Atlanta Region Executive Committee Meeting Minutes July 13, 2016 Wednesday

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Atlanta Region Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 


July 13, 2016 Wednesday

Atlanta Region Club Office/Conference Call


Rick Mitchell, Region Executive

AJ Schramm, Assistant Region Executive, Competition Director

Carol Cone, Treasurer
Jennifer Paradis, Secretary

Clark McInnis, Director

Dave Rollow, Director
Dave Hardy, Team SOLO Co-Chairman

Tom Gorman, Team SOLO Co-Chairman

Jim Creighton , Director

Dustin Stevenson, Director, Race Chairman

Wes Stuckey, Rallycross Chairman

Call to order : 7:37 PM
Minutes: All previous BOD minutes are approved and posted on the Region website.
RE Report:

Phone calls – most are solicitations.
Groupon would like to work with us on an event, selling spectator tickets. Considering for the ARRC. Perhaps application for SOLO as well, some autocross maybe. Tends to be good for buyers, not so much for sellers but some possible marketing opportunities. Discussion. Agreed to look into for the ARRC.
Mid Year meeting for scheduling for 2017 this weekend.
SCCA Region store open on National website. We can get the Atlanta Region logo on anything. Notice is posted on Atlanta Region website, Facebook page, and forum area.
Membership numbers are down by about 3%, against rising numbers elsewhere in the Club. We are not sure why, will consult region reports to try to discern the reason.
Tere Pulliam closed out the safe deposit box and the contents (archival documents) are now in storage in the Club office.
Treasurers Report :

P&L statement distributed.

Internet savings account in good shape with over 80K.

The Wells Fargo security account is now closed, and we have a check in hand. Check will be deposited and money transferred to the savings account after expenses clear for our events.

First Consumers Cellular bill is in, substantial savings over AT&T. Last AT&T bill is in.

Property insurance bill is in. We will need to adjust coverage for new radios. Carol Cone made a motion to increase insurance coverage. Jennifer Paradis seconded. Motion is tabled while information is collected on new radios and other hardware.

Title for the trailer is in. We have obtained a tag.
Department Reports: 
Website: Website Report was sent to Rick but he did not bring it.
Race Report :

July Fry/Summer Sizzle: Radios progress: Working with Racing Radios. AJ will contact.
Riverside Military Academy update: Nothing new to report.
August AMP BE event and Targa: Moving along. We need corner workers. Solo was asked for assistance.
Endurance Series 2017? : Awaiting more information.
Rally X:

Event in May, event in June. Both went well, even with changes to the track. Numbers are good 17 at one, 22 at the other, breaking even. Heat may be a factor.

Busy month, with two events. Solid weekend, went well. 20 students at Starting Line School. We expect to capture these people into our regular audience, 115 at other event.
Solo will be at Road Atlanta with club racing July Fry event, 2 day event, followed by Track Night in America that next week at Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville.
Track Night In America: Originally lackluster, now bigger deal with changes made by Solo. Event is well received. We are starting to see TNIA participants at Solo events.
Amended Solo budget submitted. Discussion. Tabled so everyone can review budget items.
Discussion of potential 2017 Solo sites, since Turner Field is going away.
Trailer tag: We have title and tag.
Looking at timing upgrades: After working with old equipment, Solo needs new software and some hardware , estimated around $1,000.00. Discussion. No action taken as the budget is still under review.
ARRC Committee:

There has been a meeting. Discussion of online form for sponsors, will soon be up and published. Will be checking with potential sponsors this week. ARRC webpage needs to be updated, in progress.
Annual party/awards dinner:

Venue, caterer, band has been booked. Estimated $25 per person, with the Region paying up to $10 per person on top of that. (We budgeted $1.600.) December 3, 2016, in Marietta. Details to be published on the website soon.
Old Business:
AMP Track Nights:

3rd new management this year – they appear to be overwhelmed. Rick Mitchell stepped in to help. As before, the Region supplied water.
New Business: None.
AJ Schramm made a motion to adjourn. Jennifer Paradis seconded. No discussion. Vote by acclamation. MOTION PASSES.
Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Paradis


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