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M.A.M.A.’S TOP 2005 RIDERS (continued)




1. Elizabeth Logan

1. Laura McDaniel

1. John Kagi

2. Katie Corron

2. Amanda Brown

2. James Bishop

3. Jennifer Miller

3. Jenna Kellie

3. Taylor Mooney

4. Danielle Greig

4. Lacie Grasmick

4. Zach Bauer

5. Dawn Duley

5. Heather Snyder

5. Robert Norman




1. Andrew Benson

1. Marty Gutowski

1. Chris Nuckols

2. Logan Hayden

2. Joshua Stein

2. Jeffrey Corron, Jr.

3. Arthur Workman

3. Daniel O’Brien

3. Christopher Knight

4. Eric Desell

4. Brandon Newman

4. Robert Spurr

5. Scott Clark

5. Joshua Willin

5. Jason Butschky




1. Marc Daniels

1. Brian Funkhouser

1. Brian Funkhouser

2. Eric Daniels

2. Michael Prestianni

2. Mike Walker

3. Joseph Lesueur

3. Jason Pruitt

3. Michael Prestianni

4. Dominic Gerber

4. Cheryl McCullough

5. Kenneth Holsapple

5. Kenneth Shipe




1. Joe Balas, Jr.

1. Dan Mooney

1. Timothy Jacobs, Sr.

2. Noal Dull

2. John Davidson

2. Robert Wernig

3. Jason Pruitt

3. Bryce Reeves

3. Dale Brown

4. Steven Campbell, Sr.

4. Gordon Williams

4. Jeffrey Corron, Sr.

5. Stacey Selby

5. Michael Butrim, Sr.

5. Gary Vandervliet



1. Randy Benson

1. Scott Clark

11. Eric Desell

2. Michael Dunn

2. Andrew Benson

12. Ryan Kennedy

3. Daniel Upham

3. Cory Wilkes

13. Logan France

4. Neal Ware

4. Chris Nuckols

14. Marty Gutowski

5. Michael Luckeroth

5. Tyler Custer

15. Nicholas Lane


6. Shon Moore

16. Joshua Stein

1. Tyler Custer

7. Nathan Randlett

17. Tyler Conner

2. Zach Vito

8. Logan Hayden

18. Christopher Scheller

3. Brian Harbaugh

9. Arthur Workman

19. Kyle Warfield

4. Jeffrey Corron, Jr.

10. Alexander Frye

20. Nathan Randlett

5. TJ Irvin


6. Cody Woods

1. Nathan Vandervliet

6. Darren Streets

7. Jonathan Moore

2. Christopher Upham

7. Billy Monaghan

8. Brandon Newman

3. Corey Lindsay

8. Dave Desell

9. Christopher Knight

4. John Kagi

9. Michael Heflin, Jr.

10. Joseph Masta, Jr.

5. Taylor Mooney

10. Daniel Thompson

11. Jonathan Balas

12. Darren Streets

13. Matthew Niland

14. Jimmy Hawkins

15. Tyler Hood

M.A.M.A.’S TOP 2005 RIDERS (continued)




