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  1. Paleography is a process in a. Sculpture b. Printing c. Jewellery d. Ceramics

  2. Randing, slewing and upsetting are terms in a. Sculpture b. Basketry c. Leatherwork d. Ceramics

  3. Which of the following are the earliest forms of art? a. Engraving, paintings and sculpture b. Painting, ceramics and engravings c. Sculpture, textiles and etching d. Bead making, basketry and ceramics

  4. Which of these is a three-dimensional work? a. Collage b. Drawing c. Sculpture d. Painting

  5. Which of the following clearly identifies plastic art? a. Sculpture and metal work b. Music and architecture c. Sculpture and textiles d. Textiles and architecture

  6. What is an outstanding characteristic between painting and sculpture? a. Illusion of depth and actual depth b. Pigments and plastic materials c. Two dimensions and three dimensions d. Frontal view and multi-view

  7. All these are visual art forms except a) ceramics b) painting c) leather work d) music

  8. An activity done in both sculpture and ceramics is a)carving b) throwing d) throbbing d) casting

  9. The programs designed to enable users carry out specific information processing activities is a) system software b)application software c) system hardware d) hard drive

  10. Priming and glazing are associated with a) oil painting b) water colour c) ceramics d) leather work

  11. All these are three dimensional art except a) sculpture b) ceramics c) basketry d) graphics design

  12. An additive method of building forms is known as a) modelling b) pottery c) ceramics d) plaster

  13. The kick wheel is used in a) textile b) ceramics c) sculpture d) graphics

  14. Greenware is clay in its a) fired state b) glazed state c) untried state d) wet state

  15. Bas relief is another term for a) low relief b) high relief c) sculpture d) modelling

  16. A suitable method of outdoor sculpture is a) bronze b) clay c) plaster d) plasticine

  17. All these are input device except a) keyboard b) stylus pen c) microphone d) monitor

  18. The primary short cut of f1 in Corel draw is a) zoom b) syllabus/ help c) text tool d) shape tool

  19. An advantage of using the computer is that a) it’s flexible b) it’s reflective c) it’s colourful d) it’s bold

  20. Which tool is used to select, position, or transform objects in Corel draw a) pick tool b) knife tool c) crop d) pan tool

  21. The input unit or device that sends information to the computer through its keys a) monitor b) mouse c) printer d) keyboard

  22. Production techniques in sculpture include all except a) carving b) weaving c) casting d) modelling

  23. Which of the following is not a contemporary art form a) beadwork b) architecture c) sculpture d) photography

  24. Contemporary pottery is made on a device known as a) kiln b) potters guild c) potter’s wheel d) loom

  25. In the first stage of firing, the green ware turns to a) terracotta b) mould c) ceramics d) earth wear

  26. The head is ….. shaped a) egg b) orange c) watermelon b) apple

  27. The eyes fall …. Way between the head a) average b) down c) centre d) half

  28. The average figure of a human height of the human figure is a) 6 and half b) 7 and half c) 5 and half d) 9 and half

  29. Art is considered to be an integral part of a) fashion b) life c) adulthood d) society

  30. In ceramic-sculpture, carving is best done when the clay is a. Washed b. Grogged c. Wedged d. Leatherhard

  31. Which of these is not a printed item a) bag b) books c) poster d) stickers

  32. Who is the father of modern Nigerian art a) Bruce b) Demas c) Onabolu d) Ben

  33. 3D art are works of a) sculpture and ceramics b) painting and graphics d) textile and graphics d) painting and sculpture

  34. The materials which the artists uses in expressing himself is called a) sculpture b) painting c) textile d) medium

  35. The only pigment that cannot be obtained by mixing various other colours are called a) tertiary b) harmonious c) complementary d) primary

  36. The branch of art that can be seen and felt with the sense of touch is called a) visual b) performing c) verbal d) painting

  37. All the following are graphics package except a) Corel draw b) adobe Photoshop c) paint ms- excel

  38. Which of the following is not a quality of a creative person? a. He is hopeful and self-disciplined b. He is ready to explore new situations c. He accepts new challenges d. He panics when confronted with new situations

  39. To show perspective in a painting, colours near the horizon should be a. intense b. Pale c. Dull d. Bright

  40. In passing judgment on the work of art, one is moving into the realm of a. Evaluation b. Aesthetics c. Criticism d. Interpretation

  41. A suitable way to promote the sale of artifacts is to a. Ensure good finishing of products b. Retain cultural identity c. Place emphasis on exhibitions d. Develop creative skills

  42. Which of the following refers to volume and weight? a. Form b. Shape c. Space d. Value

  43. Shading brings about three feelings which are a). Beauty, flexibility and tonation b. Joy, peace and tranquillity c. Recession, solidity and depth d. Solidity, balance and texture

  44. In a poster, the written material is called a. Draft b. Passage c. Lesson d. Text

  45. A picture made from uniformly broken pieces of glass glued onto the support is known as a. Collage b. Batik c. Montage d. Mosaic

  46. The term hue is synonymous with a. Paint b. Colour c. Tone d. Texture

  47. The Greeks built temples to a. Show their wealth b. Exhibit their skills c. Accommodate their kings d. Protect their gods

  48. Ife in Nigeria is noted for a. Wood carving b. Leatherwork c. Cultural dances d. Bronze heads

  49. Which of the following is a principle of design? a. Line b. Texture c. Colours d. Rhythm

  50. Visual art education fosters creativity by a. Promoting citizenship qualities in artists b. Creating an awareness of the role of art c. Helping artists to think and act uniquely d. Encouraging the appreciation of cultural heritage


  1. Discuss the element and principles of design three each

  2. List and explain four computer accessories

  3. Explain Corel draw and list six functional short cut in corel draw

  4. Produce a well shaded drawing of a donkey resting on another donkey with a bucket in-between

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