Week 11 Journal Sales Promotion

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Week 11 Journal
Sales Promotion

Walmart –

It is one of the largest and one of the oldest a retail chains in the world, it is publicly known as a family-oriented business
Walmart’s USP is everyday low price at store, online and also in the mobile app.
They even have massive festival deals and discounts specially during Christmas. They stock their Christmas items in late October and early November and by mid-December all the remaining Christmas items are at massive discounts
They also have other promotion techniques such as
Match Price: Here they can match the lowest price of another store and the customer will get that product at that price
Money back guarantee: If the Customer is not happy with the product, they can return it. There are some disadvantages associated with this, as it is beneficial to the customer it is not beneficial to the store
Pick up at store: Here they can place the order online, where there are better deals and instead of waiting for a home delivery, they can go the store and pick it up
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals: Black Friday is a big deal in the United States and Canada specially, so Walmart went all out for their promotion. This is when the use it to their advantage. This is almost the end of the holiday season with Christmas and new year’s approaching.

Another example of how brands use the holiday season to advertise effectively:

It’s the favourite season of the year some brands launch some really inspiring campaigns. I came across the advertisement of Not on the high street – A personalised gifts online brand. The commercial is titled as -The Magic of Small things begins with a young boy surprising his post lady with Christmas gift, we also see two girls make their mum a creamy hot chocolate and a grandma let her young grandchildren indulge in freshly baked mince pies. During the ad they are showcasing some beautiful handcrafted Christmas gifts tree decorations, ceramic mugs, plates, fairy lights, blankets and table décor.

The ad is effective in communicating an ideal message of supporting the local businesses cherishing the simple moments of connection in life that has become so very important specially during this year. It is an effective engagement message of ‘Celebrating Magic of Small Things’ where the consumers focus on small things that really matter whether showing love to someone, cherishing a cozy moment or as simply buying from small business. Specially during this unpredicted time where hope and kindness is the most important act of humanity that connects us all together.

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