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Using the Word 2013 Navigation Pane with JAWS and MAGic, November 19, 2014

In this webinar you will learn to use the Word 2013 navigation pane for search results, headings, and more.

Speech History with JAWS, December 3, 2014

For years, braille users have had a mode where the braille display would show the exact information spoken by the speech synthesizer. You can also pan the braille display back to review the last 50 spoken items. The New Speech History feature in JAWS 15 extends this functionality to users who rely on speech more than braille.

Frame Viewer with JAWS, December 17, 2014

Do you know what the Frame Viewer in JAWS is for? The Frame Viewer is a powerful tool, but many people are not familiar with what it is and how it can be used.

PAID Webinars: Upcoming

Using JAWS to Test Web Page and Document Accessibility, December 2 - 18, 2014

Learn to use JAWS for testing Web pages as well as PDF documents in this series of six 1-hour lessons.

Using JAWS to Test Web Page and Document Accessibility Lessons

Lesson One

JAWS and HTML, the virtual buffer

Lesson Two

Speech and Sounds Manager HTML Options and Surf's Up Training Web Pages

Lesson Three

Tables and Forms

Lesson Four

Custom Labels, Personalized Settings, Standards and Guidelines

Lesson Five

Accessibility vs. Usability

Lesson Six

ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications), live Web page testing

Training Downloads Page

The Training Downloads page is your one-stop source for finding many of the free DAISY and MP3 training materials we have available.

Surf's Up Training

Surf's Up! - Surfing the Internet with JAWS and MAGic training has been updated to help instructors and students take advantage of new features. Surf's Up is a set of Freedom Scientific web pages that explain how to surf the web with JAWS screen reading software and MAGic screen magnification software. You'll also find many new and updated exercises for practice throughout. Visit Surf's Up online or get the Surf's Up downloadable version for use on computers with no Internet connection.

JAWS® Certification

The JAWS Certification program is an online knowledge-based exam for consultants, trainers, agency staff, and JAWS users. Its purpose is to:

Increase product knowledge

Expand your skills

Create awareness of the free training resources available within JAWS online

JAWS Training Bundle

The JAWS Training Bundle, developed by the Freedom Scientific Training Department, contains over 50 hours of high-quality one-on-one JAWS training. The training was produced in audio format and uses the DAISY standard, which allows for easy navigation and bookmarking of the training material.

Hands-on Workshops and Other Training

Our instructor-led workshops will teach your trainers, key personnel, employees, or yourself how to effectively use our products. Our training workshops at your location or our Florida headquarters have no more than 10 or 12 students per class.

Archives of Free Webinars

MathML with JAWS, Archived 11/05/2014

MathML is a language for including mathematical content on Web pages, enabling browsers to present math equations and formulas as they would appear on paper. JAWS provides spoken, natural language descriptions of MathML expressions, using the same terms a teacher would use to explain them in a classroom. There is a written, visual language of math, described by MathML. However, there is also a spoken language used when people discuss math problems. Students will benefit from hearing JAWS describe mathematical expressions as their teachers and peers do.

Using JAWS with Firefox, Archived 10/22/2014

Learn how to use JAWS with the Firefox web browser. Topics include transferring settings from Internet Explorer to Firefox, browsing web pages, working with bookmarks, enabling sounds, and downloading files.

New in JAWS 16, Archived 10/08/2014

Join us as we discuss several of the new features in JAWS 16 in this free Webinar series. Be among the first to hear the details about the new features of JAWS 16.

New in JAWS 16 Lessons

Lesson One

JAWS Command Search

Lesson Two

Enhanced Convenient OCR for PDF Documents, Semi-Auto Forms Mode

Lesson Three

JAWS touch screen, People app, Reading List

Braille and Android Devices, Archived 09/03/2014

Learn how to use the Focus Blue line of braille displays with your Android devices.

JAWS and MAGic Reading Commands and Cursors Used by JAWS, Archived 08/20/2014

Learn the basics of reading the screen with the three primary cursors used by JAWS.

Webinar Training Room Orientation, Archived 01/08/2014

This is an overview of how the training room and Freedom Scientific webinars work. It includes instruction on how to get JAWS help for the training room, and how to use the JAWS list of headings, links, and navigation quick keys in the browser window

Windows 8 and Help with JAWS, Archived 07/24/2014

Many people are afraid of switching over to Windows 8. It is actually a very good program to use, and very easy to use with the keyboard and screen readers. We show you how to navigate and use the basics in this webinar, including a discussion of the Start screen, finding all programs, searching for programs and settings, accessing the Charms bar, shutdown options, Internet Explorer app vs. desktop version, and more.

PDF Document Reading and Strategies with JAWS and MAGic, Archived 04/23/2014

This two-part webinar demonstrates how to read PDF documents using JAWS and MAGic.

PDF Document Reading and Strategies with JAWS and MAGic Lessons

Lesson One

Accessibility Setup Assistant and other tools

Lesson Two

Strategies for reading PDF documents that do not read well or at all, forms, tables, hyperlinks, search feature, and more.

File Explorer in Windows 8, Archived 06/19/2013

File Explorer has changed again with Windows 8. This webinar shows the new layout, and demonstrates how to use tab order in the File Explorer window and in the Ribbons, how to navigate, how to use the View settings, and how to create a folder and move files.