1. Thomas McDaniel

1. Michael Doerk, Sr.

1. Robert Wernig

2. Mark Adams

2. Rodney Bean

2. Walter White

3. Joe Balas, Jr.

3. Chris Williams, Sr.

3. Daniel Upham

4. Michael Heflin, Sr.

4. Randy Harbaugh

4. Martin Kellie

5. Gordon Williams

5. Preston Hood, Sr.

5. Joseph Dare, Sr.


1. Eric O’Brien, Sr.

4. Kenneth Holsapple

2. George Livingston

5. Ronald Blocker, Sr.

3. Ron Rutherford

2005 Race of Champions

1. Anthony Cascio, Jr. #5

2. Michael Groves #125

3. Marty Gutowski #363.

4. Joshua Stein #58.

5. Ryan Holt #606

6. Sean layer #18

7. Joseph Masta, Jr. #624

8. Andy Holt #102

9. Terrance Scott #911

10. Ben Lewis #468

11. Corey Lindsay #866

12. Josh Bowen #29

13. Andy Benson #191

Mom’s Race

1. Cindy Holcomb

2. Carroe Bradeu

3. Elsie Davis

4. #125

5. Suzie Kowitz-Thompson

6. Angela Shipe

7. Trish Salomon

8. Nicole Absher

9. Lisa Martinez

10. Amber Peck

11. Rocki Briggs

12. Sammy Relyea

13. Denise Hollingsworth

14. Rachael Miller

15. Mary Ellen Moore

Dad’s Races


1. #909

6. Tom McDaniel

11. #525

16. #108

2. Robert Rose

7. Shawn Heflin

12. Preston Hood, Sr.

17. Rusty Groves

3. Terrance Newbold

8. Mike Heward

13. Eric O’Brien

18. Mike Spence, Jr.

4. Gordon Williams

9. Michael Curry

14. Tony Hill

19. Kenneth Shipe

5. Stacey Selby

10. #24

15. #12

20. Les Simmons

21 David Clark


1. Jeff Richardson

10. #96

18. David Cowherd

26. #X

2. Russell Irvin

11. #959

19. Don Warfield

27. James Sypult

3. Tracy Snyder

12. Rick McSherry

20. Nick Desell

28. Mike Mayo

4. #102

13. #404

21. Jeff Huber

29. Preston Perry

5. Mitchell Peck

14. Pat Absher

22. Keith Dorsey

30. Mike

6. Dave Stella

15. Martin Mundo

23. Dwayne Scott

31. Dick Bishop

7. David Posey

16. #902

24. Mark Hershberger

32. Dan Blankenship

8. Pete Miller

17. David Spurr

25. Don Garrett

33. #187

9. #X

The following definitions and abbreviations are adapted for use in these rules:
1. Adult   Any person over the age of majority in the state of Maryland.

2. Authorized Adult  any person 21 years of age or over, including the parent or legal guardian who is given the responsibility of a minor on a given day. If this person is not the parent or legal guardian, a notarized letter giving responsibility of the minor must be brought to sign up, each race day, by the authorized adult.

3. Medical Release   An authorization from the parent, legal guardian or authorized adult required by hospitals before they can treat a sick or injured person.

4. Mini Mini Cycle   A two wheeled, motored vehicle with engine displacement of 51 cc or less and automatic clutch. Limited to stock specifications as listed in the AMA rules. Maximum wheel size of 10". See AMA rules for class 2 mini cycles.

5. Junior Cycle   A two wheeled, motorized vehicle with a rear wheel not exceeding 14" nor less than 11", as supplied by the manufacturer. An engine displacement not to exceed 65cc. Handlebar width shall not exceed 32".

6. Mini Cycle   A two wheeled, motorized vehicle with a wheelbase of not more than 51", rear wheel minimum of 12", overall length not to exceed 72". Front wheel maximum of 17", rear wheel maximum of 16". Displacement not to exceed 85cc.

7. Motorcycle   A two wheeled motorized vehicle with a minimum wheel base of not less than 49" and a standard wheel size not to exceed 23" nor less than 17". Handlebar width not to exceed 36". (Exception: Big Wheel 100's.)

8. Rider Classification   Expert, Support, Novice.

9. Senior Rider   A parent or legal guardian of an active M.A.M.A. member.

10. Super Senior Rider   A parent or legal guardian, age 40+, of an active M.A.M.A. member.

11. Super Mini   Limited to 80cc, Big Wheel 80cc's, 100's & 105's. Rear wheel size not to exceed 16" nor less than 14", front wheel size not to exceed 19". Senior - Expert & Support Riders. Junior - Novice Riders.

12. Schoolboy – 125cc and separate class Schoolboy 250f Class.

13. Alumni Limited to l25cc+bikes. Rider must be 17 years old or older.

14. Collegeboy   Limited to l25cc to 250cc bikes. 18 - 24 years old.

15. Women – 80cc Big Wheel Bikes & up.

16. Mini Women – Limited to 65cc to 105cc Small Wheel Bikes.

17. DNS   Did Not Start   a rider did not pass the scorer at least once.

18. DNF   Did Not Finish   a rider did not complete 50% of the laps completed by the moto winner and/or did not take the checkered flag.

19. DSQ  Disqualified   a rider disqualified by the Referee will receive no plate or advancement points. His/her disqualification will change the number of riders in that race.
Riders and Eligibility
1. All riders in M.A.M.A. sanctioned events are required to be members of the Association. Only M.A.M.A. members will receive points. Membership in M.A.M.A. is for the calendar year January 1st to December 31st
A. A Member's age as of January 1st of the racing year will determine the age group for racing. A rider may move up to an older age classification when eligible, but may not return to the younger class. Rider may not run 2 different age groups.
2. Parent, legal guardian or authorized adult must be present at sign up and remain present at all times during participation in any M.A.M.A. sanctioned event.
A. An authorized adult must sign below the rider's signature on the Association sign up form to authorize the minor to compete. '
C. Proof of ID may be required at Sign up.
D. A fully executed and notarized Medical Release must be kept at all times in the rider's helmet. Spot checks may be done at the starting line. Any infraction is punishable by suspension.
E. It is the rider's duty to enter the class in which it is legal for him/her to ride, ENTRY INTO A CLASS DOES NOT NECESSARILY MAKE A RIDER LEGAL FOR THAT CLASS. An entrant can be protested by another entrant for riding in a wrong class. Responsibility for meeting specifications rests with the individual rider.
3. No distinction of events or activities shall be made upon the basis of race, color, creed, sex or national origin. All participants in activities shall compete under the same rules and in the appropriate classes as determined herein.
4. The rider should be of sufficient size to be able to maintain safe and proper stability and control of the machine at all times. This includes stopping or other such items as it may be necessary to put one or both feet on the ground.
5. The Referee shall have the responsibility and final authority to change a member's classification because of his/her abilities.
6. Immediate interpretation of the rules will be made by the Referee of the meet.
7. Rider is responsible for proof of age at all M.A.M.A. events.
8. Absolutely no phone calls will be made to confirm authorization to sign for a rider.
9. Rider must have a M.A.M.A. Card for each class racing and a current AMA card. If not, see Membership.



