Yakov Kronrod Phd student Department of Linguistics University of Maryland

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Yakov Kronrod

PhD Student
Department of Linguistics
University of Maryland

5804 Quebec St. yakovkronrod@gmail.com

Berwyn Heights, MD 20740 508.410.0846
Personal Background

DOB: March 7, 1981

Moscow, Russia

Date of Immigration to US: 1989

Date of Naturalization as US citizen: 1994
Educational Background

PhD Student, Department of Linguistics, University of Maryland, 2009-Present

Expected Completion: August 2014

Graduate Coursework in Computer Science, Northeastern University, 2006

Graduate Coursework in Computer Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2002

B.S. Mathematics (with high honors), Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1998-2001

Complete Undergraduate Computer Science Coursework, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1998-2001
Training and Workshops

IGERT Workshop on developing interdisciplinary graduate programs. Coeur d’Alene, ID. 2012

Machine Learning Summer School, Purdue University, 2011

Winter Storm Workshop (research, techniques, and development), University of Maryland, 2010-2013

Teaching Experience

(Please see attached Teaching Statement for details and analysis)

Teaching Assistant, LING 200: Introduction to Linguistics, UMD. Fall 2012

Teaching Assistant, LING 200: Introduction to Linguistics, UMD. Spring 2012

Teaching Assistant, LING 200: Introduction to Linguistics, UMD. Fall 2011

High School Mathematics Teacher, School ONE, Providence, RI. 2008-2009

Mathematics Tutor, Wiz Tutoring, LLC, Providence, RI. 2007-2008

Mathematics and SAT Tutor, Club-Z In Home Tutoring, Worcester, Ma 2005

Middle School Mathematics Teacher, Southbridge Middle School, Southbridge, Ma. 2004-2005

Director of MCAS tutoring, Southbridge High School, Southbridge, Ma. 2004

Preceptor, Artificial Intelligence, WPI. 2002

Preceptor, Algorithms, WPI. 2002

Preceptor, Graphics, WPI. 2002

Senior Teaching Assistant, Data Structures and Programming Techniques, WPI. 2001

Senior Teaching Assistant, Discrete Mathematics, WPI. 2001

Peer Learning Assistant, Linear Algebra, WPI. 2001-2002

Courses Prepared to Teach

Introduction to Linguistics (undergrad, graduate), introduction to Phonology (undergrad, graduate), Seminar in Categorical Perception and Phoneme Processing, Programming for the Social Scientist (undergrad, graduate)

Mentoring Experience
Supervising 1 adult continuing student. MEG experimentation and analysis, 2010-2011

Supervising 1 undergraduate in Linguistics, MEG experimentation and analysis, 2010-2011

Work Experience (non-teaching)

Software Engineer, Avid Technology, Inc. Tewksbury, Ma. 2008

Founder and Director of Education, Wiz Tutoring, Inc. Providence, RI. 2007-2008

Software Automation Engineer, Incipient, Inc. Waltham, Ma 2006-2007

Manager and Software Automation Engineer, Sun Microsystems, Burlington, Ma 2005-2006

Software Engineer, Softscape, Inc. Wayland, Ma. 2004

Account Executive, Pagio, Inc. Worcester, Ma 2004

Account Advertising Executive, Worcester Publishing, Worcester, Ma. 2004

Independent Software Development Consultant, Civigenics, Inc. Marlboro, Ma. 2000

Laboratory Assistant, Fire Protection Engineering Center, WPI. 1998-1999

Research Experience
IGERT Research Rotation, UMD, Directed by Jeff Lidz. 2012

Research fellow, UMD. Directed by Philip Resnik. 2009-2011

Research Assistant, Northeastern. Directed by R. Futrelle. 2006

Research Assistant, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Directed by E. Rundensteiner, 2001

Notable Research Projects
Investigating Poka Constructions in Russian, a Corpus acquisition study, with J. Lidz, 2012

Dirichlet Processes for bilingual development, with N. Feldman, 2011-2012

Bayesian models of phonetic category effects, with N. Feldman, 2011-2012

Arabic Sentiment Analysis, with P. Resnik, 2011-2012

Monolingual Translation and Crowdsourcing, with P. Resnik and B. Bederson, 2010-2012

