Sketches of holston preachers

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Cox, Charles Lee: Born April 15, 1892, at Foster Falls, Va. Son of James A. and Katherine Baker Cox. He was teaching a Sunday School class before reaching his teens. He also gathered a group of illiterate people together and taught them to read. He was called on to conduct a funeral, in the absence of the pastor, when he was twelve years old. He graduated from Hiwassee College. Admitted in 1921 and served eight charges. He was ill for several years and was confined to the hospital for many months. He died Dec. 8, 1937, and was buried at Knoxville.


Cox, George B.: Born Dec. 20, 1848. Had meager educational attainments. This hindered him from entering the ministry to which he felt he was called after his conversion in boyhood. He began ministerial work in 1874. Admitted in 1884, he gave himself in fervent devotion to singing, praying and preaching, and was notably successful. He married May, 1899, Miss Alice Archer. They had six children. He died Nov. 27, 1905. He was buried in Washington County, Tenn.


Cox, Ivan Iee: Born April 22, 1878, in Wise County, Va. He became a Christian in childhood. He was admitted to Holston Conference in 1912 and served twelve appointments in twenty-three years. He married Nov. 13, 1903, Miss Nora Almeda Elliott. They had seven children. He retired in 1935 and lived at Rock Springs, near Kingsport. Here he died March 5, 1940, and was buried at Rock Springs.


Cox, J. O.: Born March 7, 1872, near Dandridge, Tenn. He was admitted in 1906. He served a number of circuits in East Tennessee. He was a successful revivalist. He was given supernumerary relation in 1930. He was married Sept. 28, 1899, to Miss Mahalie Mort. They had eight children. He superannuated in 1931. He died suddenly Feb. 1, 1935, as he stood waiting for a street car in front of East Main Avenue Church, Knoxville. He was buried at Strawberry Plains, Tenn.


Craig, John: Admitted 1807. In Holston 1821. Died 1840.


Crane, John: Born 1787, at Eaton's Station, two miles from Nashville. Son of Lewis Crane. He was converted and began to exhort at twelve. Admitted in 1806. He served two circuits in Holston in one year: Holston and French Broad. Afterward labored in Ohio, Missouri, Louisiana and Kentucky. Died Feb. 14, 1812.


Crawford, James Y.: Born Jan. 26, 1799, in South Carolina. A man of both mental and physical attractions; he was six feet four inches in height. Married Aug. 30, 1827, Miss Mary White, daughter of Rev. George White, local preacher, Rogersville, Tenn. Professed sanctification in same year. Located 1836, because of ill health. Readmitted 1848. Died May 21, 1850. Buried at Rogersville.


Crawford, Josiah: In Holston one year, 1810.


Crawford, William M.: Born Dec. 12, 1842, Giles County, Va. Admitted 1873. Active seven years. Married March 27, 1866, Miss Catherine A. Sharretts, Wythe County, Va. Died of pulmonary disease March 2, 1880, Watauga County, N. C. Buried at Boone, N. C.


Creswell, Adam Fagala: Born Feb. 3, 1848, in Sevier County, Tenn. Son of Rufus and Amber Creswell. He graduated from East Tennessee Wesleyan University in 1875. Admitted in 1875. He served appointments in East Tennessee and North Carolina. He was in North Carolina when the Blue Ridge Conference was organized. He later transferred back into Holston Conference. After three years his health failed and he took supernumerary relation in 1884. He married May 6, 1879, Miss Ella Sumner, near Asheville, N. C. They had eight children. One son, Rev. George J. Creswell, is a member of Holston Conference. After he took a supernumerary relation he taught in public schools and tilled his small farm, and often overtaxed his strength. He was a great sufferer during his last year. He died June 10, 1897. He was buried in Jefferson County, Tenn.


Crismond, John M.: Born and reared in Baltimore, Md., where he was picked up and placed in Sunday school. He learned the tailor's trade, which he plied until 1837. Admitted in 1837, he did effective work for 37 years, including one year as presiding elder of the Wytheville District. Married Miss Elizabeth Shannon. They had nine children. His wife and children remained on her farm in Burke's Garden, Va. He was an austere man, but faithful and diligent. Died April 27, 1875, at Morristown, Tenn., and was buried at Liberty Hill, near Morristown.


Crist, Benjamin: Admitted to Wisconsin Conference 1853. Located 1864. Readmitted to Georgia Conference 1864. Transferred to Holston Conference 1873. Superannuated 1886. Died 1916. Buried at Millersville, Pa.