Surf's Up! Surfing the Internet with JAWS and MAGic!, Archived 03/26/2014

Learn to use JAWS® screen reading software and MAGic® screen magnification software to read and navigate the Internet in this six-part series.

LinkedIn with JAWS: Tips and Tricks for a Better Experience, Archived 02/05/2014

Learn how to use JAWS with LinkedIn, including how to create and edit your account, how to use the inbox, and how to set PlaceMarkers, search, and hide advertisement frames

Facebook and JAWS: Tips and Tricks for a Better Experience, Archived 01/22/2014

Learn how to use JAWS with Facebook. Topics include differences between Facebook and Facebook mobile sites, plus how to navigate, post a status update, comment on a post, and use your email program to respond to Facebook posts

Skype with JAWS and MAGic, Archived 12/10/2013

Learn how to use JAWS and MAGic with Skype, including downloading and configuring Skype, calling a phone number or another Skype user, and handling calls.

Getting the Most out of Flexible Web, Archived 12/04/2013

Learn how to use Flexible Web, first introduced in JAWS 14. Flexible Web enables you to take more control of Web pages by allowing you to quickly find the content you are looking for, as well as hide content that interrupts the reading experience. This webinar demonstrates how to start and customize Flexible Web, and how to create rules for different scenarios.

Introduction to Office 2013 with JAWS and MAGic, Archived 11/26/2013

This overview of Office 2013 with JAWS and MAGic will cover the important aspects of Office 2013. Topics include navigation for the ribbons and task panes, KeyTips, the Quick Access Toolbar, contextual tabs, dialog launches, and differences between what is presented on the ribbon for Word, Excel, and Outlook.

New in JAWS 15, Archived 10/30/2013

In this series of Webinars we take a look at several of the new features in JAWS 15.

Simple Word Forms with JAWS and MAGic, Archived 08/14/2013

This webinar teaches how to create accessible forms in Microsoft Word from the keyboard with JAWS and MAGic. Learn how to use the Developer Tab in Word, how to create different types of form controls, fill out forms, and use Bookmarks in Word to make it easier to navigate forms.

Column and Row Titles in Excel and Word for JAWS and MAGic, Archived 07/31/2013

This webinar teaches how to create accessible column and row headers in Microsoft Excel and Word documents from the keyboard using JAWS and MAGic. The webinar will cover using the Define Name feature in Excel, using the bookmark feature in Word, setting up repeating header rows in Word, and how to use JAWS table layer keystrokes to navigate tables in many programs and environments.

Using Apps with JAWS 15 in Windows 8, Archived 08/07/2013

Learn about using apps with Windows 8 and JAWS 15, including using the new Touch Cursor. The webinar includes instructions for how to use the News, Sports, and Weather apps, plus how to use the Windows App Store.

Speech and Sounds Manager, Archived 07/17/2013

Learn how to use the Speech and Sounds Manager in JAWS, including the functionality of the built-in schemes, plus how to create, save, and use a custom scheme.

Voice Profiles with JAWS and MAGic, Archived 07/16/2013

This webinar teaches how to use voice profiles with JAWS and MAGic. The lesson includes how to use the Voice Adjustment dialog box to create voice profiles for different activities, including settings for different languages, synthesizers, and punctuation levels, along with the more well-known settings for speech rate and pitch.

TypeAbility for JAWS and MAGic, Typing Tutor, Archived 06/26/2013

TypeAbility is a typing and computer tutor for JAWS and MAGic. This webinar shows how to use TypeAbility. It explores different types of lessons, including keyboarding, games, dictation, and academic quizzes. It also includes an overview of the Teacher's Mode, how to create your own lessons, and how to use the progress reports.

Internet Explorer 10 with JAWS, Archived 03/13/2013

Learn how to use Internet Explorer 10 with JAWS. Topics include system requirements, upgrading, performance and standards, plus using the Desktop version in Windows 8 and using the spellcheck feature. We will also cover keyboard shortcuts to make the Internet Explorer experience more efficient.

Windows 8 with JAWS, Archived 02/13/2013

This webinar teaches how to use Windows 8 with JAWS. Topics include using the Start screen, searching for programs and settings, accessing the Charms bar, shutdown options, and changes in Internet Explorer with Windows 8.

ARIA Controls and Menus with JAWS and MAGic, Archived 12/12/2012

ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) controls and menus are appearing more and more on the Internet. Learn how to interact with these controls using JAWS, learn about regions and how they can help make navigation easier, and learn about the JAWS virtual buffer and forms mode.

Windows Live Mail with JAWS and MAGic, Archived 11/28/2012

Learn how to use Windows Live Mail in this webinar. Learn how to navigate the Inbox, open and read messages, including attachments, and create new messages.

Dictionary Manager in JAWS and MAGic, Archived 10/31/2012

Learn about the Dictionary Manager feature in JAWS, including changing the phonetic pronunciation of a word and changing the language in which a word is spoken.

Using your iDevice with the Focus Braille Displays, Archived 10/10/2012

Learn how to use the Focus Blue Braille displays with an Apple iDevice, including pairing the Braille display with your device, using help mode, and shortcut key references.

focus 40 blue braille display

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