Vampire the Masquerade Timeline this is not completed, this is a work in progress. About 1/6

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Vampire the Masquerade Timeline (this is not completed, this is a work in progress. About 1/6th of the timeline is done. Basically what you see, A LOT more will be added to it by the time it is completed)

First City(Enoch): Caine created the Second Generation. [VtM2,p13]

  • Khayyin’s Second Generation created the Third (Antediluvians), the Third created the Fourth and Fifth Generations. [Cb-As,p14]

Deluge: A great flood destroyed the first city. Caine believes this was punishment for returning to the world of mortals. [VtM2,p13]

  • (?): The Second and Third Generations created a great multitude of Progeny against

Caine’s restrictions. The youngest Generations rose and slew their Sires, drinking

their blood. [VtM2,p13]

  • ~5002BC: Set was born on shores of the bountiful river Nile. [Cb-Fo,p11]

Second City: The Fourth Generation built another great city, the Second City. [VtM2,p13]

  • For nearly two millennia (some say 23 centuries), the Fourth Generation ruled the city, while the Third Generation ruled them. [VtM2,p13]

  • Set and his sire journeyed to the Second City. [Cb-Fo,p12]

  • The people rose up and killed all Kindred they could find. [VtM2,p13]

  • It is believed that Troile’s diablerie of Brujah was the act that caused the infighting that broke out throughout the Second City. [Cb-Br,p14]

  • The ferocious nature of the Brujah did not arise until after the fall of the Second City. [Cb-Br,p14]

  • 4800 BC (?): Assamite antitribe Izhim ur Baal was Embraced. [CotN,p12]

  • 3006 BC+: The True Brujah started preparing war against the false Brujah.


  • ~2235 BC: Haqim and his followers found Alamut. [Cb-As,p14] Go

  • 13th Millennium BC: Followers of Set had power in Africa. [Cb-Fo,p18]

  • 8th century BC: Ventrue Tinia who controlled the Etruscans led 13 vampires conquered

the Italian peninsula. [Cb-Ve,p17]

Ancient Greece(776 BC-323 BC): First concentration of Clan Toreador. [Cb-To,p11]

  • 740-275 BC: The Fifth Generation establish its own order. This age of wars is believed to

be the beginning of the Jyhad. [VtM2,p14]

  • 700 BC~300 BC: The first revenants of the Tal’mahe’Ra were created in Eastern Europe.


  • 525 BC: Followers of Set Qufur am-Heru was Embraced. [CotN,p93]

  • 509 BC: Ventrue Collat (childe of Tinia) led a revolution which overthrew Etruscan

rulers of Rome. Then becomes ruler of Rome. [Cb-Ve,p17] Go

  • 500 BC: The Kindred of the Tal’mahe’Ra “True Black Hand/ True Hand” gained control

of the sect, which was controlled by Euthanatos mages, and spread to Europe but

was based in the Middle East prior to the shift of power. [DSotBH,p13]

Peloponnesian Wars(431 BC-406 BC): Sparta, controlled by Lasombra and Ventrue, did not want Athens, controlled by Toreador, to over take their city in political influence. [Cb-To,p11]

  • 400 BC: Vikings were aware of a Gangrel in Scandinavia about a battle between a hero

and vampire clearly bearing the marks of a Gangrel. [Cb-Ga,p12]

  • 3rd century BC: Clan Ventrue controlled most of Italy. [Cb-Ve,p17]

The close of the Second Cycle: Its said that the Antediluvians emerged from their hiding places and devoured all but one new Progeny of their line. [VtM2,p14]

  • 150 BC: Gangrel Brunhilde was Embraced. [CotN,p79]

  • 1st century BC: Members of Clan Brujah takes control of Carthage. [Cb-Ve,p17]

  • 12: Ventrue Rebekah was Embraced. [CotN,p97]

Jesus Ministries: Jesus supposedly healed a Gangrel of frenzy, if not the Curse. [Cb-Ga,p12]

  • before 1 AD: Gangrel Lucian was Embraced. [VtM2,p251]

  • first century AD: Children of Haqim (Assamite) al-Ashrad was Embraced. [CotN,p87]

  • 54: Roman Emperor Nero appeared to be completely under Camilla’s control.


  • 66: Clan Toreador gained more and more control over the Nero. [Cb-Ve,p19]

  • 68: Clan Toreador’s ample control of Nero was displayed with the war against Gaul.


  • Clan Ventrue replaced Nero in attempt to stop the damage to Rome. [Cb-Ve,p19]

  • 2nd century: Supposedly Arikel and Nosferatu met in Rome for the last time.


  • 4th century: Montano made one last attempt to salvage Clan Lasombra’s treasure “Rome”

he brought Christianity to the Empire. [Cb-La,p17]

  • 4th-5th centuries: Danislav revenants were created from three Danislav Kinfolk familes

by the Tzimisce Count Florescu. [TbN,p158]

  • 361~363: Three Lasombra wanted to discover the nature of the Obtenebration Discipline.

Using fey blood and “blood of Zeernebooch, a god of the underworld” it transformed one of the three Lasombra named Marconius into the Kiasyd bloodlines progenitor. [SHS,p38] Go

  • 438: A war erupted between the Tal’mahe’Ra and the Assamites. They Assamites

survived with the help of Setites who wanted to kill the Saracens after defeating

the True Hand. [DSotBH,p47]

  • 450: A schizm known as the War of the Betrayers split the Tal’mahe’Ra into two

halves, East and West. [DSotBH,p13]

  • 516: An Assamite spy discovered that the Setites were responsible for the True

Hand/Tal’mahe’Rah war. [DSotBH,p47]

  • 517: The Assamites and Tal’mahe’Ra formed an alliance to fight the Setites.


