18 – j 10 stories a tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack on amia

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18 – J


18 – J (July 18th) is a 35mm feature film of 100 minutes long made up of 10 short films of 10 minutes long each. 10 stories told by 10 filmmakers and produced by 10 production companies as a tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack on AMIA.
The selection of the filmmakers was based on wide criteria, including famous and novel directors coming from different genres and styles who join in an intense and productive look that represents the present situation of the cinema in Argentina.
18 – J is a non-profit project. All funds raised will be to the benefit of 10 public welfare organizations.

On July 18th, 1994, a bomb exploded at the building of the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA) located in the center of Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina.
AMIA was founded over a century ago as a mutual association, a non-profit organization which mission is to provide social services, care to aged and handicapped people, spread culture and improve jewish and non-jewish community’s life.
The terrorist attack on the AMIA Building took place a few days before the centennial of the institution and left a toll of 85 dead people.
We still don’t know how and why it happened what it happened.
The argentine cinema community has decided to make this film as a tribute to the victims and thus, to reaffirm the need to find the truth.
Because it is impossible to build a future without memory.

The Filmmakers


Filmmaker and producer. He made his first feature film when he was 22 and set up his own production company (BD Cine) together with Diego Dubcovsky. His last film, “El Abrazo Partido”, won two Silver Bears for Best Film and Best Actor at Berlin Festival 2004.

Story Line: A doctor tells about a child’s birth in 1994. 10 years later, that child is walking around Once, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires, and is showing the consequences left by the terrorist attack.


Filmmaker. He began his career as filmmaker codirecting with Bruno Stagnaro “Pizza, birra, faso”. His next films, “Bolivia” and “Un oso rojo” competed in Cannes. He also works as a TV director.

Story Line: The very moment before the explosion and the very heart of the explosion. The horror shown in 10 minutes which seem to stop in the wind, the fire, the ground and the rubble.


She was born in Argentina and went into exile in France in 1976 when she was very young. She went to Sorbonne University. Nowadays, she works as a scriptwriter and a producer. “Ausencia”, her first short film, won a Silver Bear at Berlin Festival.

Story Line: The story of the Jewish people looking for a place to build their own story and put down their roots told by an old retired couple who are preparing their travel to Israel to visit their daughter who lives there since 1976 when she went into exile for political reasons.

Alejandro DORIA

He makes his debut as a TV director in the 70s and is one of the most prolific and prize-winning TV and film directors of Argentina. He has achieved wide popular recognition. Some of his films are “Esperando la Carroza”, “Los miedos” and “Darse cuenta”.

Story Line: Ana goes over the events after the terrorist attack and her voice says what everybody would know if they had wanted to. She couldn’t help reading, reflecting, researching, deciding that such impunity could not be tolerated.

Alberto LECCHI

He works as an assistant director in over 40 feature films. He begins his career as scriptwriter and filmmaker in 1993. He won many international and local prizes for his films among which are: “Perdido por perdido”, “Nueces para el amor” and “El Juego de Arcibel”.

Story Line: In Humahuaca, 1,800 km away from Buenos Aires, a woman hears about the terrorist attack which has occurred in a neighborhood of Buenos Aires where her eldest son lives as he has come to this city looking for a job. A tense wait faces the little town with the fears of the big city, the terrorism and racial hate.


Producer and filmmaker. He begins his career as an assistant director, TV director, scriptwriter and a teacher. He has produced many features films, such as “Un día de suerte” and “Soy tu aventura”. As filmmaker, he has made “Breccia x cuatro” and “Che, un hombre de este mundo”

Story Line: The Cohen family is discussing Ezequiel’s “decision”. Prisoner of his own religious doubts, he doesn’t want to celebrate his bar-mitzvah. But the explosion, which takes place at that very moment, makes him feel as if God has answered to his rebelliousness.

Carlos SORÍN

He begins his career as an assistant director and director of photography in Advertising and feature films. His advertising production company has made over 1,200 commercials and won many international prizes. It is a leading company in Argentina. Carlos Sorín makes his debut as a filmmaker with the feature film “La Película del Rey” and after his film “Historias Mínimas” he becomes an international renowned film director.

