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Questions by Brian M. Hight (from Michigan’s Montgomery Burns tournament)

1. One example in everyday life is the friend who is dumped, but then loses 15 pounds and starts dating a prettier significant other. The 1984 Virginia Cavaliers basketball team provided a classic example when they reached the Final Four a year after Ralph Sampson’s graduation. The 2001 Patriots were another case of this when Tom Brady took over for Drew Bledsoe. FTP, name this Bill Simmons theory inspired by the performance of the 1999 N.Y. Knicks after they lost their star center due to injury.

Answer: Ewing Theory
2. She married Eric when it was discovered the he was the father of her first child and not his son Ridge. However, she eventually married Ridge after divorcing Eric, only to have the marriage annulled when Ridge’s wife Taylor reappeared. After a 2nd engagement to Ridge fell through, she suffered a “brief reaction psychosis” in Barbados, but recovered in order to marry Ridge’s brother Thorne, only to have that marriage fall through when she confessed her true love for Ridge. FTP, name this “Bold and the Beautiful” character played by Katherine Kelly Lang.

Answer: Brooke Logan (Forrester)

3. It originally peaked at #69 upon its U.S. release in 1968, with the song “Almost in Love” as the B-side. However, Tom Holkenborg found a use for this single, and with the permission of the estate of the original singer, used the song for Nike’s World Cup ad campaign. FTP, name this song, which became a UK chart-topper for the duo of JXL (Junkie XL) and Elvis Presley.

Answer: A Little Less Conversation

4. A drinking game is played during a rerun of Good Times . David Spade appears as the manager of a Weinerdude fast food establishment. John Mahoney appears as Grant, a Houston TV personality. Vickie and Lelina tool around in a BMW to the sound of “Tempted”, and dance when “My Sharona” is played at a convenience store. FTP, name this film where Lelaina ponders what to do with documentary, starring Ethan Hawke, Ben Stiller, and Winona Ryder.

Answer: Reality Bites

5. In 1968, Dr. Spence Silver created an adhesive with thin spheres, but could not find a use for it due to its incomplete coating of products. Six years later, Art Fry wanted a way to mark his hymnals. Fortunately, both men were engineers for the same company. After Fry’s creation was a hit during testing on the streets of Richmond, Virginia, his company rolled out the product nationally in 1980. 22 years later, you can enter an essay contest explaining why you are the “Biggest Fan” of this product. FTP, name this 3M-produced self-adhesive paper.

Answer: Post-it Notes

6. The first episode was shot in Knoxville’s Fourth and Gill district and featured Laurie Smith and Frank Bilec. Season two began with Doug taking a living room into the 70’s and the introduction of new host Paige Davis. This TLC program with carpenters Amy Wynn Pastor and Ty Pennington is, FTP, where interior renovations are performed on time and on a tight budget.

Answer: Trading Spaces

7. Her first album was 1987’s “Too Late to Cry”, released when she was 16. She earned a spot as a Grand Ole Opry regular in 1993, and has produced 3 albums for the Cox family, “Sweet Music Man” for Reba McIntire and two albums for Nickel Creek. In addition to work “Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?” soundtrack, she had a recent hit with “The Lucky One”, off the album New Favorite . FTP, name this singer who often records with the group Union Station.

Answer: Alison Krause

8. The “bunny of exuberance” represents the inner child within everyone, while the alien in the flying saucer stands for the endless possibilities of the universe. K^2 (“K-squared) is symbolic for the mystical number 11, and the inverted bird is a symbol of individuality, the key component to UBA, a code within the daily strip. These symbols appear on a regular basis in this comic, although it is not based on recurring characters. FTP, name this one-panel daily strip from Dan Piarro.

Answer: Bizarro (Accept Universal Bizarro Awareness if given before UBA, or prompt if UBA is given early)

9. Her initial training was as a painter, but she began her film career in the 80’s by directing biker movies such as The Loveless and Near Dark . In 1989, she married James Cameron, and soon thereafter directed Jamie Lee Curtis in Blue Steel and had men robbing banks in Point Break . Although she divorced Cameron in 1991, she continued her directorial career with Strange Days and her most recent film, which was delayed by a lawsuit over the story and the release of U-571 . FTP, name this director of K-19:The Widowmaker

Answer: Kathryn Bigelow

10. You can be a contributor to this site’s key feature if you are currently working for an accredited publication with at least 50 fully accessible entries of no less than 300 words. Your other option is to be a member of a select group of film criticism associations. Otherwise, content yourself with posting unofficial reviews or browse their ads for posters and memorabilia. FTP name this website, where if you are among this select group, you can gauge a film’s “freshness”.

