Environmental Engineering Services

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2Representative Projects and experience with NJDEP

Cornerstone’s staff members have extensive experience working with NJDEP at facilities throughout New Jersey. Our staff has provided professional engineering consulting and field services to the following New Jersey landfills:

  • Atlantic County Utilities Authority Landfill

  • Burlington County Landfill

  • Cape May County Landfill

  • City of Linden Landfill

  • Edgeboro Landfill

  • Edison Landfill

  • Foundations and Structures Landfill

  • GEMS Landfill

  • Hamms Sanitation

  • HMDC Balefill

  • HMDC Erie Landfill

  • HMDC Kingsland Park Landfill

  • Industrial Land Reclamation Landfill

  • James H. James Landfill

  • Kin-Buc Landfill

  • Kinsley’s Landfill

  • MAC Landfill

  • Middlesex County Utilities Authority Landfill

  • Monmouth County Landfill

  • Monroe Township Landfill

  • Mount Holly Landfill

  • Ocean County Landfill

  • Parklands Reclamation Landfill

  • Pinelands Park Landfill

  • Salem County Landfill

  • Southern Ocean County Landfill

  • Stafford Township Licensed Landfill

  • Stafford Township Unlicensed Landfill

  • Sussex County Landfill

3Local References

Following are the names and phone numbers of several local clients we have worked with who can provide the Village of Monroe with a reference.

Orange County, New York

Contact: Brian Ritzinger

Goshen, New York


Village of Goshen, New York

Contact: Kyle Roddey

Goshen, New York


Sullivan County, New York

Contact: Edward McAndrew

Monticello, New York


Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency, New York

Contact: Timothy B. Rose, P.E., BCEE, QEP, M.P.A.

Kingston, New York


Atlantic County Landfill, New Jersey

Contact: Gary Conover, Solid Waste Director

Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey


Cape May County Landfill, New Jersey

Contact: John Baron, CMCMUA

Cape May Courthouse, New Jersey 


Kinsley’s Landfill, New Jersey

Contact: Gary DeFranco, United Environmental Services

Deptford, New Jersey


MAC Landfill, New Jersey

Contact: Gary DeFranco, United Environmental Services

Deptford, New Jersey


Middlesex County Utilities Authority, New Jersey (through PurEnergy)

Contact: Bob Leslie, Middlesex County Utilities Authority

East Brunswick, New Jersey


Ocean County Landfill, New Jersey

Contact: Marty Ryan

Manchester, New Jersey

4Recommendation Letters

Cornerstone’s ongoing success is, to a great extent, due to the encouragement and support of our clients. Several of our clients have provided us with recommendation letters documenting their appreciation for the services we have provided to them and recommending Cornerstone to others such as Cape May County. Several of these recommendation letters are included in Appendix D.
  1. project team

Cornerstone has assembled a fully-qualified project team to support this project and our key members have significant experience at solid waste facilities. Project staffing is shown on the Project Organization Chart included in Appendix B. A summary of staff qualifications and project responsibilities are shown below and staff resumes for identified team members are also included in Appendix B. Cornerstone’s approach to the management of this project will provide CMCMUA not only with a key contact person who will be responsible for managing, monitoring, and coordinating the work, but also experienced personnel who will add support to the project through completion.

5Project Manager Experience

The Cornerstone Project Manager is the overall coordinator of all work being performed on a project, and responsible for ensuring that work being conducted by different disciplines is consistent with the client’s goals and objectives, is scheduled appropriately, and is reviewed for accuracy of technical content. Our Project Manager, Mark Swyka, P.E., who is based in our Middletown, New York Corporate office, and has significant experience working with Cape May on a variety of environmental projects, will be the primary point of contact for the Authority throughout the Phase 2G project.

Prentiss A. Shaw, P.E. (QA/QC Engineer)

Ms. Shaw, a registered professional engineer in New Jersey with over 20 years of experience, will provide Quality Review of Cornerstone’s deliverables. Ms. Shaw has degrees in both engineering and business and she brings a distinctive skill set and perspective to projects. Ms. Shaw’s experience on a multitude of diverse projects has included permitting landfill overfill expansions, permitting transfer stations, updating solid waste management plans, development of waste relocation plans, construction management and quality control for landfill baseliner and final cover construction, development of closure/post-closure financial models, leachate recirculation design and evaluation, and preparation of annual regulatory driven reports. Ms. Shaw is familiar with the Cape May County Landfill and actively participated in projects associated with leachate recirculation, advanced waste decomposition, and the research, development and demonstration project.

