February 18, 2015 Executive Director's Message

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Eugene O'Leary and Adlai Cunnigham Recognized

The annual Eastern Canadian Fisheries Exposition took place on February 6th and 7th, 2015, at the Mariners Centre in Yarmouth. The event provided an opportunity to induct two Lobster Council of Canada members into the  Atlantic Canada Marine Industries Hall of Fame which was instituted by The Navigator and Master Promotions in 2008. 

Congratulations are extended to the following:

EUGENE O’LEARY from Upper Whitehead, NS (Mariner)
Eugene O’Leary, currently the Vice President of the LCC, is an inshore small boat fisherman who has been active in the politics of the commercial fishery since 1989. He has been instrumental in a leadership role at the Guysborough County Inshore Fishermen’s Association and has served on a number of fisheries-related organizations over the years.

ADLAI CUNNINGHAM from Clark’s Harbour, NS (Processor)
During Adlai Cunningham’s early fishing days on both longline vessels and otter trawlers, he started thinking about fish processing and quality. He leased a small plant in 1983 and gradually turned his focus to salt fish processing exclusively. Today, his company is the largest salt fish processor and exporter in Atlantic Canada and Mr. Cunningham serves on many advisory committees and boards.

Eugene was on hand to accept his award. Adlai was represented by his son Kerry Cunningham. Both Eugene and Kerry are featured in the photo above. Congratulations Eugene and Adlai!

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