Vub mission 26. 09 to 03. 10. 2011, Mexico City and Puebla Final Report Monday September 28th (Mexico City)

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VUB Mission 26.09 to 03.10.2011, Mexico City and Puebla

Final Report

Monday September 28th (Mexico City)

Program Jan Cornelis, Jacqueline Couder, Tania Genel

CINVESTAV (Center of Avanced Studies and Research of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional-IPN)

#4 in México, (QS) # 35 in Latin America, 550-600 worldwide

Avenida Instituto Politécnico Nacional #2508, Colonia San Pedro Zacatenco

Edificio administrativo, planta baja
Contact: Mrs. Anaid E. Linares Rojas - Coordinator of International Relations

Tel: +52 (55) 5747 3800 Ext: 4002

Cel. 0445549419894;
Note: CINVESTAV operates autonomously from IPN, but its ranking is not available separately

Agenda & Participants:

9:30 -10:00

Welcome address

Introduction of participants

Presentation about Cinvestav

Dr. Ricardo Félix

Academic Secretary

Dr. Yasuhiro Matsumoto

International Relations Coordinator



Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Prof. Dr. Jan Cornelis

Vicerector International Policy


Electrical engineering

Dr. Lorenzo Leija

Head of the Electrical Engineer Department

11:05 - 11:30

Physics Department

Dr. Máximo López

Head of the Physics Department


Computer Science Department

Dr. Amilcar Meneses Viveros

Academic Coordinator of the Computer Science Department


Roundtable lead by Dr. José Mustre de León –General Director of Cinvestav

All Participants

12:40 – 12:50

Concluding Remarks

Dr. José Mustre de León

General Director of Cinvestav


Visit the French-Mexican Laboratory on Computer Science and Control

Dr. Sergio Salazar.

CINVESTAV Researcher

Academic Coordinator

Autonomous Systems for Aerial and Underwater Navigation programs (SANAS)

Dr. Antonio Osorio Cordero


Also joined the meeting:

-Dr.Luc Dendooven (Soil sciences), participated in IUC Ethiopia (

- Dr. Frédéric Thalasso Siret, Biotechnology Department at CINVESTAV, PhD in Bio-engineering from UCL, who knows Anton Vandeput and Philippe Claeys (




GENERAL - by Yasuhiro Matsumoto(PPT available)

Cinvestav is a public institution, founded in 1961

(mix of government lab and university)

Vision: societal orientation.

9 campuses; 7 national labs

IRO: 2 persons

Concept of multidisciplinary programs (#3)

674 Faculty

3000 graduate students

61 postgraduate programs

    • 31 Masters and

    • 30 Ph.D (2 direct Ph.D)

5% international students

Most students come from Lat Am and India

Participation in H2020 through CONACYT

-project with TU Delft on nuclear waste

-project on plant genetics, alumnus of UGent (Van Montagu) is working here. Plant genetics is very active group at CINVESTAV
Joint International Workshops

We bring specialists together with common interests to:

Acquire and share expertise on a given subject.

Find research and collaboration partners.

Promote the exchange of students/academics.

VUB is interested in “direct PhD” (after Ba or 1 year of Ma)

Contact at VUB: Geert Angenon, …?

VUB is interested in concept of workshops to develop consortia for application for project funding
VUB concept of joint labs and ecosystem with companies is explained

Digital Super Brains: General Coordination of Systems of Information and Communication Technology

Xiuhcoatl: hybrid cluster


90 Tera-flaps

the management of large volumes of data or the modeling of complex phenomena

Also joined the meeting:

-Dr.Luc Dendooven (Soil sciences), participated in IUC Ethiopia (

- Dr. Frédéric Thalasso Siret, Biotechnology Department at CINVESTAV, PhD in Bio-engineering from UCL, who knows Anton Vandeput and Philippe Claeys (

Artificial voice for disability in language

Possible match with Werner Verhelst/Hichem Sahli – ETRO, …?