Story Line: Victims’ faces from their family pictures. A tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack who stop being a number and take shape before our eyes.

Juan Bautista STAGNARO

Scriptwriter and filmmaker. He has directed some films such as “Camino al Sur”, “Casas de Fuego”, “El Amateur”, and “El Séptimo Arcángel”. He was president of Associations of Directors (DAC) and nowadays, he devotes his time to filmmaking, fiction writing and teaching.

Story Line: CIRO tries to read the “Divine Comedy” on his way to school for an exam. Dante’s verses which were written seven hundred years before that morning, are resounding in his head. Those verses will suddenly become out of time, vanished, immaterial as a brutal, incomprehensible event takes place.

Adrián SUAR

Actor, producer and filmmaker. He began his career as an actor at the age of 13 and when he was 26, he set up his own production company, Pol-ka Producciones, together with Fernando Blanco, which became the turning point in film and TV making in Argentina.

Story Line: Carla and Gustavo are preparing for their child’s circumcision ceremony. Fernando, the godfather, doesn’t arrive and they have to begin the ritual. While everybody is attending this special occasion, nobody can imagine that Fernando won’t never come.

Mauricio WAINROT

Mauricio Wainrot is the Artistic Director of the Contemporary Ballet Company of Teatro San Martín in Buenos Aires and Permanent Choreographer of the Royal Ballet of Flanders in Belgium. For the last 15 years, Mr. Wainrot’s works have been shown in over 40 international companies.

Story Line: The idea of expressing ourselves through the language of dance and the story of inexorable death, and the absence of those who are gone. Time of a memory that carries on with that painful experience on its back and reappears from emptiness.