  • 550: Asian Kindred made friends with the Tal’mahe’Ra in the Middle East and over

the next 100 years the Path of Self-Focus was developed. It died out before the

year 1,000 but has come back around 1844. [DSotBH,p68]

  • 794+: The Path of Lilith was supposedly developed by a 4th gen Gangrel named

Hukros. [DSotBH,p65]

  • 812: Clan Ventrue reached and apex of power with Charlemagne when the east and

west Ventrue reunited after the Roman Empire split. [Cb-Ve,p20]

  • 848: Tremere is narrowly prevented from taking over the entire Order of Hermes.


  • 10th~12th centuries: Clan Brujah became powerful and equal to Clan Toreador under the

direction of many ancient Kindred. [Cb-To,p13]

Yaga. The lupines slew her and her minions they were decimated. [Cb-Tz,p17]

  • 983: Clan Tzimisce revenant pets whipped the Slavs into a frenzy of revolt against the

Teutonic invaders and Ventrue incursions halted. [Cb-Tz,p17]

  • 11th century: Clan Cappadocian complied a complete Book of Nod. [Cb-Gi,p17]

  • 11th~12th centuries: Toreador Geneveve Orseau was a majour leader in the Jyhad

between the Toreador and Followers of Set. [Cb-To,p67]

  • 1022: Goratrix of house Tremere discovers a method of inducing immortality through

ingesting vampiric blood. Tremere and seven followers become Cainites.


  • Tzimisce Sascha Vykos was Embraced. [CotN,p24]

  • 1045: Ambrogino Giovanni was Embraced. [CotN,p83]

  • 1056: Assamite antitribe Djuhah was Embraced. [CotN,p10]

Age of the First Sign: Tzimisce warred with ambitious Tremere. [TC4,p12]

  • Mid-12th century: Tremere begin changing select mages of House Tremere into vampyrs;

the Tremere create the first Gargoyles. [TC1,p102]

  • 1102: Assamite Fatima al-Faqadi was Embraced. [CotN,p80]

  • 1132: Nosferatu Dondinni was Embraced. [CotN,p100]

  • 1133: Tremere diablerizes Saulot; Tremere begins falling in and out of torpor. His seven

personally chosen councilors, all bound to him by Blood Oath, spread throughout

the known world. [TC1,p102]

  • First sign of Gehenna “The Hidden Darkness” the diablerie of Saulot [TC4,p119]

Age of the Second Sign: Council of Ashes is created. [TC4,p12]

  • 1150: Arpad Ventrue create the Council of Ashes and formally recognize seven domains

in Transylvania with seven princes to rule them. [TC1,p102]

  • 1153: Lasombra Ambrosio Luis Moncada was Embraced. [CotN,p27]

  • 1197: Ventrue Nova Arpad is captured; Nosferatu Ruxandra takes her place. Within a

year, however, Nova is freed by an opportunistic coterie. [TC1,p102]

  • 1198: Several Cainites are summoned to Buda-Pest by their sires, and instructed to scout

out the territory surrounding Tihuta Pass. By winter, a fortress is erected there

with Myca Vykos’ help (TC1,p42). [TC1,p102]

~close of the 12th century: Gangrel Jalan-Aajav was Embraced. [CotN,p10]

  • Early 13th century: Gangrel Karsh was Embraced. [CotN,p67]

Italian Renaissance(13th century): Clan Toreador helped start the Italian Renaissance.

[Cb-To,p14] Go

  • 13th century: A Tremere composed a short work on daemonology titled Nominis Inferni

from excerpts of an ancient Sanskrit fragment titled Naaman’h raakShasa.


  • It is said that the Inquisition started with a Toreador being angered by another Toreador’s criticism of his art work. [Cb-Ve,p20]

  • 1205: Goratrix, responsible for France, is angered by Church instrusions. He begins

inflitrating the Church. [TC1,p102]

  • 1211: Teutonic Knights inhabit and develop Bran Castle. A cabal of knights inhabit a

tower in the Tihuta Pass with a slightly different agenda. [TC1,p102]

  • 1229: The Inquisition is instituted. [VtM2,p49]

  • 1231: The pope officially founded the Society of Leopold. [Cb-Ve,p20]

  • 1241: The Tihuta Pass Castle is overrun by the Mongol horde. [TC1,p102]

Late Middle Ages(1300~1500): Marconius resurfaced in Strasbourg with a number of childer called the Kiasyd. They challenged the Ventrue in the area and defeated them, taking over the city and surrounding area. [SHS,p38]

  • 1250: Assamite Tariq was Embraced. [CotN,p115]

  • 1252: The inquisition uncovered it’s first Ventrue. [Cb-Ve,p20]

  • Mid 14th century: Danislav revenants used a dark gift to overthrow Count Florescu and

take control of his fiefdom. [TbN,p158]

  • 1300s: The Path of the Scorched Heart was developed of a True Brujah named

Rathmonicus. [DSotBH,p66]

  • late 1300s: Djuhah sent several powerful Mediterranean elders to their final graves

and turned on the most thrilling game of all — his own clanmates. [CotN,p11]

  • 1307: According to some legends, 33 Templars escape Philip the Fair, King of France’s

order for arrest. Their famed treasure is smuggled out of France, most of it going

to Scotland; some is taken east. [TC1,p102]

  • 1308: Second sign of Gehenna “Threefold breaking” the destruction of the Templars,

the loss of the Holy Land and the fall of a mighty wizard (Goratrix). [TC4,p119]

  • 1312: Two ships (also unaccounted for) containing cast wealth set sail presumably with

survivours or agents of the Templars seeking refuge in other lands. Numerous

splinter groups are formed, explaining why the Ventrue, Nosferatu and other

unseen masters all control the Templars at the same time. [TC1,p102]

  • 1314: A coterie of Transylvania Cainites escorts Goratrix, at the behest of Myca Vykos,

to face censure at the Tremere chantry of Ceoris. Reprimanded by his fellow

councilours, Goratrix flees Tremere’s wrath and disappears. [TC2,p112]

  • 1327: Ventrue antitribe Vincent Day was Embraced. [CotN,p]

  • 1349: The Eastern Lord Ventrue vainly try to set up a number of Saxon princes as part

of another council. Many are killed; some are eaten; all are abused. [TC1,p103]

  • Nortiz, the Corruptor of Legion’s childers use the political struggles in Moldavia as an opportunity to maneuver for position in their Reclamationist struggles. [TC1,p103]

  • 1356: Gangrel Xaviar was Embraced. [CotN,p91]

  • 1381: Wat Tyler’s lover, Patricia, is Embraced and takes the name Tyler in his honour.