Cross-language English-Russian priming with false cognates. With K. Gor. 2011

MEG Study of categorical perception in fricatives. With W. Idsardi, 2010-2012

Artificial languages and noun class learning. With J. Lidz, 2010-2011

NLP for Biological Knowledge Extraction. With R. Futrelle, 2006

Pattern Formation via Activator-Inhibitor systems in biological systems. With S. Weekes. 2000-2001

Statistical Modeling of the Digital Divide, With S. Selkow, 2000-2001

XMDV: Multivariate Data Visualization, with E. Rundensteiner, 2001

Kronrod, Y., E. Coppess, & N. Feldman “A Unified Model of Categorical Effects in Consonant and Vowel Perception”. Proceedings of the 2012 meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.
Resnik, P., O. Buzek, Y. Kronrod, C. Hu, A. J. Quinn, & B. Bederson. Using Targeted Paraphrasing and Monolingual Crowdsourcing to Improve Translation. To appear in ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST). In Press
Hu, C., P. Resnik, Y Kronrod, & B. B. Bederson. Deploying MonoTrans Widgets in the Wild, to appear on CHI 2012, Sep 2011

Hu, C., P. Resnik, Y. Kronrod, V. Eidelman, O. Buzek, & B. B. Bederson. 2011. “The value of monolingual crowdsourcing in a real-world translation scenario: simulation using Haitian Creole emergency SMS messages.” In Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation (Edinburgh, Scotland, July 30 - 31, 2011). Association for Computational Linguistics, Stroudsburg, PA, 399-404.

Hu, C., B. B. Bederson, P. Resnik, and Y. Kronrod. 2011. “MonoTrans2: a new human computation system to support monolingual translation.” In Proceedings of the 2011 Annual Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Vancouver, BC, Canada, May 07 - 12, 2011). CHI '11. ACM, New York, NY, 1133-1136.
Kronrod, Y., P. Resnik, O. Buzek, C. Hu, A. Quinn, & B. B. Bederson. “Position Paper: Improving Translation via Targeted Paraphrasing.” American Machine Translation Association (AMTA) Workshop on Collaborative Translation. 2010
Resnik, P., O. Buzek, C. Hu, Y. Kronrod, A. Quinn, & B. B. Bederson. 2010. “Improving translation via targeted paraphrasing”. In Proceedings of the 2010 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (Cambridge, Massachusetts, October 09 - 11, 2010). Association for Computational Linguistics, Stroudsburg, PA, 127-137.

Conference and Workshop Oral Presentations
Kronrod, Y., E. Coppess, & N. Feldman. “A Unified Model of Categorical Effects in Consonant and Vowel Perception”. Talk to be given at the 2012 meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, August 2012
Kronrod, Y. “Sound Categories: A Parametric Approach” GRID. University of Maryland. April, 2012
Kronrod, Y. “Translating with Monolinguals: Crowdsourcing and Human Computation.” GRID. University of Maryland. April, 2011
Kronrod, Y. “Who Where Which Superiority Effect in Russian saw?” ECO5, Harvard University. March 2010.
Kronrod, Y. “Learning Noun Classes.” GRID. University of Maryland. April, 2010
Kronrod, Y. “Looking Ahead in Pattern Formation.” Mathfest National Conference. Madison, WI. 2001
Kronrod, Y. “Pattern Formation in Biological Systems.” New England Regional Conference of the MAA. Norwich University, VT. 2001.
Kronrod, Y. “Pseudo Random Number Generators.” Mathfest National Conference. Los Angeles, CA. 2000
Poster Presentations
Kronrod, Y., C. Hu, O. Buzek, & A. Quinn. “Using Monolingual Crowds to Improve Translation”. AAAS. Washington DC. February 2010
Kronrod, Y., O. Buzek, C. Hu, A. Quinn, P. Resnik, & B. B. Bederson. “Using Crowdsourcing to Translate Without Bilinguals.” CrowdConf, San Francisco, CA. October 2010
Lago, S., Y. Kronrod, M. J. Scharinger, & W. J. Idsardi. “Categorical perception of [s] and [sh]? An MMN study.” Neurobiology of Language Conference. San Diego, CA. November, 2010
Scholarships, Fellowships, Awards, and Honors

Top presentation at Graduate Research Interaction Day (GRID) 2012. $400 Travel Award.

