Sketches of holston preachers

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Glenn, Thomas F.: Was admitted to Holston Conference in 1857, and had a long and useful career in Holston, as pastor and editor. He was transferred to Western North Carolina Conference in 1897, where he lived to a ripe old age, honored and revered by all who knew him. Dr. R. N. Price said to him: "He is a critical scholar and a fluent writer. His sermons are always thoughtful, learned and earnest; but they are unequal. At times he speaks with hesitancy and embarrassment; but when he breaks through the pressure of embarrassment he is, to use one of his favorite figures, a Johnstown flood." He was married. He died in North Carolina.


Goddard, Abbott: In Holston one year, 1807.


Goodman, Thomas E.: Born Jan. 1, 1874, in North Carolina. He was a local preacher supply pastor for five years before entering the Conference. Admitted in 1914. He served without a break for twenty years, in ten charges. He was twice married: (1) Miss Minnie Trantham, Nov. 26, 1890. They had seven children. (2) Miss Mary Blanche Milburn, April 23, 1920. They had two children. He died May 30, 1934, at Morristown, Tenn. He was buried at Greeneville, Tenn.


Goodykoontz, Alfred M.: Born Nov., 1813, Montgomery County, Va. Admitted to Baltimore Conference in 1838. Married Miss Mary A. Kirkpatrick. Died Nov. 15, 1858, in Washington County, Va. Buried at Abingdon, Va.


Gordon, Fred: Born May 2, 1889, in Loudon County, Tenn. Son of J. F. and Mollie E. Gordon. His father died when he was six years old. Professed faith Aug. 3, 1907. Spent two years at Hiwassee College, after which he taught school. He then took two years at East Tennessee Normal and taught two years in Loudon High School. Licensed to preach May 29, 1909. Admitted 1918. He served four charges in six years. Married Dec. 14, 1922, Miss Stella Mae Tabor. "Throughout his ministry his faith and zeal were unexcelled." On a visit to his mother the call came quickly. Died June 7, 1924. Buried at New Hope Church near Sweetwater, Tenn.


Gossage, Daniel: In Holston 1799-1800.


Grace, Francis M.: Born 1832, near Birmingham, Ala. Graduated from East Tennessee University in 1849. He joined the Alabama Conference. He was President of Hiwassee College in 1871-72 and was later a professor. He was widely recognized as a writer of clear and forceful English. He was married three times: (1) to Miss Mary Borden; (2) to Miss Kitty Green; (3) to Miss Ida Hoskins. Died Aug. 13, 1904. Buried at Owenton, Ala.


Grace, J. G.: Admitted to Virginia Conference in 1874. Died in 1877; and was buried at Bethel, Va. No memoir was furnished.


Granade, John Adam: Admitted 1801. In Holston two years, 1801 to 1803. Located 1804. The most sensational revivalist in all Holston annals. Died Dec. 6, 1807.


Grant, M. S.: Born Feb., 1858. Admitted 1890. He served nine charges, one district and Business Manager of Advocate Journal and was Conference evangelist. He married Jan., 1890, Miss Nannie K. Childress, Wells Springs, Tenn. They had six children. He was superannuated in 1924. He died Nov. 2, 1928. He was buried at Knoxville.


Grant, Samuel S.: Born March 24, 1839, Washington County, Va. Two years at Emory and Henry College and two years at Naval Academy at Annapolis. Admitted 1859. Was Chaplain in the Confederate Army, 29th Regiment of N. C. Volunteers, commanded by Col. Robert B. Vance. Married in Sept., 1866, Miss Mary Lewis, Burnsville, N. C., soon after which he located. His wife died and he was readmitted in 1875. Died Oct. 12, 1880. Buried at Jacksboro, Tenn.


Graves, William C.: Born Aug. 13, 1815. Admitted in 1834, he had been in Holston ten years before the great division took place. He continued in Holston Conference of the M. E. Church, South, for twenty-one years, and was recognized as one of the useful and dependable men of the Conference. He filled many important charges and was elected a delegate to the General Conference of 1858. When the Methodist Episcopal Church organized Holston Conference, in 1865, he went with that Conference and pursued the same steady course of peacemaking and faithful preaching of the gospel. He was active in helping to organize the East Tennessee Conference for Negroes and was, for a time, a member of that Conference. He was the founder of Morristown Normal Seminary. He was married and had at least seven children. He died Jan. 29, 1869, near Morristown, Tenn., and was buried there.