Age of the Third Sign: Era of the Anarch Revolt. [TC4,p12]

  • 1371: Brujah Jaroslav Pascek was Embraced. [CotN,p43]

  • 1394: Clan elders believed to be arranged by Tremere Meerlinda. Ventrue Hardestadt

first proposed a league similar to the modern Camarilla. [Cb-Tr,p19]

  • 1395: Tyler’s attack against Hardestadt of Clan Ventrue begins the Anarch Revolt. She

successfully diablerizes him. [TC1,p103]

  • The Tal’mahe’Ra roused the church in attempt to weaken the power the Tzimisce, Lasombra and Brujah clans had over mortals. It backfired and the Inquisition stated. [DSotBH,p13]

  • 1399: Several Tzimisce unite to destroy the Danislav revenant. [TbN,p158]

  • 15th century: Clan Tremere lost both the original and the single copy of Nominis Inferni

to agents of the Arcanum or Inquisition. Believed the Inquisitors destroyed them

until they heard rumours that at least one copy was in the hands of an infernalist

in Central Europe. [BM,p63]

  • Tremere Johann Kloepfer wrote Das Tiefe Geheimnis translated “The Dark Secret” it contains the foundations of Thaumaturgy along with the most common rituals and paths. [BM,p63]

  • The Code of Tremere was instituted by Tremere. [Cb-Tr,p9]

  • Jalan-Aajav encounters an ancient creature (Kindred) in his westward wanderings. [CotN,p10]

  • Hassan al-Samhir (Karsh) pledges his eternal fealty to Hardestadt of Ventrue. [CotN,p68]

  • Lasombra antitribe Alfonso Lopez escaped the antitribe purge and fled north to Scandinavia. [Cb-La,p68]

  • before 1400(?): Nosferatu Alexander Danov was Embraced. [VtM2,p250]

  • 1402: Lasombra antitribe Giangaleazzo was Embraced. [CotN,p63]

  • 1405: Lasombra dies at the hands of his childe, Gratiano with several Assamites.


  • 1413: A group of anarchs led by younger Tzimisce diablerizes the Tzimisce clan

founder. [TC2,p112]

  • 1420: Anarch movement gains ground. The Vinculum comes into common use.


  • 1435: Camarilla was offically founded. [A&T,p31]

  • Tal’mahe’Ra played a limited role in forming the Camarilla. They wondered if another group was involved in it’s creation. [DSotBH,p13]

Renaissance(1450-1600): Clan Tzimisce believed they destroyed the Krevcheski revenant line for turning traitor and joining the Tremere. [CbR-Tz,p19] Go

  • Claudius Giovanni bullied several Rosselini to swear fealty to Clan Giovanni then he would return their souls to their bodies. [Cb-Gi,p34]

  • 1444: Nosferatu Federico di Padua was Embraced. [CotN,p53]

  • 1450: Toreador Raphael de Corazon made his famous about the Fifth Rule of the Code

of Caine which lead to the Camarilla and the Masquerade. [Cb-Tr,p19]

  • 1465: A rogue branch of the Tremere within the anarch ranks make its presence known.

Descendants from Goratrix, these rogues seek protection from the Tremere within

the ranks of anarchs. In the 16th century, when the Sabbat forms, the Tremere

antitribe are cursed (much like their sire Goratrix) with the mark of the traitor

magically branded on their foreheads. Through invisible to normal sight, the mark

is instantly noticeable by any non-Sabbat Tremere. [TC2,p112]

Age of the Fourth Sign: Son of the Dragon joined the ranks of the Transylvania undead. [TC4,p12]

  • 1472: A gathering of Cainites meet in Hermanstadt to discuss the “Dracula problem.” At

the charge of Count Radu of Bistritz Vlad Tepes is brought to him and then it is

decided the antediluvian Yorak (TC4,p14) will Embrace him. [TC2,Act I]

  • The Fourth Sign of Gehenna is revealed “Rise and Return of the Dragon” Saulot taking dominance of Tremere and still being active in the Jyhad. [TC4,p119]

Age of the Fifth Sign: Marked by the foundation of the Camarilla. [TC4,p12]

  • 1486: First global convocation of the Camarilla meets. [TC1,p104]

  • 1492: The Jews, many of whom were allied with Ventrue, were expelled from Spain.


  • Columbus set sail on a mission for Archbishop Moncada. [Cb-La,p22]

  • Clan Lasombra succeeded in driving the Moors from Iberia. [Cb-La,p22]

  • 1493: 23 Oct, The Convention of Thorns (CoT hereafter) ends the Anarch Revolt; a

Tremere ritual prevents Assamites from continuing to diablerize Cainites.