Crockett, William C.: Born April 16, 1852, in Crockett's Cove, Wythe County, Va. Was a student at Emory and Henry College. Converted at 30 years of age. Licensed to preach in 1887. Admitted in 1892. Was in active work for 25 years. Married Dec. 14, 1875, to Miss William Crump of Crump's Bottoms, W. Va. They had seven children. Died on Eggleston charge, Jan. 4, 1920, and was buried in Crockett's Cove, Va.


Crouch, Larkin W.: Born near Jonesboro, Tenn. Admitted 1846. Educated at Washington College. Licensed to preach at Stone Dam Camp Ground. Married Miss Varnell. After superannuation he made his home at Calhoun, Tenn. Died in 1887. Buried in Calhoun. "One of the meekest and purest men among us."


Crowder, L. D.: Born Feb. 10, 1844. He seems to have had little or no school training, but he was deeply interested in securing opportunities for others. He was largely responsible for the establishment of Bennett Academy in Mississippi. He was a private in the Confederate Army. He joined the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was admitted to the Mississippi Conference in 1870. Here for more than a score of years he rendered faithful service. In 1895 he transferred to Holston Conference; after four years his health failed and he moved his family to Mississippi. His health appeared to improve and he was appointed to Graysville. He died Jan. 15, 1900. He was buried at Spring Creek, Miss.


Crowe, John Moore: Born Nov. 11, 1857, near Yelvington, Ky. Son of Rev. Enoch M. and Fannie E. Crowe, the oldest of thirteen children. Educated at Warren Military College and Vanderbilt University. Admitted into Louisville Conference in 1875. Served various charges in Kentucky, Indiana, Colorado and Missouri. In 1895 he transferred to the Western Virginia Conference; and in 1904 transferred to Holston Conference. He had located, while in the West, and engaged in evangelistic work. After serving several stations in Holston he did evangelistic work for a time. Married twice: (1) Dec. 24, 1879, Miss Mollie Howard. They had five children. (2) Jan. 1, 1935, Miss Anne Irene Rudy. He superannuated in 1928. He died April 25, 1937, and was buried at Austinville, Va.


Crumley, Fleming D.: Born 1829, near Rockhold Camp Ground, Sullivan County, Tenn. Admitted in 1860. In 1865 he withdrew from Southern Conference and united with the M. E. Conference, but after a short time retraced his steps. Married Miss Mary Snodgrass of Blountville, Tenn. Superannuated in 1891. He labored on average circuits with good success. Died Sept. 4, 1897, at Fall Branch, Tenn., where he was buried.


Crumley, H. J.: Born in 1822. Admitted in 1869. Died in 1894; and was buried in Washington County, Va. No memoir was furnished. He was the father of Rev. Thomas J. Crumley.


Crumley, Thomas J.: Born Oct. 5, 1858, in Carter County, Tenn. Son of Harmon J. and Mary Ann Crumley. He was admitted to the Virginia Conference in 1885. "He served with a fine measure of success and unquestioned loyalty ten charges during his ministry." "He served with equal zeal the small as well as the large charge." "He was the premier church builder of the Conference, having seen, during his ministry, thirty-two churches built or well begun under his direct charge." Failing health compelled him to rest for several years. He came back into the pastorate after 1906 when the Virginia territory was united with Holston. During the life of his parents he made his home with them. He died Nov. 20, 1927, at the home of his niece, Mrs. J. W. Myers at Bristol, Tenn. He was buried at Riverview.


Cumming, David B.: Born June 3, 1796, at Mooresburg, Pa. His Presbyterian parents moved to Blount County, Tenn., and educated their sons at Maryville College. Although they desired that their sons should be Presbyterian preachers, seven of them became Methodist preachers: James, David, William, Andrew, Paxton, Harvey and John. David was admitted in 1821. He served circuits in Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina. In 1834 was appointed missionary to the Cherokees, and was presiding elder to Newtown District (Chattanooga). In 1838 transferred to Arkansas Conference and, later, to Indian Mission Conference. Superannuated in that Conference in 1872. Married Dec., 1825, to Miss Caroline Lowry, Buncombe County, N. C. Delegate to General Conference in 1844 and 1854.


Cumming, Harvey B.: Admitted 1829. Traveled four or five years. Superannuated 1834. Died 1835. One of six brothers who were Methodist preachers, James being the oldest brother.