Graybeal, David M.: Born Sept. 1, 1866, in Ashe County, N. C. Son of William and Mary Ann Graybeal. Educated in public schools and in Mountain City (Tenn.) Academy. Taught in the public schools for thirty years, while he managed his farm. Licensed to preach when about thirty years old; and served as a supply in the M. E. Church. He joined the Blue Ridge Conference and served as an itinerant preacher for several years. In 1913 he removed to Damascus, Va., and transferred his membership to the M. E. Church, South, and served several years as a supply. Admitted to Holston Conference in 1921 when he was 55 years old. A man of good mind, strong personality and deep earnestness. Married Miss Lydia F. Mock, Damascus, Va., March 22, 1888. They had seven children. Died of typhoid Dec. 16, 1924, at Abingdon. Buried at Emory.


Greear, Samuel: Born in 1811. He was Chaplain of Eleventh Tennessee Volunteers, was taken prisoner and held for some months at Belle Island and Libby. He was admitted in 1867. He was an earnest and sincere preacher. He was superannuated in 1890. He died at his home in Anderson County, Oct. 9, 1897. He was buried at Scarboro, Tenn.


Green, George Washington Killinger: Born Aug. 27, 1831, in Knox County, Ind. Admitted 1858. Located 1860; readmitted 1867; superannuated 1891. Married Miss Lizzie Steel in 1858. A fearless, bold preacher. Died May 20, 1894. Buried in Bland County, Va.


Green, Jessee: Born Nov. 29, 1791, near Dandridge, Tenn. Son of Jessee and Isabella Gibson Green, friends of Gov. John Sevier. Admitted 1817. In Holston five years. Transferred to Missouri Conference 1823. Died in St. Louis Conference April 18, 1847. He was a man of marked ability, "holy and successful."


Greer, Andrew J.: Born Dec., 1832, in Kentucky. He was licensed to preach in 1856; and was admitted into Holston Conference. In 1865 he united with Holston Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. "For thirty-nine years this faithful man of God preached, with blessed results, the gospel of reconciliation." He often held offices of public trust. He married in 1864, Miss Elizabeth Holliday. He superannuated in 1866. He died Nov. 20, 1895, and was buried at New Tazewell, Tenn.


Griffitts, Jacob Lafayette: Born Nov. 14, 1869, at Unitia, Loudon County, Tenn. Son of John Wesley and Mary Elizabeth Griffitts. Educated in public schools and attended Moody Bible School. Admitted 1903. In 1912 he transferred to Florida Conference and remained there eight years. Returned to Holston Conference in 1919. Married Sept. 3, 1902, Miss Permelia Cable. They had two daughters. He was in the middle of his second year on Glade Spring and Meadow View charge when death took him. Died in Bethesda Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 27, 1923. He was buried at Emory, Va.


Guthrie, Robert H.: Born March 27, 1820, in Cumberland County, Ky. Licensed to preach 1848. Served as supply in 1850. Admitted 1851 and served until 1856, when he superannuated. He united with the M. E. Church in Holston Conference in 1865. He was superannuated in 1874. He died May 20, 1881, at his home in Hamilton County, Tenn.


Haggard, David: In Holston one year, 1792-93.


Hall, Jerome Virgil: Born March 27, 1883, at Bland Court House, Va. Admitted 1904. He served nine charges in twenty-three years - all in Wytheville District. "In every work to which he was assigned he was successful and popular." Married Dec. 24, 1889, Miss Ida Louella Hall, Ceres, Va. They had eight children. Superannuated 1927. Died Oct. 3, 1930. Buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.


Hall, Samuel H.: Born Aug. 22, 1851, in Franklin County, Va. Admitted into ministry of Methodist Protestant Church in 1873. Admitted by Holston Conference as elder from the Methodist Protestant Church, at Asheville, N. C., on Oct. 7, 1888. He was active and faithful as a circuit preacher to the end of his life. Married April 14, 1887, Miss Rachel Louisa Brooks. They had two daughters. Died at Draper, Va., Feb. 24, 1920. Buried at Greeneville, Tenn.


Halton, William Clark: Born June 14, 1866, in Queen, N. C. He was educated at the University of Chattanooga. He was admitted to the Blue Ridge Conference in 1895. He came to Holston Conference in 1908. He served in Blue Ridge and Holston Conferences eight charges, and was an active itinerant for twenty-three years. He married in April, 1891, Miss Amanda Harris. They had six children. He died Oct. 1, 1914, at Rockwood, Tenn., and was buried there.


