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Appendix 1 Patent applications list, general
Appendix 2 Motorola, patent applications list
Appendix 3 Siemens, patent applications list
Appendix 4 Alcatel, patent applications list
Appendix 5 Lucent, patent applications list
Appendix 6 Extract from Market Forecast & Industry Report, from Strategy Analytics


Most of the available information on this subject is regarding the US market. Therefore , the main emphasis of this report is on that market. Yet it is too early to draw the conclusion that US is ahead of Europe in this field. It could be that they are , but they can also just be better on publishing.

2patent applications

Patent applications are normally secret for a time period of about 19 months. Therefore can only applications that are older be tracked by searching in patent databases.

Erling Sätterlund at LB/I has performed a search on wireless telemetry in the patent database. That search generated a list of 77 patent applications in the field of wireless telemetry during the time period from 1972 to beginning 1996. (Appendix 1). This search doesn’t tell us whether the patent application has gone through or not, which countries they are valid in, exactly what is patented etc. To get to know this kind of things, a proper analysis has to be made by the patent engineers at LB/I. Abstracts on the 32 patent applications that are published after 1990, are available at my room.

Cellnet has produced an interesting application, which is shortly described in section 3.4.

Motorola has four published applications during the time period 1977- 1993. (Appendix 2)

Siemens has 37 published applications during the time period 1969- 1995. (Appendix 3)

Alcatel has four published applications during the time period 1989- 1994. (Appendix 4)

Lucent has one published application 1995.(Appendix 5)

No published applications have been found for Nokia and Nortel.

3active companies

By searching on Internet and in several databases, a lot of information about companies being active within the area has been found. In this section the key providers found within cellular telemetry will be presented. An exception is that Motorola is presented even though there is only information available on that they work with telemetry for two-way paging networks. The below list of companies doesn’t claim to be a complete list of companies working with cellular telemetry. Additional information about companies working in this field is available at my desk if needed.


In early 1996, BellSouth introduced Cellemetry Data Service on the American market, a patented wireless technology developed by the same company. The development of the service was started in 1993 and it was first tested in Buenos Aires as a platform for security monitoring services and in Indianapolis for remote utility reading. Today BellSouth has signed contracts to provide Cellemetry Data Service to cellular carriers in North America representing over 130 million potential customers. Carriers include AirTouch-Eastern Region, Bell Mobility (Canada), CommNet, Kansas CelIular, Rural Cellular, Sygnet, US WEST New Vector Group, Vanguard Cellular and Frontier Cellular. It shall also be mentioned that Cellemetry is a registered trademark of Bell South Corporation.

The Cellemetry Data Service can handle a wide range of telemetry applications, such as alarm monitoring, utility meter readings, vehicle location, vending machine status, monitoring of railroad crossing sites and electric power distribution systems, to mention a few.

According to BellSouth Cellemetry Data Service plugs into a celllular carrier's existing network without requiring any modifications, providing low installation costs. The existing cellular network’s control channels and IS-41 network protocol are used to convey the telemetry messages.

Cellemetry Data Service operates in the same manner in which roaming telephones operate in the cellular system. When a roamer cellular telephone is turned on, it recognises the fact that it is not in its home system and accordingly sends its Mobile Identification Number (MIN) and its Electronic Serial Number (ESN) to the cellular system via one of the control channels. The cellular system recognises the roamer number and routes the MIN and ESN to the roamer's home system for validation. The Cellemetry radios respond exactly like roamer telephones except the MINs are special assigned so that the MIN and ESN are routed to a Cellemetry Service Gateway. The MIN serves to identify the Cellemetry radio and the ESN is the data field, which contains the 32-bit telemetry message. The Cellemetry Service gateway is a hardware and software redundant platform operating on UNIX which occupies approximately one 19-inch equipment rack. The Gateway is connected to an IS-41 port on the MSC.

