University of Kansas Crafton-Preyer Theatre

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University of Kansas

Crafton-Preyer Theatre

Technical Information available at:


Seats: 1159 (598 Orchestra, 145 Mezzanine, 416 Balcony)

Loading Dock: Loads into Scene Shop

Dock 3’3” H x 9’ W

Dock Door: 8’1” H x 8’1” W

Door to Inge: 6’5” H x 8’1” W

Door to CPT: 19’6” H x 20’1” W

Proscenium: 25’ H x 40’ W

Grid: 55’ H (grid ends 30’SL of CL)

Wingspace: SL-19’ SR-14’ past Prosc. Opening.

US wall: 54’ from PL

Edge of stage: 14’6” DS of PL

SM Console : DSR

Single purchase fly system operated SR

Main curtain is manually operated, can travel and guillotine

Max. Batten height: 50’ (29’ for the Bridge, 39’ for other electrics)

Revolve: 42’ diameter, center under Lineset #31, controlled DSR

Hydraulic orchestra lift (no remote control) will seek to:

Stage, House, Orchestra Pit and Basement level

Piano: Cristofori baby grand

Intercom: 2 channel Clearcom system. 2 chan. beltpacks with 6 pin connectors

Paging to Greenroom and dressing rooms

Show sound to Greenroom and Dressing rooms

Dressing Rooms/Greenroom:

Located 1 floor below stage level

2 Chorus dressing rooms off of Greenroom, each seats 12 at a time. Each has showers, lockers and built in costume hanging space. There are no individual dressing rooms.

Personnel Lifts:

1-AWP30 with straddle kit

1-PLC 24

Contact Info:

Technical Director 785.864.3944

Stage Manager 785.864.2698

Shop Supervisor 785.864.3188

Costume Shop 785.864.3494

Cutter/Draper 785.864.3833

Box Office 785.864.3982

Production Office 785.864.3381

Web Pages:

Scene Shop:

Loading dock enters scene shop

Approx. 24’x24’ clear space

Fully equipped scene shop for carpentry and metalwork

Connects to both CPT and Inge theatres


Fully equipped prop shop with power tools

Stocked with more…stuff than you can possibly imagine

Costume Shop:

Fully equipped costume shop off of GreenRoom

Sewing machines and sergers

Industrial irons & boards

Laundry facilities

2 washers, 2 dryers, sink

Dye vat


Costume racks (portable)

General sewing supplies and notions

Makeup/wig area with sink and wig dryer


FOH located house center in the first row in the balcony.

Mixer: Allen & Heath GL 3300


8-Aux sends


2-Sony MDS-E10 minidisc recorder/players

1-Technics SLPG480A CD Player

1-Windows PC 350 MHz, 128MB RAM, 8GB drive running SFX with a GINA

8 I/O card

2-JBL Control 1 nearfield monitors


1-Yamaha SPX 90 II

3-Behringer DEQ 2496 Ultra Curve Pro

DBX 223XL Crossover

Hearing Augmentation:

Sennheiser I/R system


Center Cluster: Altec-Lansing Components

2-AB8500 LF

Driven by a Crown Com-Tech 1610

2-909 16A HF (Balc)

1-909 8A HF (Orch)

HF horns MR 11524

Driven by JBL SR 6630

L&R Prosc: Nexo PL15’s

Each driven by a QSC PLX 1202 in bridged mono mode

Subs: 2-Macpherson dual 18”

Driven by a Crown Macro-Tech 2402

Surround: 8-Electrovoice FR12-2B

Driven by Yamaha XM 6-150 (Chan. A-D)

US: 2-1234-C Altec Voice of the Theatre

Driven by Yamaha XM 6-150 (Chan E-F)

Portable: 4- Electrovoice SX 100+

4-Electrovoice EV 1502ER

Speaker lines:


Driven by QSC PLX 1602

3 Crown PCC 160

8 Shure Beta SM58

3 Audio Technica AT 815B Shotgun

9 Audio Technica AT853 hanging/area mics

3 Shure SM90 cardioid boundary mics

2 Shure SM91 omni boundary mics

Sennheiser wireless

14 Evolution EW100 G2 operating from 518MHz to 544MHz

12 Evolution EW100 G2 head set boom mics

2 Evolution EW100 G2 Handhelds

4 Countryman E6 head set boom mics

Telex Wireless

1 Lavalier system

1 Handheld system

Connecting lines:

All lines are balanced terminated with either TRS or XLR connectors

6 channel snake DSR

24 Channel/3 return snake DSL

19 mic lines run to various places onstage

26 lines connecting FOH and the amp rack

6 lines connecting production studio to amp rack

Audio Production:

Digidesign 002 tabletop running on an Intel Mac with 2-2.66GHz Dual Core Intel Xeon processors, 2GB 667MHz RAM, 1-250GB, 1-500GB internal hardrives, dual Superdrives, dual 20” monitors. 3x250GB Glyph external drives. ProTools 10, Peak, SoundSoap & Microsoft Office software.

