Other NFL players who attended this school include Bobby Massie and Deuce McAllister.

ANSWER: Ole Miss or University of Mississippi
12. Answer these questions about a comic strip, FTPE:

1) This strip debuted in 1997. It focuses on sixteen-year-old high schooler Jeremy Duncan and his relationships with his parents and classmates.


2) Jerry Scott, who created Zits with fellow cartoonist Jim Borgman, also contributes to this strip about Wanda and Darryl MacPherson and their three children. The WB adapted this strip into a short-lived animated series in 2000.

ANSWER: Baby Blues

3) Jeremy can often be seen with his best friend Hector restoring one of these, which they plan to drive across the country. Kevin Costner’s character in Field of Dreams takes one of these from Iowa to Boston to Minnesota when picking up the author Terrence Mann.

ANSWER: Volkswagen Type 2 van (accept equivalents)
13. Shots of moms wearing split-jerseys will never get old. Answer these questions about related NFL players, FTPE (last names are OK):

1) This is the shared name of two brothers who both played tight end in the NFL. The younger of the two was a four-time Pro Bowl selection with the Atlanta Falcons and most recently played in 2010 with the Patriots.

ANSWER: (Algernon and Carlester) Crumpler

2) These brothers played cornerback together at Rutgers before being drafted in 2009 and 2010. One plays for the Titans, while the other plays for New England.

ANSWER: (Devin and Jason) McCourty

3) The older of these two brothers won their most recent meeting, a November 2011 game in which the Falcons beat the Titans 23-17. One of them is a defensive tackle for Atlanta, while the other played safety for the Seahawks before signing with Tennessee.

ANSWER: (Jonathan and Jordan) Babineaux
14. Identify these songs by Chuck Berry, FTPE:

1) This song was one of four American songs said to represent the cultural achievements of humanity included on the Voyager Golden Record. Marty McFly plays it at the “Enchantment Under the Sea” dance in the first two Back to the Future movies.

ANSWER: “Johnny B. Goode

2) A live recording of this song was Berry’s only number-one single on the pop charts. It ostensibly tells the story of a toy that has “two silver bells on a string,” although it can be interpreted differently.

ANSWER: “My Ding-a-Ling

3) Berry is given credit on “Surfin’ USA,” as the Beach Boys ripped the melody for that song from this 1958 single. Like “Surfin’ USA,” it lists a bunch of cities before saying that “all the cats wanna dance with” the namesake figure.

ANSWER: “Sweet Little Sixteen
15. Answer these questions about Malcolm in the Middle, FTPE:

1) This actress was nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series seven years in a row for her portrayal of Malcolm’s mother Lois. She recently appeared as Whitney’s mother on Whitney.

ANSWER: Jane Kaczmarek

2) Malcolm’s best friend is this wheelchair-bound classmate, whose mother leaves to become a porn star in the show’s third season. He only has one lung, which causes him to speak slowly with one or two words per breath.

ANSWER: Stevie Kenarban (accept either underlined answer)

3) The first episode of the show’s seventh season sees Malcolm’s family visit this annual event. Once there, Hal is seen as an art exhibit, Malcolm is re-birthed, and Reese destroys the family’s RV after refusing to end the festival.

ANSWER: Burning Man
16. Answer these questions about the 1977 movie Slap Shot, FTPE:

1) This man directed Slap Shot, as well as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Thoroughly Modern Millie. He won the Academy Award for Best Director in 1974 for The Sting.

ANSWER: George Roy Hill

2) Strother Martin, who appears in Slap Shot as the penny-pinching general manager Joe McGrath, may be more famous for saying this line in the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke. Martin’s character says this line while talking to some prisoners after beating Luke.

ANSWER: “What we’ve got here is (a) failure to communicate” (accept “What we have here is (a) failure to communicate”)

3) In the movie, McGrath trades for these brothers who beat up soda machines, wear thick glasses, and play with toy cars. They start fights on the ice, which earns them a following with the Charlestown fans.

ANSWER: Jack, Steve, and Jeff Hanson
17. Ryan Gosling and George Clooney watched this documentary to prepare for The Ides of March. FTPE:

1) This 1993 film follows a certain candidate’s presidential campaign starting in New Hampshire and ending with the general election. Much of this movie is set at campaign headquarters in Little Rock.

ANSWER: The War Room

2) The War Room shares its subject with this 1998 film starring John Travolta and Emma Thompson. It was based on an earlier novel by Joe Klein, who originally chose to remain anonymous.

ANSWER: Primary Colors

3) In Primary Colors, the fictional Governor Stanton is confronted with a scandal involving a woman named Cashmere McLeod, who is probably based on this woman. During the ’92 Democratic Primary, she told the media that she and Bill Clinton had a twelve-year relationship.

ANSWER: Gennifer Flowers
18. Answer some questions about a song from the ‘90s, FTPE:

1) This song describes a series of embarrassing situations, which its music video shows through one-act plays done by children. Listeners have often thought that it could be used in an ad for Campbell Soup.

ANSWER: “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” (four “Mmm’s” required)

2) This Canadian band included “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” on their 1993 album God Shuffled His Feet. They released their most recent album, Oooh La La!, in 2010.

ANSWER: Crash Test Dummies

3) God Shuffled His Feet was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album in 1995, but lost to this third studio album by Green Day. It is the band’s best selling album with sixteen million sales worldwide.

ANSWER: Dookie
19. Identify these Canadian baseball players, FTPE:

1) This 1971 Cy Young-recipient is the only Canadian-born player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. He won 20 games or more for six straight seasons as a member of the Chicago Cubs.

ANSWER: Ferguson Jenkins

2) This oft-injured left-handed pitcher was the 2012 Opening Day starter for the Pirates. Baltimore acquired Adam Jones, Chris Tillman, and George Sherrill in a trade that sent him to Seattle in 2008.

ANSWER: Érik Bédard

3) Two Canadian right-handers led this team in saves in 2012. They traded Canadian-born catcher George Kottaras to Oakland for Fautino de los Santos in July.

ANSWER: Milwaukee Brewers (accept either underlined answer)
20. Answer some questions about a neighborhood, FTPE:

1) Known as “America’s oldest black neighborhood,” it celebrated its 200th anniversary in October 2012. Its fictional residents have included civil rights lawyer Toni Bernette and chef Janette Desautel.


2) Clarke Peters appears on HBO’s Treme as Albert Lambreaux, who serves as the leader of a group of these local figures. They wear ornate, hand-made costumes and are the subject of the song “Iko Iko.”

ANSWER: Mardi Gras Indians

3) This actor plays musician Davis McAlary on Treme. He starred in 2008’s Strange Wilderness and appeared with Jason Biggs and Jack Black in Saving Silverman.

ANSWER: Steve Zahn

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