What is Accelerated Reader (AR)?

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What is Accelerated Reader (AR)?

AR is a school-wide reading program at Brookview Elementary for students in Kindergarten through fifth grade. Students have the opportunity to earn rewards for books they have read and assessments they have taken.

This is how the AR program works…

  1. A student selects a book on their reading level which has been determined from their score on the STAR reading assessment. Most of our books in the Media Center are coded based on various reading levels. Students can identify books within their reading level using the chart below.

  2. Once the student reads the book in its entirety they will take a reading comprehension quiz at school.   Each book has a point value based on its difficulty. Each quiz can only be taken once and the student must answer all questions and receive an average of 80% for all quizzes taken within the grading period (nine weeks).

  3. Students will earn rewards for meeting their point and percentage goals AND for exceeding these goals allowing them to be inducted into the Point Club. Students will also be able to track their own progress allowing them to take responsibility for their own learning.

Parent Monitoring Through Home Connect:

 Parents can keep an eye on their child's progress through Home connect. You can see their individual goal here as well as keep track of their total points for the quarter and year.  To view their status follow the steps below:  


Once logged in you can see your child's current marking period goal and total points. 

Frequently Asked Questions…

  1. Can I read the book to my child? Absolutely, parents can read the books with and to their child encouraging the students to read as they go along. The students will be developing a different set of skills when reading to themselves and when quizzing on books that were read to them. Both skills are important to their educational development.  As the child develops confidence they can start to read more to the parents and to themselves.

  2. Can they open the book when they take the quiz? Open book quizzing is discouraged.  Teachers may at times allow students to reference the books on an as needed basis or when working on certain skills. But in general, the program is not intended for open book quizzing

  3. Can they take quizzes for books leveled at a higher grade level?  The higher the reading level of the book, the more difficult the comprehension questions will be. It is important to know quizzes can only be taken once. Ultimately, it is at the teacher’s discretion if the student can be allowed to take an AR quiz on a book that is not within their reading level.

  4. What happens if they score a 60% or lower and do not receive points for the book?  If your child does not pass the test, consider helping him/her to find a book that may be easier to comprehend. Start with the simple books to build confidence in test taking and then work your way up from there. Students must have an overall average of 80% and meet their point goal in order to receive prizes. This rule is in place to discourage students from taking random quizzes to earn points and rewards without having really read the books.  The teachers are notified if there is a pattern of excessive failed quizzes to determine if the student needs additional assistance in selecting books at the appropriate level and also to determine if the student is truly reading the books before taking the quiz.  


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