Types and kinds of computers there are two types of computers: analog and digital

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There are two types of computers: analog and digital.
Analog computers compare. They are used in scientific work. Analog computers compare measurements of temperature, speed, pressure and weight. An example of a common analog computer is the speedometer of an automobile.
Digital computers count. The name comes from the word digit. They are the most widely used computers. An example of a digital computer is a pocket calculator.
There are three kinds of computers: main frame, minicomputer and microcomputer.
Super computer Mainframe Minicomputer


A Mainframe computer is an extremely large, powerful, computer. A mainframe can be big enough to fill an entire room, with the keyboard, or terminal, in another room(or city).

Mainframes can be time-sharing systems, which means many people can use the same computer at one time.

A Minicomputer is medium-size computer useful for data processing. Minicomputers are less expensive and smaller than mainframes and have fewer capabilities. They are large enough to be adequate for most business purposes and can be part of a time-sharing system as well.
A microcomputer is a desk-top size often called a personal computer. It is usually used by one person at a time. Microcomputers are less expensive than a the mainframes and minicomputers and re more suitable for processing data on a small scale(modern machines can not handle huge volumes of work.)

1.Give three examples of analog computer.

2. Give three examples of a digital


3.List some places in your area and the

kinds of computers you think are used.
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