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Creating Folders to Manage your Dragon Commands

After building multiple Dragon commands, you may have difficulty locating a specific command in the User Commands folder. In order to manage Dragon commands more easily, you are able to create folders that can be used to group specific command types together (e.g. create a folder for all medication commands).

This tip sheet is intended to teach you how to create a folder that can be used for grouping similar Dragon commands together.

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How to Create a Folder to Manage Similar Dragon Command Types

To create a folder that will be used for grouping Dragon commands, , and complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Command Browser from the Tools menu on the Dragon bar, and click the Manage button in the Task pane.

  1. Select the User Defined group from the drop down menu, and click the “+” button to see all of your Global Commands.

  1. Check the boxes for all of the commands you want to move, and click the Edit Properties button.

  1. Type the folder name in the Group field; Click the Save button. Note you can’t add spaces between words.

  1. Click the MyCommands button in the Task pane, and click the new folder to see your commands.

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Download 6.71 Kb.

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