What I learned about Airplanes and Cell Phones

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What I Learned about Airplanes and Cell Phones

During the research, I learned a lot about airplanes. Airplanes were first developed on December 17, 1903 by Orville and Wilbur Wright. Because of the Wright Brothers, people were able to travel to other parts of the world instead of using boats, which would take longer. Anyone could use an airplane but not everyone could afford it. Airplanes have helped people discover new parts of the world.

While discussing with the other group, I also learned about how cell phones are very useful. Cell phones allow people to have long distant conversations from any place in the world. Cell phones were made by Motorola September 21, 1983. Some people also could not afford them because this technology was too expensive. Cell phones have been an important use of communication and always will be.

What I Learned from the Websites

While reading The Babbage Engine, I learned that Charles Babbage was born 1791. Charles was a computer pioneer and designed the first automatic computing engine. He tried to build computers during his time but failed to construct them. He eventually died in 1871. The first complete Babbage Engine was completed in London 2002, after it was designed 153 years ago. This shows that although he died, his work continued to live.

While looking through The Museum of Modern Technology, I found out information about operating systems/desktops, emails, the World Wide Web, and networks that I never even knew. Under Operating Systems/Desktops, I found out that in the past computer machines filled the entire room and was maintained by a team of computer specialists. For Emails, I learned that a fax machine attached to a telephone line was a popular way to send messages in earlier times. People referred to using the web as surfing because you can jump to any website anywhere in the world by the click of a button, based on the information in Worldwide Web. The last thing I learned was from Networks. I found out that it is not illegal if you acquire a single-user copy license and put the program on a shared network machine.

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