  • First Justicars of the Camarilla were the Inner Circle members led by Ventrue Hardestadt include Brujah Adana de Sforza, Gangrel Milov Petrenkov, Malkavian Camilla Baines, Nosferatu Josef von Bauren, Toreador, Rafael de Corazon, Tremere Mistress Fanchon. [TC2,p61]

  • The Cainites attending the CoT refer to themselves as the Kindred for the first time. [TC1,p104]

  • Silchester is destroyed by the anarchs who refused to sign the CoT. [TC2,p69]

  • Brujah Jarsoslav Pascek entered torpor after the CoT in a Roman crypt. [CotN,p42]

  • The Fifth Sign of Gehenna “The Making and the Breaking of the Compact of Kindred” the foundation of the Camarilla and subsequent creation of the Sabbat after the CoT. [TC4,p119]

  • 1495: Dracula orchestrates his own Embrace by pitting Sabbat and Camarilla against

each other. Forcing the Tzimisce Lambach to Embrace him and then diablerizing

to his sires generational equal. [TC2,p82/TC3,p102]

  • Spring 1496: Treaty of Tyre was signed by the Master and du’at. [Cb-As,p16]

  • 16th century: The Basarab revenants no longer exist. They were destroyed by Clan

Tzimisce because they blamed the family for Dracula’s impious presence.


  • The Path of Power and the Inner Voice was claimed to be created by a Lasombra named Lord Marcus. Tzimisce say Lasombra stole this from them. [CbR-Tz,p56]

  • latter half of the 16th century: The Kindred Capuchin has been active within the Catholic

Church as a Franciscan Friar. [Cb-Gi,p68]

~close of the 16th century: The Lasombra antitribe were extinguished.

  • 1500: Attacks in Spain and Transylvania against the Camarilla begin, and are attributed

to a new sect named the Sabbat. The Sabbat Wars last throughout the 16th and

17th Centuries [TC3,p18/TC3,p102]

  • The True Hand developed several pawns within the False Hand, Sabbats paramilitary arm: Black Hand. [DSotBH,p13]

  • 1504: First Justicar election: Brujah Targin, Gangrel Griga, Malkavian Lethe, Nosferatu

Anachriss, Toreador Lenore Braundice, Tremere Holtz, Ventrue Democritus


  • 1512: Dracula destroys the Gangrel Arnulf. [TC2,p112]

  • 1514: Ventrue antitribe Kyle Strathcona was Embraced. [CotN,p20]

  • 1517: Second Justicar election

  • 1520: Clan Giovanni Embraced the first Pisanob into the Clan. [Cb-Gi,p30]

  • – 1530: The Tremere gradually move from Ceoris to a new chantry in Vienna.


Age of the Sixth Sign: Many lessor broods were created and destroyed. Entire clans were annihilated. [TC4,p12]

whereby the Assamites surrendered the ability to commit diablerie. [Cb-As,p10]

  • 1528: Winter: Claudius Giovanni signed a formal agreement guaranteed Giovanni

nonintervention in all Kindred affairs (known as The Promise of 1528.)


  • 1529: It is whispered that the masterful Fabrizio Ulfila arranged to have the Catholic

church come to Vienna’s defense against the Turks resulting in their defeat and

safety of Clan Tremere. [TC3,p21]

  • 1530: Third Justicar election

  • 1543: Fourth Justicar election

  • 1550: In France, the Twilight Cult is formed. [TC3,p102]

  • 1556: Fifth Justicar election

  • 1560: The Ventrue of Transylvania begin implementing a more rigid hierarchy in their

cities. This helps them maintain control during the Sabbat Crusades and ferret out

Sabbat spies. The practice quickly spreads to other Camarilla cities across Europe.


  • Several Setite temples were established in the jungle and deserts of South America. [Cb-Fo,p18]

  • 1565: The Oprichniki revenant family was created during the reign of Ivan the Terrible.


  • 1566: The Lasombra antitribe, believed to be extinguished, reared its head again. Clan

Lasombra used Philip II to send the Inquisition to Granada to clear out the

antitribe. [Cb-La,p22]

  • 1568: Montano fled Granada to Tangiers. [Cb-La,p23]

  • 1569: Sixth Justicar election

  • 1579: Toreador Madame Guil was Embraced. [CotN,p46]

  • 1582: Seventh Justicar election

  • 1595: Eighth Justicar election

  • Sept, Inner Circle conclave was betrayed by Toreador Justicar Jean-Paul Pierre LaMont to the Sabbat and Black Hand soldiers. At least one Inner Circle member fell that night. [A&T,p34]

  • 1599: Followers of Set Count Ormonde was Embraced. [CotN,p86]

  • 17th century: Chantry of Portuguese Tremere developed the Path of Shadowcrafting for

combating the treacherous Lasombra in nearby Spain. [CbR-Tr,p53]

  • Some Giovanni studies in Belgrade found a book that contained the Endless Night ritual. [Cb-Gi,p16]

  • The Kindred Capuchin made a deal with Clan Giovanni to learn Necromancy


  • Mid 17th century: Jaroslav Pascek awoke from torpor and took up fighting the Sabbat

as a new calling for the next 200 years. [CotN,p42]

  • 1600s: The Path of Evil Revelations was founded by a group of Brujah who were daemon worshippers. [SHS,p49]

  • Tal’mahe’Ra of the East lost it’s Shadowland city in Enoch to Wraithlords. [DSotBH,p14]

  • Its claimed that the Les Amies Noir was created in the 1600s. [Cb-La,p45]

  • 1600: It becomes clear the Sabbat is losing its war against the Camarilla. Cities under

Sabbat control fall on nearly every front, and Sabbat leaders begin fleeing to

Scandinavia. [TC3,p102]

  • Lasombra Francisco Domingo de Polonia was Embraced. [CotN,p23]

  • 1608: Ninth Justicar election

  • 1621: Tenth Justicar election

  • 1632: Ravnos Callirus was Embraced. [CotN,p85]

  • 1634: Eleventh Justicar election

  • 1647: Twelfth Justicar election

  • 1650: Younger Sabbat start traveling to the New World in droves, trying to keep the

Camarilla from gaining control of the Americas. [TC3,p103]

  • 1656: Ventrue Lucinde is made Archon by her sire after her Embrace. [CotN,p49]

  • 1659: Lasombra Black Wallace was Embraced. [CotN,p18]

  • 1660: The Sabbat begins researching and codifying what will one night become the

Paths of Enlightenment. [TC3,p103]

  • The term Archon came into formal usage. [A&T,p35]

  • Thirteenth Justicar election

  • 1661(?)-1969: Brujah antitribe Ecaterina the Wise was a Bishop of New York.


