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Questions by T.A. of E. with special guest stars James Washick and Hanson, Brock, & Shaun of Simon Fraser U.

1. Its debut episode was the highest-rated show in Korean TV history, and presumably, it wasn’t so Koreans could pick up additional tips on jukebox repair or motorcycle-riding tricks. Rather, the Korean audience was intrigued by the show’s scandalous name. You see, American producers of the show failed to realize the name of the show’s male titular character was actually Korean slang for the male.....ahem... member. FTP, name this spinoff of “Happy Days” starring Erin Moran as Howard and Marian Cunningham’s daughter and Scott Baio as...well.. a guy a Korean-American might be tempted to call “Dick.”

Answer: “Joanie Loves Chachi”
2. Born in New York City on November 29, 1918, and a 1941 graduate of Smith College, she was working on a production of Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard” when she met her eventual husband, actor Hugh Franklin. She said of her most famous book, “It's based on Einstein's theory of relativity and Planck's quantum theory. It's good, solid science, but also it's good, solid theology.” She later penned three sequels to that book, including, “A Wind in the Door,” “A Swiftly Tilting Planet,” and “Many Waters.” FTP, name this author of “A Wrinkle in Time.”

Answer: Madeleine L’Engle

3. When CNN ranked the top 10 films by this film’s director, this movie was not among them. You won’t find this flick on the American Film Institute’s list of Top 100 films of all time, although its director scores four other top-100 movies. But it made a lasting impression, thanks perhaps more to memorable supporting performances by George Sanders and Judith Anderson than the work of leads Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine. FTP name this 1940 adaptation of a Daphne DuMaurier novel, the only Alfred Hitchcock movie ever to capture Best Picture Oscar.

Answer: Rebecca

4. Before her musical career came to an abrupt and tragic end in 1997 when she died at the age of 45 from a cerebral edema, she had virtually run the gamut of musical genres, from pop to country to children’s music. Her final album, 1994's “Sleep Baby Sleep” was a collection of lullabies featuring such guest artists as Linda Ronstadt and Graham Nash. In the mid-80s, she took a stab at a country music career, recording the album “Say When,” which produced a hit duet with Steve Wariner, “That’s How You Know When Love’s Right.” FTP, name this vocalist who burst onto the music scene in 1978 with a top-ten cover of Neil Young’s “Lotta Love.”

Answer: Nicolette Larson

5. If the powers that be had done it RIGHT, you would have seen St. Louis vs. Cincinnati in the NLCS and Milwaukee vs. Oakland in the ALCS. Instead, baseball fans got a quirky playoff system that included a team that finished third in its division while eliminating the team with the best record in baseball (Cincinnati) from even making the playoffs. Indeed, neither Cincinnati nor St. Louis qualified for the oddball playoff field. The ultimate NL and World Series champ, Los Angeles, finished behind Cincinnati, and the ultimate AL champion, the New York Yankees, finished behind both Milwaukee and Baltimore. FTP, name this strike-marred year in baseball, which featured the first World Series between a pair of teams neither of which really won their division.

Answer: 1981

6. First brought to screen in 1972 by director Andrei Tarkovsky, it won a Special Jury Prize at Cannes. Described by its director as a combination of Last Tango in Paris and 2001, the new version follows the same plot: A psychologist arrives at a space station orbiting an ocean world and discovers strange events including the appearance of his dead wife, played in the new film by Natascha McElhone. FTP, name this George Clooney film, directed by Stephen Soderbergh and based upon a Stanislaw Lem novel.

Answer: Solaris or Solyaris

7. You can buy one of these on Ebay for anywhere from a penny (plus shipping and handling) to in excess of 100 dollars, depending on whether yours comes with supplies and/or other goodies, such as an authentic “Property of Broward County Florida” tag. These items were, excluding David Boies, Ted Olsen and the Supreme Courts of Florida and the U.S., the primary figures in the 2000 Presidential Election Controversy in Florida. FTP give the trade name of these punch-card-based, chad-producing voting machines which Florida is abandoning after the fiasco of Election 2000.

