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OAC Inc. Artist Residency Contract

This contract outlines our mutual expectations of your residency at the Osage Arts Community. This agreement made and entered into by and between Osage Arts Community, Inc., a nonprofit Missouri corporation at 89 Eagle Lane, Belle, Missouri hereinafter referred to as “OAC,” and , an independent contractor, hereinafter referred to as artist in residence. This contract outlines our mutual expectations of your residency at Osage Arts Community. OAC encourages you to use your time here to experiment, develop new ideas, learn new skills, and interact with your fellow resident artists and the community. It should be a time of rich exploration for you, and we, as the board, will help in whatever way we can to assist you. Following are the terms of the agreement.


OAC is desirous of having the artist in residence come to the OAC for the period of time set out below as an artist in residence. The artist in residence will work as an independent contractor to promote the arts set forth in the charter of OAC and more specifically set out below. Artist in residence is desirous of coming to the OAC premises for said purposes. Therefore, in consideration of the resources hereinafter mentioned and the covenants contained herein, the parties agree as follows:

Time of availability: OAC will be in residence from the _______ to serve as an artist in residence at OAC, located at 89 Eagle Lane, Belle, Missouri. The artist in residence will reside at said residence during said period full time. Absences for a reason other than OAC endeavors must have prior consent from OAC in writing and attached to this agreement. The artist in residence will have reasonable access to and use of OAC facilities which include one residence, private cottages, and shop for the purpose of furthering his/her research, study, own projects, or as a retreat.
Studio size, access, and condition: OAC assigns a studio space to the artist in residence based on his/her work requirements. OAC has the right of access to the artist in residence studio space at any time with reasonable notice. OAC often has important visitors who we feel compelled to show around the facilities and studios. OAC also gives tours to potential and existing funders of OAC. OAC will make a best effort to give the artist in residence notice of these visits, and will keep these visits brief. The artist in residence is invited to use the OAC studios in whatever way the artist in residence wishes in order to advance his/her work, however, the space must be returned to OAC in the same conditions it was when assigned upon arrival. Permanent changes and alterations such as painting surfaces or putting large holes in the walls are not permitted.
Housing: The artist in residence will be provided a fully furnished living space during their residency. It must be left in the same condition as it was assigned upon arrival.
Guest policy: During the residency, the artist in residence may have guests stay with them in their assigned live space. Pets are permitted although approval is required prior to arrival. The artist in residence is responsible for all food, expenses, damages that their guests/pet encores during their stay.
Respective property of the parties: The creative work and efforts of the artist in residence shall be and remain the property of the artist in residence. The cost of shipping work to the artist in residence’s home or studio is their responsibility at the conclusion of the residency. However, the documentation by audio/visual and photographic processes of the activities of the artist in residence while in residence shall remain the property of OAC. The artist in residence agrees to allow reproduction of said documentation for OAC’s promotional materials, at OAC expense. The artist in residence will also donate one piece of art work, chosen jointly by the board of directors and the artist, given to OAC Inc. for its permanent collection.
Art sales policy and procedures: Sales of any work belong to or created at OAC by the artist in residence is encouraged. A copy of each formal invoice will be surrendered to OAC for permanent record. All proceeds of these sales are to be kept by the artist in residence.

Hold Harmless: OAC agrees to hold the artist in residence harmless for any damage or loss paid by the OAC or on its behalf on account or due to the artist in residence’s intentional or negligent conduct which causes loss or injury to another. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto set their hands on the dates indicated.