  • 1673: Fourteenth Justicar election

  • (?)-1679(?): Tzimisce Otayhoni was a Bishop of New York. [NYbN,p23]

  • 1680: Ambrogino Giovanni proudly announces that the last member of the Cappadocian

line has been destroyed. [TC3,p103]

  • The Sixth Sign of Gehenna “The Martyred Innocence” the Death of Maria Asuncion ending the Purge. [TC4,p119]

  • Francisco Domingo de Polonia succeeded in a mission where he was expected to fail in gathering intelligence in New Mexico. [CotN,p23]

  • 1686: Fifteenth Justicar election

  • 1688: Ventrue Lady Anne Bowesley was Embraced. [CotN,p58]

  • 1699: Sixteenth Justicar election

  • Late 18th century: The first Sabbat Civil War. The Sabbat lost everything they worked

for in 30 years which the Camarilla gained control while the Sabbat imploded.


  • ~1700: Followers of Set Ghede was the first of his clan to infiltrate the Caribbean island

of Haiti. [Cb-Fo,p64]

  • 1700s East and West Tal’mahe’Ra factions combined again to retake Enoch from the

wraiths. [DSotBH,p14]

  • Del’Roh the Tal’mahe’Ra supreme leader position was created at the agreement called the Treaty of Enoch. The Del’Roh is a Ventrue antitribe that remains the leader until it’s destruction. [DSotBH,p14]

  • Clan Ventrue use the term “Secret Masters” for powerful forces that manipulate the world for their own sinister purposes. They do not have any concrete proof of their existence but witness enough circumstantial evidence. [Cb-Ve,p15]

  • 1704: Xaviar laid Elijah, Gangrel Justicar, at the feet of the Inner Circle (first American

conclave held in Boston.) They made him Archon. [CotN,p92]

  • 1710: The Malkavian Anatole diablerizes Octavio. [TC3,p103]

  • 1712: Seventeenth Justicar election

  • 1715: Kyle Strathcona set up Toreador destroyed several Ventrue during a Scottish

uprising. [CotN,p21]

  • 1724: Ventrue Justicar Mary Anne Blaire was assassinated by the Camarilla Inner Circle

because she discovered that an Inner Circle was supplanted by a fleshcrafted

double and planned to make a move against the mole. [A&T,p37]

  • 1725: Eighteenth Justicar election

  • 1730: Brujah Carlak was Embraced. [CotN,p61]

  • 1738: Ninteenth Justicar election

  • 1746: First female Assamite is Embraced. [Cb-As,p21]

  • 1750: The Tremere, after three centuries of compiling a list of suspect traitors to the

clan, ritually curse the antitribe with a symbol that all Tremere can see.


  • 1751: Twentieth Justicar election

  • 1757: Nosferatu Cock Robin was Embraced. [CotN,p45]

  • 1761-1998: Francisco Domingo de Polonia was a Archbishop of New York. [NYbN,p23]

  • 1762: Malkavian Maris Streck was Embraced. [CotN,p43]

  • 1764: Twenty-first Justicar election

  • 1765: May; Brujah Marguerite Foccart traveled to America. [Cb-Br,p15-16]

  • 1768: Toreador Vidal Jarbeaux was Embraced. [CotN,p55]

  • 1769: Malkavian Ruth McGinley was Embraced. [CotN,p64]

  • 1774-1817: Livia Czerny was a Priscus who advised Ecaterina Bishop of New York.


  • 1777: Twenty-second Justicar election

  • 1780: Black Wallace became an Inquisitor. [CotN,p19]

  • 1784: Tremere Lille Haake was Embraced. [CotN,p66]

  • 1789: Anarchs with the help of younger Sabbat, lend support to the revolucion and spur

it on. [TC3,p103]

  • The first Followers of Set arrived in Australia. [Cb-Fo,p19]

  • – 1794: Brujah Robin Leeland supported the common folk during the revolucion.


  • 1790: Twenty-third Justicar election

  • 1792: 10 Aug, Francois Villon fakes his death when King Louis XVI building burns

down. He exiles himself, while ruling Paris, to Florence and London for 20 years.


  • 1792-1801: Tzimisce Radu Bistri was a Bishop of New York. [NYbN,p23]

  • 1793: In fear, many Camarilla elders flee France when Robespierre’s Reign of Terror

begins. [TC3,p103]

  • 19th century: Brujah Dmitra Ilyanova elected Justicar. [CotN,p62]

  • Mid 19th century: The Vienna Camarilla usurps greater influence over the Austrian

bureaucracy, creating a new generation of Ventrue Embraced for their political skills instead of noble heritage. [TC4,p117]

  • Tremere Thomas Bremond documented his research of Voodoo in two journals. [BM,p64]

  • Last decades saw the overthrow of several Idealist Brujah rulers as countries changed governments. [Cb-Br,p17]

  • late 1800s: The Arcanum is formed. [VtM2,p49]

  • 1800: Bulscu of Clan Ventrue moves his haven to Russia. [TC4,p117]

  • 1801: The Sabbat establishes the Purchase Pact, which forbids Sabbat packs from

warring each other. Cardinal Radu Bistri witnesses the signing of the document.


  • 1803: 19th Sept: Purchase Pact was created, an anti-Sabbat infighting agreement.


  • Gorchist is Regent of the Sabbat [GttS,p18]

  • Twenty-fourth Justicar election

  • 1804: Sabbat Inquisition was founded by Priscus Ventrue antitribe Gustav Mallenhous.


