1. Before you begin, you will need

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This tutorial will demonstrate how to upload your iSilo PDB files from your PC to your iPhone. There is more than one way to accomplish this. Here is one way.
1. Before you begin, you will need:
IPhone (2G or 3G)

Free HFS (Http File Server) software

2. Make sure that you have a working Wi-Fi connection. To check to see if you do, go to Settings – Wi-Fi on your iPhone.
3. Download HTTP File Server at the following link. It is free! HFS is a convenient way for those with access to a Wi-Fi connection to transfer files to their iPhone.

4. Open HFS software.

5. Drag and drop file to be uploaded to your iPhone into the HFS screen.

6. Click on the first file you wish to upload to your iPhone. The address will automatically appear in the address bar.

On your iPhone:
7. Click on the menu button on the upper right hand corner.

8. Click “Download”

9. Enter the web address shown in your HFS title bar on the first file you wish to upload. Be sure that you have a working Wi-Fi connection that is turned on! The address must be exact in order to work! Click “Done.”
*** Repeat this step for any additional files you wish to upload.

Files will transfer to your iSilo software! You’re done!

Download 7.65 Kb.

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