Atlanta, ga proposal for Partners for Places Spring 2015 Project Title

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Atlanta, GA

Round 6

Atlanta, GA

Proposal for Partners for Places

Spring 2015
Project Title:

Westside Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum Community Education

Purpose of Project:

The City of Atlanta Office of Sustainability will work with Trees Atlanta on a community-based education campaign focusing on the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum.

Brief description of project goals, strategy, and key activities (250 words or less):

Partners on the project will launch a community-based education campaign, serving adults and children, utilizing the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum as a key teaching tool. The project goal is to build community buy-in for this environmentally transformative project and to increase the understanding of one of our city’s greatest green resources- its tree canopy. Atlanta's BeltLine is a 22-mile loop of historic railroad currently being converted to a greenway in downtown Atlanta. The greenway will connect 45 neighborhoods for pedestrian and cyclist use and will feature 1,200 acres of newly accessible green space. The Arboretum will connect diverse neighborhoods and will ultimately become the Atlanta resident’s public garden- a place the community can help plant, learn from and enjoy.

The program aligns with many of the primary strategies in the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Sustainability’s Power to Change initiative, including providing educational opportunities that demonstrate sustainable best practices, developing land use policies designed to sustain our tree canopy, and instituting sustainable development through participatory planning.
The Kendeda Fund, a foundation with a large presence in Atlanta, is providing matching funds for the project, as it aligns with their goal of spreading the work of sustainable and efficient practices through messaging, community involvement, and education.
Key activities will include working with non-profit, Trees Atlanta, to expand in-school programming aimed at students K-12, using the Arboretum as a teaching environment for educators. Trees Atlanta will also conduct community-based tree planting projects in a minimum of 5 neighborhoods that are adjacent to the Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail.

Primary Contact Person


Justine Schwartz


Program Manager


City of Atlanta Office of Sustainability

Mailing address:

55 Trinity Ave. SW Suite 2400











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