Start of the race; Race is a GO



One lap to go to finish. This a courtesy flag and may not always be given



Caution danger on track. Caution must be taken and NO PASSING OR JUMPING is allowed until hazard is passed. MAINTAIN POSITION.



Race is stopped; report to starting line at once.



Individual rider shall stop and report to the Referee at once

Red Cross


Ambulance Flag; Caution danger on track. Indicates that medical assistance is needed or is On the track. SLOW DOWN, MAINTAIN POSITION, NO JUMPING OR PASSING ALLOWED IN THIS AREA. WATCH FOR MEDICAL PERSONNEL AND DOWNED RIDERS.



Finish; end of race.

***White Flag is a courtesy flag and may not always be given....
****** Always race to the checkered flag!!!!******
Meet Rules
1. The motorcycle that crosses the starting gate at the start of the first moto of the day shall be the qualified machine for that day's moto in that class. The class halves and/or frame may not be changed on the qualified machine for that day. If a rider uses a different motorcycle (for whatever reason), he/she will be disqualified for both motos in that class. No points will be earned that day for that class.

2. When the rider's class is called, he/she must be ready. Two minutes will be allowed after the call of the starter to make minor repairs. There will only be one rider check on a split gate.

3. When an event is stopped before competition, riders/cycles must return and remain at the starting line.

4. A rider whose machine becomes disabled before he/she reaches the finish line, may without assistance, push or carry the machine (in the direction of the course within thirty (30) minutes, across the finish line to receive the checkered flag, and under such conditions will be considered as having completed the event, provided he/she has completed no less than 50% of the laps completed by the winner of the event. At the Referee's discretion, the rider may be instructed to leave the track at the nearest exit point, and will be considered to have completed the event, provided he/she has completed at least 50% of the number of laps as the winner. Mini-Mini riders may have assistance in pushing or carrying their machine across the finish line.

5. If a rider who leaves the track and cannot re-enter at the same point, he/she must re-enter the track closest to that point and in a safe manner as long as there are no positions gained by their re-entry on the track.

6. If a rider stops during the course of the race, he/she must re-start without outside assistance. The rider may be assisted to remove his/her machine to the side of the course if the rider has fallen and is blocking the course. The rider may be disqualified for that moto if other assistance is given. This rule does not apply to the Mini-Mini

7. If the referee stops an event after laps equal to at least 60% of the total of scored laps to be run, the race is considered complete and riders shall be scored according to their position in the lap preceding the lap in which they were red flagged. It is at the Referee's discretion whether to consider the race completed or not. If the race is stopped at any point short of the lap equal to 60% of the distance of the race, it will be restarted. The leader of the race determines the percentage of the race run.

8. Infractions of the rules on any day of a race weekend will be punishable by the standards set in the matrix on pages 13 & 14 of this rulebook. The Rider is responsible for all his family members. All decisions are at Referees/Umpires discretion.

9. To receive points, a rider must complete 50% of the laps completed by the winner of the event and also take the checkered flag.

10. Failure to enter and leave the course by the designated entrance and exit lanes may result in the rider's disqualification. This rule will be strictly enforced.

11. Forty riders shall be the maximum number allowed to start in any moto; provided there shall be at least one (1) meter, (2.3 feet), for each mini-mini cycle, junior cycle, mini cycle or motorcycle.

12. There will be only two (2) practices per class on Saturday and one (1) set of hot laps on Sunday. The intent of this rule is that in order to practice a bike on Saturday YOU.MUST BE SIGNED UP TO RACE THAT SAME BIKE ON SUNDAY, (THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE).

13. The referee shall have the authority to declare a race complete after one moto when conditions warrant. Any class that is unable to complete their second moto will receive points based on their finish in the first moto only.

14. There will be NO REFUNDS after practice has started. There will be NO CASH REFUNDS! If MAMA cancels a race before practice has started on race day – race fees will be refunded with your tech slips only. The race pass must be picked up within 2 hours after race is cancelled. Season pass holders do not get race rain checks. THERE WILL BE NO GATE REFUNDS.

15. “If youth and amateur events are being run on the same day at the same location, then no youth entrant will be eligible to enter more than 2 classes for the entire meet   with the exception of the Schoolboy Senior class.” See Chapter 5, YOUTH RULES. Youth   any rider age 4 through 15, competing in a youth meet. Amateur   motorcycle riders not competing for cash awards. (According to Chapter 5, YOUTH RULES in the AMA rulebook it is 3 classes for the entire meet)

16. Once Trackside is implemented, the Rider is responsible for making sure they come to the starting line with their transponder on his/her left boot. If you do not have it on you may not be scored for that moto. (You will be considered a DNF.

17. All riders and spectators must have their wristbands on at all times. If you are caught without one you will be required to purchase a new one.
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