10 Best tv remote app for Android

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10 Best TV remote app for Android

There is nothing more annoying than a lost TV remote. My dog thinks it’s some magical thing which needs to be buried in the garden. When Game of Thrones is about to start or Oliver Queen is ready to fight crime, there is very little time to go digging. Thankfully I have installed a TV remote app for Android on my smartphone so when things look bleak, I whip it out and start watching. With a great TV remote app for Android on your phone, the remote finding quests can start after the football game ends.

Note: All of the apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone running on TouchWiz UI based upon Android 4.4 Kit Kat. The apps performed fine on the smartphones and multiple TVs. I went to the mall and played around with the apps, covertly switching channels and switching off TVs.

Warning: Most of the apps will only work with devices that come with Infrared blaster/emitter. So many popular smartphones like my trusty Samsung Galaxy S3 are unable to use some of these apps. Make sure you have a compatible smartphone before purchasing any apps from the list. Also please avoid changing channels when an important game is going on, things can get ugly.

1. Easy Universal TV Remote – Free

Easy Universal TV Remote is exactly what the name implies, it is easy and it is actually universal. The fact that you can use it to control almost any type of television makes it a must have for any smartphone owner. The interface is very clean and shows the basic information without cluttering the whole screen. Just like a real remote, the buttons are placed right and at some manageable distance, so no accidental channel changes are going to happen. The best part of this TV remote app for Android is that you can control Smart TVs with a smartphone which doesn’t have an IR blaster.


  • Smooth and easy to use interface.

  • Buttons are placed right.

  • Screen is clear so you can operate without even looking.

Notable Feature:

Easy Universal TV Remote is actually a universal TV remote app for Android. This means it can control old SD TVs as well as the high tech Smart TVs of today.

2. IR Smart Remote – Free

IR Smart Remote brings almost every remote to your smartphone. Sure it can control TVs and Blu-ray players but it can also control your air conditioner. The interface is amazing and it adapts to the situation. The buttons are a little tight for my taste but you need all that functionality. Controlling your TV as well as your DSLR camera with your smartphone is an amazing experience. The fact that the app is free makes it a must have for all the Android users. Unfortunately this app is not compatible with LG and Sony smartphones, which bumps it down from the first place in our list despite its high rating on the store.


  • Amazingly sleek interface.

  • Has more than 70,000 devices listed.

  • The controls and response time is fast.

Notable Feature:

The stylish interface is what makes this TV remote app for Android one of the best available on the Google Play Store. The balance between ease of use and functionality is nailed perfectly by this app.

3. LG TV Remote – Free

LG TV Remote is made officially by LG and allows you to controls their Smart TVs with ease and style. There isn’t much to the app though but it does have some really good features if you are fully invested in the Smart TV lifestyle. The app supports old Smart TVs too, well as old as 2011 that is. The TV and the remote can be paired by connective over the same wireless network and after that you are good to go. The app page offers the exact models which are supported so head there to gain in-depth information. I personally liked the stylish and modern look of the app. Tested this app at a friend’s place and it was a charm to use.


  • Modernized interface.

  • Works like a charm.

  • Mini TV support included.

Notable Feature:

There are hot keys for volume and channel control so you can switch volume levels and favorite channels in simple taps.

4. Panasonic TV Remote – Free

Panasonic is not a popular brand when it comes to TVs, especially in America. Still the app is very beautifully designed and offers all the features you expect from a TV remote app for Android. This particular app allows you to control the VIERA TV, which is a Smart TV from the company. The VIERA TVs not only look amazing, design-wise but also have some of the brightest colors I have seen. Naturally the design team behind the app catered to the high standards and delivered a centered app.


  • Looks amazing, especially when placed next to the TV interface.

  • You can easily hook the app up.

  • Provides all major functions.

Notable Feature:

This app allows you to transfer pictures, videos, music or websites directly to the TV from your smartphone. It is a very cool feature if you want to show off some wedding photos.

5. Smart TV Remote – Free

Smart TV Remote is perhaps the most popular Samsung TV remote apps for Android available today. The interface is a bit clucky but the app makes up for that in functionality. The best part of the app is that it has no buttons visible. That’s right, the buttons only appear when you touch the screen and right under your fingers! This is one of the most incredible features I have tested in a long while. With this app you don’t need to find the buttons, the buttons find you.


  • Use channel icons to switch.

  • Select favorite channels.

  • Connectivity is fast and easy.

Notable Feature:

The button-under-the-finger feature is perhaps the most refreshing on I have seen on a TV remote app for Android. It’s a joy to use and feels incredible.


The 5 best TV remote app for Android options cover almost every TV imaginable. From old SD ones to the latest Smart TVs. The first apps in the list are more than enough for daily usage; after all you won’t be replacing the dedicated remote control anytime soon. At parties and at friend’s places these types of apps really shine. The only thing they don’t offer is the time controlling functionality from the movie Click, but hey we are not Adam Sandler anyways.

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