Transactions of the Korea Branch Royal Asiatic Society

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Note:- It has seemed desirable to devote a special section listing the principal references to this small but unique region of Korea, whose scenic splendours have attracted pilgrims and [page 94] travellers for so many centuries. The first recorded visit by any European was in September, 1889, when Mr. C.W. Campbell, Assist, British Consul at Seoul, travelled through the mountains en route to Gensan. In October, 1891, Rev. M.N. Trollope (afterwards Bishop in Corea) and Rev. Peake, of the English Church Mission in Korea, visited the mountains and found that they had been preceded a week earlier by Mr. Karl Wolter, a German trader also resident in Seoul, and a companion. (Ref. letter in the ‘Seoul Press.’ dated 5th October, 1928, written by Bishop Trollope under the pseudonym ‘Viator’). In 1893 the Rt. Hon. G. N. Curzon (later Viceroy of India and Mr. Cecil Spring Rice (later British Ambassador to the United States) travelled through the mountains, accompanied by Rev. Maurice Da vies of the English Church Mission. Shortly after this, visits were paid by Rev. F.S. Miller and Rev. W.B. Scran ton, American Missionaries, and by the celebrated English lady traveller, Mrs Isabella Bird Bishop (in May, 1894). The mountains may now be considered ‘opened’ to foreign travel and subsequent visits become too numerous for separate mention. With the development of Onseiri as a Japanese Hot Spring Spa and the building of Government Railway hotels at Choanji and Onseiri, increasing numbers of tourists and holiday makers began to visit the mountains, and in the years between the World Wars the Japan Tourist Bureau published numerous brochures and travel guides, attracting visitors from Japan, the China Coast and farther afield. Communications were improved, first by the construction of a railway from Gensan (Wonsan) southward along the coast, and second by an electric car line from Tetsugen, on the main Seoul-Gensan railway, which was extended finally to Choanji (Chang an sa) at the southern entrance to the mountains

No. 196. Report by Mr. C.W. Campbell of a Journey in North Corea in September and October 1889. pp. 39, map. Diplomatic Blue Books LXXXIII: China No. 2. L. 1891

(pp. 3-9 describe the first recorded European visit to the mountains)

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(PP. 102-8 illus., describe the trip through the mountains, further details of which are given in Spring-Rice’s diary. No. 711 and in Curzon’s later writings, No. 707).

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(Ch. XI 152-72: The Monasteries of the Diamond Mountain; pp. 133 -49 in the I vol. end).

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(Ch. XIV 341-9: Le Keum-Kang-Sane).

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(Pt. II Ch. XII: The Diamond Mountains).

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Also forms Pt. 2 of Ch. VII 277-93 of same authors book: Letters from a Viceroy’s Note-Book and other Papers, pp. x, 414 illus; L.1926

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(Vol. I. pp. 126-36 gives extracts from diary describing the journey through the Diamond


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(Pt. II Ch. I 103- : The Diamond Mountains). [page98]

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(pp. -54: Letter from Kongo-san).

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(A legend retold)

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(Study on physical geog. & culture of the Diamond Mountains).

Note. It has seemed desirable to devote a separate section to the outlying islands of Quelpart and Dagelet, which present many distinctive features and have been the subject of a number of special reports and studies. Most of the early voyages along the coasts of Korea contain some mention of Quelpart Island and the more important of these will be found in Section II: Principal Voyages and Expeditions before the Opening of Korea. Thus, Hendrick Hamel and his companions on the Sperwer were wrecked off Quelpart; La Perouse discovered and named Dagelet Island on his voyage round the world; Captain Broughton of H. M. S. Providence and Captain Sir Edward Belcher of H.M.S. Samarang also give brief notes on Quelpart. These references, however, are excluded in order to avoid repetition, and the Section which follows begins with a visit by a British vessel to procure victuals for the troops in China during the Anglo-Chinese War of 1841-2.

721. Narrative of the Expedition to China, from the Commencement of the War to the Present Period; with Sketches of Manners, etc. Commander J. Elliot Bingham, R.N. 2 vols. L. 1842

(K. 1 314-19 : Visit of ‘Nimrod’ to Quelpart to procure bullocks for the troops ; transcription also in Chin. Repos. Xll 358-9, 1843). [page99]

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(An interesting account of the experiences of a rescue party sent from Shanghai in recovering the crew of the ‘Narwal’, wrecked off Quelpart. Ref. North China Herald Nos. 44-7, 50, 57)

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