Written by Roberto Gispert

Israel Adrián Caetano

Line Producer Victoria Carreras

Production Manager Diego Damián Corsini y Mato

Assistants Laura Rodríguez Álvarez

María Vanina Spataro

Demián Santander

Cinematographer Julián Apezteguía

Camera Operator William Gula

Camera Martín Pels

Assistant Gabriel Minollitti

Grip Alejandro Oscar Ríos

Electricians Mauricio Minnotti

Leandro Goiri

Miguel Rivarola

Renzo Silvetti

Production Designer Sebastián Roses

Assistant Ana Giannoni

2 nd. Assistant Natalia Yonni

Best Boy Jorge Sesán

Music Diego Grimblat

Editor Israel Adrián Caetano

Alex Zito

Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero

Lic. Aníbal Y. Jozami, Rector

Lic. Martín Kaufmann, Vicerrector

Dr. Jerónimo Carrillo, Secretario Económico y Financiero

Dr. José María Berraondo, Asesor Jurídico

Centro de Producción Audiovisual UNTREF

Daniela Basso, Coordinadora



(sin título)
Producer Diego Dubcovsky

Line Producer Emiliano Torres

Production Manager Sebastián Noejovich

Assistants Olga Epstein

Patricia Pesch

1º Assistant Director Magdalena Cernadas

2º Assistant Director Gabriel Yeannoteguy

Art director Luciano Ripodas

Cinematographer Alejandro Giuliani

2nd Unit Atahualpa Rojas Bermudez

Steady cam Rafael Sahade

Assistant Steady cam Juan Manuel Idigoras

1º Assistant Camera Vanina Waksman

2º Assistant Camera Mariana Bruno

Gaffer Jorge Lynch

Electrician Oscar Suetta

Sound Jesica F. Suarez

Administration Carolina Penelas

Silvana Cejas

Editor Alejandro Brodershon

Assistant Luisina Rampoldi

Camera Jorge Lynch

Catering Lia Carlini

Coordinator Agustín Ferrero

Postproduction edition BIN cine

Postproduction Sound JESICA SUAREZ

Music César Lerner

Child Federico Barga

Voice Off Nicolás Pablo Attadía

Mother Sandra Seco

Grand Father Francisco Pascual

Grand Mother Ma. Carmen Diez

Child Hebraica Federico Labanca

Police Carlos Víctor Brites

Ramón Juan José Flores Quispe

Raquel Nélida Rotman

Simón Manuel Fernández

Dayan Alberto Daian

Sastre Estéban Ugarte

Hnos. Medina Lalo Lázaro Medina

Hnos. Medina Tito Salomón Medina

Tío Pepe Domingo Tridico




Cast Norman Erlich

Adriana Aizenberg

Ana Celentano

Blas Espejo

Radio Voices Victor Hugo Morales

Marina Ferraro

Producer Guillermo Szelske

Written by Vicki Galardi

Lucía Cedrón

Cinematographer Jose Luis García

Line Producer Cadi Martín

Assistants Alfredo Gisbert

Cristian Blanco

Guido Santarcangelo

1º Assistant Direction Natalia Hernandez

Script Federico D'auria

2º Assistant Direction Dominique Debuchy

María Games

Art Director Aili Chen

Assistant Daniela Sorgoni

Andrés Cedron

Best boy Jorge Tristan

Costume Designer Alejandro Baamonde

Assistant Damian Grippo

1º assistant camera Anabela Goldberger

2º assistant camera Mauricio Heredia

Video Assist Hernán Merel

Electricians Raúl Carrizo

José Luis Artale

Miguel González

Jorge López

Grip José Esposito

Sound Víctor Tendler

Assistant Guido Berenblum

Make Up Sol Stolarczyk

Dresser Cecilia Castro

Assessor Viviana Dwek

Editor Rosario Suárez

Music Sebastián Escofet

"Nocturno Sebastián"

