19th of February in Kharkov, 26

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Press Release 27 April 2010

AirTies Business Seminars
AirTies started series of business seminars in Ukraine. First of them were held

on 19th of February in Kharkov, 26th of February in Donetsk, 12th of March in Dnepropetrovsk, 26th of March in Odessa. The seminars were hosted by Representative Office AirTies in Ukraine. A diverse, but target audience attended the seminars.

Halil Aydin, General Director of the Representative Office AirTies in Ukraine, started the seminar. Later a word was taken by Roman Velbovets, Development Director of AirTies Ukraine. Roman described and explained about activities of the company, marketing plan, strategy, plans, achievements and goals in Ukraine.
Aleksandr Nazaruk, Technical Director AirTies Ukraine presented model range of AirTies devices. Aleksandr demonstrated before participants’ eyes how to easily install and use AirTies devices.
After presentation part participants could ask questions that arouse during the seminar. At the end of the seminar everyone received a certificate for the participation in the AirTies seminar. At the end some participants received AirTies products (Air 4240, RT-205, Air 5020, WUS-300, WUS-201, NSW-108) as a reward for correct answers in questionary competition.
The Seminar in Kharkov was held in the Business Center Telesens. About 35 participants attanded the seminar, representing such companies as: VERNA, ABC, ankor-shop.com, Moiseenko VS, Yug Contract, AVANTI Ukraine, IP Com, Teprocomp, Altair, PKShop Group, Spetsvuzavtomatika, FOXTROT, DISTI, Stels, Su Kompeservice, RADIUS, Tera-Net, MikroTeh, MBK, EKO MIR, Dista, Goodwin, Zhelezo, Poltava-Computer.

The Seminar in Donetsk was held in Donbass Palace. Media representatives attended seminar in Donetsk, which also gathered 30 participants, representing such companies as: Novy Veter, Fana System, Didan, Ukrtelecom, Yug-Contract, Makeevka on-line, Megasat, Computer Pro, Svyaz Servis, Avalon Don, Positronika, Kuzmin Set, Teneri, Kuzina, BOMOND, Dontelenet, Azimut, Fred, Tehnika, Matrix.

The Seminar in Dnepropetrovsk was held in the Grand Hotel. The Seminar was attended by representatives of the following companies: Maksima, Pinfok, Microtron, Telza, Aiss Group, Yug Contract, AGAT Svyaz, Techpromproekt, Pozitron.
The Seminar in Odessa was held in Londonskaya Hotel gathered around 50 people representing the following companies: Yug Contract, N-Bis, Chernoe More (The Black Sea), Stoyanov, Neologik, Bondarchuk, BNS, Ant-ey, Gaparidze Rustam, KiT, Sigma, Flycom, Pivdenny Bank, Amigo, Ukinoks, TENET, Prigbilo, Glazunov, Abis-Soft, Prior Trade, NTCom, Computer Technologies, MKM-Soft, SOM Systems, KTP-Service, Cristal, Yug Technika, Paradox, ITShop, Micron, UkrNet, Mariya, Vergbitskiy, TRK Elan.
AirTies is grateful to all participants of the seminar and hopes that these seminars are a great beginning of the fruitful and mutually beneficial collaboration.
About AirTies
AirTies develops and markets consumer electronics products which provide 4 fundamental services (high speed internet access/ADSL, Wireless LANs, internet based telephony/VoIP, and internet based television/IPTV) for service providers, small businesses and consumers.

AirTies was formed in February 2004 by a management and technical team from the Silicon Valley, USA, with the strategic intent to become the leader in emerging markets. AirTies has more than 4 million installed base world-wide and is aiming to expand into additional broadband markets. In contrast to its competitors which are dependent on chip companies and ODMs to develop their products, AirTies designs and develops its own hardware and the embedded firmware. Technology innovations include wireless video distribution to multiple TV’s, wireless coverage range extension, and network setup at a touch of a button. AirTies believes in exceptional customer service such as 7/24 technical support in English, Turkish, Greek and Russian and no questions asked defective unit replacement. More information is available on their website at www.airties.com.

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