Appendix a – rare species

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The North Carolina Natural Heritage Program (NCNHP) maintains lists of taxa native to North Carolina that are officially recognized by federal or state agencies as protected or otherwise rare in North Carolina (see Buchanan and Finnegan 2010 and LeGrand et al. 2008). These lists contain scientific and common names, state and federal protection status, state and global rarity ranks, occurrence history (survey status), and brief habitat comments.

This Appendix includes (1) a list of rare species tracked by the NCNHP in Chatham County (as of May 2010) and their survey status, (2) species descriptions, (3) descriptions of Global and State ranks, and (4) descriptions of State and Federal statuses. See also information in the General Description – Priority Species and Methods sections of this Plan.
Note: data on rare species in Chatham County are dynamic. See the NCNHP website at for more information including rare species lists by county, and current Federal and/or State protection status and survey status for these species. The NCNHP also maintains a Virtual Workroom, which is a web-based GIS application that allows users to query NCNHP’s database for known locations of rare species and natural areas. The application can be accessed via a web browser by visiting: The information contained in the NCNHP Virtual Workroom is updated daily and reflects (but is separate from) the NCNHP’s main database.

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