Pfc and Racing ———————————————————————————— More Championships than any other™ Performance Friction’s mission is to manufacture the absolute best brakes on the market

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PFC and Racing


More Championships

than any other™

Performance Friction’s mission is to manufacture the absolute best brakes on the market. NO COMPROMISES™

Thousands of races and hundreds of professional championships won every year, Performance Friction® is the true leader in racing technology, supplying Z-Rated® calipers, Direct Drive discs, and Carbon Metallic® pads, to teams in every major racing series worldwide – from NASCAR* to Champ Car*, from USAC* to JGRC*, from Grand AM* to Formula One*




Brake Compounds


PFC Compound Descriptions


Developed to provide the ultimate in stopping power and fade-free feel. PFC pads are produce from a Carbon Metallic® composition. Carbon possesses very good dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. Therefore, the pad is less likely to deform and deteriorate at high temperatures, which can range anywhere between 572℉ and 1472℉ (300℃ and 800℃). The metallic elements help to increase the coefficient of friction of the pad material for improved braking.

All PFC compounds have similar relative density/structural integrity/compressibility and Rockwell hardness. In other words, all PFC pads are in the region of medium to hard. The terms soft – medium – hard tend to be used by pad manufactures where they produce a pad to cope with one criterion, but exhibits poor performance in other areas. PFC pads are one of the few in the market place that can offer excellent stopping power with excellent wear characteristics of both the pad and the disc. The difference in compounds is more a measure of the characteristics of that compound, rather than a measure of its softness or hardness.


Race Discs


Disc Technology


More Championships than any other …


With over 7 years of design research and metallurgical development, Performance Friction was awarded 3 separate patents for our computer vision based machining process, full floating Direct Drive attachment system, and advanced slot pattern.

Since first hitting the track in 1998, PFC race discs have won more major championships than any other race disc on the market. Ask any professional racer and you’ll learn the about the numerous benefits of performance Friction’s disc technology.

Disc Specifications:


  1. Patented slot pattern for more bite, improved release, more efficient pad cleaning, and improved thermal stability.

  1. High Carbon Alloy with copper and molybdenum for high temperature strength and crack resistance.

  1. Aircraft quality heat treatment for micro structure alignment and durability.

  1. Runout less than .0005 inches and thickness variation less than .0002 inches reduces Judder and Pulsation.

  1. Vanes turned OD and ID for balance to reduce thermal distortion and vibration.

  1. 47 or more vanes for superior thermal capacity.

  1. Surface finish less than .7 microns for reduced drag and more consistent coefficient of friction.

  1. 100% measured and inspected to meet strict tolerance specifications.

Two Piece Direct DriveTM Patented Disc Technology Explained


With performance Friction’s NEW two-piece floating Direct Drive Disc, the disc flange floats in the bobbin structure allowing radial and axial expansion of the disc without being constrained by the hub or hat.

  • More efficient torque takeout.

  • Eliminates vibration and pulsation.

  • Reduces piston knock-back.

  • Longer life and lower lap times.

  • Improves control and release.

  • Reduces heat transfer to the club.

  • Reduces drag.

The Result :


Performance Friction Brakes outperform the competition by more efficiently distributing heat for lower lap times, longer life, and improved driver control.


Race Calipers


Caliper Technology


The system …


The caliper, disc, and pads work as a system: dynamically effecting bite, torque, release, and in the end, lap times. Performance Friction’s improvement in pad and disc technology transferred to improvements in caliper design, resulting in exceptional speed and reliability. Professional race teams have seen tremendous success running the Performance Friction package of pads, discs, and calipers in ALMS, ELMS, Grand-AM DP/GT, NASCAR Nextel Cup/Bush/Truck, Speed World Challenge, Formula 3, and HGTC.

It’s Quicker

1. Monoblock FEA Design reduces caliper deflection for less pedal travel and improved response.

2. Abutment Design for optimized torque takeout, which improves release and control.

3. Bleeder Design protects against thread and seat damage.

4. Integrated Bleeder and Bridge Pipe Guards.

5. High Temperature Aluminum Alloy for stiffness and improved pedal feel at the highest temperatures.

6. Electroless Nickel Coating for durability.

7. Short Aspect Ratio 4-Piston Design for a stiffer caliper body, which reduces drag and temperature as well as improving release and control over 6-piston designs.

