" Exceptional Animation. We were fooled. " L’Européenne de Casinos

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" Exceptional Animation. We were fooled. "

L’Européenne de Casinos
" A quality service(performance), congratulations! "

Disney Convention
" We appreciated in its just value the professionalism and the involvement(implication) which you and your team showed on the occasion of our agreement. "

NRJ Events
« The Casino evening was perfect. Thank you for the entertainment and the organization.”

Banque JP Morgan
" Of the big professionalism, the humor, in brief, a big evening. "

Cap Gemini
" thank you for your very successful service. I received only positive echos. You have presenter's of true talent. All the manager's was delighted of this evening. "

Louis Vuitton
" The dealerrs outstandingly played their role. Their address is absolutely bluffante. "

Laboratoire Goëmar
" The customers were very satisfied with the serviceand I thank you for having widely contributed to it. "

Nouvelle Frontiere
" Impeccable Service for a memorable evening. "

Veolia Environnement
" In the pleasure to work again with you. Thank you for your professionalism.”

Les Pages Jaunes
" Very nice Team having made the unanimity. Super dynamic! "

" Thanks for having us spend a magnificent evening. "

Société Général
" Thanks to your team this evening was a success. "

Hote Concorde Saint Lazare
" Operation to be renewed as soon as possible. "

Groupe Lucien Barrière
" Your work widely contributed to the success of this party."

Hôtel Royal Garden Saint Honoré

" Work simply perfect! As in your custom. That is why we are faithful. "

Club Med Evénements
" We shall have some more pleasure to appeal to you in the futur. "

BNP Paribas
" Professionalism, adaptability, kindness: Bravo! "

Hewlett Packard



Authentic roulettes of Casino, tables of ball, black-jack are served by professional dealers (men and women) who explain the essential rules of the games to the guests to find themselves in the mythical universe of gaming rooms.
On the other hand, the stakes remain completely fictitious, it is never question of money.
The guests are offered at the beginning of the evening euro's to play in groups at several tables. In the term of this evening, an auction or a drawing lots steered by a presenter auctioneer allows the most fortunate players to acquire funny prizes(lots) and presents.
The games:
The leader of game presents the event and announces that the casino is opened. The guests go to the tables, behind which the dealers take care to transform into tokens the beforehand offered notes. The games can begin: They go one for 1h15.


At the conclusion of the games, the presenter is going to make the bids rise on a certain number of presents of diverse values which the guests can obtain thanks to their "earnings" of the evening or by gathering by group to make the bids rise, even the losers can win presents.

Drawing lots

At the end of party, the guests will register their names and first names on the back of every 1 000 € note. Then the presenter will proceed to the drawing lots of notes, what will allow all the guests and the the most fortunate to win presents.
Several eventualities are proposed to you:
1st eventuality - The games begin from the apéritif and the auction or the drawing lots will be made during the dinner after the service of the 1st dish.

2nd eventuality - The games begin after the service of the cheese. The auction or the drawing lots will be made during the dessert and the service of the coffee.

3rd eventuality - The games begin during the service of the coffee, the auction or the drawing lots follows the casino.

4th eventuality - The casino in 2 parts before the dinner and after the cheese.

Twenty minutes after the beginning of the apéritif, the games take place during approximately forty minutes and will begin again after the cheese during forty minutes. The auction or the drawing lots will take place during the service of the dessert and the coffee.
During a cocktail party.
Approximately twenty minutes after the opening of the cocktail, the presenter presents the evening "casino" and the croupiers. The guests can play during the cocktail during approximately the 1 hour. The auction or the drawing lots follows the casino.

The time of the auction or the drawing lots is approximately of 3 minutes by present, is approximately 30 minutes for 10 presents.



" it is the most violent activity which we can make sat "
The poker demands intrinsic qualities to the world of the work; intellectual, strategic qualities, patience, determination, probability and statistics, no the poker is not a game of chance our bluff. This subject of animation is an interactive means of conviviality and communication.
Texas Holdem takes place with a game of 52 cards, it is the game of poker the most mediatized in the world. Every player associates the hand of 2 cards, wich he is the only one to see, with a board of 5 spread common cards, bit by bit (turn and river), The principle is to form the best possible combination of five cards with these 7 available cards. We can use 2 cards of the hand, or only one.
Every player has tokens (chips) which represent defined values and correspond to fictitious sums of money. All the tokens of every player establishes constitutes his "carpet". We necessarily have to bet if we want to participate in a gamble, the purpose being to win the stakes of the other players. You will win the common tokens if you have a better combination than the others or if, by betting, you manage to persuade him it.
There are several variants of Texas Holdem but the most exciting and the most spectacular, who passes on the TV ", is the No. Limit Holdem. It means that a player has the possibility of betting at any time the totality of his tokens by saying: "all in! ". You can learn this game in some few minutes but you need years even a life to master the uncountable subtleties...
On the other hand, the stakes remain completely fictitious, it is never question of money.
An initiation is reserved for the beginners during the aperitif.