Answer: (Prompt on an early buzz of “Tomatometer”)

11. She began her career in television in 1984 as a producer while at the University of Miami. She worked at stations in Miami and West Palm Beach until 1993, when she was hired as one of the original anchors of ESPN2’s SportsNight. Her subsequent jobs included co-hosting the X Games and a stint with Fox from 1996 to 1999, after which she returned to ESPN. FTP, name this Sunday night football sideline reporter and co-host of Edge NFL Matchup.

Answer: Suzy Kolber

12. Its roots date to 1965, when Dean Richard Corrigan consolidated several departments at this university to create a new institution, now named the Tisch School of the Arts. Early faculty members included Olympia Dukakis, Martin Scorsese, and Saul Bellow, and the list of graduates includes the likes of Billy Crystal, Oliver Stone, and Spike Lee. FTP, name this university, whose Tisch School includes the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television.

Answer: NYU or New York University or (Accept Kanbar Institute if answered early)

13. He hit 41 home runs during his junior season at Rice in 1997, en route to College Baseball Player of the Year honors. His major league debut came on June 16, 1999 due to an injury to Carl Everett. After hitting. .297 in 114 games in 2000, he became a lineup regular in 2001, when he became the first switch-hitter to reach 50 doubles and 30 home runs in a season. FTP, name this 2001 and 2002 All-Star right fielder for the Houston Astros.

Answer: Lance Berkman

14. The product idea sprang from the final episode of the 1995-96 season as a response to a potential takeover of a title character’s employer. A party planned to give away leftover stocks of the product backfires when it is crashed by celebrities such as Bernie Kosar and Cleveland mayor Michael White. Other promotions that backfired involved a circus bear gone wild and a contest to win a date with Kate O’Brien. FTP, name this beverage created by Drew Carey and friends that combines beer with coffee.

Answer: Buzz Beer

15. Richard Nixon reportedly cried whenever this song came on, and in an episode of Get a Life , Chris Peterson sang it with a cat on his head. Written in New Orleans by Jerry Jeff Walker in 1967*, this song about a man who performed at minstrel shows and county fairs throughout the South with his dog has been covered by many artists, although The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band made it a hit in 1971. FTP, name this song about “a man who danced”.

Answer : Mr. Bojangles

16. After starting her film career in 1975’s Rosebud , she alternated between film and theater, including film roles as Miss Honeywell in the original Porky’s , Karen Thompson in Police Academy and the title role in Mannequin. Perhaps she was able to offer advice on acting to recent movie daughter Brittney Spears while shooting Crossroads . Regardless, she’ll continue to search for “Mr. Right Now”, as, FTP, Samantha Jones on Sex and the City .

Answer: Kim Cattrall

17. The first day’s sales in October 1857 netted $11.06, all in cash, as were nearly all purchases until the introduction of cash-time accounts in 1939. 1924 saw the opening of their 7th Avenue location in Manhattan, making it “The Largest Store in the World”. 1945 saw the opening of their first San Francisco location, which created the Spring Flower Show. 1971 saw the opening of The Cellar, while a 1994 merger with Federated Department Stores partnered them with longtime rival Bloomingdale’s. FTP, name this store, a sponsor of a New York Thanksgiving tradition.

Answer: Macy’s

18. He was a college point guard at UNC-Wilmington, then transferred to Clarion State. After serving as an assistant at Kansas and Pittsburgh, he became a head coach in 1988, going on to develop the phrase “Refuse to Lose” while taking U Mass to 5 straight March Madness berths and a spot in the 1996 Final Four. Although he left the Nets in 1999 after a 3-17 start, he is finding moderate success in current position, as his team won the 2002 NIT after making the Final Four of the NIT in 2001. FTP, name this coach of the Memphis Tigers.

Answer: John Calipari

19. This man claimed to have the ability to see numbers as colors, according to a recent interview in Rolling Stone . While based in Atlanta, he produced his own debut album, 1999’s Inside Wants Out . A successful appearance at the 2000 South by Southwest festival led to a record contract with Columbia. FTP, name this musician, whose album Room for Squares includes the hit “No Such Thing”.

