What to bring: Lunch & Snack Towel & Suit on Swim Days

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What to bring:

Lunch & Snack Towel & Suit on Swim Days

Water bottle Hat

Tennis shoes Sun Screen & Bug Spray

$10 Registration Fee 1x only

$25 Down payment holds the week

Final $215 due 1 week before camp

Summer Camp Schedule!

Ages 6-14

Week of Theme Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

June 22 Outdoor Week Silver Lake Picnic/Games Luray Caverns Mountain Day/Safari Crafts Camp Highroad

$240 Bowling Luray Museum Swimming@ Warf Vertical Rock Archery & Ecosystems

July 6 Water Week Bull Run Park Burke Lake Park Mountain Day/Squirt Broad Run Mini Golf Camp Highroad

$240 Atlantis Waterpark Train/Carousel Swimming @ Warf Crafts Canoe & Ropes Course

July 20 Compete Week Silver Lake Picnic/Games Panther Laser Tag Mountain Day/Team Broad Run Mini Golf Camp Highroad

$240 Bowling Air & Space Dulles Swimming @Warf Rebounderz Ropes Course/Survival

August 10 Games Week Bowling Tennis Mountain Day/Games Dojo Games Bull Run Park & Picnic

$240 Vertical Rock Climbing Panther Laser Tag Movie/Solar Bread Rebounderz Atantis WaterPark

Please note the schedule above is subject to change for which days activities take place. Final schedule out last part of May.

Daily Dojo Activities: Karate Classes at 3-4 PM Monday – Thursday Daily Self-defense drills, games, crafts, summer reading as time allows

Mountain Days are old fashioned outdoor fun days. Squirt guns, Games, Critter Safaris, chickens, ducks, rabbits, crafts, solar bread, nature walks ++

Indoor movie available for inclement weather breaks. Address will be provided.

Download 7.94 Kb.

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