Site Specific Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Plan

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(29 CFR 1926.850)

Before demolition work is initiated, an engineering survey shall be performed by a competent, qualified person to determine the condition of the structure, inclusive of the framing, floors, walls and the possibility of unplanned collapse of any portion of the structure, or any adjacent structures where persons may be exposed.

Before demolition of this structure or part there-of is performed, a permit must be acquired from the following regulatory agencies, as a minimum;

  • The Local City or Town Building Official, or State Building Official (if appropriate)

  • The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

  • All utilities must be properly disconnected and made safe, prior to demolition.






  • Dig Safe shall be contacted, prior to any work that involves digging, inclusive of shoveling.

The General Contractor is responsible for any hazardous conditions that must be removed or made safe, prior to demolition. These conditions may include but are not limited to;

For this project, the contact person for hazardous materials and waste, including asbestos and lead is;




(_____) _______-___________


Owner / Company

Telephone Number

  • All demolition work, which creates dust (regardless of type) shall incorporate the use of dust control methods, such as a water spray, or other engineering controls to limit dust migration.

  • If the structure becomes unsafe for personnel inside, the general contractor, under the requirements of the all hazards plan and the emergency Action Plan shall require the immediate evacuation of the structure until such time as it can be assessed by a competent, qualified person such as a registered professional engineer, and then made safe.



(29 CFR 1926.252) (29 CFR 1926.852)

  • When chutes are utilized on the construction site, they shall be erected and maintained in accordance with the requirements of OSHA, 29 CFR 1926.252 and 29 CFR 1926.852.

  • No material shall be dropped to any point, outside of the exterior walls, from a location above the 2nd floor. From the 1st or 2nd floor the area shall be properly protected to prevent accidental injury or property damage.

  • Any chute with an angle steeper than 45 deg., shall be completely enclosed to prevent loss of waste to dumpster.

  • All ramps leading to the chute shall have fall protection.

  • A gate of substantial strength shall be installed and maintained at the receiving end of each chute. The gate shall be closed at all times when the chute is not being actively used.

  • At the ramp / chute connection, a wheelbarrow stop of at least 4” in height shall be installed.

  • When dust is created, it shall be properly controlled to prevent migration to other locations.

  • Engineering controls, such as water shall be used to keep dust levels as low as possible, and below regulatory requirements.

Electrical Safety


(29 CFR 1926.416)

The person(s) responsible for electrical safety on this project are;




(_____) _______-___________

General Contractor / Superintendent


Telephone Number




(_____) _______-___________

Electrical Contractor Supervisor


Telephone Number


The General Contractor for this project is responsible for electrical safety, inclusive of the Hazardous Energy Control Policy and Lock Out/Tag Out procedures.

The Hazardous Energy Control Policy must include all known and potential energy sources, including but not limited to;

  • electrical

  • pneumatic

  • plumbing and steam

All electrical power is considered to be energized until the responsible electrician or appropriate competent person has verified and tested the system to make sure that it has been de-energized.

The General Contractor is ultimately responsible for all wiring on site, including temporary wiring. The General Contractor can delegate components of the electrical safety program to the Electrical Contractor, but the primary responsibility rests with the GC.

  • The electrical safety program for this project shall include the effective management of the following;

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