Uga miracle 2012 committee member application

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Name: ____________________________ E-mail: ________________________________________

Local Address: _____________________ Cell Phone: ____________________________________ Year: ­­­_____________________________ Major: ________________________________________

Years as Miracle Team Member: _______ Past Committees: ________________________________
Please rank your top FIVE committee choices, with ONE being your first choice.

Descriptions of each committee are on the back of this page.



___ Business Relations ___ Community Outreach ___ Family Relations* ___ Finance

___ Fundraising ___ Hospital Relations* ___ Media ___ Morale*

___ Public Relations ___ Restaurant Relations ___ Recruitment

Please answer the following questions on another sheet of paper.

If you are a returning committee member…

  1. What new goals do you hope to accomplish this year within the committees that you are applying for?

  2. Why do you think you are qualified for your first choice committee?

If you are a first-time committee member applicant…

  1. Why do you want to be on a UGA Miracle committee?

  2. Please list any previous experience that you have as it relates to your committee choices.

For ALL applicants

Please list all known commitments that you will have this upcoming year, including the hours and times that you expect to dedicate to them each week.

If selected to a committee member position, I understand that I am responsible for:

  • Raising a minimum of $300 in donations benefiting Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

  • Attending the entire 24-hour Dance Marathon on February 23-24, 2013 in Tate Grand Hall.

Signature _____________________________ Date ________________

Applications are due by Friday, September 7, at 5 p.m. in the mailbox of the UGA Miracle office (located inside the Greek Life Office) or submitted via email to Before turning in your application, you must register as a team member online at Print a copy of your registration and attach it to this application in order to be eligible for an interview. Sign up for an interview time on the sheet outside the office when you turn in your application, unless you have been on the same committee for the past two years and are applying for it again – in that case you are NOT required to interview! Committee assignments will be posted online on Monday, September 17, with committee meetings beginning soon after. If you have any questions, please email us at We appreciate your interest!

For the Kids, Always!

Descriptions of Committees
Business Relations: Business Relations works toward raising funds for UGA Miracle through sponsorship and advertising, as well as fostering relationships with local businesses.  Meetings will be held weekly for about thirty minutes, and service on this committee will involve meeting with local businesses as we work toward reaching our financial goal.
Community Outreach: Community Outreach works with local Athens- and Atlanta-area schools to help them fundraise for Children’s Miracle Network. We also plan and host mini Dance Marathons for our participating high schools. Meetings will be held on Tuesday nights at 7:30 PM.
Family Relations: Family Relations is in charge of inviting UGA Miracle families to the Dance Marathon and keeping in touch with them throughout the year. Committee members are assigned to a specific family and will be their guide at the Marathon. Family Relations committee is also in charge of Family Days, and the Wall of Hope and Family Corner at Dance Marathon. Meetings will be held once a week, with various other required events throughout the year. Meetings will be held Wednesday nights at 8 PM
Finance: Finance is responsible for counting and collecting monetary donations from both Letter Writing Campaigns and business sponsorships.  Meetings will be held at the discretion of the Finance Director and will typically be every other week, but will become more frequent as Dance Marathon approaches. During Dance Marathon members will be asked to rotate and aid the Finance Director. Accounting and Finance majors are encouraged to apply, though the committee is open to all majors. Meetings will be held Tuesday nights.
Fundraising: Fundraising’s primary goal is to bring in financial support that directly impacts UGA Miracle’s end of the year total. We will be hosting many fundraising events such as canning, coliseum concessions, percentage nights, and many more fun, creative ways to raise money. Meetings will be held every other week on Wednesday nights at 8 PM
Hospital Relations: Hospital Relations helps to plan, organize, and run hospital visits and themed activities for hospitalized children at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Meetings will be held once a week on Wednesday nights and hospital visits will be at various times throughout the year.
Media: Media’s biggest project is the Dance Marathon Magazine, given to every participant at the marathon. There will also be some opportunities to help with digital media projects throughout the year. Meetings will be held roughly once a week to create print materials for UGA Miracle. If you are a strong writer, photographer or designer, this is the committee for you! Photoshop or InDesign skills are a plus, but not necessary.
Morale: Morale is charged with leading UGA Miracle’s participants throughout the year, especially at our 24-hour Dance Marathon! Morale has a large part in planning the internal structure of Dance Marathon, including Theme Hours, Color Group Wars, and Mail Call, as well as teaching the famous UGA Miracle dance. Outside of the Marathon, our responsibilities extend to developing relations with team members, continuously building morale during meetings and special events, and just having fun! Meetings will be held every Monday at 8:30.
Public Relations: Public Relations reaches out to various news sources in Athens to promote UGA Miracle. If you are creative, interested in public relations or journalism, or just want to help with the promotion of UGA Miracle events - this committee is right for you! Meetings will be held on Wednesdays at 7:45.
Recruitment: Recruitment raises on-campus awareness and excitement by making a presence at each UGA Miracle event and recruiting new members and organizations to help our cause. Meetings will be held once a week on Wednesday evenings for about thirty minutes.
Restaurant Relations: Catering works to reach out to local restaurants and form partnerships so we can get awesome food for all Miracle events, especially Dance Marathon. Meetings will be held twice a month in the fall and once a week as the Marathon approaches.

Download 15.17 Kb.

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