  • The purpose of the game

  • Combinations

  • Blinds

  • raiz

  • The technique

  • The psychology

Having dinner the presenter will present the animation and will invite the participants to go in the Poker Room where a fast drawing lots will be organized for the placement of the guests in gaming tables.

The croupiers invite the players of poker by attributing awarding them the 3 000-€ sum to participate in a tournament of poker Texas Holdem.

The time of game is expected between 120 and 180 minutes.
The fundamental are presented from the tournament by the presenter and the croupiers will be watchful on the rhythm of the parts.
In the term of this tournament a single winner will be dedicated "the winner".

An engraved trophy of 40 centimeters in height will be put handed to the winner.

The staff:

Every table is held by a professional croupier dressed in a uniform and in an American vest in the name of the casino " Baccara ".
The material(equipment):

All our tables are authentic and equipped with all the accessories (cards, rakes, clogs, tokens and patches, lightings with silk lampshade). The material is made by the company " CARO " which equips the majority of casinos. The rule of the games is presented to every table.

Tables of roulette and doubles roulette with tokens, boxes with tokens, the rake, the chair for the croupier, the silk lampshade and the forged iron lamppost.

Tables of ball and doubles ball with tokens, boxes with tokens, the rake, the silk lampshade and the forged iron lamppost.

With boxes of tokens, the clog and the lighting. This table will be held by a croupier specialist in deceit who is also manipulator.

With dice, boxes with tokens, the rake.

Tables of Texas Holdem, Stud Poker and Poker Bonus with boxes of tokens, tokens, corners for the burned cards, the clogs and the card games. The quality of our tables is equivalent to those of "World Poker Tour".

With cards, tokens and material of cheaters and the silk lampshade.


With tokens, boxes with tokens, the rake.
The decoration of the space "Casino":

  • Indirect subdued light, 5PAR 56, 300 watts placed on the ground with gelatin of amber color

  • Our roulettes and balls measure on average 2,80 m x 1,60 m

  • The cylinders of roulette have a diameter of 1 m

  • black-jack measure 2 m x 1 m

  • The tables of poker measure 2,60 x 1,50 m ( 11 sitting places)

  • In your demand and according to your spaces and access, we also have smaller tables.

The services:

  • The delivery of the play equipment on Paris and the Paris region

  • Putting in place in 1 hour of time approximately, at the first floor

  • The resumption of the material at the conclusion of the service

  • Statement to the police of games

  • Insurances

  • Welfare costs on salaries

The presents of the auction or the drawing lots:

  • 1 first flight ( 1 person) in the biggest balloon of the world (captive flight)

  • 1 cuddly teddy bear (40 cms)

  • 1 pair of binoculars autofocus

  • 1 fishing rod of 3m50 with its reel

  • 1 play mat of cards first side / reverse "Poker" and "Black-Jack"

  • 1 CD "Marvin Gaye"

  • 1 DVD "Barry White"

  • 1 CD "James Brown"

  • 1 friendly, simple, hygienic and reliable present (2 alcohol tests)



Abbaye de Collonges (Paul Bocuse)

Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay


Accor Tour



Automobile Club de France


Banque Fideuram Wargny

Banque JP Morgan

Banque Sofinco

Bayer Pharma

Bleu Seine

BNP Paribas


British Airways

Bull Ingénierie

Caisse d'Epargne

Cap 15




Champagne de Venoge

Château de la Corniche

Château de Chantilly

Château de Villiers le Mahieu

Château d'Ermenonville

Château Hôtel Mont Royal

Château de Meursault

Château de la Grande Romaine

Château Form'

Château Perrache

Château Rothschild

Chérie FM

Chez Maxim's



Club Méditerranée

Club Med World

Club Med de Méribel

Club Med d'Opio

Club Med de Vittel

Club Med de La Plagne

Disney Studios

Domaine du Montcel


Euro Disney

Europe 2

France 2

France Soir

France Télécom Mobile



Golf de Champ de Bataille

Golf Hôtel de Mont Griffon

Grand Hôtel de Cabourg


Groupement des C.B.