8. Patented Piston Cap Design reduces fluid temperature by 100℉(55℃)

9. High Tension Seals for proper piston rollback, which reduces drag and improves consistency.




SmarTemp Strips

PFC SmarTemp Strips

  • For measuring temperatures of calipers and other components (heat exchangers,

transmissions and differentials)

  • Easy to Use – Easy to Read – color
    changes to black when rating is

  • Temperature rangers 269.8℉ to 536℉

(121℃ to 280℃)

  • Packaged in books of 10 strips

2006 PFC Open Wheel Champions

Champcar World Series

Drivers Champion – Second Place – Third Place

PFC Champcar Statistics

Performance Friction Wins: 14 of 14

Formula Atlantic

Drivers Champion – Second Place – Third Place –

Cooper Tires F-2000 Zetec Series

Drivers Champion – J.R. Hildebrand

Team Champion – Cape Motorsports
F2000 Championship Series

Driver’s Champion – Matt McDonough
Pacific F2000 Series

Driver’s Champion - Robert Podlesni

2006 PFC Sportscar Champions U S A
Grand Am Rolex Series

Daytona Prototype Drivers Champion – Jorg Bergmeister, Krohn Racing

Daytona Prototype Team Champion – CompUSA Chip Ganassi with Felix Sabates
Rolex 24 at Daytona

Overall Winner – Scott Dixon, Dan Wheldon, Casey Mears, CompUSA Chip Ganassi with Felix Sabates

Performance Friction Wins: 12 of 17 Races
SCCA Pro Racing

World Challenge GT Drivers Champion – Second Place – Third Place

Speed World Challenge Manufacturers Champion - Porsche
SCCA National Champions

Formula Atlantic – Mirl Swan / Formula Continental

American Sedan – John Heinricy / Formula Mazda – James Goughary

GT2 – Wayland Joe / GT3 – Collin Jackson

25 Hours of Thunderhill

Overall Winner –O’Connell Motorsports Porsche GT3 Cup

2006 PFC Oval Track Champions U S A
NASCAR Nextel Cup

Drivers Champion – Jimmy Johnson – Hendrick Motorsports

Owners Champion – Jeff Gordon, Hendrick Motorsports
2006 PFC Japanese Champions

Super GT

GT500 Drivers Champions – Juichi Wakisaka & Andre Lotterer, Toyota TOM’s

Team Champion – Toyota Team TOM’s
All Japan F3

Drivers Champion – Adrian Sutil, Team TOM’s / Team Champion – Toyota TOMS

Formula Nippon
Driver Champion – Benoit Treluyer, Team Impul / Team Champion – Team Impul
2006 PFC Australian Champions

V8 Supercar Drivers Champion

V8 Supercar Teams Champion – Toll HSV Dealer Team

Australian F3 Driver’s Champion – Australian F4000 Driver’s Champion

Australian Touring car Challenge – Australian GT Driver’s Champion

2006 PFC FIA World Champions

FIA WTCC Driver’s Champion - Andy Priaulx

FIA WTCC Manufacturer’s Champion - BMW Motorsport

FIA WTCC Independent’s Trophy - Team GR Asia, Tom Coronel

Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix Champion - Mike Conway, Double R Racing
2006 ACO 24 Hours of Le Mans

LM GT2 Winner – Tom Kimber-Smith, Richard Dean, Lawrence Tomlinson, Team LNT

2006 PFC United Kingdom Champions

British GT2 Team Champion - Scuderia Ecosse

British GT2 Driver’s Champions - Tim Mullen, Chris Niarchos

British GT3 Team Champions - Lotus Sport Cadena / British GT3 Driver’s Champion

British F3 Driver’s Champion - Mike Conway, Double R Racing

Britcar 24Hrs of Silverstone Overall Class Win - Duller Motorsport’s BMW Z4

2006 PFC European Champions

European Formula 3 Driver’s Champion

FIA GT2 Team Champion - AF Corse

FIA GT2 Driver’s Champion - Jaime Melo, AF Corse

FIA GT3 Dodge Manufacturer’s Cup - Patrick Bornhauser
Italian Champions

F3000 Driver Champion - Touring Car Drivers Champion

German Champions

BMW Mini Cooper Challenge Driver’s Champion - Thomas Jäger

Recaro Cup German F3 Driver’s Champion - Ho-Pin Tung
French Champions

Hillclimb Championship, F3000 Driver’s Champion - Lionel Regal

Rallycross Driver’s Champion - Alexandre Theuil
2006 PFC Motorcycle Champions – USA
AMA Champions

AMA Supersport Champion - AMA Superstock Champion - AMA Formula Extreme

UK Motorcycle Champions

British Superbike Cup –

British Superstock Championship –British Superstock Cup Championship

Irish Superbike Championship - Irish Supersport Championship

Virgin Mobile Yamaha R6 Cup

British F2 Sidecar Championship – Sidecar Isle of Man TT

European Motorcycle Champions

Sidecar World Championship

World Superstock Championship - European Supersport Championship

Italian Supersport Championship - Italian 600 Superstock Championship

Japanese Motorcycle Champions

South Challenge Cup 250GP – Kyushu 250 GP

Open Endurance Race – Kenji Nakao, Yasutaka Mine, Team Reira Sports
Chinese Motorcycle Champions

2006 China ZIC SBK Championship - Huang Shi-Zhao, BG/Star Bike

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