Answer: Votamatic

8. One of the daughters went on to front a still-obscure pop-punk band. The other daughter took a shot at being fictional rock-star in a dreadful 80s flick featuring Liam Neeson and Julia Roberts. Dad surfaced as a gun-toting redneck opposite Reba McEntire in one of Kevin Bacon’s lesser cinematic vehicles. And the son turned from being a being a brown-nosing politician to being... a brown-nosing politician, at least until he was replaced by some guy named Charlie. The lead singer of Jaded, the star of “Satisfaction,” the co-star of “Tremors,” and the former star of “Spin City” all share one line on their resumes. FTP, name the hit 80s NBC sitcom starring Justine Bateman, Tina Yothers, Michael Gross, and Michael J. Fox

Answer: Family Ties

9. After leaving the band Curved Air, this drummer formed his most successful group with the former bassist for Last Exit, the group being managed by his brother. After the break-up of the band in the mid-80s, he has gone on to provide the voice of American soldier #1 in the South Park movie, score the ballet version of King Lear, form Animal Logic with Stanley Clarke, and compose soundtracks for Wall Street, Rumble Fish, and Deuces Wild. FTP, name this former drummer for the Police.

Answer: Stewart Copeland

10. John Major once said that explaining its rules is an excellent test of high-powered brains. It has been credited with introducing sayings such as "off the bat," "got me stumped," and "bowled over" to the English language Though extremely popular in countries like India, Pakistan, and South Africa, it is an obscure sport in North America. FTP, name this sport involving bowlers and batsmen which many consider to be the precursor to baseball.

Answer: Cricket

11. Special one-shot powers include a lightning bolt, shifting sands, and a tornado. The farms no longer need to be replanted, but they are more expensive and can be more easily destroyed. Although the population is normally capped, an addition ten units may be added if neutral settlements are captured. Also, now that stone is no longer a resource, it is replaced with ‘favor’ which the Greeks get through prayer and the Egyptians through building monuments. These are some of the changes in, FTP, what third installment of the Age of Empires series?

Answer: Age of Mythology (accept “Age Of Myth,” prompt of “Age of Empires III”)

12. Summer Phoenix and Jennifer Elise Cox had their scenes deleted. Liv Tyler and Johnny Whitworth have uncredited voice roles. Jerry O’Connell, Melissa Joan Hart and Jenna Elfman have significant roles, but they too are uncredited. Six Feet Under actors Freddy Rodriguez, Lauren Ambrose, and Eric Balfour all have credited roles, Ambrose’s being the most significant as Denise, the girl Seth Green finally hooks up with. FTP, these actors, along with Ethan Embry and Jennifer Love Hewitt, appeared in what 1998 teen party film?

Answer: Can’t Hardly Wait

13. He once claimed his middle initial stood for “guts” although his middle initial was R. Born Carey Lloyd, this native of Dillon, SC, played football at SC State before becoming a professional wrestler under the name Big Buster Lloyd. A two-time NWA Mid-Atlantic TV Champion, both times defeating Greg “The Hammer” Valentine in ‘76 and ‘77, he was also Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champion (with Wahoo McDaniel) in ‘76 and Mid -Atlantic Heavyweight Champion in 1983. FTP, name this wrestler famous for his head butts and his title move, a running shoulder block meant to imitate a locomotive.

Answer: Rufus R. “FREIGHT TRAIN” JONES or RUFUS R “Freight Train” JONES

14. Their song “Beagle II,” a B-side to “No Distance left To Run,” is expected to be the first song broadcast from Mars when a British space lander will use it as a system test. The band, formed in 1989, was originally called Seymour before a name change after signing with Food Records. Despite some British success with albums such as Leisure and Parklife, they didn’t make an impact on American audiences until their last album of original material. FTP, name this band fronted by Damon Albarn, who had stateside success with “Song #2.”