Independent guest: During the visit to OAC and the state of Missouri, the artist in residence is an independent guest. The artist in residence agrees to be responsible for his or her own actions as they pertain to the local community and state and federal laws and regulations.
Community involvement: OAC is located in central Missouri, providing artists and the community with access to each other. The artist in residence is encouraged to attend and participate in all of OAC events, programs, etc. OAC board members will also bring guests to these events. OAC believes these events help to foster a sense of community among the artists and are an avenue for connecting with the public. They are interested in meeting and possibly working with the artist in residence. In addition to open studio visits, the artists have the opportunity voluntarily participate in OAC’s Artist-in-Residence Program offered in the local schools.
Work Exchange Program: OAC required the artist in residence to complete 10 hours weekly assistance to OAC or the surrounding rural area OAC is hosted on. Work could include: general construction, carpentry, studio improvements, grounds and building maintenance, office work, or any special skills that the artist posses that would help ongoing OAC operations.
Medical awareness: The artist in residence is responsible for informing OAC of any serious or life threatening medical conditions and any medications taken regularly. Should the artist in residence have any specific medical requirements, any special arrangements must be discussed in advance of the residency with Executive Director.
Code of conduct: During the residency, the artist in residence agrees to respect the OAC facilities, including all communal area and shared spaces throughout the complex. The artist in residence is expected to conduct him/herself in an appropriate manner, and respect all others in residence.
While OAC anticipates that all artists in residence will conduct themselves in a mature and generous way, it is the individual artists responsibility to immediately report any incident or allegation of harassment, whether verbal, physical, and/or visual, to the Executive Director, or in his absence, to any board member. OAC prohibits unlawful harassment, including, but not limited to, race, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, etc. OAC will conduct such investigations as warranted under the circumstances and take action if needed. OAC will take reasonable steps to maintain confidentiality and restrict access to information to persons who need to know. OAC’s Executive Director has the responsibility of investigating and resolving complaints of harassment. OAC considers harassment to be a major offense that can result in the termination of a residency.

OAC reserves the right to terminate a residency if there is an indication that an artist in residences behavior during a residency at OAC will or does jeopardize the quality of the experience for other artists in residence, collaborations with affiliate organizations and community relations.

OAC’s vehicles: OAC’s vehicles may be used for picking up supplies and making deliveries. OAC’s vehicles are not available for the purpose of leaving Missouri. The artist in residence is fully responsible for the vehicle while it is in your possession. If the vehicle is involved in a wreck, the artist in residence will be responsible for paying for its repair, or the insurance deductible, whichever is less and for any damage caused in the accident. OAC’s insurance requires that before an artist in residence may drive any of the vehicles, OAC must have a copy of the artists in residences driver’s license and vehicle insurance on file. This should be sent to OAC thirty (30) days prior to the artists arrival or before utilizing a OAC vehicle. Unless this is on file an artist in residence will be unable to use an OAC vehicle. All vehicles must be signed out with an OAC board member.
Insurance: OAC does not carry health insurance, personal injury or theft insurance for its artists in residence and should the artist in residence desire this coverage he/she will need to obtain it personally.
Publicity and promotion: OAC will promote artist in residence presentations and any other community interactions or projects he/she participate in during a residency. Please let OAC know if the artist in residence is planning any public exhibition/event/performances of work elsewhere during the time of the residency so OAC can mention them in press releases.
Acknowledgement: It is required that any work which receives support for its development from OAC and appears in public performances must acknowledge OAC in wording such as the following: “This work has been supported in part by the Osage Arts Community, a private not-for profit organization.” This credit must appear on all flyers in which other grants are mentioned and any programs in which any part of the work appears. The first three times such credit is given, the artist in residence alumnus will send a copy of the flyers and/or programs to OAC.
Equal opportunity: It is the policy of OAC that there shall be no discrimination with respect to selection of the artist in residence because of race, color, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, gender, age, physical limitations or military status.
Background search: By signature below the artist in residence agrees to allow the OAC to do a background search including a criminal history search.
Agreement personal as to OAC: This agreement is personal as to the artist in residence and there may be no substitution in his/her place unless agreed upon by OAC.
By executing this letter of confirmation of residency I agree that neither OAC Inc., nor any of their officers, directors, volunteers will be liable for any damages arising from personal injuries sustained by me or my guests in, or about OAC premises as a result of my using the facilities and any equipment, services, food or other provisions, and further agree that neither OAC, nor any of their officers, director, volunteers shall be liable for any loss or theft of personal property. I also agree to abide by OAC’s rules and policies.
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Social Security Number: Date:
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8/6/2017 Copywriter Osage Arts Community, Inc.

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