  • 1804-1862: Lasombra Jonas Van Cortlandt was a Bishop of New York. [NYbN,p23]

  • 1805: Followers of Set Ghede and Ezuli stop speaking to each other because Ezuli stole

Ghede’s worshippers. [Cb-Fo,p64]

  • 1806: Toreador Modius, Prince of Gary, Indiana, Embraced. [VtM2,p246]

  • 1816: Twenty-fifth Justicar election

  • 1819: The Sabbat surrendered Florida to the Camarilla due to internal conflict being

unable to make a subtle defense, later California and Texas. [Cb-La,p27]

  • 1822: Brujah Tara was Embraced. [CotN,p60]

  • 1829: Twenty-sixth Justicar election

  • 1834: Jaroslav Pascek was made an official Archon. [CotN,p42]

  • 1842: Twenty-seventh Justicar election

  • 1848: The anarchs who stayed in Europe, and not going to the US, has a peak of power.


  • 1850: Only four Kindred held stable domains among Vienna’s population; Etrius,

Augustine, a Toreador Prince and a Habsburg Ventrue. [TC4,p27]

  • Clan Tzimisce suffers several defeats in their fights against the Camarilla and Clan Elders. They surrendered and sailed across the Atlantic. [Cb-Tz,p21]

  • 1855: Twenty-eighth Justicar election

  • The Sabbat surrendered most of the American West to the Camarilla due to internal conflict being unable to make a subtle defense. [Cb-La,p27]

  • 1857: Brujah Theo Bell was Embraced. [CotN,p52]

  • 1860: Ventrue Harold Goodston (Abomination, Embraced Garou) was Embraced.


  • 1866-1990: Lasombra Turlev was a Bishop of New York. [NYbN,p23]

  • 1867: Tremere Anastasz di Zagreb was Embraced. [CotN,p48]

  • 1868: Twenty-ninth Justicar election

  • 1872: Blood Brothers Mark was Embraced. [CotN,p30]

  • 1880s: Dueling went out of style among Ventrue. [Cb-Ve,p22]

  • 1881: Thirtieth Justicar election

  • 1882: Giovanni Ambrogio Giovanni acquired the Anexhexeton. [CotN,p83]

  • 1890s: Velya the Vivisectionist Embraced and grafted Elaine Cassidy to his back.


  • 1894: Thirty-first Justicar election

  • 1895: Vlad Tepes of Clan Tzimisce attempts to rejoin the Camarilla and purchased

several estates in London. [TC4,p118]

  • 1896: A blood hunt is declared against Vlad Tepes, who flees to Transylvania.


  • Europeans were admitted to be Embraced into Clan Assamite. [Cb-As,p21]

  • 1897: Vlad Tepes meets with the Irish author Bram Stoker and tells him story which he

publishes as Dracula. This is Vlad’s attempt to destroy the Masquerade.


  • Tremere Kyoko Shinsegawa was Embraced. [CotN,p76]

  • 1899: Toreador antitribe Mercy was Embraced. [CotN,p17]

  • 20th century: First part West coast cities such as San Diego, Sacramento, Seattle and Los

Angeles were ripe for Brujah rebellion as cities grew rapidly in both Kindred and Kine. [Cb-Br,p18]

  • Mid 20th century: Maris Streck was known across Europe for her competence in

assisting the Prince of Munich. [CotN,p44]

rumoured to be making a comeback. [Cb-Fo,p31]

  • early 1900s: Anastasz di Zagreb was made Archon. [CotN,p48]

  • 1902-1953: Tzimisce Blaise Careme advised Archbishop and Bishop’s of New York.


  • 1905: Ravnos Ghivran Dalaal was Embraced. [CotN,p85]

  • 1907: Thirty-second Justicar election

  • 1911: Tremere Aisling Sturbridge was Embraced. [CotN,p68]

  • 1914-1918: The Second Sabbat Civil war reaches its height during the Great War.


  • Melinda Galbraith is the new Regent of the Sabbat. [CC,p20]

  • The Sabbat Inquisition became a political tool but vanished when Jyhad spread between Sabbat-held territories. [SHS,p47]

  • 1916: Ravnos antitribe Anka was Embraced. [CotN,p35]

  • 1917: A rift opens between Russian Kindred and other European Camarilla. The Sabbat

attempts, without success, to take advantage of the split. [TC4,p118]

  • Followers of Set Rasputin is Embraced. [Cb-Fo,p65] Go

  • 1919: Followers of Set’s took quick advantage of the Prohibition by creating a criminal

army that stalled investigations and actions of Antediluvian-controlled police and

government. [Cb-Fo,p18]

  • – 1922: United States Ventrue convinced President Wilson to invade Russia with US

troops. [Cb-Br,p19]

  • 1918-1930: The olde Tzimisce retreat to secluded havens, leaving devastated Eastern

Europe to the Sabbat, made up of mostly younger Tzimisce and a few other

antitribe clans. [TC4,p118]

  • 1920s: Ruth McGinley awoke from a torpor from fighting a pack of lupines. [CotN,p65]

  • 1920: Thirty-third Justicar election

  • 1924: Sabbat Inquisition was reestablished by a Black Hand dominion named Julian.


  • Brujah Idealists “arranged” Lenin’s death. [Cb-Br,p20]

  • Marciana Giovanni was Embraced. [CotN,p81]

  • 1930s: Many Eastern European Kindred, particularly the Tremere, support the rise of

fascism, applauding its emphasis on law and order. Seeing fascist governments as

useful as check on social unrest and as a potential weapon against the Sabbat,

conservative Kindred lend assistance to the proponents of totalitarianism.