Answer: John Mayer

20. The alder tree produces the objects for this game, created by Leslie Scott in 1970 and promoted in North America by Robert Grebler, who holds the official record for the number of levels constructed. The American Skiing Company entered a partnership with Hasbro to promote this game at resorts as part of Hasbro’s “Get Together Games” campaign. FTP, name this game of tower construction, taken from the Swahili word “To Build”.

Answer: Jenga

21. He joined older brother Muff in 1963 as a member of The Spencer Davis group, moving on to form Traffic in 1967. During that time, he briefly worked with Eric Clapton as part of the group Blind Faith, although the group recorded only one album. He re-surfaced on the U.S. as a solo artist in the 80’s with hits such as “The Finer Things” and “Roll With It”. FTP, name this artist who also teamed with Chaka Khan for the 1986 chart-topper “Higher Love”.

Answer: Steve Winwood

22. This media outlet’s sponsors include the Silicon Pines Assisted Computing Facility, and you can the poetry of e.e. commerce on their website. The public had an opportunity to contribute through their Poetry Spam series, but the main focus is on reporting corporate news, such as Enron revealing itself as Argentina. FTP, name this creation of Andrew Marlatt, whose Business Month Weekly features are included in the new book Economy of Errors .

Answer: SatireWire(Prompt on Business Month Weekly)

23. Ken Smith, a Cinemark Tinseltown assistant manager, walked from Shreveport, Louisiana to L.A. to attend a premiere of this film as a fundraiser for police officers killed or wounded in the line of duty. As a bonus, he had the ability to take a private tour of the 20th Century Fox studios, who produced this recent release, which is set in Washington during the year 2054. FTP, name this recent Tom Cruise/ Steven Spielberg film based on a story by Phillip K. Dick.

Answer: Minority Report


Questions by Brian M. Hight (from Michigan’s Montgomery Burns tournament)

1. Given a brief synopsis, name the Clint Eastwood western FTSP.

A: (5) Eastwood plays a retired gunfighter who is coaxed into duty to avenge the death of a local whore. Gene Hackman won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar as the corrupt sheriff, one of four Oscars this 1992 film won.

Answer: Unforgiven

B: (10) A stranger rides into town, becomes a hired gun to defend the town from outlaws, literally paints the town red, and then defeats the bad guys singlehandedly in this 1973 feature.

Answer: High Plains Drifter

C: (15) In this 1970 feature, Eastwood rides through Texas, saving a woman from a band of Mexicans, only to then have to save her from French forces occupying Mexico. Did I mention that the woman in question is impersonating a nun and is being played by Shirley Maclaine?

Answer: Two Mules for Sister Sara

2. Answer these questions about the 2002 Olympic curling tournament.

A: FTPE, name the nations that took home gold in the men’s and women’s divisions.

Answer: Norway (Men’s) and Britain (Women’s)

B: For another 10 points, name the skip for either the U.S men’s or the U.S. women’s curling team.

Answer: Tim Somerville and Kari Erickson
3. It’s time for a product placement question – Seinfeld style! Given a description of how various corporate entities worked their way into the show, name them FTPE.

A: Sue Ellen Mischkie was not only Elaine’s nemesis as a teen in Baltimore and during her adulthood, but she is also the heir to the fortune of this candy bar,

Answer: Oh Henry !

B: Jerry and the gang discuss how much they like both this man and the local brand of coffeecake that share the same name. Elaine has a particularly memorable moment when she breaks her blood-testing fast with one of the coffecakes.

Answer: Drake’s

C: Elaine dates a man who tries to downplay his earlier role as the spokesman for this New York-based electronics firm, only to return to character when he is re-hired as their pitchman.

Answer: Nobody Beats the Wiz (prompt if “The Wiz” is given)
4. Answer these questions about the music of ZZ Top FTPE.

A: This 1973 hit from the “Tres Hombres” album is named for the Texas town that housed the Chicken Ranch, which later became the basis for Larry L. King’s play “ Best Little Whorehouse in Texas “.

Answer: La Grange

B: “Sharp Dressed Man”, “Legs”, and “Gimme All Your Lovin’ ” are from this 1983 album, whose cover featured the classic 30’s hot rod that became a fixture in ZZ Top videos.

Answer: Eliminator

C: This immediate follow-up album to “Eliminator” included 4 Billboard Top 40 Hits, including “Velcro Fly”, “Rough Boy”, and “Sleeping Bag”

Answer: Afterburner
5. FTPE identify these companies or individuals that are neither WorldCom nor Kenneth Lay, but made Business 2.0’s list of the 101 Dumbest Moments in Business.