Robert Holmes, P.E. (Lead Geotechnical Engineer)

Mr. Holmes, a registered professional engineer in New York with over 19 years of experience, will serve in the role of Geotechnical Engineer. In this role, Mr. Holmes will be the lead for all geotechnical related issues throughout the duration of the project. Mr. Holmes will be well suited for this role based on his experience in solid waste management, environmental assessments, and geotechnical design. He has experience with site layout, stormwater design, geosynthetic design, environmental permitting, and development of geotechnical reports. As lead project geotechnical engineer, he will apply his experience gained from previous design work including an approximately 35-ft. tall 1H:1V reinforced slope, a fabric stabilized foundation for a large landfill perimeter berm, and an approximately 40-ft. tall reinforced earth segmental block wall, as well as his design experience conducting stability and settlement analyses for heavily loaded, large landfill perimeter berms to the design of the reinforced slope perimeter berm.

Kristen M. Thordahl, P.E. (Lead Stormwater Management)

Ms. Thordahl is a licensed professional engineer with 25 years of experience in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her experience includes engineering design and project management of municipal water distribution systems, commercial and institutional site planning, sanitary sewer design, pump station design, erosion and sediment control planning, storm water pollution prevention planning, solid waste landfill and transfer station design and permitting, and management of design/building construction projects. Ms. Thordahl, as lead stormwater engineer, will be responsible for the evaluation of existing conditions and features and the design of new stormwater management control features for the site.

Garth Bowers, P.E.

Project Manager and Certifying Engineer: Mr. Bowers has over 22 years of experience as a civil and environmental engineering consultant in Arizona and has been with Cornerstone since it opened its Arizona operation in August 2006. He has experience working on over 350 solid waste management sites throughout Arizona and in thirty (30) other states, covering a wide range of project types. Mr. Bowers’s background includes a technical focus on surface water management issues including: hydrology, hydraulics, floodplain delineations, permitting, and stormwater quality. He has worked on numerous projects throughout Southern Arizona, including: landfill Master Planning, zoning, and Solid Waste Facility Plan permitting for the City of Tucson Los Reales Landfill; civil design and development plan permitting for the new Entrance Facilities at Los Reales; siting, zoning, and permitting for the new Marana Regional Landfill; and miscellaneous smaller projects. Mr. Bowers also served as a member and chairman of the City of Tucson’s Stormwater Technical Advisory Committee from 1997 to 2001.

Carl Bueter, P.E. (Lead Project Engineer)

Mr. Bueter joined Cornerstone in June, 2008, as a project engineer. He has over nine (9) years of experience as a Civil Engineer. His experience includes land development, of residential subdivisions and commercial properties, as well as involvement in various City and County civil engineering design projects. Mr. Bueter also has experience working on highway improvement projects for the Arizona Department of Transportation and local road improvements for both the City and County. Since joining Cornerstone, Mr. Bueter has assisted with the development of the entrance facilities at Los Reales Landfill in Tucson; the siting and permitting of the Marana Regional Landfill; provided primary project engineering services for several civil engineering projects with Lizard Rock Designs, LLC, such as the new Armory Building, the Sierra Vista Bandshell development, the La Madera Park Comfort Station upgrade, and multiple senior living housing projects; provided engineering services for the development and construction of a paved entrance road to the Cactus Landfill; designed Cell 3B at the Cochise County Western Regional Landfill; and assisted on several small, local projects for the City of Tucson.

6Project Team Organization


7Construction Document Preparation

The team will continue with the preparation of the construction documents. The construction documents will consist of the plans and specifications necessary to bid the project under Wick’s Law.

The plans and corresponding specifications will be generally grouped into the following design areas:


This item would include a demolition plan for the removal of the existing building. The design of new construction would include erosion and sediment control, detailed site layout and dimensions, grading, drainage, storm water management, paving, and utility (water and sewer) layout and design.


This item would include the building floor plan, exterior elevations (indicating door openings and exterior wall construction materials), sections, roof plan (indicating wastewater piping and ventilation vents), and details. Enlarged plans and details will be presented as required. We are anticipating that the primary structure will be a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB). The building design and specifications will be included.


This item would include the design of the foundation (we are basing the proposal on the use of spread footings for the building foundation), reinforced concrete foundation walls (coordinated with the pre-engineered metal building anchor bolt layout), floor slab (reinforced concrete), and related reinforced concrete structural details necessary to construct the building. Design loads, reactions, and anchor bolt locations from one PEMB vendor will be utilized as the basis of our design and or-equals will certainly be acceptable.

