Pfi annual report 2008/2009 From Morgana, International Coordinator, Chair pfi foundation Current situation – November 2009

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From Morgana, International Coordinator, Chair PFI Foundation

Current situation – November 2009

Pagan Federation International (PFI) continues to grow and is now visible on all continents and active in about 25 different countries. Some are more active than others as you might expect and some countries have recently been “revived” such as PFI France.
Each PFI Nation works semi-autonomously.

The PFI Foundation (Stichting PFI) acts as an umbrella for the PFI Nations.

The PFI forum acts as a platform for the PFI community with 12 different language sections.
The most recent additions are PFI Argentine, PFI Colombia, PFI Panama and PFI Russia. More about this later. 
Networking, visits, talks and workshops.

In 2009 I had the chance to travel extensively and visit a number of PFI's to give talks and workshops and expand our network.

A brief overview October 2008/ 2009

October 2008: The Isaac & Phaedra Bonewits - a 2-week European Tour was organised in cooperation with PFI Germany, PFI Netherlands and the Atlantis Bookshop

January: Prague, PFI Czech Republic, PFI moot and Workshop

February: Barcelona, PFI Spain. PFI moot, workshop, meeting with UNESCO Catalan, interview with Reuters Spain.
March: Ljubljana, Slovenia. Introducing PFI at the first Pagan conference in Slovenia, Participated in an Ostara Ritual.
April: Attended the ESITIS conference in Salzburg. “Interreligious Hermeneutics in pluralistic Europe”
May: Gave a workshop at the Bohemian Moravian Witch Camp in the Czech Republic. PFI Meeting to discuss way forward with Slavic Pagans, in cooperation with PFI Poland, Russia, Cz. Rep. Bulgaria and Slovenia, but also PFI Hungary, Italy, Austria & Romania. Dutch Conference. NC’s from Bulgaria, Russia, Belgium & Hungary present.
July In Hungary for a handfasting, with Gwiddon from PFI Russia
August: Moscow, Russia. Meeting Slavic Pagans. Liaising with academics in the UK (including Prudence Jones from PF)
September: London, PFI had a stand at the “Day for Doreen”. Isobel (PFI Portugal) & Morgana gave talks. Presentation of the DVD ‘The Charge of the Goddess – a multilingual project by PFI”. Also presentation of Portuguese version of “Natural Magic” by Doreen Valiente, PFI Portugal

PFI Belgium Conference

October: Seville, Spain. Social Forum 2009 - Ethics & Spiritualities, PFI Spain & Portugal attended with a stand and talks.


In the Netherlands we have the “Pagan Heathen Round Table” which has both an Interfaith and Intrafaith function. In April 2009, for example, we had a stand at the Spiritual Festival in Rotterdam.

We have also been working with URI (United Religious Initiative) on various projects.
PFI Mexico and PFI Spain are also active on the Interfaith front. There is quite a lot of activity in Latin America as more countries come on board (PFI Panama, Colombia, Argentina)
PFI Russia is working with Northern Wind a pagan umbrella organization in Moscow.
At local level moots, talks, festivals and workshops are being organized Newsletters are being produced by the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany and Spain.

PFI Hungary has introduced a “Pagan Weblog”.

PFI USA also implemented a “pen-pal service for prisoners”.
The credit crisis has hit a lot of PFI members and seriously hit the mobility of people. Several events have had to be cancelled – or people just couldn’t afford to travel to the conferences being organized.
The PFI forum has therefore been a blessing and lifeline to many people because we can still keep in touch for very little money. We have forum members from all over the world, of all ages and background. The multilingual features have also lowered the threshold. People can communicate in their own language.

Pagan Resources, events and news items are listed daily making it an actual, up-to-date forum.

There are also discussions and suggestions for events for newcomers.
It has also meant that we can keep the ties with the PF in the British Isles and exchange facilities with each other. (Newsletters, event dates etc.)
In 2009/2010 we hope to continue the networking with Central and Eastern Europe with a focus on Slavic Paganism. The interest in Latin & Central America is growing with a large emphasis on Spanish as the common language, now the second language of PFI.
Thanks to everyone who has devoted their time to PFI. It is appreciated!
Bright Blessings,

Morgana, Zeist, The Netherlands,

November 2009

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