Juan Cedrón - Acho Manzi




Producer Luis A. Sartor

Written by Santiago Giralt

Line Producer Roy Easdale

1º Assistant Director Mariela Osorio

Cinematographer Hugo Colace

Camera Assistant Fernando Blanc

Electrician Horacio Acevedo

Art Director Carmen Cornejo

Best Boy Jorge de la Reta

Make Up & Dresser Gabriela Bertolone

Sound Jorge Stavropulos

Assistant Pedro Marra

Sound edition Javier y Alexis Stavropulos

Foley Pedro Marra

Estudio Cross

Editor Alejandro Alem

Casting Coordinator (Jujuy) Sergio Etcheverry

Administration Ana Pochiero

Assistant Mariela Pinto

Catering Carlos Rodríguez

Trucks Carlos Rojas

Camera & Ligths Cámara y Luces

BETTY Silvia Gallegos

LUNA Marina Vilte

COCA Huerto Rivadineira

BEBE Matías Aráoz

LILI Marisel Cruz

DUEÑA ALMACEN Gabriela Bertolone

DOÑA ASUNCIÓN Amalia Alancay


LOCUTOR RADIO Dr. Gustavo Araya

POLO (Chico Foto) Miguel Castelo


Julio Alberto Herrera

GRUPO CHALAS - Música Andina




Producer Fernando Sokolowicz

Line Producer Zarlek Andrea Ronco

1º Assistant Director Carina La Turca Sama

2º Assistant Director Cecilia Atan

Administration Ana Pocchiero

Production Manager Marcela Coria

Assistants Griselda González

Leonel Armeri

Art Director & Costume Designer Patricia Pernia

Assistant Victoria Reparaz

Production of Art Adriana Maestri

Best Boy Federico Vendrell

Make Up & Dresser Alberto Moccia

Cinematographer Andrés Mazzon

Camera Assistant Lucas Borghi

2º Camera Assistant Karim Kachou

Electricians Sergio Centeno

Pablo Centeno

Matías Cabrera

Horacio Reyes

Operator Juan González

Grip Pablo Sardi

Grip Assistant Nacho Mignini

Sound Jorge Stavropulos

Boom Pedro Marra

Sound Edition Javier y Alexis Stavropulos

Foley Pedro Marra

Editor Alejandro Alem

Special effects FX STUNT TEAM

Security Ricardo Bratti

Daniel Molinari

Alberto Salcedo

Camera & Ligths Cámaras y Luces

Catering Lía Carlini

CIRO Nazareno Casero

LA CARRANZA Silvina Bosco

NATAN Alfonso Burgos

EZEQUIEL Federico Canepa

EL RUSO Maxi Zago

EL CHINO Eric Miao

CARO Aldana Lelan

EL SAPO Martín Coman




Bobe Carmen Vallejo

Zeide Max Berliner

Madre Silvia Kutika

Ezequiel Manuel Salomón

Benjamín de 3 Manuel Martín

Padre Luis Luque

Benjamin de 13 Luchano Ruiz

Ezequiel de 23 Sebastián Micha

Off radio 1994 / 2004 Diego Bonadeo

Written by Paula Romero Levit

Pablo Fidalgo

1º Assistant Director Sergio Suárez

2º Assistant Director Matías Casagrande

Executive Producer Noemí Fuhrer

Production Coordinator Natalia Pagura

Production Manager Alejandro Israel

Assistant Marina Gurman

Cinematographer José Guerra, ABC

1º Assistant Camera Fabio Bastías

2º Assistant Camera Lucrecia Ferraro Pieruzzini

Gaffer Ada Frontini

Grip Miguel Citraro

Electricians Sebastián Estrella

Gustavo Quinteiro

Art Director Rodolfo Pagliere

Production of Art Diego Castrilli

Assistant Yaya Juan José Firpo

Backlight Guillermo Frontalini

Costume Designer Gabriela González

Assistant Paloma Cavanna

Make Up & Dresser Guillermina Bisso Castro

Sound Marcelo Gareis

Boom Fabián Ayala

Editor Miguel Schverdfinger

Sound Editor Esteban Golubicki

FX Tom Cundom

Electronic Art Videocolor

Administration Mirta Rodriguez / Fernanda Entrena

Music composed & directed by María Eva Albistur

Violin Angel López de Rodas

Accordion Lucas Frasca

Melodic, piano & percussion María Eva Albistur




Producer Oscar Marcos Azar

Executive Producer Jorge Rocca

Choreography Mauricio Wainrot

Written by Carlos Gallardo - Mauricio Wainrot

Cinematographer Abel Peñalba

Production Designer Carlos Gallardo

Art Director & Costume Designer Carlos Gallardo

Sound Alexis Stavropulos

Editor Marcela Saenz

Dancers Laura Cucchetti

Elizabeth Rodríguez

Leandro Tolosa

Ernesto Chacón Oribe

Choreography Assistant Miguel Ángel Elías

2º Assistant Director Mariano Biasin

Production Team Silvina Lorena Dell´Occhio

María Soledad Mercère

Patricia Elsa Juliá                  Leandro Alvarez

1º Assistant Camera Sebastián Pereyra

2° Assistant Camera Matías Fassi

Video Assist Luciana Vilares  

Electricians Mariano Arce

Manuel Arce 

Miguel Angel Domínguez

Matias Buzzalino              

Art Assistant Oscar Beriro                                   

Costume Assistant Aníbal Duarte

Editor Assistant Pablo Glancszpigel

Make Up Ariel Godoy                           

Sound Editor Mariano Ianello

Post-Production Image Ahorita Nomás S.R.L.

Sound Mixer Jorge Stavropulos

Playback Alexis Stavropulos

Stavros Digital Sound


Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky

Les Editions du Chant du Monde

Kronos Quartet

Dawn Upshaw (Soprano)