Below is a list of some of the interesting applications that BellSouth has identified and classified as urban, rural or industrial:


Security alarms

Copier monitoring
Vending machines
Package drop box
Billboard monitoring


Irrigation monitoring

Temperature monitoring
Environmental/Contamination monitoring


Pipeline monitoring

Railroad crossings
Battery monitoring
Container monitoring
Utility meter reading

BellSouth seems to be very active in the cellular telemetry area and there are a lot of interesting information available on their web site, http://www.cellemetry.com/index.html .


Motorola is active in the field of telemetry over two-way paging networks. For instance the company Enron Corp. has strategic alliances with Motorola Inc., Mobile Telecommunication Technologies Inc.(Mtel) and ARDIS in order to deliver interactive automatic meter reading solutions in California.

Enron will supply its services via two-way wireless communications and a satellite-enabled network targeted at the industrial, commercial and residential markets. As a result Californians will be able to execute a command remotely from a phone, computer or two-way pager that will adjust the thermostat, turn on appliances or control security systems in their homes. The residential system is built around Motorola’s FLEX two-way paging technology and Mtel’s nation-wide advanced messaging network. Enron says it plans to have its automatic metering solution in place for use by California residents in beginning 1999, when applicable state laws on utility deregulation are scheduled to take effect. On the commercial and industrial side, Enron’s system will be connected via Motorola-made integrated wireless modems, which will transmit data from meters over the ARDIS US-nation-wide data network. Other companies taking part in Enron’s initiative are ABB Information Systems and TransData Inc.

3.3aeris communications inc.

Aeris Communications, Inc., based in California, was founded in 1992. Aeris’s patented technology, MicroBurst, is a messaging and small data packet utility that operates over the control channels of a cellular network, requiring no capital outlays or system upgrades of any kind by the cellular carrier.

MicroBurst data packets are transmitted under EIA/TIA 553 protocol over cellular control channels, and then are routed automatically to a central, nation-wide SCP/Hub over cellular's systems signalling #7 network under IS41B.

The MicroBurst hub, owned and operated by Aeris, processes and then distributes the information to end users or service providers using the Internet or direct links.

Aeris’s MicroBurst technology targets the wireless fixed and mobile telemetry market and focuses initially on the applications on next page:

Vertical market


Total Projected Market in U.S.

Vehicle position and condition reporting

Automatic vehicle tracking, inventory tracking, security and vehicle diagnostics

15,5 million units (1)


Residential and commercial alarm systems

24 million units (2)


Vending machines, mail drop boxes, gas and irrigation, well head monitoring

7.9 million units (3)

Utility meter reading

Automatic gas and electric meter reading devices

242 million units (4)

Notes: (1) Driscol & Associates; (2) 1995 Security Sales Fact Book; (3) Mobile Data Report; (4) Montgomery Securities

The operator Ameritech plans to use MicroBurst in their cellular network, which covers a territory with a population of some 25 million.

Aeris has partnered with DSC Communications to provide MicroBurst technology using DSC’s new IS-41 HLR and SCP.


Cellnet has applied for a patent with the title “Data collection system for remote metering of gas, water, electricity has telemetry devices with sensors to measure parameters at successive times and data store and transmitter to send data to collection device”. According to the information available from the patent data base the advantage with the system is: Provides profiled metering without physical inspection of individual meters and uses wireless communication to transmit information, system is cost effective, reliable, resistant to power failures and adaptable to variety of applications.

To get further information on if the patent application has gone through, what exactly will be patented etc, we will have to put an assignment on a patent engineer at LB/I.

3.5transtel group, inc.

Transtel Group, Inc. is a privately held US company founded in 1989. They have a product family named Remote Telemetry System (RTS) for usage with cellular networks.


Intercel is an Australian company working in the field of tele- and datacommunications. They claim that they have a Cellular Telemetry System (CTS) both for AMPS and GSM.

4 market Forecast

Please refer to the attached pages from ”The European & US Markets for Wireless Data Services, Market Forecast & Industry Report” (Appendix 6). Stategy Analytics produces this report and since Ericsson has an agreement with them, we can go back to them with our specific inquiries if we so wish. Please contact me and I will assist you in that.

EN/FAD 109 126 R4

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