  • Lucinde rose from torpor to discover that her Ventrue lover was killed and replaced by the Setite Kemintiri. [CotN,p49]

  • mid 1930s: The Brujah Russian Council unified their opposition to Stalin after his

connections to mages and the Sabbat became apparent. [Cb-Br,p20]

  • 1931: Ventrue Ilyana Ravidovich was Embraced. [CotN,p57]

  • 1933: 21 Dec, The Code of Milan is created by Regent Gorchist with several Cardinals

and Archbishops. It’s purpose is to again stop Sabbat infighting. Developed at the

end of the Sabbat Civil War (SHS,p43). [GttS,p20]

  • Thirty-fourth Justicar election

  • 1938: Toreador Allicia was Embraced. [VtM2,p247]

  • 1941: Lady Anne carried Ventrue Mithras’ torpor body to safety after Germain’s

bombing of London. [CotN,p58]

  • 1942: Lasombra Leila Monroe was Embraced. [CotN,p26]

  • – 1945: Ventrue and Tremere allies of the German occupying forces attempt to oust the

Tzimisce from their native soil. Bizarre occurrences plague their efforts, as if the land itself intervenes. [TC4,p118]

  • Nazi concentration camp near Glodker was destroyed after Gangrel Talos Embraced half the tribe of Szdano Romany. They Embraced more the next night and ghouled others and struck at their captors. [Cb-Ga,p13]

  • 1944: Toreador Prince of Los Angeles Don Sebastian ordered his men to discipline the

Brujah Jeremy McNeil. [Cb-Br,p18]

  • Nosferatu antitribe Cicatriz was Embraced. [CotN,p25]

  • 1945-49: The Sabbat Tzimisce reassert their dominance over Eastern Europe, driving out

the remnants of the German and Austrian Camarilla Kindred from Romania and

other regions in Eastern Europe. Despite Sabbat efforts, the Russian Brujah

remain. The Tremere retreat to Austria or seclude themselves to Eastern Europe.


  • 1946: Thirty-fifth Justicar election

  • Nosferatu Justicar Petrodon offered Carlak to be one of his Archons. Spent the next two decades in the US. [CotN,p62]

  • 1948: Brujah antitribe seize control of several key archbishoprics in Romania.


orphaned or escaped ghouls. [GFA,p94]

  • Ventrue Anushin-Rawn established an island sanctuary she names Yiaros.


  • Brujah Don Cerro was elected Justicar. [CotN,p52]

  • Theo Bell was made Archon. [CotN,p52]

  • mid 1950s: The Milliners were brought into Clan Giovanni as a Giovanni Family.


  • 1950: Samedi Lithrac was Embraced. [CotN,p54]

  • 1952: Djuhah was the last Seraph appointed in the Sabbat’s Black Hand. [CC,p18]

  • 1954: One of the four known attempts of a Gehenna cult to influence a war between the

superpowers, stopped by Justicars. [A&T,p39]

  • 1956: The Third Sabbat Civil War in the Americas bleeds over into Europe, emerging as

another battle between the Brujah antitribe and Romania local Tzimisce.


  • 1957: The Third Sabbat Civil War lasted only 100 nights from a Brujah antitribe coup in

New York. [GttS,p19/NYbN,p25]

  • After their assistance in the Third Sabbat Civil War a group of Caitiff was recognized as a separate group/bloodline by the Lasombra and Tzimisce of the Sabbat. They were named “Panders” after their leader Joseph Pander. [GttS,p20]

  • 1959: Thirty-sixth Justicar election

  • early 1960s: Leila Monroe created a string of horror films that broke the

Masquerade. [CotN,p26]

  • 1960s~1970s: Leila Monroe remolded anarchs into Sabbat packs in attempt to

consolidate Los Angeles vampires. [CotN,p26]

  • 1961: Anka survived when a Lasombra burned all of her havens. [CotN,p36]

  • 1966: A Premascine ritual was disturbed which resulted in some havoc happening above

the water in Venice. [Cb-Gi,p37]

  • 1967: One of the four known attempts of a Gehenna cult to influence a war between the

superpowers, they vastly underestimated Kine intelligence so the Justicars did not

have to stop the cult. [A&T,p39]

  • 1968: Gangrel Ashton used the riots in Chicago to create a few childer without the

Prince’s approval. [Cb-Ga,p63]

  • 1972: Thirty-seventh Justicar election

  • Nosferatu Petrodon was re-elected Justicar. [CotN,p62]

  • Petrodon suggested the Inner Circle make Carlak next Brujah Justicar removing Dmitra from the position. [CotN,p62]

  • 1974: One of the four known attempts of a Gehenna cult to influence a war between the

superpowers, stopped by Justicars. [A&T,p39]

  • A Conclave ended so abysmally in Gary, Indiana that it was reconvened in Chicago the next day. [VtM2,p242]

  • 1977: Gangrel Calvin Cleaver was Embraced. [CotN,p73]

  • 1980s: One of the four known attempts of a Gehenna cult to influence a war between the

superpowers, stopped by combined assault of a coterie of Archons and a Sabbat

war pack. [A&T,p39]

  • mid 1980s: Ventrue Ruud Retief made an announcement at the Conclave in Liberia;

South African Board of (Ventrue) Directors made pacts with Sabbat to encourage

upheaval throughout Southern Africa. This shocked the Kindred world over.


  • 1984: A kamut of the Eastern Hand discovered and destroyed a stronghold of souleaters

in Lybia. [DSotBH,p29]

  • Malkavian antitribe Fabrizia Conteraz was Embraced while Mexican Sabbat were consolidating their forces against Camarilla-dominated Houston. [CotN,p28]

  • 1985: Thirty-eighth Justicar election. Carlak re-elected Justicar. [CotN,p42]

  • 1986: Calvin Cleaver reached Tennesse and was noticed by another Gangrel.