DIEGO Leo Bosio

ANA Magela Zanotta

MARCOS Ramiro Agüero

MAURICIO Eduardo Wigutow

GRETA Sara Solnik

GASTON Diego Gentile

MOEHL Dr. Gregorio Spivak

MATIAS 10 AÑOS Yago Ardel


CLARITA Clara Waksberg

Producer Fernando Blanco

Executive Producer Juan Vera

Written by Josefina Trotta, Sebastián Noejovich

Lucia Victoria Roux, Damián Fraticelli María Laura Meradi, Mariano Vera

Francisco Sánchez Azcárate

Line Producer Juan Lovece

1º Assistant Director Jorge Bechara

Cinematographer Miguel Abal

Art Director Mariana Sourouille

Costume Designer Ruth Fischerman

Edition Alem y Parisow

Post-production Sound Abbate y Díaz

Production Manager Natalia Martin

Production Coordinator Pablo Ingercher

Script Mariela Osorio

Dresser Néstor Pumar

Make up Araceli Farace

Art Director Assistant Fernando Brun

1º Assistant Camera Jonás Costa

Grip José Cangelosi

Electrician Gerardo Vitali

Casting Sabrina Kirzner

Walter Rippel

Gabriela Fantl

Steady cam Dario “Peter” Treviño

CEO Business Alejandro Cacetta

Administration Judith Kusnir


Music Iván Wyszogrod


Interpreted Leibele Schwartz




Actress Susú Pecoraro

Written by Aída Bortnik Ferreira

Alejandro Doria

Producer Pablo Bossi

Line Producer Cecilia Bossi

Production Manager Alejandro Lanezan

Production Assistant Jorge A. Pastore

1º Assistant Director Fabiana Tiscornia

Script Carola Jalife

Cinematographer Willi Behnisch

1º assistant Camera Vanesa Ritaco

2º assistant Camera Jorgelina Vera

Grip Manuel Presas

Gaffer Sergio Maggi

Electricians Pablo Palombo

Matías Broman

Juan González

Art Director Margarita Jusid

Art Assistant Carina Luján

Art Assistant Florencia Aizenberg

Best Boy Gustavo Pérez

Production of Art Osvaldo Stracquadani

Finish Adriana Maestri

Costume Designer Margarita Jusid

Make up Oscar Mulet

Dresser Etel Verón

Sound Abbate y Diaz

Direct Sound Ruben Piputto

Post-production Sound Abbate y Díaz

Sound Editors Cecilia Rivero

Nicolás Scadutto

Edition Sergio Zottola

Assistant Daniel Zottola

Administration Victoria Nogueras

Marcelo Cheskis

Mariana Panelo

Layer Edgardo Sanucci

Catering Lia Carlini / Edu

"Balada para mi muerte"

Astor Piazzolla - Horacio Ferrer

Interpreted Piano Pablo Ziegler

Bass Horacio Hurtado de Mendoza




Producer Martín Cortés

Production of Photography’s Eva Benito

Edition Carlos Sorín

Alejandro Parisow

Post-production Image Cuadro a Cuadro

Sound Jorge Stavropulos

Sound Edition Javier y Alexis Stavropulos

Stavros Digital Sound

Line Producer Marcelo Paván

Cinematographer Hugo Colace

1º Assistant Director Marcela Osorio

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Hugo Senlle

Angel Beatrice

Best Boy Jorge De La Reta

Camera & Lights Cámaras y Luces

Security American Guard

Insurances Guido Goretti

Trucks Fraga

Administration Julio Oshiro

Assistant Enrique Oshiro

Secretary Laura Barros

“Lascia ch' io pianga mia cruda sorte”

Aria 12 - Ópera "Rinaldo" de Handel

Film Production
Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales

President Jorge Coscia

Vice-president Jorge Alvarez

Producers Fernando Sokolowicz

Pablo Rovito

Oscar Azar

Pablo Doudchitzky

Production Coordination Aleph Media S.A.

Edition Alejandro Alem

Alejandro Parysow

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Post-Production Coordination Daniel Garín

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Negative Cut Héctor Belvedere
Mixer Studio SOUND REC

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Making Of Pablo Doudchitzky

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Off Norma Aleandro

Credits Design & Production Alem y Parysow

Cinematographer Hugo Colace

Art Collaboration Mariana Pellegrini

Mariano Lucano

Music Iván Wyszogrod

Piano Fernanda Morello
Administration 18 –J Aleph Media S.A.