Hamil, Lorenzo Dow: Born March 14, 1870, in Clay County, Ala. He was for a time a student at the University of Chattanooga. He was admitted to the Georgia Conference in 1902. He transferred to Holston Conference in 1907 and was useful as a pastor and presiding elder for twenty-seven years. He was a "thoughtful, sympathetic preacher of the evangelistic type." He was married. He superannuated in 1934. He died March 24, 1935, at Erlanger Hospital, Chattanooga. He was buried at Mr. Zion, Ga.


Hamilton, Hale S.: Born Oct. 13, 1853, at Rotherwood, Tenn. Son of Harvey H. and Mary Snow Hamilton. Educated at Hiwassee College. He taught several years. Admitted 1880. In 1885, he transferred to the Missouri Conference; in 1887 to the North Alabama Conference; and in 1901 he transferred back to Holston Conference. He was superannuated in 1903, because of serious illness, and was continued in that relation until 1920. His health being restored so that he could resume work, he was sent to Jonesboro, where he served continuously for fourteen years. He was a man of remarkable gifts. As a preacher he had few equals. In his last years he was nearly blind. He would be led to the pulpit, where he would open the Bible and read, from memory, his Scripture, and preach with such fluency that his blindness would be forgotten. He married Dec. 28, 1880, Miss Elizabeth Dixon Hudgens, of Monroe County, Tenn. They had five children. He was superannuated in 1934, at 81 years of age. He died Jan. 20, 1939, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John S. Hamblen, and was buried at Big Stone Gap, Va.


Hamilton, Thomas Stone: Born Oct. 17, 1867, at Abingdon, Va. Son of John Bell and Mrs. Anna Louisa Bradley Hamilton. Educated at Emory and Henry College and studied law at the University of Virginia. He practiced law for several years at Abingdon. Converted in childhood; and was active in the local church and near-by communities. He was President of the Epworth League Conference of Holston and Vice-President for Virginia Conference. Licensed to preach and admitted on trial in 1902. He served seven charges in twenty-one years. He transferred to Western Virginia Conference in 1923. In 1929 he transferred back to Holston and was appointed to Trinity, Bluefield, where he closed his ministry. He was a man of pleasing personality, with a well-modulated voice and graceful movements, and was a fervent and eloquent preacher. He was held in great affection in every place where he served. He was a member of the General Board of Finance. He married Feb. 26, 1894, Miss Aldine Clark, Abingdon, Va. They had nine children. His health had been impaired for several years, but the end came suddenly and unexpectedly. He died on Sunday, March 11, 1934. He was buried at Bluefield, W. Va.


Hampton, G. M. F.: Born Dec. 5, 1850, in Yancy County, N. C. Finished a college course at Lebanon, Ohio, and was in college work in Kentucky and West Virginia. Admitted into West Virginia Conference in 1879. Transferred to Holston Conference 1894. Notably successful in last years of his life. Married Miss Althea Amanda Proffit, April 20, 1875. Five daughters. Died 1895 at Riceville, Tenn.; and buried there.


Handy, Thomas R.: Born Oct. 18, 1849, at Grassy Creek, N. C. Son of John and Grace Ann Duvall Handy. His father died in the trenches at Petersburg. He received his education in the common schools. He was recommended for admission from Jefferson circuit in Wytheville District, and was admitted into Holston Conference in 1869. His first appointment was Wytheville circuit, Junior to E. W. Moore. After his first year he spent most of his active years in Tennessee; with the exception of three years at Bakersville and one year at Waynesville, N. C. He was pastor for thirty-one years, presiding elder for twelve years, was Vice-President of Martha Washington and Sullins Colleges for one year. He was supernumerary nine years and was superannuate for eighteen years. He was a member of Holston Conference, without a break, for seventy-one years. This was probably the longest of any man in Holston Conference. His genial social qualities were unsurpassed. From early life to ripe old age he had hosts of friends among all classes of people. He lived at Emory and Henry College for fifteen years and was a familiar figure on the campus and in the chapel. The last twenty years of his life were spent near Montgomery, Ala. He married on Feb. 26, 1890, Miss Caroline Hall, daughter of Major Bolling and Mrs. Mary Louisa Hall, Montgomery, Ala. They had six children, five sons and a daughter. All of his sons have served with distinction in the Army of the United States. She died from injury by an automobile Sept. 28, 1929. He died at his home on Oct. 8, 1940, just at the time of the meeting of Holston Conference. He was buried at Montgomery, Ala.


Hardy, Charles: Admitted 1788. In Holston one year, 1791-92. Located 1792.