  • 1989: Romanian vampires, regardless of clan or sect, unite to expel Russian vampires

from their midst. Those who do not leave are destroyed or go into hiding.


  • The Ghoul cult The Disciples of Set was formed by Aziza Mohareb of Egypt and Steven O’Malley of San Francisco. They were both ghouls of the elder Setite Farouk. [GFA,p66]

  • Tremere William Thorbecke was assassinated by the Sabbat in Amsterdam. [CotN,p66]

  • 1990: Baba Yaga awakens from torpor and overwhelms the supernatural denizens

Russia, slamming down a supernatural barrier that prevents Kindred from leaving.

Contact with the Brujah who support the Soviet government breaks off abruptly

and many Kindred in Russia disappear. [TC4,p119]

  • No Followers of Set survived the awakening of Baba Yaga. Neither could they infiltrate the Shadow Curtain. [Cb-Fo,p20]

  • Cock Robin was the sole survivour of an unprecedented Camarilla-Sabbat offensive against Nosferatu Warwick in Bloods Brook, New Hampshire. [CotN,p45]

  • Theo Bell maintained his position of Archon because of his renown. [CotN,p52]

  • Assamite antitribe Montgomery Coven was Embraced. [CotN,p34]

  • mid 1990s: Ventrue Pariah provided information that lead successful lupine attacks against Chicago’s Kindred. [CotN,p70]

  • 1993-1999: Lasombra Simon Orozco was a Bishop of New York. [NYbN,p23]

  • Brujah antitribe Jayne Jonestown was Embraced. [CotN,p37]

  • Nosferatu El Diablo Verde was Embraced. [CotN,p72]

  • 1994: The Ghoul cult The Young Bloods was created by a Judas a Nosferatu ghoul and

Dave a Malkavian ghoul. Pentex took the group under its wing. [GFA,p66]

  • 1995: Tariq was captured by Tremere antitribe and subjected the Thaumaturgical ritual

Quenching the Lambent Flame reducing him from 5th to 13th gen. [CotN,p16]

  • – 1999: Mercy has served the Sabbat Inquisition as Knight Inquisitor. [CotN,p18]

  • 1996: Kindred from Western Europe take advantage of reestablished relations with

Eastern Europe and resume travel to former Iron Curtain countries. [TC4,p119]

  • Aisling Sturbridge became Regent of New York in November. [CotN,p69]

  • Caitiff Cesar Holfield was Embraced. [CotN,p75]

The Night of Bloody Terrors (March 1997): Giangaleazzo destroyed the Sabbat in his city and burned the Code of Milan then joined the Camarilla. [CotN,p64]

  • 1997: A wave of madness swept across the Camarilla Malkavians. [CotN,p44]

  • Petrodon called for Carlak’s assistance with stopping Anarchs but was assassinated before Carlak could arrive. [CotN,p62]

  • Assamite Thetmes is the caliph of Alamut. [Cb-As,p64]

  • al-Ashrad is amr of Alamut. [Cb-As,p65]

  • Justicar Xaviar oversees a Conclave every three years in New Orleans. [VtM2,p42]

  • Brujah Evelyn Stephens was Embraced. [VtM2,p250]

  • The Prince of Chicago has banned the creation of neonates for the last fifteen years, in attempt to gain more control over the Anarchs. [VtM2,p242]

  • 1998: Baba Yaga meets Final Death and the barrier isolating Russia from the rest of the

world falls. Rumours circulate throughout the Sabbat that the Hag’s death came

about at the hands of the Black Hand Seraph Jalan-Aajav, while some Camarilla

Kindred claim that their own warlord, Karsh, is responsible for her demise.


  • Some Gangrel antitribe whisper that the Gangrel seem perilously ready to abandon the Camarilla. [TC4,p58]

  • Tremere loses his struggle with Saulot in control for Tremere’s body. Tremere creates a ritual that transfers his consciousness into Etrius. Etrius then travels with a coterie bodyguard from Vienna, Austria to Atlanta, Georgia to meet with Sascha Vykos to negotiate an audience with Goratrix. Then from Atlanta to Mexico City where Tremere takes control of Goratrix and destroys the Tremere antitribe with the coterie that traveled with Etrius. [TC4,p43-63]

  • Carlak resigned from being Brujah Justicar. [CotN,p62]

  • Maris Streck called in boons from several of her most influential clients (Francois Villon and Lady Anne) to be nominated Malkavian Justicar. [CotN,p44]

  • Tremere Jean St. Frederique put Anastasz di Zagreb as Tremere Justicar candidate. [CotN,p49]

  • Fortieth Justicar election. Brujah Jaroslav Pascek, Malkavian Maris Streck, Nosferatu Cock Robin, Toreador Madame Guil, Tremere Anastasz Di Zagreb, Ventrue Lucinde [GttC,p27]

  • Inner Circle made Vidal Jarbeaux an Archon appointing him to watch Madame Guil. [CotN,p56]

  • 1999: Nosferatu Zelios master mason dies at the claws of the Sabbat. [TC4,p67]

  • The Seventh Sign of Gehenna “The Web of Power” Zelios geomantic web is actived and places Eastern Europe (and Manhattan) on the verge of nuclear disaster. [TC4,p119]

  • Xaviar resigned his commission as Justicar. [CotN,p92]

  • Nights after Xaviar resigns the Gangrel clan renouncing Camarilla membership almost to a vampire. [CotN,p92]

  • Summer: 6th Maelstorme ripped through the Shadowlands. [CotN,p83]

The end of the Third Cycle: The Third Generation will awaken then feed and none but the Third Generation will remain alive at its conclusion. [VtM2,p14]

  • 2004: The Eighth Sign of Gehenna “Cracking of the World” terrible storms and

upheavals rock the world, signifying the rise of the Antediluvians – and their

elders. [TC4,p119]

  • 2011: Would have been the forty-first Justicar election.

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