Purdue Machine Learning Summer School Scholarship Award ($600/2011)

IGERT NSF GRANT ??YK: fill in details here YK??

Winner, Student Poster Competition (Math, Technology, and Engineering)

2011 American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS) Conference

"Using Monolingual crowds to Improve Translation"

Salisbury Prize Award (2002)

Award for the most meritorious senior at the university. Established by Stephen Salisbury II, a WPI founder and the first president of the Board of Trustees. This is WPI’s most prestigious prize.

Barry M. Goldwater Scholar (2001-2002)

-details at http://www.wpi.edu/News/Releases/20001/goldwater.html

Provost MQP Award for Mathematics (2001)

Award given for the top senior thesis in disciplines studied at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Waldemar J. Trijzinsky Award (2001)

-details at http://www.wpi.edu/News/Releases/20012/trjitzinsky.html

Neil Sullivan award for Computer Science (2001)

Meritorious Winner, Mathematical Contest in Modeling (2001)

Mathematical Sciences Provost MQP Award (2001)

International MathFest Best presentation award (2001)

Richard V. Olson award for Mathematics (2000)

-details at http://www.wpi.edu/News/Releases/19990/olsonaward.html

International MathFest Best presentation award (2000)

Charles O. Thomas Scholar (1999)

Governor’s Honors in Mathematics (1998)

Rensselaer Medal for high achievement in Mathematics and Science (1998)

School Winner, American High School Matehmatics Exam (AHSME) (1998)

Inducted into National Honors Society (1996)

Cultural Ambassador to Heredia, Costa Rica (1996)

Academic Service
Winter Storm Training Workshop Organizing Committee, IGERT @ UMD, 2012-2013
Graduate Student Government Linguistics Rep, UMD. 2011-2013

Dean’s Advisory Council, UMD, 2011-2012

Outreach Committee Coordinator, IGERT @ UMD, 2011-2012

Language Science Day Organizing Committee, IGERT @ UMD, 2011-2012

ECO-5 Workshop Coordinator, UMD Representative. 2010-2013

University Senator representing College of Arts and Humanities, UMD. 2010-2011

Volunteer Coordinator at Second Language Research Forum (SLRF), UMD. 2010

Organizing Committee for Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics, UMD. 2010

Community Service
Ex-Prisoners and Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement, 2004-Current

South Worcester Neighborhood Center, Worceter, Ma. 2001-2002

MCAS Tutor, Worcester, Ma 2001-2002

Special Olympics of Massachusetts, Worcester, Ma 1999-2002

The Mustard Seed Homeless Feeding Center and Food Bank, Worcester, Ma 2002-2003

March of Dimes Walk for Diabetes, Worcester, Ma 1999-2001

Greater Media Area Soup Kitchen, Media, Pa 1999

Other Services:

  • Children’s book readings at the Worcester Public Library

  • Lego Project at WPI

  • Worcester City Cleanup Participant 1998-2000

  • Fundraising for UNICEF

  • Developed free initial webpage for the Institute d’Etudes Slaves, SORBONNE

Professional and Social and Memberships

Cognitive Science Society

Neurobiology of Language Society

American Machine Translation Association

ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)

Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity

PME Mathematics Honors Society

APO Service Fraternity


American Association for the Advancement of Science

Association for Computational Linguistics

Fluent : English, Russian

Conversational: Spanish

Familiar: French, Portuguese, and ASL (American Sign Language)

Research: Catalan
Technical Skills

Computer Languages:

Proficient in C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Python

Familiar with Perl, Ruby, Prolog, Assembly (Pentium chip spec), Scheme

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix, DOS, Apple Mac OS

Software Packages: R Statistical package, Matlab, WEKA Machine Learning Toolkit

Additional: SQL Server and Queries
Software Developed
Visual Experimental Display software in use by phonology/ASL researchers at the CNL at the University of Maryland (with Vladimir Kronrod)
Developed the Kronrod Java Audio Framework (codename Cranium) designed for experimentation. Used by several research teams at the University of Maryland, primarily for artificial language learning studies. (with Vladimir Kronrod)

Naomi Feldman (need to confirm)

William Idsardi (need to confirm)

Philip Resnik (need to confirm)
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