Answer: BLUR

15. When Entertainment Weekly asked Ethan Zohn, the winner of Survivor 3, what he bought with his million-dollar prize, he answered by saying he had purchased this device. On the product’s website, celebrities like Sarah Michelle Geller, Kevin Garnett, and Joe Montana share their thoughts about how this has helped them manage their busy schedules. Allowing users to record TV shows without using VCRs or videotapes, FTP, name this gadget that “allows TV to fit into your busy life, not the other way around.”

Answer: TiVo

16. It featured an appearance by adult film star Sylvia Kristel, a topless horseback riding scene, and school names like “Cherryvale Academy for Girls” and “Freemount Academy for Men.” It also featured one of the longest voyeurism scenes in a major film, a shower scene set to Bow Wow Wow’s hit, “I Want Candy.” FTP, name this 80s teen sex comedy starring Michael Zorek, Betsy Russell, Matthew Modine, and Phoebe Cates.

Answer: Private School

17. Their code of non-interference was enacted after the son of Ikor provided knowledge of atomic energy to the inhabitants of Prosicillus, leading eventually to a nuclear war. Afterward, if any creature were dying at the feet of one of them, they were bound to record the death but not help the being. Ikor’s son Uatu, however, has on a number of occasions intervened, including once to repel an invasion during the Richards’ wedding and once to hide the Earth from Galactus. FTP, name this ancient race of bald humanoids, one of whom hosted the comic What If?

Answer: WATCHER(S)

18. Her first real acting jobs were commercials for such companies as McDonald’s and Exxon, that is, if you don’t count her stint working for Six Flags in 1987. In 1989, Disney cast her in the first of two serials on The Mickey Mouse Club, "Teen Angel," reviving an old series favorite, "Spin and Marty." By the mid 90s, she was appearing in feature films, including Hercules and the Lost Kingdom (1994) and the direct-to-video release of Darkman II: The Return of Durant (1995). But also in 1995, she landed the role that would make her famous, playing a trusty sidekick whose romantic interests always remained rather... unclear. FTP, name this actress who plays sidekick and friend and...insert-your-theory-here, Gabrielle, on Xena: Warrior Princess.

Answer: Renee O’Connor

19. He joined Ajax when he was 18 from Elinkwijk, and he made his international debut for Holland a year later at the World Youth Cup. Before his transfer to AC Milan in 1988, he scored 128 league goals in only 143 games for Ajax, and at Milan, he racked up 3 European Footballer of the Year awards in 1988, 1989, and 1992, only to have his career ended prematurely by a chronic ankle injury in 1995. FTP, name this Dutch goal-scoring wizard whose nicknames include The Flying Dutchman and The Swan of Utrecht.

Answer: Marco van Basten

20. Tennessee's Howard Campbell invented this snack, America's first "combination candy bar." Made by Standard Candy Company, it got its name because people would "ask for it from birth." Name this unique shaped concoction, consisting of, FTP, milk chocolate, marshmallow, caramel, and peanuts.

Answer: Goo Goo Cluster or Goo Goo Supreme or Goo Goo Peanut Butter

21. Professor Spatz in Buddy. Andrew J. Lansing III in Murphy Brown. Mr. Cobblepot in Batman Returns. The voice of the raccoon in Dr. Dolittle. Derek Foreal in Blow. The Spleen in Mystery Men. All the above roles were played by this actor who was arrested in 1991 for masturbating in public, which led to the cancellation of his popular children's TV program. FTP, name him, the man best known for playing the titular role in Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

Answer: Paul Reubens [prompt on Pee-Wee Herman]

22. His list of credits includes Beyond Witch Mountain, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, and Listen to Me. After the failure of his 1995 sitcom that he lent his name to, he came back in 2000 with Left Behind, a film based on the best-selling Christian science-fiction novel. FTP, name this brother-in-law of Valerie Bure, best known for his role in the long running sitcom Growing Pains.

Answer: Kirk Cameron

23. (Note to readers: in the name of both question-reading clarity and socio-cultural sensitivity, it may be more appropriate to spell the less-obvious examples, like (especially) “Dat Niga” and also“Govt Sux” and “Getn Sum”.)