Havas American Express

Head Tyrolia

Hermès Sellier


Hewlett Packard

Horovitz Consulting

Hôtel Aletti Palace de Vichy

Hôtel des Dryades

Hôtel du Louvre

Hôtel Dolce Chantilly

Hôtel Ritz de Paris

Hôtel de l'Amirauté de Deauville

Hôtel du Palais de Biarritz

Hôtel California Champs Elysées

Hôtel Concorde Saint Lazare

Hôtel St James & Albany

Hôtel Ariana Aix-les-Bains

Hôtel d'Evreux

Hyatt Regency de Paris



Kraft Jacobs Suchard


L'Impérial Palace d'Annecy


La Compagnie des Bateaux à Roue

La Coupole du Printemps

La Terrasse Martini

Le Carrousel du Louvre

Le Chalet des Iles

Le Duplex

Le Grand Hôtel de Vittel

Le Manoir de Gressy

Le Martinez de Cannes

Le Park Hôtel d'Aix-les-Bains

Le Park Plaza du Touquet

Le Pavillon Dauphine

Le Pavillon Royal

Le Prince de Galles de Paris

Le Public Système

Le Racing Club de France

Le Royal Club d'Evian

Le Tapis Rouge

Le Washington Plaza

Les Bateaux Parisiens

Les Pages Jaunes

Les Pyramides

Les Vedettes de Paris

Les Yachts de Paris

Lucien Barrière Enghien les Bains




Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace

Normandie Accessoires



Orient Express

Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte

Palais des Congrès de Nancy

Palais des Congrès de Paris

Palais des Congrès de Versailles

Paris Seine


Pinault Bois Matériaux

Potel & Chabot

Porsche Sonauto

Price Waterhouse

PSA Peugeot Citroën

Reims Champagne Congrès

Rhône Poulenc

R.M.C. Groupes





S.N.C.F. Créatif




Tour de France 94


T.V. Câble


Véritas Software

Yves Saint Laurent

And many more…


  • All the edges of table are wooden mahogany or leather full flower –

  • All our tokens and patches are lustre and gilded in the fine gold –

  • The lighting is specific on every table –

  • All our staff wears the same uniform "Baccara" –

  • Our material is regularly renewed –

  • We own 75 gaming tables and 3 trucks "Baccara" –

  • We are available until 7 evenings in the same date –

  • The tables of poker have the professional size " WPT 10 players and a dealer"

Sound system: background music and a microphone HF up to 150 persons.
Dance animated by a disc jockey: contact the following companies:


Euro or dollars personalized in the name of your company with the photo of your director: contact Bernard ASSIER - AB COMMUNICATION - or or assier.bernard@wanadoo.fr (10 days delai).
Tokens personalized for your appearance in the logo of your company and in the date of your evening gone up in key ring and gilded in the fine gold: contact Mister SAX - HECTOR SAX - in (6 weeks of delay)
Photographer: to keep a souvenir of your evening, in album or on CD ROM, contact Philippe PION - PHOTO LIVE - to 06 86 17 95 80


1. Is it an animation which is addressed to everybody ?

Yes, whatever are the diverse coeducations of a group, the casino or the poker, presented under their playful and friendly shape, are extremely participative animations.
2. Does everybody participate ?

Yes, after five minutes of explanations and overview, everybody will master the essential rules and the participation will be collective.
3. Can we play some real money ?

No, the law forbids the games of money except casinos and gambling clubs.
4. Is it possible to have gambling machines?

No, the law forbids the transport and the rent of gambling machines (even fictitious).
5. What is the interest of the evening Casino ?

The evening Casino is the only animation which gathers the following three criteria: conviviality, prestige and participation.
6. What do we win if we do not play money ?

An auction of funny presents or a discount of " trophy poker " will be animated by an auctioneer at the end of the party.
7. Have you also got small tables of games ?

Yes, for the narrow places, we have adapted tables.
8. What is the good timing of the casino?

The time of minimum game for the success of the evening is about fifty minutes; the maximum time is of one hour and forty five minutes with an ideal rhythm of one hour and fifteen minutes without forgetting the auction which lasts between fifteen and thirty minutes.
9. What is the good timing for a tournament of poker?

The initiation into the apéritif lasts about forty minutes followed by a tournament of approximately hundred and twenty minutes.
10. Is the casino adapted for a large number of persons?

We possess 70 tables of casino and we can make more than 2 000 persons play at the same time.
11. Is the staff English-speaking?

Yes, our dealers and our presenters are perfectly bilingual and we can also answer certain demands in Russian and in Spanish.
12. Is it true material of casino ?

Yes, our tables of casino and poker are made by the company Caro which equips the majority of casinos and poker rooms in the world.
13. What surface is it necessary to plan to install 2 tables of casino?

A minimum of 25 m2 is needed.
14. To how many persons can we play the poker?

Between two and ten persons by table.
Pierre Habille


Tél. : 01 34 80 34 12

mobile : 06 07 43 72 63


16, avenue de Saint Germain


Fax : 01 39 58 70 02



To obtain an quote please send your demand at the following address contact@casino-baccara.com by clarifying:

The name of the company

Your name and First name




E-mail adresse


The date of the evening

The number of persons (approximately)

The place our the city

To deserve your confidence and your fidelity, we are anxious to inform you how much all the team Baccara wishes to offer you a quality of animation, an availability and a skill as high as your waits.

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