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Verb Test Review Sheet Name: __________________________
Directions: Underline the verb or verb phrase in the following sentences. Then label each as “A” for action or “L” for linking on the line provided.
A_____1. Each year hundreds of people report encounters with ghosts.

L_____2. You have certainly been helpful this year.

A_____3. Can you spend a couple of hours in the park with me?

A_____4. The gymnast turned a perfect somersault.

A_____5. Are you going to buy a book at the Book Fair?

L_____6. She has been ill for several days now.

L/A_____7. She is not my student this year, but I know her.

L_____8. The baby became very interested in the remote control to the television.

A_____9. After many hours in the car, we finally arrived home.

A_____10. Not everyone believes you are telling the truth.

Directions: Underline the verb in the following sentences. On the line provided, label each verb as “A” for action or “L” for linking.
A_____1. The butler sounded the gong for dinner.

A_____2. Ramon remained behind after the meeting.

A_____3. With relief Sheila felt the key under the flower pot.

A_____4. Before his jump the skier looked down at the people below.

L_____5. Gary’s writing became increasingly illegible.

A_____6. The helicopter suddenly appeared from behind the clouds.

A_____7. After some hesitation I tasted the fried frog’s legs.

L_____8. Sunshine always feels good to me.

L_____9. The warning bell sounded loud and clear.

L_____10. The stew tasted good to the tired campers.

Directions: Underline the verbs in the following sentences. On the line provided, label each verb as “vt” for transitive or “vi” for intransitive.
VT_____1. They brought the presents for the party.

VI_____2. Charles rode easily and gracefully.

VT_____3. Isabel rang the bell.

VT_____4. Mr. Bryant assigned our group the project.

VT_____5. The softball team leaves a great record.

VI_____6. Carol paints so very well!

VI_____7. The airplane taxied before take-off.

VT_____8. Marie taught a few words to us in her native language.

VI_____9. The boys left in a hurry after the three o’clock bell.

VT_____10. She read her new book from the Book Fair quietly at her desk.

Directions: Circle the receiver of the action (also known as the direct object) in each of the following sentences.
1. Firemen pulled the child from the burning car.

2. After a long trip we finally reached Atlanta.

3. Judy left her jacket in her school locker.

4. After dinner I enjoyed a rich dessert.

5. The sergeant ordered his troops to halt.

6. Each of us named our favorite music group.

7. Our quarterback threw a long pass for the touchdown.

8. Much to my surprise, I knew the answer to the problem.

9. Father mailed your letter while in the city today.

10. Carefully explain your decision to the committee.

Directions: Your test will consist of three short answer questions. Use this sheet to write down the questions AND the answers to each.
1. What are the difference between action verbs and linking verbs that we discussed in class? (2 points)
2. What are the two parts of the verb phrase? Explain the role of each verb in the verb phrase. (6 points)
3. Why are interrupting words not part of the verb phrase? (2 points)
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