Cumming, James: Born Oct. 26, 1787. Admitted to Tennessee Conference in 1820. Served important charges in various parts of Holston Conference. Presiding elder Knoxville District 1829-30-31-32 and again in 1839; Washington District 1839. Superannuate 1836 and 1837; and excepting four years remained a superannuate to the end of his life. In the heat of the war between the states he was excluded from the Southern Conference because he refused loyalty to the Confederate Government. He became a charter member of Holston Conference of the M. E. Church, when it was organized at Athens in 1865. Having been a superannuate for more than twenty-five years, he sustained the same relation in the M. E. Church. His education was limited but he was a diligent student, acquired great skill in writing and speaking. He was accounted among the strong preachers of the Conference. He was a delegate to the General Conference in 1828, 1832 and 1836. He spent his last days on his little farm on Walden's Creek, in Sevier County, about seven miles southwest of Sevierville. Here he had settled his family in early life, and had put out a fine orchard. His wife had died several years before his death; and a widowed daughter gave him tender care in his old age. In this home he died June 20, 1869. He was buried on the site of old Shiloh Church, under where the pulpit had stood.


Cumming, William: Admitted 1822. Served many of the best appointments in Tennessee and Holston Conference. Located in 1834.


Cunningham, John R.: Born 1844, in Sullivan County, Tenn. Son of Rev. O. F. Cunningham. Admitted 1875. Forced by ill health to give up circuit work in 1887, he taught school for a year and then became a commercial traveler for ten years. Married and had two daughters and a son. Died Jan. 15, 1899. Buried at Wheeler's Chapel in Sullivan County, Tenn.


Cunningham, Oscar F.: Born May 1, 1813, Grayson County, Va. Admitted 1834. Located 1839; readmitted 1840. Presiding elder 1843-1847. Superannuated 1847. Died June 15, 1848. Buried at Wheeler's Chapel, Sullivan County, Tenn.


Cunnyngham, Jessee: Born Oct. 25, 1789, on French Broad River, ten miles above Knoxville, Jefferson County, Tenn. Son of William Cunnyngham. One of the earliest, if not the first, of native born sons to enter the Methodist ministry in Holston. Admitted 1811. Located in 1826. Readmitted and placed on superannuate roll in 1849. Married Miss Mary Etter, Dec. 6, 1819. Rev. W. G. E. Cunnyngham was their son. His first work was Holston circuit, 1811. In 1816 he was appointed presiding elder of Holston District which he served four years. Appointed presiding elder of French Broad District which he served one year. Died in 1857. Buried at Athens, Tenn. Delegate to general Conference 1820.


Cunnyngham, William G. E.: Born Dec. 3, 1820, in Knox County, Tenn. Son of Jessee and Mary Etter Cunnyngham. The best of his mental training came from his father and from reading the good books which he found in his own home. Equally diligent on the farm and in the school room he laid the foundation for usefulness. He learned to love good books and to write a hand as perfect as copper plate. Admitted in 1843. From the beginning his ministry was successful; Estilville, Chattanooga, Athens, Knoxville, Tazewell and Abingdon were served in his early years. Married in 1852, Miss Bettie Litchfield, Abingdon, Va., and on May 12, 1852, sailed for China. His wife's health failing, he was forced to return to the United States in 1861. In 1875 he was elected to succeed Dr. A. G. Haygood as Sunday School Editor, in which capacity he served until 1894. The rest of his life was spent in doing literary work. Died March 31, 1900. Buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Tenn.


Daily, William C.: Born Oct. 16, 1818, in Greene County, Tenn. Had meager educational advantages, but improved his mind by diligent study. He joined the M. E. Church at 15, but was converted 8 year later. He was licensed to exhort in 1842 and, a year later, was licensed to preach. He was admitted to Holston Conference in 1843, one year before the Division of the Church. Bishop James O. Andrew ordained him deacon in 1845 and elder in 1847. He continued in the Southern Conference until 1862, when he located. He joined the Kentucky Conference of the M. E. Church and was transferred to Holston at its organization in 1865. He, together with P. H. Reed, organized, at Mar's Hill, Bradley County, Tenn., on the first Sunday in March, 1864, the first society of the M. E. Church within the bounds of what became the Holston Conference. He served important charges in both the Holston Conferences, South and North. He was for twenty-five years a presiding elder. He was probably as widely and well known as any minister who has lived and died in East Tennessee. He married Nov. 6, 1846, Miss Julia Godby. They had five children. He superannuated in 1893. He died June 27, 1897, at his home in Knoxville and was buried in South Knoxville.


Dame, John Drury: Born Sept. 25, 1855, in Botetourt County, Va. Son of Thomas C. and Martha H. Dane. Educated in public schools and U. S. Grant University. Admitted in 1890. Served 16 charges from Ooltewah to New River in 26 years. Married Oct. 31, 1876, Miss Sue Woodson of Monroe County, W. Va. Superannuated, following a stroke of paralysis, in 1926. Died Feb. 16, 1933, in Princeton, W. Va. Buried in Bland County, Va.