A: This shoe designer resigned as the CEO of his eponymous company after it was revealed that none of the money earmarked from sales of his “Bravest” shoe was going to the intended recipients, New York City firefighters.

Answer: Steve Madden

B: As a way of introducing herself to viewers of CNN Headline News , this former NYPD Blue actress used the phrase, “I’m (blank), and unless you’ve been living in a cave, you probably already knew that”.

Answer: Andrea Thompson

C: And finally, this company filed for bankruptcy on January 22, 2002, one day after The Newspaper Association of America named it as its "Retailer of the Year”.

Answer: Kmart

6. Sure, the Roswell Rayguns have “The Funk”, but can you answer these questions about the real ABA of 1975-76? Answer these questions about the league with the multicolored ball FTSP.

A: (5) Julius Erving helped lead this team to the final ABA championship, as they defeated the Denver Nuggets in the finals.

Answer: New York Nets (do not accept New Jersey Nets, as the team had not moved at that time)

B: (10) This 1974 NCAA Tournament MVP from N.C. State and high-flying competitor to Julius Erving in the ABA’s slam-dunk contest joined the Nuggets as a rookie in 1975.

Answer: David Thompson

C: (15) In addition to pitching for the Chicago White Sox while holding down an NBA career with the Pistons and later the Knicks, he became the General Manager of the Nets for the 1974-75 season and then became the ABA’s commissioner in May of 1975.

Answer: Dave DeBusschere

7. Given a film with connections to Memphis, name it FTPE.

A: This 1999 Milos Forman biopic of Andy Kaufman includes scenes of Kaufman wrestling Jerry “The King” Lawler at Memphis’ Mid-South Colisuem.

Answer: Man on the Moon

B: Susan Sarandon plays attorney Reggie Love, who is pitted against Tommy Lee Jones as a Memphis D.A. in this adaptation of a John Grisham novel.

Answer: The Client

C: Nic Cage played Randall “Memphis” Raines in this Jerry Bruckheimer remake of a 1974 film.

Answer: Gone in 60 Seconds
8. Answer these questions about recent projects from one of the most beloved/despised people from Charlottesville this side of Katie Couric, one Dave Matthews, FTPE.

A: This song is the lead single from the recently released Mr. Deeds soundtrack.

Answer: Where Are You Going?

B: The Dave Matthews band has teamed up with the Save Our Environment Action Center and Ben and Jerry’s to share the proceeds of this ice cream, which features caramel and coffee ice cream with marshmallow and caramel swirls and coffee-flavored fudge chips.

Answer: One Sweet Whirled

C: Matthews is a co-founder of this record label, featuring David Gray, Gov’t (Government) Mule, Ben Kweller, and Patty Griffin.

Answer: ATO or According to Our Records
9. Answer these questions about The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy FTPE.

A: These two words are imprinted upon the cover of said guide.

Answer: Don’t Panic !

B: This two-word phrase is used to describe the Planet Earth in the updated version of the guide.

Answer: Mostly Harmless

C: This computer spouted The Answer to the Great Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, which happened to be the number Fourty-two. The name inspired an IBM-sponsored computer that competed against chess grandmasters.

Answer: Deep Thought
10. Answer these questions about actors in the film Varsity Blues FTSP.

A: (5) This Dawson’s Creek star plays quarterback Johnathon Moxon, who is forced into the starting position and must confront the demands of the town and coach Bud Kilmer.

Answer: James Van Der Beek

B: For 10 points, name the actor who portrayed West Cannan Wolves coach Bud Kilmer. You may also know that a Seinfeld episode centered around a Chrysler LeBaron that wasn’t his.

Answer: Jon Voight

C: For 15 points, name this actress, who played Chrissy in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Brooke in Legally Blonde, but whose Varsity Blues highlight was tempting Mox with a whipped cream bikini.

Answer: Ali Larter
11. Name your poison: Auto racing or hockey? Choose now. [PAUSE FOR CHOICE]


Answer these questions about Chip Ganassi Racing FTPE.

A: When Ganassi started his CART team in 1990, he enlisted this store as a primary sponsor.

Answer: Target

B: This Ganassi Racing team member won the 2000 Indy 500 in his first race at the Brickyard, which was also the return of the Ganassi Racing team to Indianapolis.