Harmon, John C.: Born Feb. 21, 1855, in Fentress County, Tenn. Admitted 1889. He served thirteen charges in Holston Conference and one in the Oklahoma Conference. He was twice married: (1) Miss Rennie Bernard. They had five children. (2) Miss Mollie Seabright, May 10, 1910. He died at Newport, Tenn., Feb. 2, 1923, and was buried there.


Harper, Miles: Admitted 1804. In Holston one year, 1807.


Harris, Absalom: Admitted in 1821, and served but one year as an itinerant; but with great zeal and usefulness. His horse died and he continued his work on foot. Discontinued at his own request after one year.


Harris, Mumford: In Holston one year, 1812.


Hart, William: In Holston one year, 1814.


Hartin, John: In Holston one year, 1813.


Harwell, Samuel B.: Admitted 1818. Located 1825; readmitted 1846; superannuated 1858. United with Holston Conference, M. E. Church, 1865, but withdrew from that Conference and was received in Holston Conference, South, 1869. A man of strong mind and irreproachable character. Died Aug. 16, 1874, at his home in Roane County. Buried at Kingston, Tenn.


Hash, Jones Foster: Born Jan. 28, 1870. Admitted 1891. Effective twelve years and six months; seven charges. Was a student at Emory and Henry. "From the beginning he gave promise of great usefulness." Married Aug. 30, 1891, Miss Sallie Grubb. Died Aug. 18, 1903, at Rocky Gap. Buried in Grayson County, Va.


Haskell, William M.: Born June 11, 1818, in Anson, Maine. Educated at Maine Wesley Seminary and studied law. In early life he came South and lived in Alabama and later in Mississippi. He became a member of the Mississippi Conference. In 1844, on account of anti-slavery principles, he went to New York and joined the Genessee Conference. In 1872 he transferred to Holston Conference. He traveled as an itinerant preacher for twenty-eight years. He professed sanctification and was actively connected with the East Tennessee Holiness Association. He married Nov. 19, 1846, Miss Sarah Hawsha, Pulteny, N. Y. He died Feb. 8, 1890. He was buried at New Salem, Knox County, Tenn.


Haskew, Joseph: Born in 1797, in North Carolina. His father moved to Tennessee and settled near the line between Knox and Grainger Counties. He and his father professed religion and quit having whiskey at log rollings. They served coffee instead, so that this became the custom in their community. Admitted 1827. A man of spotless integrity and unfailing faithfulness, he was also a very efficient preacher, especially in revival work. His singing was especially effective in revival services. He married July 12, 1836, Mrs. Eliza D. Trigg, widow of Joseph C. Trigg, Abingdon, Va. She died April 12, 1867. He superannuated in 1864, after thirty-five years of active service; but he continued to preach almost to the end of his days. He died Aug. 10, 1882, at Abingdon and was buried there.


Havens, Robert Neal: Born Sept. 10, 1890, at Bland, Va. Educated in public schools and a short season at Emory and Henry College. Admitted in 1912, and served seven charges and one district. A preacher of marked ability and an able administrator. He was a trustee of Emory and Henry and of Hiwassee College; and was a delegate to the General Conference of 1930. He was in his fifth year as pastor of State Street, Bristol, at the time of his death. He married Miss Linnie Mae Towe, daughter of Rev. A. H. Towe. They had three children. He died suddenly Aug. 31, 1936, at Bristol, and was buried at Emory and Henry, Va.


Haynes, Levi Kernan: Born Feb. 15, 1841, in Wythe County, Va. Son of Samuel and Parmelia Chandler Haynes. Educated in public schools, Wytheville Academy and Trinity College, N. C. Admitted in 1861, when he was twenty years old. First years in Conference were spent in the "troubled area" of East Tennessee. In thirty-one years he served seventeen charges. Two of these, Kingston, Tenn., and Tazewell, Va., he served twice. Highly esteemed by the Conference and by his parishioners, both as a man and a preacher. Married twice: (1) June 15, 1871, Miss Minerva Evelyn Browder, Lenoir City, Tenn. They had three children. She died Oct. 25, 1881; (2) Miss Hannah Price Love, Nov. 8, 1883. Superannuated in 1892, at the age of 51, with broken health. He was a superannuate for 33 years. These were years of great faith as well as great suffering. After the long evening of life the end came in great peace. He died in his home, with his son and daughter, at Emory, Va., Dec. 9, 1925. He was buried at Emory.


Hearne, Jacob: Admitted 1821. In Holston two years, 1823 and 1824.