4Miscellaneous Metals

Miscellaneous metals will be detailed and we are anticipating that only pipe bollards and floor drains (coordinated with plumbing design) will need to be detailed.
        1. Construction Plans and Specifications

We anticipate that the construction drawings for the facility will include the drawing disciplines listed below, accompanied by specifications prepared in the 2009 Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) format:

  • Cover Sheet

  • Construction Notes

  • Site/Civil

  • Architectural

  • Structural

  • HVAC

  • Electrical
        1. Electronic Deliverables

Drawings will be provided to the Authority in an electronic format compatible with AutoCAD 2012. In addition, written documents will be prepared using Microsoft Office Word
        1. Meetings

We anticipate that Cornerstone will participate in two design (2) meetings with Authority representatives as part of this phase of the design work. We will discuss the building design, details, and specifications during this final design review process.

RFP Compliance Checklist - Qualifications Statement

This checklist was prepared to assist the DSNY selection committee in locating the specific requirements for the Qualifications Statement as specified in the RFP.

RFP Requirement


Qualifications Statement

  1. Present a complete, detailed and verifiable description of the organizational history and the management structure proposed for this project, including those areas of activity and specialty which will be performed by sub-contractors, or, if the proposer is a joint venture, of each firm that is a member of the proposing joint venture.

Section 1.0

Section 2.0

  1. Provide technical experience and qualifications of the Proposer, subcontractors, and/or joint venture. The technical experience and qualifications should be similar in magnitude and scope subject to this RFP. The experience and qualifications statement should also include a description of each person assigned to the project, their qualifications, experience, title and area of expertise. The proposed staff should be familiar with AutoCAD software, landfill final cover design, landfill gas collection and disposal systems, soil erosion and sediment control, landscaping, surveying, laboratory testing, project related regulatory permitting, and other related works similar to the scope of services of this RFP.

Section 4.0

Section 9.0

  1. The Proposer should illustrate to DSNY an understanding of the project goals and how it would attain certification of all regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction over the site. The Proposer should also illustrate what previous experience is significant in dealing with the Regulatory Agencies and provide solutions to the problems that can occur. Any previous experience listed in the qualification statement should list a brief description of the scope of work, the total amount of the cost of the project, and how much of the project the firm was responsible for. The Proposer should also include start and completion dates, the name of the client, and the name of the contact person (including phone numbers) for whom the work was performed.

Section 5.0

  1. Provide descriptions of previous working relationships and experiences among the proposer, sub-contractor, and/or joint venture.

Section 3.0

  1. Provide organizational peer reviews and quality assurance/quality control for release to client; all information reports, documents, etc.

Section 8.0

  1. Indicate the name and current title of the individual who would have overall responsibility for managing and monitoring the execution of the Scope of Services presented in the Technical Proposal and briefly detail the individual’s qualifications and experience.

Section 7.0

  1. Provide a complete listing of the personnel who would be involved in managing and/or directing the execution of the Scope of Services presented in the Technical Proposal and briefly detail their titles, qualifications, experience and the work each would be responsible for managing and/or directing.

Section 6.0

Table 1

  1. Provide a complete listing of the senior and other personnel who would be involved in executing the Scope of Services presented in the Technical Proposal and brief narratives that detail their titles, qualifications, experience and the work each would be responsible for performing.

Section 6.0

Table 1

  1. Provide a complete listing of the subcontractors that would be involved in executing the Scope of Services presented in the Technical Proposal and brief narratives that detail their qualifications, experience and the services each would render.

Section 2.0

  1. Attach an organization chart that defines the authority, responsibilities and inter-relationships the individuals and subcontractors identified would have during the execution of the scope of services presented in the Technical Proposal.

Figure 1

  1. Provide a listing of projects similar in scope, complexity and value to the project that is the subject of this RFP that the Proposer or the proposing joint venture and/or any member of the proposing joint venture has been or is now involved in and brief narratives for each that describe the project, identify the client who was or is now being served and define the roles in the project played or being played by the individuals and subcontractors identified. At a minimum, the brief narratives should include project names; completion dates; estimated cost and schedules for the projects; actual costs and schedules for the projects, and client references including the name, address, and telephone number of a client representative familiar with the Proposer’s performance.

Section 9.0

  1. budget

Sample budget table


Labor Cost

Other Direct Costs

Total Task Cost

Task 1




Task 2




Task 3




Task 4




Task 5




Task 6








Other table format

Table (#) - Title

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Column 4

Column 5





8Heading 2 Style

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        1. Heading 3 style

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13Heading 2 Style

Insert text here.

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Insert text here
        1. Heading 3 style

Insert text here


Table (#) - Title

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Column 4

Column 5






appendix A

Project Descriptions

appendix b

key staff resumes

appendix c

recommendation letters

appendix d

certificate of insurance

appendix e

business registration certificate

Appendix f

affirmative action statement and employee information report

Appendix G


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