Vickers barrow motor club 2008 yearbook windscreen stickers and leather key rings

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The Club has for sale from any Committee member plastic windscreen stickers and leather key rings. Both incorporate a badge with the Club name around the red “V” on a blue and white wave background. The windscreen stickers are 30p each and the leather key rings are £1.20p each.
The Club is able to offer a very large range of high quality, reasonably priced garments with an embroidered Club badge in two colours. Included in the range are:

V Neck Acrylic Sweaters

V Neck Lambswool Sweaters

V Neck Acrylic Slipovers

V Neck Botany Wool Slipovers

Crew Neck Sweatshirts

Hooded Sweatshirts

Sports Shirts

Tee Shirts

Acrylic Cardigans – Sleeved

Acrylic Cardigans – Sleeveless

Botany Cardigans – Sleeved

Botany Cardigans – Sleeveless

Tracksuits – Complete

Tracksuit Top Only

Bowls jacket


All items come in a full range of sizes, styles and a large variety of colours. Details of all items and prices are available on request from Russ Peters, Tele: (01229) 829223.
The Club will provide sponsorship to competitors who enter events organised by other motor clubs, providing the following conditions apply:

  1. The event is organised by a member club of the Association of North Eastern and Cumbria Car Clubs (ANECCC).

  2. The sponsorship will be equal to half of the event entry fee, up to a maximum of £20 per event.

  3. All persons in a crew must have been a VBMC member for 6 months prior to the event.

  4. Each crew member must be entered under VBMC on the event entry list/results.

  5. Competitors must officially start the event, but need not have to finish.

  6. A claim for sponsorship must be submitted on an official Competition Sponsorship Claim Form, no later than 3 months after the event.

  7. A copy of the event entry list and results must accompany a claim for sponsorship.

  8. There will be no limit to the amount that can be claimed by a member in a year or championship.

The following Local Traders are offering discounts to Members. Please remember you must always produce your membership card to gain full discount. Although discounts are not guaranteed, they are usually available.

DUDDON TYRES, BARROW Tele: 833333 Tyres, Alloy Wheels

PARTCO AUTO PARTS, BARROW Tele: 822902 General service items

E.K. BRAKES, BARROW Tele: 837095 Service parts, Brakes, Clutches

GUY PERRY PEUGEOT, BARROW Tele: 820182 Parts and Accessories for all

makes of vehicles

EXPRESS FACTORS, BARROW Tele: 871877 Unipart agent

RAYRIGG ROVER, BARROW Tele: 823100 CDs and Radios

D.S.G. KIA, BARROW Tele: 433000

D.S.G. VAUXHALL, BARROW Tele: 825172

PYE MOTORS, BARROW, KENDAL, Tele: 431300 Ford parts at any branch


SOUTH LAKES MINI CENTRE Tele: 836638 Mini spares and Kent Cams
Members can, with few exceptions, obtain a discount on Insurance Premiums through local firms of Insurance Brokers. The discount applies to policies with all member companies of the British Insurance Association (i.e. it excludes Iron Trades, The Co-operative Insurance etc.) and can be given whether you are simply renewing your existing policy, changing between Insurance Companies or starting a new policy.

SWINTON INSURANCE GROUP 90, Scott Street, Barrow Tele: 822415
Club Members can obtain approximately 18% discount on the full range of Haynes products ordered from their mail order catalogue. As well as the normal repair manuals they also stock many other books and videos on a wide range of subjects including motor sport, DIY and modelling as well as maps and travel guides. Catalogues and order forms are available from Les Bell.

THE VICTOR LUDORUM CHAMPIONSHIP is awarded to the Club’s “Supreme Champion”. Points can be scored in 6 Categories. (i) Capers (excluding Beginners Capers) and (ii) Touring Assemblies/Gymkhana, organised by only VBMC, and, (iii) Road Rallies (i.e. Navigation/Classic/Historic), (iv) Stage Rallies, (v) Autotests and (vi) Production Car Trials up to ‘National A’ status organised by any ANECCC Club. A competitor’s best two scores on each category of event will be counted thus making 12 possible scores. Drivers and Navigators qualify for points on Capers TAs and Rallies. To score points both members of a crew must be a VBMC member and both members of a crew must be entered under VBMC. Points will be awarded as follows: 12-Car Caper/Rally and TAs: 10 points for 1st, etc. as per the Caper/TA Championships. For all other events points will be based on a combination of overall position plus the relative position to the other VBMC competitors. A competitor finishing in the top 10% of the total starters will receive 5 points, between 10% and 20% - 41/2 points, and so on. Additionally, 5 points will be awarded to the highest placed Club competitor, 4 points for 2nd and so on to 1 point for 5th and all other finishers. Non-finishers will receive 1 point. To qualify for the Championship a competitor must score points in a minimum of two separate categories of events.
TRELORE RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP for the Trelore Trophies. The Championship will be made up of any timed Road Rally (Navigation or Historic) and Stage Rally event organised by an ANECCC Club and additionally any other stage rally if the venue is held within the Cumbria county boundary. To score points both members of a crew must be a VBMC member and both members of a crew must be entered under VBMC unless VBMC is not an invited club to the event. The championship will be decided by counting a competitors best 7 scores. Points will be awarded according to Class Position with 15 points for 1st in class down to 1 point for 15th in class and all other finishers. These points will then be multiplied by an event coefficient, according to the event status as follows: International x3; national A x2 and National B and below x1. Non-finishers will receive 1/2 point. Drivers and Navigators both qualify for points.
CAPER CHAMPIONSHIP A competitors best 5 scores on the 12-Car Capers/Rallies count. The points awarded for each event are: 10 points for 1st place, and so on down to 1 point for 10th place and all other finishers. Non-finishers will receive 1/2 point. Drivers and Navigators both qualify for points.

