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BEDA/2019/41463 EVA KENDI


(a)Relate the goals of teaching literature to the goals of education.

(b)Discuss the problems you may encounter in field work and how to deal with them.



(a) Just as the goal of education is to foster nationalism, patriotism, and promote national unity, Literature brodens our perspectives on the world.Literature allows us to move beyound the boundaries of our own lives and culture,hence bringing unity in our own culture and the culture of others.It makes us more aware of life's possibilities,subleties and ambiguities.People who read literature experience more life and have a keener sense of common human identity.Kenya’s people belong to different communities, races and religions and should be able to live and interact as one people. Literature should enable the learner acquire a sense of nationhood and patriotism. It should also promote peace and harmonious co-existence.

Education Promoters social, economic, technological and industrial needs for national development.Literature also helps in personal development of the individual and in this it helps in the national development since literature aims for mental growth of an individual.When an individual develops he is also able to develop socially, economically and technologically thus promoting national development of our country and the world at large.Literature should prepare the learner to play an effective and productive role in the nation.Literature should instill social and adaptive skills in the learner for effective participation in the family, community, national, regional and international development, for example in learning oral literature,the narratives,poetry, stories among others.

Goals of education helps to Promote individual development and self-fulfillment,Likewise literature should provide opportunities to the learner to develop to the fullest potential. This includes development of one’s interests, talents and character for positive contribution to the society.If one's interest is on entertainment, literature is used to do so.It therefore serves to make life less tedious and to make the hours pleasurable.literature aims in developing student's own creative skills, developing creative thinking, developing creativity, expanding and enhancing knowledge in all curricular areas.

Education Promotes sound moral and religious values,Works of literature on the other hand should promote acquisition of national values. It should be geared towards developing a self-disciplined and ethical citizen with sound moral and religious values,for example religious songs can help to instill good moral values to a learner.

Education Promotes social equity and responsibility,Literature should promote social equity and responsibility. It should provide inclusive and equitable access to quality and differentiated education including learners with special educational needs and disabilities. Literature should also provide the learner with opportunities for shared responsibility and accountability through community service learning.

Education Promotes respect for and development of Kenya's rich and varied cultures, literature should instill in the learner appreciation of Kenya’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. The learner should value own and respect other people’s culture as well as embrace positive cultural practices in a dynamic society.literature aims to integrate into all aspects of the people's culture.It seeks to appreciate and emphathize the diversity of culture.

Education Promotes international consciousness and foster positive attitudes towards other nations Literature should empower the learner to respect, appreciate and participate in the opportunities within the international community. It should also enable the learner to operate within the international community with full knowledge of the obligations, responsibilities, rights and benefits that this membership entails.literature aims to develop a realization and fostering humanistic awareness and attitudes.

Education Promotes positive attitudes towards good health and environmental protection,​ literature should inculcate in the learner the value of physical and psychological well-being for self and others, it should promote environmental preservation and conservation, including animal welfare. For sustainable development,for example learners are taught stories which are concerned with environmental conservating which include stories of animals, physical features and objects around the environment.

(b). Lack of relevant teaching resources

Lack of teaching resources for examples teaching aids like charts,real objects and pictures are challenges to encounter in the field of teaching as a teacher.As an effective teacher I need to be equipped with my own teaching resources whenever I am attending my class for teaching.I need to know the topic am going to teach and equip myself with the resources that will enable me to deliver the content in that topic effectively.For example in teaching poetry,I need to look for charts, write different poems and take to my class during the lesson for effective understanding of my learners on poetry.

students don't like reading literary texts

The biggest challenge is to teach learners who do not like reading literary Texts of literature, that they just would not read the literature text no matter how much time you gave them. For Form 3 students, it’s very difficult to discuss the story for example plot, themes, characters and other literary styles, when they know nothing about the story. The lesson would not be successful until the teacher gives them the synopsis and then tries to elicit simple answers from the students. Most students do not like the literature text especially when it contains lots of names that are difficult to spell.

Students read literature for the seek of passing the exam

The students are not really interested in carrying out activities and discussions regarding the novel but would from time to time ask about the possible questions to be asked in the examination. It is in fact very difficult to sustain their interest in learning or studying literature in a classroom. It could be frustrating at times when the literature lessons ends up in lots of punishments and forcing. Students are too exam-oriented and would really panic and upset when they were not taught to answer certain questions. They would haunt the teacher to give them tips on the exam questions and would go all out to memorise model answers just for scoring good grades in Literature subject.

Some students do not enjoy and appreciate the beauty of literature

It is always challenging to teach students novel,where by they do not appreciate literature pieces as it was before. Students these days do not read much literature pieces either. Perhaps, this is due to the ever advancing information technology where students are exposed to more social websites and entertainment site such as facebook,movies, online games among others which they find reading literature pieces are boring them.During literature period i have to confront students who do not read the literary pieces that they have to do so. As a result, sometimes I have to force students to read through reading aloud activities.

Students have difficulties in understanding poems

Very often students have difficulties to understand poems. This is due to the figurative languages used such as idioms, metaphors, similes, symbolism and such. Besides this students are not in a position to turn on their imagination cap and prefer to learn these poems in order to score their exam rather that appreciating the piece of literature. Students can hardly understand what the poet tries to tell. They don’t really enjoy reading the poems and take it as a burden. It is the teacher’s duty to make the poem interesting. To teach poem I need to use alot of pictures and body gestures and may be cimic strips to make the students understand that poetry can be beautiful and meaningful.

It is difficult for students to understand texts

The solution to this problem is to rephrase and tell them the entire story in simple english. I also write down on the board a summary of the story so that they can understand it better. They copy down the summary and later use that to answer in the questions. Language is a problem for the some students and many a time I have to resort to story-telling as a technique. I can not make all my students read the literary text word for word and understand it but I can make them understand the storyline using my own technique. Most of the students don’t have any preparation before going to class, especially short stories and novels. They rely too much on teachers to tell them the synopsis and the important elements of the stories.

Students attitude

Student’s attitude is another problem.Some students don’t like English Language and literature therefore ,they do not involve much in literature lesson.To cope with this challenge I have to make works of literature interesting while in class.When teaching I have to use role playing method where I get the students involved in the learning activities.I can use the questions and answer sections, group discussions and individual presentations in order to make sure every learner participates in my class.This also will increase the learners concentration and understanding.I can also use stories and songs in order to capture the attention of my students.In this they will find the lessons interesting and enjoying which will promote a positive attitude towards works of literature.

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