Answer: Juan Montoya

C: Ganassi’s NASCAR unit is led by this driver, who won the Daytona 500 in 1994 and 1995 and finished 3rd in the Winston Cup standings last year while returning Dodge to the NASCAR circuit.

Answer: Sterling Marlin


Answer these questions about the 2002 Eastern Conference champion Hartford Whalers, er, Carolina Hurricanes, FTSP.

A: (5) On June 29, 2002, the Hurricanes re-signed this team captain, who not only led the team in scoring, but won the King Clancy Memorial Trophy for his contributions to the community.

Answer: Ron Francis

B: (10) This former member of The Legion of Doom was traded from the Flyers to Carolina for Keith Primeau during the 2000 season and has since played with the Hurricanes.

Answer: Rod Brind’Amour

C: (15) This goalie, nicknamed “Shady 80” for his jersey number, came to Carolina in a late-season deal with Tampa Bay. He won 3 games in the Stanley Cup playoffs for Carolina as a backup to Arturs(ar-TIRS) Irbe (IR-BAY).

Answer: Kevin Weekes

12. Name these actors and actresses born in Alexandria, Virginia on a 5-10-20-30 basis.

A: This longtime Washington-area radio and TV personality went on to create Ronald McDonald and to announce birthdays as a weatherman on NBC’s “Today” show.

Answer: Willard Scott

B: After playing Carol in American Graffiti, she played Julie on the CBS series One Day at a Time, although she battled cocaine addiction during most of the late 70’s.

Answer: Mackensie Phillips

C: You may know this actor as Jethro from the movie version of The Beverly Hillbillies, but odds are you’ll think of him as Oswald on The Drew Carey Show.

Answer: Diedrich Bader

D: She was Garth’s dream girl in the first Wayne’s World movie, and she was Sonny in the TV series Bosom Buddies. She met current husband Dan Aykroyd while filming Doctor Detroit.

Answer: Donna Dixon

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aykroyd married Dixon and not the woman he married in that film, Fran Drescher. Good call.
13. Identify these songs from Carole King’s Tapestry album that have appeared on television FTPE.

A: This song, which includes the lyrics “I would go to the ends of the earth/ Cause, darling to me that’s what you’re worth” is used as the theme to Gilmore Girls .

Answer: Where You Lead

B: The Shirelles charted at #1 in 1961 with this song, which was co-written by Carole King. Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon serenaded outgoing Mayor Guiliani with this song during a “Weekend Update” sketch this year.

Answer: Will You Love Me Tomorrow

C: Many viewers may remember this song from the Aretha Franklin version used in hair coloring commercials, or Murphy Brown singing this to her newborn son, or maybe even Selma Bouvier singing this to her adopted iguana.

Answer: (You Make Me Feel Like ) A Natural Woman
14. Identify these websites from banner ads you may or may not have clicked FTPE.

A: Is Dirk still a jerk? Find out here, and check up on other old acquaintances.


B: Looking to lose weight? Enter your height and sex, and this site will provide a customized diet plan…for a slight fee, of course, although their newsletter is free.


C: Do you like DVDs? Would you like to rent them online for $20 a month? If so, users can click for a free trial membership at this DVD-by-mail rental company.

Answer: Netflix .com
15. Answer these questions about the movie career of Kirstie Alley FTPE. (Yes, she had one, sort of.)

A). In this 1989 film, Kirstie portrays a single mother who romances James, played by John Travolta, while Bruce Willis provides the voice of her child. Two sequels ensue.

Answer: Look Who’s Talking

B). This 1997 effort paired Alley with Tim Allen as a couple avoiding the IRS by posing as an Amish couple.

Answer: For Richer or Poorer

C). In this film, Kirstie plays a mother bent on having her daughter, played by Denise Richards, follow in her footsteps as the winner of a Minnesota beauty pageant. However, a Mexican-made swan float leads to tragedy and the crowning of Amber Atkins, played by Kirsten Dunst.

Answer: Drop Dead Gorgeous
16. Identify these Louisiana-born quarterbacks who are NOT Terry Bradshaw FTPE.

A: This Shreveport native and star at Northeast Louisiana (now UL-Monroe) saw limited duty with the Redskins in 1989 and 1990 before becoming the Chargers’ starting quarterback from 1992-97, leading San Diego to their only Super Bowl appearance in January of 1995.

