Underwater Chaos By Anissa Arudas

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Underwater Chaos

By Anissa Arudas
Once upon a time in a beautiful underwater kingdom there lived a whole family full of mermaids and other sea creatures. It was run by the King and Queen of Ocean Atlantis and they had 10 daughters and 10 sons.
One day the youngest mermaid Bubbles {she was so curious} went out for a swim while her other siblings were playing volleyball. The wicked witch called Snow White always wanted to be queen of ocean Atlantis. She had a few tricks up a sleeve that never worked. She managed to trick Bubbles into her dungeon. She sent HoggleWart with a message to the king asking him to step down as the king of the ocean or his precious Bubbles will die.
The Queen and all her children were very upset. The King very calmly planned his attack on the witch. He sent all his brave guards to surround the dungeon and wait for his signal. Meanwhile the witch was planning to take over the sea palace. The Witch was very sure that she was going to rule the Ocean. The King was a very smart man; he waited for the right time and send in his troops while the witch was asleep. The guards found Bubbles tied up and very frightened. They freed her quietly and captured the witch. The witch kicked and screamed but none of her evil friends came to her rescue. She was tied up and put into the underworld prison where she had to stay forever and ever. The King and Queen were so happy to have Bubbles back that they had a big party to celebrate the capture of the witch, and Bubbles learned a good lesson not to venture too far out of the palace grounds.

Download 3.76 Kb.

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