2 Sony MDS-E58 Minidisc Recorders

1-Tascam CD-160 CD player

1-Tascam DA30 MK II DAT Recorder

Sound Effect Libraries:

Hollywood Edge Premier Edition 1-20

Sound Ideas General 6001-6060

Various and sundry others…

Soft Goods:

Type Description # in Stock Width Height

Legs 22oz Encore Black Velour 8 10’ 26’

Legs* 22oz Encore Black Velour 20* 20’ 26’

Border 22oz Encore Black Velour 3 55 ’ 12 ’

Legs * 24oz Black Velour 4* 12' 26'

Legs ** 24oz Black Velour 4** 25' 26'

Border 24oz Black Velour 5 45' 9'

RP Screen Grey 3 10’ 15’

RP Screen White 1 45’ 26’

RP Screen Blue 1 45’ 25’

Scrim Black Sharkstooth 1 45’ 26’

Scrim Black Sharkstooth 1 22’ 15’

Scrim White Sharkstooth 1 55' 26'

Scrim White Sharkstooth 1 45’ 26’

Scrim White Sharkstooth 1 38’ 30’

Bounce White Muslin 1 45’ 26’
*This includes 13-20’x26’ Encore legs and 2-12’x26’Velour legs hung on the surround.

**This includes two legs hung as Tabs.


Instruments # Available Lamp Gel Frame size

26° S4 50* HPL 575W 6.25”

36° S4 50* HPL 575W 6.25”

19° S4 38** HPL 575W 6.25”

Alt6 x 9 26 FLK 575W 7.5”

Alt6x12 44 FLK 575W 7.5”

S4 PARNel 40 HPL 750W 7.5”

8" Strand Fresnel 18 BVV 1000W 10”

Iris 4 11 FFT 1000W 15.75”x12”

Aurora Groundrow 24 FFT 1000W 12”

Studio Spot 575 2 MSR 575/2 N/A

x.Spot 2 MSR 700 SA N/A

Lycian Midget HP 2 MSR 575 HR 4.5” Diam.

8"x 6' Strip (3 circ.) 4 300W R40 7.5”x8”

*12 ea 26° & 36° used in Stock FOH Plot

**All 38-19° used in Stock FOH Plot

Accessories: # Available Size

Top Hat 8 7.5”

Top Hat 8 6.25”

Donut 10 7.5”

Donut 10 6.25”

1/2 Top Hat 8 6.25”

Barn Doors 3 7.25”

Barn Doors 6 10”

Drop in Iris 2 Source 4

Double gobo rotator 2 Source 4

Gam Film 2 Source 4

Coloram II scrollers 12 7.5”

Coloram II scrollers 12 6.25”

(see UTTech website for standard gelstrings)

Dimming :

Strand CD-80 Dimming racks with Johnson Systems CD-2000 control module

DMX inputs in light booth and DSR

282-2.4kW dimmers

6-6kW dimmers (4 on the Bridge, 2 on the USC wall)

EOS positioned in the back of the Orchestra Section for programming

ION in the Light Booth for Playback

1x40 Faderwing

ETC Net3 w DMX I/O


Le Maitre:

G150 Fogger

ShowFogger Pro

Neutron XS Hazer

LSX Chiller

DMX interface for G150 & Neutron XS


1-3 Circuit/2 Channel controller

3-Puff pots

1-Slow sparkle

1-Fast sparkle


Projectors and Video:

Data Projectors:

2-Epson PowerLite 7700p 3000 lumens

standard lens 49-63mm


wide angle lens 37.2-48.1mm


1-Epson PowerLite 8300i Wide zoom lens 5200 lumens

Image calculations (variables are in INCHES!)

•To find image size when you know projection distance

Max diag. size = (.9454 x Proj. Dist.) + 2.5

Min diag. size = (.6671 x Proj. Dist.) + 1.7

•To find the projection distance when you know the image size

Max proj dist. = (1.4990 x diag. size) – 2.5

Min proj. dist. = (1.0578 x diag. size) – 2.7

•Converting between Diagonal Size and Width or Height 4:3 Image

Diag size = 5/4 x Width

Diag size = 5/3 x Height

Width = 4/5 Diag. size

Height = 3/5 x diag. size

Overhead Projectors:

2-Dukane 6800, 7800 lumens 5600°K

35mm Projectors:

2-George Snell Metro-Lite ME-35E, 110,000 lumens 5600°K

1-Kodak Ektagraphic III


4-1.4” f2.5

2-76mm f3.5

2-4’-6” Zoom f3.5

2-75mm-125mm Zoom f3.5


3-Kramer VP719XL scaler

3-Geffen ex*tend*it VGA over CAT-5

1-Aten VGA splitter

1-Denon DN-V300 DVD player

1-JVC SR-DVM70US DVD/HDD/DV recorder

2-Sony DVP-NS50P DVD players

1-JVC HR-57600U VHS recorder

1-Canon GL2 mini-DV camera w/tripod

1-Dell Inspiron 9400 Laptop

1.66Ghz, 1 GB RAM

51 GB drive


NVIDIA GeForce Go 7800 video card

VGA output

DVI output

S-video output

USB and Firewire ports

Various and sundry monitors in many shapes and sizes…
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