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Plot no: 35, Mac nagar, Ramapuram

Chennai – 600089

Mobile Contact: 8939212448

Land Line: 044-49576214

E-mail Id: jagadishsridaran87@gmail.com

To practice profession of engineering with a commitment to safeguard health & safety of co-workers

Without endangering environment; to gain reputation for excellence and to exhibit high standards

Of competency. Honesty and integrity, Professional Marine Engineer, Committed to safe working

Practices. Provide reliability of systems, Promote effective consultative communication between

Management and employee at all levels. Lead a harmonious and safe workplace while achieving key results.
• Bachelor of Engineering in MARINE from Vels Academy of Maritime Education and Training, Vels University, Chennai in May 2009 with FIRST CLASS 70%.
• Higher Secondary in Computer Science from Sri Krishnaswamy Matriculation Higher Secondary School Chennai in April 2005 with FIRST CLASS 70.1%.
• Matriculation from Sri Krishnaswamy Matriculation Higher Secondary School Chennai in April 2003 with FIRST CLASS 66.5%.
Company Name: Star ship maritime pvt.ltd (POINEER SHIP MANAGEMENT SERVICE LLC).

Vessel Name: M.T Atlantic Galaxy IMO NO - 9265756

Sailed as junior engineer on M.T Atlantic Galaxy (Crude oil Tanker)

Period of service:-

From Date: 29/11/2009

To Date : 30/03/2010

Vessel Description:

Main Engine: Kawasaki-Man B&W, 6S60MC-C 18420 Ps @105 RPM.

Aux Engine: DAIHATSU 6DK-20 796KW @ 900RPM.
Company Name: Sanmar Shipping ltd.

Vessel Name: M.V Sanmar Phoenix

Sailed as junior engineer on M.V Sanmar Phoenix (Bulk Carrier)

Period of service:-

From Date: 28/03/2011

To Date : 25/10/2011

Vessel Description:

Main Engine: B&W 5L70 MCE TWO STROKE, Single Acting, Crosshead type, Marine Engine

MCR 10800BHP at 94.5 rpm.

• Advanced Fire Fighting – AFF/B350/12

• Medical First Aid –MFA/B681/06

• Engine Room Simulator Course – ERS/B384/08

• PSCRB – PSCRB/0420/022/10

• PST – PST/B818/06

• EFA – EFA/B745/02

• PSSR – PSSR/B864/06

• FPFF – FPFF/B644/02


  • Date of birth - 24/03/1987

  • Father Name - k.Sridaran

  • Birth Place - Chennai

  • Passport No - H0613683

  • Date of issue - 19/09/2008

  • Date of Expiry - 18/09/2018

  • CDC No - MUM 161260

  • Date of issue - 29/07/2009

  • Date of Expiry - 28/07/2019

  • Alternative E-Mail - sjaga24@yahoo.com

I hereby declare that the above furnished details are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I will be grateful to you, if you favor me with an appointment and I will do the best to work to the entire satisfaction of my superiors.

Date: 11/09/2017 YOUR’S SINCERELY


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