In Vermont, “IRISH” and “ROMANS 5" and “ROMANS 8" are taboo. In Virginia, as of September, 2001, “DAT NIGA” , “GOVT SUX” & the word “MESSIAH” spelled backwards are unacceptable. “ATHEIST,” though, is OK in Virginia. However, in Florida, as of February, 2002, after 16 years of being acceptable in that state, “ATHEIST” is verboten. “GETN SUM” is also a definite no-no in the Sunshine State, but “PUTICA”(the Spanish word for “little whore”) and “YO MAMA” were still on Florida’s roads as of April, 2001. FTP, these are controversial variations of what vehicular novelty?

Answer: Personalized or vanity license plates [accept reasonable synonyms]


Questions by T.A. of E. with special guest stars James Washick and Hanson, Brock, & Shaun of Simon Fraser U.

1. Given a nickname of an East Coast Hockey League Team, name the city it currently calls home F5PE. Better hurry, they move a lot.

a) the Whoopee [note to reader: the accent in “Whoopee” goes on the FIRST syllable]

Answer: Macon

b) the Nailers

Answer: Wheeling

c) the Grrrowl

Answer: Greenville

d) the Boardwalk Bullies

Answer: Atlantic City

e) the Bombers

Answer: Dayton

f) the Brass

Answer: New Orleans

2. Did ya ever notice how all actors wanna try to sing and all singers wanna try to act? Well, take a deep sigh of relief, because this question has absolutely NOTHING to do with either Glitter or Crossroads!!! Instead, for 5 points apiece, given a song title, name the artist, typically more-commonly associated with his/her thespian skills, who achieved a modicum of success with the song:

a) “How Do I Deal?”

Answer: Jennifer Love Hewitt

b) “They Don’t Know”

Answer: Tracey Ullman

c) “Party All the Time”

Answer: Eddie Murphy

d) “Don’t Give Up On Us”

Answer: David Soul

e) “All I Need”

Answer: Jack Wagner

f) “Take Forever Tonight” and “State of Mind”

Answer: Crystal Bernard

3. Everybody knows it. And everybody’s played it. And everybody just loves...Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, don’t they?!? Well, for this bonus, we’re going to take a slight variation on this most tried-and-true trivia mind-bender. Fill in the links on these Bacon-chains on a 10-5 basis:

A) 10 pts. Even with Mandy Moore’s limited filmography, she has a Bacon number of only two. Mandy was in Dr. Doolittle 2 with this up-and-coming actor who shared the screen with Bacon in My Dog Skip.

5 pts.: He’s best known as Malcolm, the one in the middle.

Answer: Frankie Muniz

b) Both LeAnn Rimes and Britney Spears also have Bacon numbers of 2, and through the same actor, even. Rimes appeared in Dill Scallions with this actor who also shared the screen with Spears in the soon-to-be-released Austin Powers 3 and appeared opposite Kevin in Wild Things.

5 pts.: His TV series have included It Takes a Thief, Switch, and Hart to Hart

Answer: Robert Wagner

c) Somebody at the UVA Computer Science Department clearly has wayyyy too much time on their hands. “The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia” (check it out on the web sometime) even catalogues individuals’ roles as Uncredited Extras. Thus Debbie Gibson landed a Bacon number of only 2, as she was an uncredited extra in the 1986 Alan Alda flick Sweet Liberty and Bacon appeared in 2001's Novocaine, both of which feature this actress.

5 pts.: In an ideal world, you’d know her for her stunning turn in the film version of Godspell or her Tony-winning performance in An American Daughter. At least you may know her from the series The District or as the Chief on Where in the World in Carmen Sandiego?