Possible match with Center for Linguistics (aphasia, neurolinguistics: Peter Mariën – Elke De Witte)

Endoscopic surgery trainer (with CNRS)

Franco (CNRS)-Mexican lab

-computing and automatic control

Development of unmanned vehicles of long endurance.

Development of hybrid vehicles (airplane / helicopter).

Control of a four-rotor helicopter using GPS.

Development of an exoskeletons and revalidation aids

Possible matches:

- Martin Timmermans (ETRO)?

- Eventually Robotics Bram Vanderborght – but less advanced than VUB

We visited the lab

High Energy Physics

Participation in LHC, CERN, Switzerland

Should know VUB team in CERN- Jurgen D’Hondt at VUB?


(PPT available – ANNEX 4)

Strong points were not identifiable

A staff of 50 researchers. Most of them belong to the National Researchers System “Sistema Nacional de Investigadores ” or S.N.I. (88%).



Biosignal processing.

Robotics for surgery.

Sensors, transducers and materials development.

Rehabilitation engineering

Concentration of activities in this area -- > Johan Stiens – ETRO, …?

Special mention of their expertise in radiation treatment


Communications Networks.


Communications Theory

Solid State Electronics

VLSI design, Fuzzy logic and neural networks.

Solar cells.

Oxide and lasers semiconductors.

Solid state sensor materials.

Secondary ion spectroscopy


Telecontrol of robot manipulators.

Servomechanism design.

Magnetic bearing.

Vibration damping.

Nonlinear control robotics

DEPT PHYSICS – by Luis Fernando Rojas

(PPT available – ANNEX 5)

Strong theory mindedness

Research Areas:

  • Gravitation and Math. Physics

  • High Energy Physics the CMS and ALICE Collaborations at LHC (CERN) and in the Pierre Auger Project for detection of Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays

  • Solid State Physics  CMS detectors

  • Soft Condensed Matter

Alexander Sevrin in Fac. WE?
Must know VUB team- Jurgen D’Hondt

Exchange from BE to MX is possible through AMEXYT for students and staff (and vice versa)

VUB’s EN master in physics is communicated to them – contact Fac. WE

Students need to do exam before entering PhD (GRE Physics) and succeed. This will also be necessary for VUB students in joint PhD. Might be bottleneck.

VUB Joint PhD system is explained. Interest exists!

ICT – by Amilcar Meneses Viveros

(PPT available – ANNEX 6)

CINVESTAN Ma – some courses in EN; PhD supported by CONACYT

Research Areas

Theory of Computing – Math. foundations

Artificial Intelligence – genetic alg.(strong)

Computer Systems

Information Systems – Big data/HC interaction, DBS,GIS, visual computing lab.

Onderliggende links/expertise:

-Human-robot interaction


Contacts: Ann Nowe -DINF; Hichem Sahli (ETRO); Peter Schelkens (ETRO), ….


-link up of CINVESTAV – VUB expertise (in particular on the Physics area)

- possibly, make joint inventory of available apparatus in labs for possible complements CINVESTAV- primarily Physics Dept.of CINVESTAV – VUB

-ask CONACYT for funding possibilities (see meeting CONACYT). UK and France are preferred countries for CONACYT.

-send full BRUFACE Doc and research IOF/faculty of applied sciences

Parallel program Prof. Ann Peeters:
COLMEX_(Colegio_de_México)'>COLMEX (Colegio de México)

Center for Linguistics and Literary Studies /Centro de Estudios Lingüísticos y Literarios

Camino al Ajusco 20, Col. Pedregal de Santa Teresa, México D. F. 10740

Contact: Dr. Rafael Olea Blanco 55-27-49-60-29, (back – up) Dr. Alfonso Medina 55-43-88-02-26