Darr, Josephus Anderson: Born July 16, 1847, in Giles County, Va. Educated in public schools; and had four years at West Virginia State Normal, Athens, W. Va. Taught school in Virginia and West Virginia, and later in Tennessee. Published the Valley Herald at Jasper, Tenn. Licensed as local preacher at Wabash Camp Ground in 1866. Served as supply. Admitted in 1887. Served five charges in and near Chattanooga. Superannuated 1895 to 1905; after one year effective superannuated 1906. Seventeen years superannuate because of illness. A man of sunny spirit and a delightful companion. Married Nov. 7, 1878, Miss Rebecca Jane Rogers, Rising Fawn, Ga. They had eight children. Leslie J. Darr, a son, is U. S. District Judge. Died July 6, 1913, at Jasper, Tenn. Buried in Pine Grove Cemetery.


Daughtry, Josiah: Admitted in 1815. All his labors were done in Holston. Traveled important circuits. Was presiding elder eight years. Was local between 1818 and 1823. Superannuated in 1844 and located in 1848.


Davis, Jacob Ulrich: Born March 4, 1876, in Thorn Grove, Knox County, Tenn. Son of Benjamin Davis. The next Sabbath after he was baptized he began preaching. He supplied Elm Grove circuit while a local preacher. Admitted in 1899; he saw less than one year of itinerant life. He died of typhoid fever Feb. 11, 1900, at South Pittsburg, Tenn. He was buried at Thorn Grove, Tenn.

Davis, James A.: Born April 12, 1825, at Pleasant Hill, Smythe County, Va. Son of Major Joseph W. Davis. Graduated at Emory and Henry in 1845. Many years a teacher at Emory and Henry. Admitted 1857. Was never appointed to a pastoral charge but served as a teacher as long as he was on the effective list. He was married and had two children. Died at Emory, Va., June 30, 1898. Buried at Emory.


Davis, Joseph B.: Born Dec. 11, 1833, in Smythe County, Va. Son of Joseph W. and Lucy Davis. Educated at Emory and Henry. Licensed to preach in 1869. Admitted 1874. His fields of labor were hard, but he labored uncomplainingly. Married Miss Godsey of Scott County, Va. "His neighbors all loved him and testified of the good life he lived." Died of hemorrhage of the lungs, July 6, 1907. Buried at Emory, Va.


Dawn, William H.: Born Nov. 9, 1842, at Lynchburg, Va. Converted at Church Street in 1871. Admitted 1872. Served six charges. Superannuated 1880 because of ill health. Engaged in contracting and building and was successful in business, but suffered reverses in 1892. He did much preaching in Knoxville after superannuation and was a liberal giver. Married Miss Rachael Looney, Rogersville, Tenn. They had seven children. Died July 25, 1902, at Knoxville and was buried there.


Dean, Henry Lee: Born Sept. 22, 1886, in Wythe County, Va. Son of Stephen F. and Lucy Fisher Dean. Both of his grandfathers were local preachers: Rev. Madison Dean and Rev. James Fisher. Three brothers are members of the Holston Conference: Rev. E. W. Dean, Rev. Walter M. Dean and Rev. John K. Dean. He was educated at Emory and Henry College. Admitted in 1915. He served five charges and left an indelible impression for good in all places which he served. He married Dec. 13, 1908, Miss Dollie Branscomb, Ivanhoe, Va. They had nine children. He died Jan. 6, 1935, while serving Rock-Spanishburg charge; and was buried at Bluefield, W. Va.


Delashmit, Leonidas C.: Born at Embreeville, Washington County, Tenn., Nov. 13, 1834. Six years before his death he wrote: "In the providence and by the grace of God, it was my good fortune to be the child of a mother who was, in her daily Christian life, blameless. While I was yet an infant my parents gave me to God in baptism." He was for two years a student in Hiwassee College; was licensed to preach in 1855, and was admitted in 1856. For twenty-five years he was in regular work serving twenty charges where "hundreds of souls were saved and added to the church." He married Sarah Jane Mackey, McDowell County, N. C., April 27, 1863. They had six children. His wife died at St. Clair, Tenn., March 1, 1880. He was superannuated in 1882. In 1903 he removed to Portland, Oregon, where he spent his declining years in great peace, attended by his daughters, Mrs. Katie Brandon and Mrs. Louise Severance. He died at Portland, Oregon, Feb. 6, 1921, and his ashes rest at Portland.