Hearon, Daniel S.: Born Oct. 12, 1849, at Columbus, Miss. After taking college work in Mississippi, he came to Emory and Henry and graduated there in 1872. His alma mater honored him with the degree of Doctor of Divinity in 1887. He was admitted into the North Mississippi Conference in 1872 and transferred to Holston in 1875. His itinerant life covers a period of sixty-one years: three years in North Mississippi, and twenty-two years in the pastorate and fifteen years a superannuate. "By endowment and training he was a teacher." Both philosopher and mystic he held the rapt attention and reverence of his pupils. On occasions he was a preacher of great power when "no one would fail to be impressed with the fact that a prophet of God had spoken." "He knew, as few men do, the art of making a routine pastoral call a sacrament of blessing." As a superannuate his days were radiant with the light which fell upon him from above. He was twice married: (1) Miss Cleo Miles, daughter of Rev. George W. Miles, whom he married in 1874. They had six children. (2) Miss Mary Keeney, of Rocky Mount, Va. She died in 1925. "Both marriages proved to be happy events and brought him into relationships of exceptional grace and charm." He died, after a brief illness, Oct. 18, 1933, at the home of his son in Spartanburg, S. C., where he had gone for a visit. He was buried at Bristol.


Hellums, Samuel: In Holston one year, 1810.


Hellums, Thomas: Admitted 1805. In Holston one year, 1811. Located 1813. Disappeared on his horse in trackless prairies and was never heard from again.


Helvey, John Granville: Born Dec. 29, 1877, at Round Bottom, Bland County, Va. Son of William G. and Martha Elizabeth Helvey. Educated at Emory and Henry College. He worked as a cobbler at Emory to pay his way through college, completing four years of high school and four years of college in five years. Admitted in 1914. Served five appointments in fifteen years. A much loved pastor. Married Oct. 20, 1915, to Miss Lessie Lee Perkins. They had no children and she went "hand in hand with him in his work." Died in Bluefield Hospital, as a result of an automobile accident, Arpil 14, 1929. Buried at Emory, Va.


Henderson, William H.: Born Sept. 29, 1846, at Paperville, Sullivan County, Tenn. Son of Thomas J. and Sarah Henderson. Common school education. Worked on farm, taught school and was locomotive engineer. Married Miss Laura A. Pippin, Washington County, Va., in 1885, five children. One daughter, Ruth, is a missionary in Africa. Admitted to Holston Conference, M. E. Church, in 1887. Withdrew and united with Southern Conference in 1895. Was a faithful minister and pastor. Died Feb. 25, 1901. He had preached twice on Sunday and was found dead in his bed on the following morning. Buried at Decatur, Tenn.


Hendrix, William Robert: Born Aug. 26, 1869, near Florence, Ala. He was the son of Dermis C. and Mrs. Janie Oakley Hendrix. He was educated at the State Teacher's College, Florence, Ala., and taught for a few years. He was admitted to the North Alabama Conference in 1895. He served several circuits and small stations in that Conference until 1907, when he transferred to the Louisville Conference. He served also in Atlanta, Houston, Tex., and Birmingham, Ala. He transferred to Holston Conference in 1931 and served at Knoxville and Johnson City. He was a man and a preacher of great charm and usefulness; and was in great demand for the larger church of his Church. He married Miss Amanda Coeburn of Alabama. They had four children. He died May 19, 1941, at Johnson City. He was buried at Birmingham, Ala.


Henley, John S.: Born Sept. 11, 1857, in Wythe County, Va. Son of William and Barbary Henley. He was superintendent of the Sunday school before he was licensed to preach. Admitted in 1907. He was a diligent and faithful Methodist preacher and was especially successful in revival work. Married April 29, 1896, Miss Richard Etta Moyers. They had six children. She was an efficient fellow-worker with her husband in his pastoral labors. He superannuated in 1921. The family and friends had celebrated the birthday of Mrs. Henley. In the midst of this happy group he sat down, leaned his head on the back of a chair, and without a groan, passed away. Died April 3, 1931 (being 74), at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Stansbury, in Charleston, Tenn., and was buried there.


Henninger, George W.: Born in Virginia. Parents moved to Union County, Tenn., when he was two years old. He was licensed to preach at twenty. Admitted in 1874, and served five circuits, doing efficient work in all of the places served. Married a daughter of Rev. F. M. Fauning, in 1875. In March, 1881, he was called by telegraph on account of the illness of his father-in-law, who died before his arrival. A few days later he was stricken with illness and after seven days the end came. He died April 23, 1881; and was buried at Henderson, N. C.


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