Director - Dr. Rafael Olea Blanco

Academic Coordinator CELL – Dr. Alfonso Medina

General Academic Coordinator COLMEX– Dr. Raimundo Campos

Mrs. Valentina Riquelme, responsible for the Office of Academic Exchange



COLMEX was founded in 1940

  • mostly MA courses

7 academic centers:

  • History

  • Sociology

  • African and American Studies

  • Urban Studies

  • Economy

  • International Relations

  • Public Administration

Most of the research activities in:

  • Humanities

  • Social Sciences

Interested in international student exchanges:

  • Students don’t pay tuition fees

  • No possibility for scholarships

  • No possibility for campus accommodation

  • Interested students need a minimum average of 16/20

  • Maximum of 2 students / semester

  • Student exchange in Latin-American Economy / Politics (those student don’t need to be fluent in Spanish)

  • Want to send students for Translation Studies

No possibilities for Joint or Double Degrees

Department TALK would be interested to set up possibilities for exchange, but only if other Departments (Brussels Diplomatic Academy?) would be interested as well.

Applied Linguistics?


No follow up for the moment


Alfredo Musset 41, Polanco, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, 11550

Conctac : Françoise Willems, Assistant to the Ambassador, Tel : +52-55- EXT. 16


16.00-16.30 Introductory Meeting VUB – Belgian Embassy

H.E. Ambassador Hans – Christian Kint

First Secretary Mr. Philippe De Mûelenaere

16.30 – 18.00 Roundtable with AMEXCID and Embassy

Purpose of visit is explained. VUB Int’l strategy is explained in short: collaboration models, BDA, Cultural Diplomacy, alumni club.

Embassy has not a lot of contact with universities in Mexico.

UGent is visiting Mexico and Embassy in two weeks.


Send final report on mission and keep them posted with developments and brochures

-Laura García Querol, Director for Cooperation with Europe , 5536865100 ext 664

-Laura Melisa Galindo, Coordinator projects with Europe.

Giovanni Bolaños, Deputy Director for Europe

-Susana Ocaña, Deputy General Directorate for Academic Cooperation.




Body of Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2011


-coordinate international cooperation; incl. educational and scientific research

-economic, cultural and touristic promotion

5 depts:

-‘International cooperation for development’ dept. is responsible for VUB collaboration

Works according to Mexico’s thematic and geographic priorities: is very broad – see PPT
Ministry of S&T sets priorities and AMEXCID (mostly inflow in Mexico) supports CONACYT’s (mostly outflow from Mexico) actions abroad.

Total offer:

170 scholarships for European Countries (only incoming students)

Current offer Belgium:

-10 scholarships for French Community (is signed)

-10 scholarships for Flemish Community the scholarship program is already up and running

(in 2015: # 7 Belgians)


-tuition/roundtrip/monthly stipend of 500 EUR/insurance


-invited speaker at conference/ visiting professors in Mexico/artist residence/media residence/other.

Calls for scholars was already advertised at VUB and will continue to be.

Keep eye open for next call expected March 2016

More information regarding AMEXCID’s Scholarship Programs is available on:

·       AMEXCID’s Website:

·       Bilateral scholarships offer (academic programs). 2016 Annual Call deadline for Belgian students: October 15th, 2015 (Next Call will be published on March 2016):

·       Special Programs. The Annual Call finished on August, 14, 2015 (Next Call will be published on March 2016):

. Artist residences on personal basis, not linked to institutions – Hans De Wolf – VUB?


  • Include AMEXCID’s scholarships on our website somehow

  • Eventually contact ANUIES, the association of Mexican universities, offer office space in Pleinlaan 5&9, ask for possibility to promote VUB’s English programs (VLIR scholarships): contact person Brenda Galaviz Aragon, 54204900 ext 4921 and 4978

  • Potentially find a way to combine OAS with Conacyt

  • Send electronic version of program cards to AMEXCID

Tuesday September 29th (MEXICO CITY)_______________________________________________
CONACYT (Mexican National Council for Science and Technology)

Av. Insurgentes Sur 1582, 4to. Piso-N, Col. Crédito Constructor, 03940 Mexico D.F.