Answer: Stan Humphries

B: This predecessor of Humphries at NE Louisiana was a 3rd round pick of the Steelers in 1986, where he was the #1 quarterback from 1988-91, before moving on to the Eagles, Jets, Broncos, Vikings, and a very brief stint with the Chiefs.

Answer: Walter Andrew “Bubby” Brister III

C: This standout at Northwestern State led the USFL’s Michigan Panthers before joining the Saints in 1985, leading New Orleans to their first playoff berth in franchise history. He went on to play with the Atlanta Falcons from 1993-96.

Answer: Bobby Hebert ( a-BEAR)
17. Identify these U.S. “regional” foods FTPE.

A: When combined with eggs, this often-leftover portion of the previous night’s “Boiled Dinner” often consists of corned beef, onions, potatoes, onions, and beets, which give it its colorful name.

Answer: Red Flannel Hash

B: This dish normally uses black-eyed peas, onions, and rice and is served with a slice of bacon. It is considered to be a good-luck dish in portions of the South, and leftovers are sometimes called “Skipping Jenny”.

Answer: Hoppin’ John

C: This southwestern version of a good-luck food to eat on New Year’s Day utilizes lard, pork, onions, garlic, hominy, green chiles, and oregano.

Answer: Posole (po-SOL-eh)
18. Break out the parachute pants, for it’s Hammer time! Answer these questions about this star of the very early 90’s FTSP.

A: (5) Stanley Burrell earned the nickname “The Little Hammer” when he was a batboy for this major league team.

Answer: Oakland Athletics or A’s

B: (10) As Hammer, he reached the Billboard Top 10 with the theme to this 60’s TV-based movie.

Answer: The Addams Family (NOT Addams Family Values)

C: (15) This #2 hit in the fall of 1990 utilized the rhythm track from Prince’s “When Doves Cry”.

Answer: Pray
19. Identify these recent indie films FTPE.

A). This recent Dogma-95 style film features six Danes who take an adult-education language class while looking for fulfillment in their lives. The class takes a field trip to Rome, where romance ensues.

Answer: Italian for Beginners

B). This film, where a single female New Yorker answers an interesting personal ad in the “women seeking women” section, was based off of a play written by starring characters Jennifer Westfeldt and Heather Juergensen. A romantic comedy ensues.

Answer: Kissing Jessica Stein

C). Andy Dick plays a 1970’s version of a witch, Christopher Walken portrays Lieutenant McDuff, and Maura Tierney plays Pat McBeth in this adaptation of a Shakespearean classic to a small- town fast-food restaurant in the 1970’s. You can guess what ensues.

Answer: Scotland, PA
20. Apparently the Sunbelt is still a popular television setting. Given a description of a Sunbelt-stationed show scheduled to premiere this fall, name it FTPE.

A: This NBC comedy is scheduled to air after Will and Grace and is centered around a TV producer who is attempting to turn around the nation’s lowest-rated morning show.

Answer: Good Morning Miami

B: David Caruso returns to a regular network job in this spinoff of a popular CBS drama.

Answer: CSI: Miami

C: This Sunday night NBC entry is centered around policemen and paramedics in Los Angeles, with Donnie Wahlberg as one of the featured detectives.

Answer: Boomtown
21. Name these game shows hosted by ex-jocks FTPE.

A: Former Cardinals catcher and Today show co-host Joe Garagiola (GAR-ah-gee-ola) hosted the original version of this game show from 1971-74. It was revived on NBC from 1983-1989.

Answer: Sale of the Century

B: This game of answering questions, unscrambling words, and finding lucky “slots” aired on NBC from June of 1993 to July of 1994 with Ahmad Rashad (RA-SHAD) as the host.

Answer: Caesars Challenge

C: This syndicated offering hosted by Jimmy Cefalo ran during the 1990-91 season from a resort in Atlantic City, which was owned by the man whose name also found its way into the show title.

Answer: Trump Card
22. Identify these semi-regular guests of the Imus in the Morning program FTPE.

A: Tension and insults are often the order of the day when this I-man sibling and Auto Body Express owner makes an appearance over the airwaves.

Answer: Fred Imus

B: In addition to multiple detective novels and his Guide to Texas Etiquette, or How to Get to Heaven or Hell Without Going Through Dallas-Fort Worth, this musician stops by for a few rounds with the I-man.

Answer: Richard “Kinky” Friedman

C: After this NBC television personality began making appearances, the I-man reciprocated by appearing on his CNBC program with wife Deidre and son Wyatt.

Answer: Tim Russert

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