Answer: Lynne Thigpen

4. The Transverse Axis of Evil got here today with the help of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Interstate Highway System. The name “interstate” would seem to imply that the roads, or at least the trunk routes (excluding those three-digit spurs and beltways) cross some state line at some point. Ahh, but names can be deceiving. Given a pair of terminus points, give me the number of the intrastate Interstate F5PE:

a) San Antonio to Corpus Christi, TX

Answer: I-37

b) 5 miles north of Slidell to Baton Rouge, LA

Answer: I-12

c) Green Bay to… well, it used to stop at Milwaukee, but it’s been extended to Beloit, WI

Answer: I-43

d) Tampa to Daytona Beach, FL

Answer: I-4

e) Savannah to Macon, GA

Answer: I-16

c) The dinkiest of the bunch: Baltimore to Annapolis, MD

Answer: I-97

5) We all want our 15 minutes of fame, and some of us get within 14 minutes of it. FTPE:

a) At the 46th Academy Awards in 1974, he sported a peace hand-gesture, and nothing else as he streaked across the stage.

Answer: Robert Opal

b) This dapper British actor, interrupted by Opal’s appearance, made the memorable comment that Opal would always “be remembered for his shortcomings.”

Answer: David Niven

c) Niven was in the midst of introducing this actress, whom most of us would have wanted to see streaking around the time she won her first Oscar for Butterfield 8, but not by 1974 and oh, please God, definitely not now.

Answer: Elizabeth Taylor

6) Choose your ethnic dining preference: Polish or Korean.

If Polish:

Identify these Polish foods from a description, FTPE.

a) Small dough casings which may be filled with meat, cheese, potato, or onions. Mrs. T.’s brand is sold in the frozen food section

Answer: PIEROGIE(s)

b) stuffed cabbage rolls which are filed with a rice and meat mixture.

Answer: GOLABKI(s)

c) usually made from pork butt, it is typically sold as polish sausage.


If Korean:

Identify these Korean foods from a description, FTPE

a) spicy fermented pickled vegetables, usually cabbage, turnip and cucumber. Seasoned with red pepper, onion and garlic, it is fermented in brine in earthenware jars.


b) Korean barbecue marinated in a sauce of soy sauce, garlic, sugar and sesame oil, it is usually “beef” thus the name meaning “fire beef.”

Answer: BULGOGI or PULGOKI (accept reasonable variations)

c) The difference between these two main types of Korean soup is mainly regional, though one tends to be a heavier broth than the other. Name either.

Answer: TANG or GUK

7) Name the somewhat related artists of the 90s from Top 20 songs, FTSNOP.

5) “Smile”; “Graduation Day”


10) “Because I Love You (The Postman Song)”; “Love & Emotion”

Answer: STEVIE B

15) “I Got A Man”


8) Time to travel deeeeper into the 80s, this time to.... Early Eighties Japanese Cartoons! FTSNOP answer these questions on “Battle of the Planets” And I mean “Battle of the Planets,” not that “G-Force: Guardians of Space ” knock-off crap...

a) OK, first off, name the five members of the group “G-Force” (and remember, we want “Battle of the Planets” answers.) Ten points if you get them all, 5 points for at least 3.

Answer: Mark, Jason, Princess, Keyop, and Tiny.

b) For 5 more, name G Force’s villainous arch-enemy from the planet Spectra:

Answer: Zoltar

c) Now, for 5, name the robot, a sort-of second-cousin-of-R2D2-looking little guy, who served as G Force’s guardian.

Answer: 7-Zark-7

d) For 10 points, name 7-Zark-7's robotic dog:

Answer: 1-Rover-1

9) For you hoops junkies still in withdrawal from March Madness, let’s look at what many consider the greatest game of all time: the 1992 NCAA tournament matchup between Duke and Kentucky. Answer the following FTPE:

a) What Kentucky player hit a running bank shot with less than 3 seconds left to give the Wildcats a one-point lead?

Answer: Sean Woods

c) Not to get off on a rant here, but this player should have been immediately ejected much earlier in the game after clearly intentionally stepping on/kicking UK’s Aminu Timberlake, four feet away from a ref clearly seen on the replays watching it happen. But somehow he was still in the game to make the winning shot. Not that I’m bitter or anything…

Answer: Christian Laettner

c) Who threw the football-type pass, inbounding the ball to Laettner for the winning shot?