Contact: Mrs. Jessica Urueta Quiroz – Subdirector of Cooperation Mexico – EU in Science, Technology and Innovation  +(52 55) 53 22 77 00 / Ext. 1710;

Agenda & Participants

9.00-10.30 Executive meeting

Mrs. Jessica Urueta Quiroz, Sub -Director of Cooperation EU – Mexico in Science, Technology and Innovation

Mr. Juan Carlos Wiechers, Sub- Director of International Cooperation and Scholarships

Maria Teresa de León, Director of Comercialization of Technology (?)



Supports S&T in 28 centers and for 2600 researchers

Works with Federal (UNAM, IPN, UAM,..) and State Universities

Cinestav is dependent on Ministry of Education, since it is a university and not just a research center

CONACYT manages grants and agreements with the 150 best universities in the world, based on THE ranking; but case by case analysis is possible. Currently 100 agreements have been signed. CONACYT manages part of the national S&T policy plan.

VUB has to defend its case- if we apply for an agreement.

Students are sponsored in engineering/medicine/water/environment/pharmacology/nanotechnology/hard sciences

Priority is energy

NOT sponsored: social science, humanities and business administration

Focus is on PhD researchers

At PhD-level: history, literature, geography, arts is also possible for sponsoring

Opening towards linguistics and literature

PhD sponsoring is possible for 4 years – model of co-financing with university, e.g. tuition fee waiver or extra monthly stipend. Student receives 900 EUR/month.

University sends proposal/application to CONACYT

Model of joint PhD is matter of universities, not CONACYT
Direct PhD can also be sponsored (without Ma diploma)

VUB will send application after consultation with VUB academics to identify interest. Cases must be ready to start when applying for funding.

CONACYT can sponsor workshop via co-financing1

CONACYT sponsors short fellow visits (outgoing and incoming) up to 6 months for master (thesis) and 1 year for PhD to experience a research stay. Fully sponsored with stipend and insurance. No tuition.

CONACYT can sponsor students (incoming in Mexico) when attending programme that is recognized by CONACYT:

National Program of Quality Graduate Studies (PNPC-label).

When agreement with CONACYT, university is mentioned on website of CONACYT. Gives visibility to universities.

CONACYT organizes fairs (once/year in 3 states). International and Mexican universities are present, but only those who have an agreement with Conacyt.

Overall sponsoring rate: 60% PhD/40% Ma with 1600-1800 scholarships/year

Think about the possibility of using bench fee for the VUB sponsoring

Procedure for Mexican students: VUB takes care of PR, student applies to VUB and when accepted, student can apply to CONACYT for scholarship with letter of acceptance from VUB
Call CONACYT: 2x/year

Week 1 in Feb and week 4 in April

Selection takes 1 month

Start activity in September

Procedure for Belgian students: 1 call/year

Ask OAS to promote VUB among Mexican universities

Participation in H2020:

CONACYT covers part of the Mexicans when project is selected by EC. When project is selected by the EC, the Mexicans make extra application to CONACYT and request is always granted.

A special one-time call is coming up for collaboration between funding organisations with approx. 20 million EUR.

Three projects are expected, one will be selected.

Topics: geothermic, marine solar, renewal energy

see EU website, is announced


  • VUB will send application after consultation with VUB academics to identify interest. Cases must be ready to start when applying for funding.

  • Need to ask for a draft/example of standard agreement

  • David will seek to obtain information on CONACYT’s scholars at VUB

  • Think about the possibility of using bench fee for the VUB sponsoring, consider other co-financing options,

  • Offer the possibility to identify PhD slots within VUB and make a specific call for Conacyt (similar to OAS system)

  • Ask OAS to promote VUB among Mexican universities

  • Check for agreement FWO-CONACYT (2012)?

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