Dever, John: Admitted 1817. In Holston one year as pastor, 1818, and two years as presiding elder, 1821 and 1822. Located in 1823 and settled near mouth of Little River near Knoxville.


Dew, John: In Holston one year, 1816.

Dickey, James W.: Born March 24, 1829, McMinn County, Tenn. Son of David H. and Letitia Witten Dickey. His mother was a sister of Rev. James Witten. Admitted in 1852. Graduated Hiwassee College. Married 1857, Susan Emmeline Waterson. After her death he married Miss Mary Shannon, who survived him and married B. W. S. Bishop. J. W. Dickey died April 11, 1876, after twenty-four useful years in the itinerancy. Buried at Cedar Branch, Washington County, Va.


Dickey, John P.: Born Jan. 24, 1844, near Sweetwater, Tenn. Son of David H. Dickey and brother of Rev. James W. Dickey. Graduated from Emory and Henry. Admitted in 1871. Served in Holston for many years. Married Miss Adelia Bates Nov. 20, 1873. Superannuated 1906 and went to Los Angeles, Calif. Died Feb. 26, 1912, in Los Angeles and was buried there.


Dixon, James: Admitted 1811. Traveled in Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois till 1814, when he was appointed to Knoxville. In 1815 was sent to the Natchez country in Mississippi. Again in Knoxville 1819-20. The latter year, Knoxville and Greeneville were together as a station. Had protracted controversy with Dr. Isaac Anderson on the doctrine and polity of Methodist Church of which Dr. McAnnally says: "His friends had no cause to regret the controversy or the results which followed it." Died in 1848.


Doane, William P.: Born Jan. 2, 1833, in Jefferson County, Tenn. Son of Jessee and Sarah Doane, Quakers. Admitted 1850. Educated at Holston College at Strawberry Plains, Tenn. Married May 24, 1864, Miss J. A. Keller. There were ten children, five sons and five daughters. He served a large number of charges until 1903, when he superannuated. Died in 1905. Buried at Friend's Station, Jefferson County, Tenn.


Doderidge, Phillip: In Holston one year, 1788.


Douthit, Samuel: Born Sept. 20, 1777, on Yadkin River, in Davie County, N. C. Admitted 1797. In Holston 1801-2 and 1802-3. Married Mary Ann Tomotley. Located and settled in Blount County, Tenn. Died in Monroe County, Tenn., Dec. 16, 1852.


Douthit, William: In Holston one year, 1812.


Draper, George B.: Born May 26, 1865, at Kingsport, Tenn. Son of Rev. Jonathan and Elizabeth Talbert Draper. He went as a young man to Texas; and was licensed to preach in Texas. Admitted to Holston Conference in 1889. He served some of the hardest circuits and is said to have had an average of 100 conversions per year for twenty-two years. Married in 1873, Miss Laura Ann Quillen, Gate City, Va. They had eleven children. He died in a hospital at Morristown, Oct. 9, 1911, while Conference was in session. He was buried at Emory, Va.


Dugan, William: In Holston 1797.


Duggan, W. H. H.: Born July 3, 1815, in Sevier County, Tenn. He professed religion and joined the M. E. Church at Pine Grove, Blount County, on Oct. 9, 1841. Admitted (South) 1845. He labored faithfully and well until 1862, when he located. In 1865 he was readmitted (M.E.). He was a large and corpulent man, with strong voice and rapid utterance; and was a successful revivalist. He married Nov., 1837, Miss Matilda Jane Brown. He was superannuated in 1867. He died Aug. 11, 1872, and was buried at Wilson's Station, McMinn County, Tenn.


Duncan, Harry Buttorf: Born 1899, at Tupelo, Miss. Educated at Vanderbilt University and spent two years traveling in Europe and studying at the Universities of Edinburgh and Oxford. Admitted 1923 and was appointed assistant pastor at Centenary, Chattanooga. This was followed by two years at Cleveland. Died 1925 at Cleveland. Buried at Nashville, Tenn.


Dunn, Joseph: In Holston one year, 1796-97.


Durham, James Moore: Born Nov. 1, 1842, in Knox County, Tenn. He was licensed to preach before he was twenty. Admitted to Holston Conference in 1867 and served continuously, except one year, until 1904. "His work was largely on the country circuits." "He claimed the experience of perfect love some years before his death." He married, in 1870, Miss Mary Truan. They had eleven children. He was superannuated in 1904. The years of his retirement were spent near Elm Grove. He died in Lincoln Memorial Hospital, Knoxville, July 19, 1914. He was buried in Knoxville.


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