Answer: Grant Hill (*prompt for more info if “Hill” is given; Thomas Hill was also an important part of that Duke team.*)
10) Every year, a new crop of rookies is expected to take the majors by storm. FTPE, identify the hotshot Third Baseman given the team for which he began the season as the starter in 2002.

(10) Texas Rangers

Answer: Hank Blalock

(10) Houston Astros

Answer: Morgan Ensberg

(10) Toronto Blue Jays

Answer: Eric Hinske
11) For five each, given a catch phrase, you give me the SportsCenter anchor:

a) “Timmmaayyy!!!” ->

Answer: John Anderson

b) “Say Hello to My Little Friend” ->

Answer: Steve Berthiaume or Rich Eisen

c) “Two words: Yard work” ->

Answer: Karl Ravech

d) “No soup for you!!” ->

Answer: Rece Davis

e) “As cool as the other side of the pillow” ->

Answer: Stuart Scott

f) “Only Barnes and Noble lets someone stand around longer doing nothing.”

Answer: Kenny Mayne
12) Getting the feeling The Transverse Axis of Evil really should have called ourselves “That 80s Team”? This should clinch it. For ten points each, given the symbol that appeared on his/her stomach, name the Care Bear:

a) Four-leaf clover

Answer: Good Luck Bear

b) Gray cloud raining hearts

Answer: Grumpy Bear

c) A rainbow

Answer: Cheer Bear

13) Everybody loves...well, according to CBS, Everybody Loves Raymond, but we all REALLY know that EVERYBODY loves a good pop-music one-hit-wonder. But, truly, do ya feel the love? If you do, show your love by F5PE naming these artists’ biggest hit, given their name and their second biggest hit.

a) “The Sun Always Shines on TV”

Answer: “Take on Me” (a-ha)

b) “We Connect”

Answer: “Two of Hearts” (Stacey Q)

c) “Tricky Tricky”

Answer: “Mambo #5" (Lou Bega)

d) “Don’t Talk Just Kiss”

Answer: “I’m Too Sexy” (Right Said Fred)

e) “Vienna Calling”

Answer: “Rock Me Amadeus” (Falco)

f) “Good Girls Don’t”

Answer: “My Sharona” (The Knack)

14) OK, folks, we’re now up to the “Shrine to Jennifer Jason Leigh” bonus. I’ll give a couple of Jen’s co-stars from a movie, and for five points each, you name the flick

a) Kurt Russell and William Baldwin

Answer: “Backdraft

b) Bridget Fonda and Steven Weber

Answer: “Single White Female

c) Rutger Hauer and Tom Burlinson

Answer: “Flesh + Blood”

d) Eric Stoltz and Judith Ivey

Answer: “Sister Sister”

e) Mare Winningham and Ted Levine

Answer: “Georgia”

f) Paul Newman and Tim Robbins

Answer: “The Hudsucker Proxy”

15) Who knew rock songs can be so insightful? For 15 points each, identify the song given a piece of lyric that could’ve come from a self-help book. If you need the band, you only get 5.

(15) “Hey, I think you're better than that / It's only in your mind you feel left out / or looked down on. / Just try your best / Try everything you can. / And don't you worry what their bitter hearts / are gonna say”

(5) Jimmy Eat World

Answer: The Middle (prompt on Middle)

(15) So many times we just give it away / To someone who / Someone who / You met in a bar / The back of a car / And for a moment / You felt important / But not in your heart

(5) Sense Field

Answer: Save Yourself

16) The world of sports produces memorable quotes. Given the quote of questionable intelligence, F5PE tell who said it:

a) "[He] called me a 'rapist' and a 'recluse'. I'm not a recluse."

Answer: Mike Tyson

b) “A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.”

Answer: Joe Theismann

c) "Left hand, right hand, it doesn't matter. I'm amphibious."

Answer: Charles Shackleford

d) “We're going to turn this team around 360 degrees."