NOVICE CAPER CHAMPIONSHIP This is run concurrently with the Caper Championship with the best 5 scores to count. Points are awarded as for the Caper Championship.
TOURING ASSEMBLY CHAMPIONSHIP A competitors best 5 scores on the Touring Assemblies will count and points awarded as for the Caper Championship given above.
LADIES CHAMPIONSHIP All VBMC 12-Car Capers/Rallies, Touring Assemblies, Autotests, Production Car Trials and the Gymkhana qualify and a competitor’s best 8 scores count. Points will be awarded as follows: for 12-Car Capers, Touring Assemblies and Gymkhana: 5 points for 1st place, 41/2 points for 2nd and so on down to 1/2 point for 10th and all other finishers. Non-finishers will receive 1/4 point. For Autotests and PCTs: 5 points for 1st lady, 4 points for 2nd lady down to 1 point for 5th and all other finishers based on overall positions of VBMC competitors only. Non-finishers will receive 1/2 point.

  1. A competitor who has finished on fewer than two events cannot win any Championship.

  2. Competitors can only score points for the Club Championships providing that they enter a class on an event, which makes them eligible for the overall event awards.

  3. Points will only be awarded if the Championship Co-ordinator (Gareth Williams) is provided with a copy of the official entry list and results.

  4. Ties will be resolved in favour of the competitor with the greatest number of highest scores. If a tie still exists then the best dropped score will be used to resolve it. If a tie still exists then it will be allowed to stand.

The present structures within which British motor sports is organised and governed have been formed through a century of the sport’s successful development in Britain. Since the turn of 19th century the development of the motor car has led to the formation of several hundred motor clubs.
The Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association Limited (MSA) now provides the administrative and financial infrastructure for the sport ensuring funding for all the various resources required for the government of motor sport. The MSA is also recognised as the body appointed by the Department of Transport to regulate motor sport events that utilise the public roads in England and Wales.
Today there are over 700 motor clubs involved in Great Britain from the most amateur level through to the most professional, including circuit racing, rallying, trials and autotests, which are joined together to form the MSA. The MSA is a company limited by guarantee and is a non-profit distributing; thus any after tax surplus revenue is used within the sport.
The majority of MSA registered motor clubs are also members of one of the 15 Regional Associations that cover the whole of the UK. Each Association is recognised by, and has the full support of the MSA and exists to represent the interests and views of the member clubs. Each individual Regional Association is empowered by the MSA to manage agreed aspects of motor sport and acts as an advisory and liaison body between all member motor clubs, their individual members, and the MSA. Through the forum of the MSA Regional Committee, each Association is responsible to the Motor Sports Council.
Membership of Regional Associations enables clubs to have direct contact with MSA officials and committee members in their locality, and to access a wealth of accumulated experience and guidance across a broad spectrum of motor sport. Membership widens the number of events and championships in which club members can compete and Regional Associations provide a forum for general interaction between clubs, including discussions on proposed rule changes, development of safety measures, the arbitration of disputes and the promotion of training. A Regional Association also enables co-ordination, control and publicity of local fixture lists and liaison with statutory and other agencies, e.g. Sports Councils, Local Authorities and Government departments as well as other sports and community based organisations.
Vickers Barrow Motor Club is a member of the Association of North Eastern and Cumbria Car Clubs (ANECCC) that covers an area generally from a line between Morecambe Bay and Scarborough on the east coast up to the Scottish border. As ANECCC covers such a wide area our Regional Association is divided into three regional groups, which meet separately and cover local issues as much as possible but under the umbrella of ANECCC. The member clubs in ANECCC are:

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oldsite -> 1932 Chassis issued 10. 11. 32. Car despatched ex-works to Lillie Hall, Fulham on 21. 12. 32 as an “enclosed drive” and long-wheel-base, signifying a saloon body to be fitted. The designated body-builder was Georges Gangloff

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