Administrator Alejandra Brandan

Administrator Assistant María Julia Curone

Secretary Norma Mourin

Yabo y Berschadsky Consulting

Director Gabriel L. Yabo

Assessor Dra. C.P. Gisela V. Bicondoa

Assistant Sergio D. Benavidez

Payroll Division Marcelo M. Servillano

Secretary Marina Di Marzo

Production Labs Laboratorio Argentino de Cine SA


      Laboratorios Stagnaro


Assessor Fernando Huberman

Coordination Eduardo Cruz

Post-production Lab Cinecolor Post/Lab

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Sebastián Caporelli

Scanning 2K Roberto Zambrino

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Victor Vasini

Cinematographer Beto Acevedo

Titles Claudio Gonzalez

Claudio Tarrabe

Optical Transcription Mario Calabrese



Sindicato de la Industria Cinematográfica Argentina (S.I.C.A.)

Asociación Argentina de Actores (A.A.A.)

Sindicato Argentino De Músicos (SADEM)

Sindicato Argentino de Autores, Intérpretes y Compositores (SADAIC)

Asociación Argentina de Autores (Argentores)

Laboratorio LACSA

Laboratorio CINECOLOR

Distribution Company

Primer Plano Film Group
Copyright © ALEPH MEDIA S.A. - 2004 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

In memoriam
Silvana Alguea de Rodríguez Jorge Antúnez 

Moisés Gabriel Arazi  Carlos Avendaño Bobadilla 

Yanina Averbuch  Naum Band 

Sebastián Barreiro  David Barriga 

Hugo Norberto Basiglio Rebeca Violeta Behar de Jurín 

Dora Belgorosky  Favio Enrique Bermúdez 

Romina Ambar Luján Boland  Emiliano Gastón Brikman 

Gabriel Buttini  Viviana Adela Casabé 

Paola Sara Czyzewski  Jacobo Chemauel 

Cristian Adrián Degtiar  Diego De Pirro 

Ramón Nolberto Díaz  Norberto Ariel Dubin 

Faiwel Dyjament  Mónica Feldman de Goldfeder 

Alberto Fernández  Martín Figueroa 

Ingrid Finkelchtein  Leonor Gutman de Finkelchtein 

Fabián Marcelo Furman  Guillermo Benigno Galarraga 

Erwin García Tenorio  José Enrique Ginsberg (Kuky) 

Cynthia Verónica Goldenberg  Andrea Judith Guterman 

Silvia Leonor Hersalis  Carlos Hilú 

Emilia Jakubiec de Lewczuk  Maria Luisa Jaworski 

Analía Verónica Josch  Carla Andrea Josch 

Elena Sofía Kastika Esther Klin 

León Gregorio Knorpel  Berta Kozuk de Losz 

Luis Fernando Kupchik  Agustín Diego Lew 

Jesús María Lourdes  Andrés Gustavo Malamud 

Gregorio Melman (Héshele)  Ileana Mercovich 

Naón Bernardo Mirochnik (Buby)  Mónica Nudel 

Elías Alberto Palti  Germán Parsons 

Rosa Perelmuter  Fernando Roberto Pérez 

Abraham Jaime Plaksin  Silvia Inés Portnoy 

Olegario Ramírez  Noemí Graciela Reisfeld 

Félix Roberto Roisman  Marisa Raquel Said 

Ricardo Hugo Said  Rimar Salazar Mendoza 

Fabián Schalit  Pablo Schalit 

Mauricio Schiber  Néstor Américo Serena 

Mirta Strier  Liliana Edith Szwimer 

Naum Javier Tenenbaum  Juan Carlos Terranova 

Emilia Graciela Berelejis de Toer  Mariela Toer 

Marta Treibman  Angel Claudio Ubfal 

Eugenio Vela Ramos  Juan Vela Ramos 

Gustavo Daniel Velázquez  Isabel Victoria Nuñez de Velázquez 

Danilo Villaverde  Julia Susana Wolinski de Kreiman 

Rita Worona  Adhemar Zárate Loayza
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