Answer: Jason Kidd

e) "I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father"

Answer: Greg Norman

f) "Baseball can be summed up in one word, and that word is, ‘You never know.’ "

Answer: Joaquin Andujar

EDITOR’S NOTE: Theismann insists Norman Einstein was the nerdy genius of his high school class. Yeah, right.

17) Over the years the Avengers have had some less remarkable female members amidst their ranks. FTPE, identify these female Avengers from descriptions.

a) A descendent of the Romanov family, she was originally a KGB agent sent to infiltrate Stark industries. She eventually defected and began romances with Hawkeye and Daredevil, neither of which lasted long. Her chief offensive weapon was an electro-blast she called her “bite.” She joined in issue #111.

Answer: Black Widow

b) Born Greer Nelson, she gained her abilities by both scientific and mystical means, the latter being the influence of the Cat People. She used a pendant to switch between her human and cat form, the latter possessing superior senses, strength, and agility. She was given official status in issue #211.

Answer: Tigra

c) As Monica Rambeau she was a police officer in New Orleans. A portal into an extradimensional space provided her with the ability to transform her body into any form of electromagnetic energy. Unfortunately, it couldn’t give her an original name. She joined in issue #231.

Answer: Captain Marvel

18) Well, good ol’ Dubya has been in office for over a year now, which mean the Clinton proteges have been out of DC just long enough to decide they need another fix of the drug that is power. For five points each and a five point bonus for all 5, given a office in which a 2002 election is taking place, name the “Clintonista” running for that office:

a) Governor, Florida

Answer: Janet Reno

b) Governor, New York

Answer: Andrew Cuomo (* prompt on “Cuomo” *)

c) Governor, New Mexico

Answer: Bill Richardson

d) Governor, Massachusetts

Answer: Robert Reich

e) Senator, North Carolina

Answer: Erskine Bowles

19) The Lion King may be the hottest ticket on Broadway, but it can’t match the original film cast. F5PE given a character in the movie, name the actor whose voice gave life to that character on the silver screen:

a) Banzai the hyena

Answer: Cheech Marin

b) Shenzi the hyena

Answer: Whoopi Goldberg

c) Rafiki

Answer: Robert Guillaume

d) Timon

Answer: Nathan Lane

e) Zazu

Answer: Rowan Atkinson

f) Pumbaa

Answer: Ernie Sabelle
20) They say brevity is the soul of wit. That being the case, for five points each, given a really really witty saying from that hallmark of modern American culture, South Park, name the character who says it:

a) “Timmahhh!!!”

Answer: Timmy

b) “Well spank my ass and call me Charlie!”

Answer: Mr. Garrison

c) “!!”

Answer: Tweak

d) “Screw you guys, I’m going home”

Answer: Cartman

e) “Mmmm’kay?”

Answer: Mr. Mackey

f) “You go to hell!! You go to hell and you die!!!!”

Answer: Mr. Garrison
21) Sophia Patrillo, the petite geriatric spitfire of The Golden Girls, once complained that certain food items “just keep repeating on me.” Well, much like Sophia after a large plate of beans and rice, some horror movies just keep coming back... and back... and back. So, for five points each, tell me how many installments there have been in each of these horror franchises...

A) Halloween ->


b) Children of the Corn ->


c) Nightmare on Elm Street ->


d) Leprechaun ->


e) Phantasm ->


d) Friday the 13th (***and please include in your answer the 2002 installment in this series, as, at the time this was written, it was slated for an April theater release.***)

22) Have ya ever noticed how EVERY sports facility is corporately-sponsored these days? Don’t ya just long for the good ol’ days when they built venues with names like Wrigley Field... oh, wait, nevermind. Anyway, given an arena with the corporate-sounding name, please tell me the city it’s located in...(5 each)
a) Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium ->

Louisville, KY

b) Bi-Lo Center ->

Greenville, SC

c) Jenny Craig Pavilion ->

San Diego, CA

d) National Car Rental Center ->

Miami, FL

e) Fifth Third Field ->

Dayton, OH

f) (to begin play in 2003...) Great American Ballpark ->

Cincinnati, OH

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